Sure, Lev Can Draw Your Character (Commissions)

Commissions? Other things that aren't commissions that you can do? Here!
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Sure, Lev Can Draw Your Character (Commissions)

Post by Lev » Sat Apr 01, 2017 12:53 am

~--*STATUS: OPEN *--~

I can draw a shit ton of characters - goofy, ugly, sexy, nerdy, or otherwise. I can also draw them in complex or simple fashion.

No anime, though. I don't mean any offense, friends.. I used the style as a platform for my own work at the beginning of my artistic journey. However, it was never a style that I could copy well. I don't want to give/sell something to you that I KNOW will not be 100%.

Moving forward-

I doubt that those of you reading don't know what a commissioned piece of art is, but for the sake of formality let me explain. You, the customer, message me, the artist, with anything and everything you have tied to your imaginary character(s). I use those references (with a little bit of artistic license) to bring that/those character(s) to life on page or screen.

The catch? The fee, of course.

I'm a working woman. I've tried to make commissions for free fun in the past, but that is not how a professional operates. And professional is what I am. So, below you will find those fees as well as a link to my Instagram account. I provide that link so you can get a glimpse of my up-to-date works and see if you'd like to continue with me.

INSTAGRAM: @patriciahallportfolio


-- Most of these options are geared toward your RPF interests. Portraits to include in CS sheets, etc. If you have an idea for something you don't see listed please feel free to message me. We can discuss it. --

Digital Portrait [$10]: Black and white portrait of your character. Head and shoulders - face forward, angled, or tilted as you wish.

Digital Portrait Colored [$12]: Colored and shaded portrait of your character. Head and shoulders - face forward, angled, or tilted as you wish.

Inked Portrait [$12]: Black and white, pencil and ink portrait of your character. Mailed or scanned to you on white or toned artists paper.

Inked Portrait Colored [$15]: Ink and colored portrait of your character. Watercolor or colored pencil, mailed or scanned on white or toned artists paper.

Additional Character(s): $5 EACH



Also, small shout-out to Trandafir. I was unsure how to go about formatting this thread, but their setup was great. Check out their thread, too:
I Draw your OC?! (Trandafir's Commissions)

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Re: Sure, Lev Can Draw Your Character (Commissions)

Post by Trandafir » Sat Apr 01, 2017 7:02 am

Ya go gurl ~
Hey! Isn't it funny we all want what isn't right?

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