Blood Descendents [OOC]

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Blood Descendents [OOC]

Post by The Original » Tue Apr 07, 2020 2:51 pm


After talking with the folks involved in the RP and having received their constructive criticism, I have decided to publish information OOC - at timed intervals. It’s highly plausible that most of you are confused regarding the events that have transpired since the start of the event. And if you feel inaccurately represented, feel free to DM me on Discord.

Without further adieu:

RP Start:
  • 5 Blood Descendents in play (turns the first zombies giving birth to five individual strains)
  • Valcorac barricades their turf
    (Narratively speaking the Valcorac controls the northern boroughs of Duskburg - which is what I surmise from official Valcorac narration - the fact that he says the environment is better reinforces my theory. Everything south of South Docks (Muder Swamp, South Docks and River of Bones) belong to the Fang Gang.)
  • Werewolves form defensive lines around Fang Gang turf (and apartment complexes North side of Duskburg (turf that overlaps with Valcorac for obvious reasons)
  • The first heroes arrive at a concentrated location to fight off against marching Zombie Horde presumably close to a Valcorac barricade.
  • One of the now 10 Blood Descendents is dead (killed by Drinker of Orphan) - 9 remains (1 of whom is engaged by Drinker of Orphan and 5 others engage the concentration of heroes. Three remain active and spread the contagion.
  • Vengeance’s Drones block off multiple clusters of the infected with foam, blocking off street corners and alleyways, restricting the traffic of zombies, but continue to be spread because of the three active Blood Descendents.
  • Hybrid attacks start, targeting Valcorac barricades and members of the Nosferatu Cartel. Daemonfeur joins the hybrid attack to assault the barricades.
  • Vangeance manages to procure several samples of one strain (an attempt at developing a Vaccine.)
  • Hybrid attacks Leise the White Wolf
  • Attacks in the shadow, Janice targets rats.
I may have missed some details which, if you want included, feel free to contact me.

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