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Hiring! (OOC)

Post by Igor Stosik » Wed Aug 12, 2020 5:49 am

Doom Corp is hiring members to its 11th Division (American Branch)

It's a walk-in interview for both agents as well as operators.
Requirements for Agents:-
  • Knowledge of Paranormal
  • Knowledge of exorcism
Fulfillment of either or both of these conditions will increase chances of selection. Interviewers will determine.

Job Description:-

Handle Exorcist cases in assigned sectors, investigate, catalog and deal with the circumstances as they arise.

Requirement for Operators:-
  • Knowledge of the Paranormal
  • Experience as a call center operator
  • At least a diploma in IT Administration
Conditions to serve as operators are stricter, and fulfillment of two or more of the requirements is a must.

Job Description:-

Work the Agents through case files, communicate and log every interaction your agent has on the field. Ensure mission success.

1) Targeted towards NPC farming, and transitioning into the public sphere of influence. PC interaction is welcomed if you want in.

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