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Manaria "Mango" Goleme

Posted: Fri Dec 28, 2018 10:01 pm
by Azra
Name: Manaria "Mango" Goleme
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Age: 17 birthday March 16th
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 200 lbs 90 lbs from cybernetics
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Orange
Species: Female Metahuman
Augmentation Level: High

Manaria often going by Mana or Mango for short was born in L.A where she was originally rather care free in her nature as a girl. However as is a rather common thing in the cyberpunk city one of the gang based conflicts caught Mana in the crossfire. Within its current status of disrepair she was in she was left largely for dead. A thirteen year old Manaria was found clutching onto life as the site was investigated and from there she was taken in for emergency care.

Sense then Manaria has taken to cybernetics and engineering work. Having done multiple odd jobs around the city she lived in and working upon her own augmentations on a regular basis. Having multiple clients reporting of a talented mind for picking up on how things work be they old cars or the latest pieces of hardware. The interviews with her gave off the impression of someone excited to work and trusting. However she also hails from a telepathic mother and a father who'd been a hero with Herculean strength as such has been directed towards Millenium Academy. During a visit to LA she was around for the assault from Rampant. In this fight she lost her one good eye and is now blind without her cybernetics but has recovered and installed a new eye.
Augmentation List

Lung: lost fighting Amaranthe this cybernetic piece is designed to be a back up generator for her cybernetics and to not only take in oxygen but store it for her. Was a few moments where she was using a mask to not breathe in toxins and it seemed like an ideal up date.

Arms: From the elbow down on her right arm and making up her entire left is a collaboration of gears and components largely made of a variation of composite alloys that can weather the heat of most thrusters and endure a rather large weight upon them at any given time. With each digit and the wrist able to make rotation in almost any way required. Having on more than one time assisted in actual power loaders and the like. More people however care about the numerous bits and pieces held within with a variety of fuel cells contained in the arm. Right index able to be a plasma blow torch middle finger able to function as a screw driver with rotation and size able to adjust as needed. Ring and pinky finger capable of generating an electric current. Meanwhile the thumb comes with a cord extension that's able to hook usually into most machinery. The palm holds a mag lock to adhere to most surfaces and four small spikes that retract to hook into a wall should magnetism not suffice in addition to just protruding nails. Located near the wrist is the arm holstered rotating cannon, dispensing small explosive needle munitions at a high velocity. Not ideal military combat hardware but capable of putting a lot of force down range should the need arise. Last and most recently thrusters were placed in the palm and along her left elbow emitting small but potent plasmid heat allowing for rocket like propulsion.

Legs: These begin at around mid thigh and like her arms they're durable and full of rotation as well as measures to cling to most surfaces. Withheld inside the legs however is a different assortment. The main stay is a back up tool kit covering just about all she might need. There is though as well an added cylinder of ammunition and a plasmic charge should a need for demolitions be required, while held in a position where it shouldn't be at risk. As well as gear needed should things be under water that still need her work or there be toxins in the air. Recently thrusters were added between the heel and talon like toes. Designed to allow for brief moments of flight and general boosts to speed and mobility.

Eyes: Her left eye was replaced, while her right is an entire prosthesis to the bone, these come with night vision, thermal, a camera, recorder, light, an assortment of zoom enhancements and the ability to be resistant to most flashing lights or changes that otherwise could be problematic. Recently the eye patch styled eye of before was replaced with another more normal one. Instead that design was reserved for a new idea of hers. Functioning as an eye patch, goggles or glasses the device is worn usually as the eye patch or as a collar. This transformative piece of technology provides X ray vision and more importantly simple eye protection refracting light when needed and bullet proof to prevent an incident like before. In addition using hardware like that in her spine to be resistant to temperature changes.

Ears: provides a music player and music storage, communication systems, translator devices, and similarly to eyes comes with a recorder. More importantly however it provides protection against the countless sounds her job might encounter.

