Reyn can draw chibis for you if you want

Commissions? Other things that aren't commissions that you can do? Here!
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Reyn can draw chibis for you if you want

Post by Reyn » Thu Jan 17, 2019 9:06 pm

Hey Kids if you want your own fun chibi thing then I am doing. COMMISSIONS aaaaaa


the images will be using This as a sort of base (Don't WORRY I didn't steal this or anything, I just went over the sketch from that Jean chibi) and there is a Male Version as well lmao. obviously i'll tweak it if necessary (Especially the FACE) but the Point Is all these chibi commissions will be in the same sort of pose yknow

THey will be £10 each for now because im not sure how long they're gonna take. Because of this spicy, possibly discounted temporary price, I'm gonna start off by only doing 3

- open
- also open
- wow this one is open too


I have paypal so i'll figure out how that shit works

lmk me either here or on DISCORd my discord is Reyn#9069 hahaha 69

also for any americans with a severe google allergy, £10 is rouhgly $12.77

Here are 2 examples of completed chibi things!!!

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