Writer's Block: Jumping the hump

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Writer's Block: Jumping the hump

Post by Lord of Nothing » Wed Mar 18, 2020 1:20 am

The dreaded writer's block.

Any writer who's written for a long time has probably experienced it. A period of time where they can't generate all the right words in all the right ways in the order they want it to come. So on and so forth. And yet, there are still stories of people who have gotten past it, as well as stories of people who have stuck.

So, the point of this thread is to basically this: What is your ritual? What is something that has gotten you that surge that does make you want to write. There doesn't seem to be any one way to do it. So what is your way?

And while we're on it, what is something that you feel has gotten you stuck? if you do want to talk about it. Something that hasn't really been conducive to you writing? I have some behavior I think I have realized that make me not want to write.



-Listening to music. This seems to be rather common. For me, it depends on the type of music. And if it works for either the character or for what happens. Different genres work with different things.
-Ambience. I sometimes like things to be quiet. Other times I end up listening to ambient sounds like the sounds of cities, offices or even creepy sounds.
-Stop listening to music. Sometimes, writing thoughts come to me when I turn the music off. And everything is quiet. Sometimes I feel this helps me re-orient my thoughts.
-Taking a walk. Without or without music. Being alone.
-Taking a number one or number two. Sometimes helps me re-orient my thoughts or just react. Come up with a couple of lines.
-Going to a party/social gatherings. I usually do this and then end up wanting to do stuff at the end of the day. Or I start daydreaming at idle times.
-Playing story-oriented games/conceptually neat games. I like these and they help me inspire me in the way a lot of movies. Example is something like God of War 4.
-Playing a fighting game. These usually help me think of combat scenes/concepts.
-Watching engaging movies/TV shows. Usually your award winning movies/series that you have to think while you watch. Notice things. Draw connections. For me, they're animes like ghost in the shell, shows like breaking bad. Movies like Heat. Or something that genuinely excites me like Captain America Civil War.
-Being exhausted. Working a long day, completely focused on my job and my mind usually seems to seek some kind of escape. Often times this makes me want to write, even at the expense of sleep. In this state, I'm excited despite.


-Watching meme-y/funny videos. I tend to turn my brain off during this stuff.
-Playing the meat flute/Patting the bunny. This creatively bankrupts me most of the time to be honest. If it doesn't make thoughts not able to come, it makes it overall much harder. Plus it makes me want to sleep.
-Having $3X. See above.
-ASMR videos. I usually relax during these and just want to think of nothing.
-Getting a massage.
-Playing mobile/time-waster games. Games that don't really relate to logic or things happening in what I'm trying to write.
-Sleep/Excessive fatigue. If I hit a wall were I sit down and find my head bopping, it's time to go to bed. I while I can stay up and write often, I usually CANNOT do it multiple nights in a row. If I can barely think than I can usually barely write.


So, what are your rituals/methods?

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Re: Writer's Block: Jumping the hump

Post by The Original » Wed Mar 18, 2020 3:54 am

Talking helps, talking about plots to get that grease flowing until you get in that mood. I find music to be counter productive to carry me through writer's block, but music is great tool to hold on to the flow once you have got it going.

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