Spine and ribcage: Though it doesn't extend into a cybernetic skull it runs all throughout the spine and does connect throughout the rest of the body in addition to this is a six foot long tale. Like the rest is a highly durable machine that also can help endure weight. Her spine's main functions initially is powering the other cybernetics and climet management helping survive various instances of heat or cold. Within the spine however Mana added the tail and features to such which include the end three clawed hand, which is important to note is just as useable as one. It's equipped with a mining laser as well as the devices to assist in holding to a surface. Finally is a extended cable within the tail with a rather far reach to assist in reaching points on buildings ships and so on. After a serious impact from Amaranth in Millenium she received rib replacements, to which she has applied a slight magnetic pull, intended to draw in munitions and weapons to this armored section. Near the tails base is retracting brief panels designed to help slow down and control the flight systems of her potent but limited jump boots.

Telepathy: The ability to speak with people through thought and to read minds of others. Able to reach the minds of anyone within roughly the city area provided they've no resistance. She however doesn't have much skill beyond this with such ability so far. While she may grow to be able to explore the astral plane or manipulate minds and so on presently these allude her do to being absorbed in mechanics over her mental ability. However as a telepath she does have a fair level of resistance to forms of manipulation or things intended to diminish her thinking ability.

Technomancy: That is to say the ability to "commune" with most mechanical devices. This can be anything from knowing when a car turns on to controlling someone's computer from a distance. However it does demand a level of technological function, the standard firearm for example or older cars don't have enough of what Mana likes to call the "tech language". Which is a sort of simplified term for electrical signals moving components and so forth. Like her telepathy it reaches out to about a city wide radius. Do to the complexity of making devices follow her orders though she typically is limited to around a city block, which can become smaller if looking to command to much.

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Posted: Sat Sep 21, 2019 9:48 pm
by Azra
Yawarakai 2.0
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The handle internally holds materials for the Esoterium to take in to assist in regeneration as well as a small node connected to the living metal. This mode helps establish a communication with the material to allow it to be instructed. As its somewhere between a organism and a material usual telepathy or technopathy was at an odd flux at first trying to reach out to it. This device made with some friends in the Academy's lab though allows for synchronicity. The handle also stores a magnetic system that allows the blade to be positioned along the cybernetic limbs of Mana's as needed, as well as to have a nigh unbreakable grip. Finally is the battery which is connected to the spine upon holding which allows me to direct energies into the weapon.

This is actually composed of the Esoterium it took some time to get the material to register the molded design as a base, as opposed to the egg shape it had been given in. Now though it rests as a guard, smooth and pretty most times and usually little more. It can however be instructed to stretch over the blade's edge. As something between a liquid and solid it can go over the blade without issue only holding the edge when needed before then recovering to a more fluid or at rest status. This allows for a very fine edge. While not quite mono molecular the edge is fine enough to find little to any resistance. The nature of the metal then able to hold the edge well enough on its own anyway and then going to a restive state before holding it is to stressful. Given that the finer the edge the less durable it will obviously be.

Made of carbon fibers in assortment of layers the sheathe can be enough for a knife or a full on blade. The layers folding in or extending as Mana desires. Highly durable and resistant the sheathe can also be used more along the lines of a boken or baton more a blunt instrument then a lethal one. Finally do to some programming and the layered design it can be instructed to take a charge from the handle, or to fold outward. This allows for the formation of a shield be it a small highly durable buckler, or a more large but less layered tower shield. It's no patriotic super shield obviously but this seemed a natural function to provide the hardware Mana thought. Given that she'd A seen shields in use and B had a reputation of trying to take hits for others.

Finally is the blade itself designed much like the sheathe it can be a simple knife or extend, using a series of internal magnets and coils to hold into position as desired. Being in parts does endanger the general durability and composition of the weapon on its own. The mechanical components within help keep that in check however. These parts also allow the then channeling of electricity heat or even plasma along the weapon. As for the blade itself it's kept at a fine razors edge, on its own it's versatile but with the Esoterium given to her from Teja, post Mana's part in LA's attempted destruction and Teja's part in the fight with Ravage, the blade can serve as a dangerous weapon. However as the name implies, based off a legend of Masamune and Murasame where the later's blade was so cold and so thirsty it attracted bloodshed, a great but ultimately cursed thing. Where as the former's, teacher Masamune's was a weapon that could distinguish it's marks though just as sharp nothing was cut cause nothing in a river needed such an end. It's that reason she chose the name, as it's meant as a tool for something greater. Not unlike when she used her guns to free some people from Rampant's clutches or crucifixions, it's meant to be more then just symbolic of violence.

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Posted: Tue Mar 17, 2020 4:19 am
by Azra
Armor Prosthesis
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While fighting Jackal during the "Divergent" assault on Millenium Academy a series of superhuman strikes looked to impact Mana. To take her prosthetics into a more full body situation and improve the teen attacks looked to destroy the organs beneath. However she had plans in place to help prevent further damage do to her fight only a month prior with Amaranthe. Her carapace created a wall between flesh and organ. With almost a flayed upper body an armor was designed to replicate her previous figure. In addition to this, the prosthetic at a natural state goes from the base of the rib cage upwards.

The starting base layer is a mixture of nano carbon wires and a few pieces of plate work, designed to replicate muscle patterns. While it doesn't at the moment boost strength it does help the ease of using such physical exertion. Not only does the machinery just lend itself to her cybernetic figure but it also is more energy efficient on the body. There's some lights for asthetic purposes but mostly it was kept light flexible and minimal to try and still feel closely human when at rest. Then there are the two more actual layers for when doing hero work. First in small plate compartments inspired by chain mail the first armor system extends a hexagonal pattern of small plates and rings. More resilient then chain mail of old but light in designs. Then resting on the back is a mix of interlocking plates that extend and then close around the teen to form a modern form of plate male. Her over all durability has increased in regard to body shots and between this armor and her rib cage prosthetic damaging organs is hoped to be difficult.
Shoulder and Abdominal Extensions

However this doesn't make up for what would be exposed shoulders and lower chest or hips. Additionally that in a high intensity environment might be stressful on keeping the link of cybernetic and organic going. For fluidity and her own safety then she added an additional component at the base of the cyber technology. Allowing it to extend and to drop to reach over organic segments she still has left. While not guaranteed protection of these components it does at least allow som sanctuary from further harm.

Back Pannels

Mana was kidnapped by X the alternate dimension version of Gale Xanders. Rescued by her friends Mana lost her left arm taking 50 cal fire for Garrick. After X escaped Mana was feeling down, Teja helping the teen bounce back. Most the design for a rocket boots was put into her legs obviously with some added components to her arms. Additional break system placed in her tail. However the biggest component in controlling maneuverability and stopping of the high speed motions is in a pannel system on her back. A mix of propulsion systems to push as needed, the small fuel cells to control it are in compartments along the spine. As a precaution each container is in a resilient metal case so should something happen it doesn't damage any connected tissue. In total the flight systems used can allow the cyborg to reach up to a hundred miles per hour and stay in flight for roughly half an hour straight.


Posted: Thu Jul 09, 2020 12:59 pm
by Azra
Golem v1.1
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Manaria a bit before the journey to the Divergent Earth would begin working on a new project. Originally she called it the Mngocycle but that's not very imposing so she's sense dubbed it the Golem. The project being a flying motorcycle in design. Mana before having a AEGIS SOS device had a Prodigy, and has used recently the Prodigy to help establish a teleportation system for the vehicle. Connected to the signal of her AEGIS she can use the Prodigy device to teleport the vehicle to her location. As for fuel source it uses a mix of solar energy electricity and plasma to charge the vehicle to use for up to eight hours conventionally, this time might drop depending on stress put on it. With things like constant shields, pulling heavy objects prolonged durations of top speed and so on impacting its duration. Much of the project was boosted in being made possible when fighting Jake/Chargeman over in Divergent earth boosted her understanding of alien hardware and engineering.

It all starts with the engine of course, it's size takes up obviously a large portion of the vehicle but was necessary to manage the speeds of things. A V12 engine in design helps manage for smooth transitions to speeds and the balance by the parallel six cylinders helps make the vehicle controllable. The mix of fuel sources and engineering made available to the young cyborg has allowed her to build the Golem to be able to accelerate up to Mach 6, which is just over 4,600 miles per hour. She wasn't going to push it faster, given a major help in knowing the mechanics came as well from looking at MAXIMUM MAN's Mach7 the vehicle that partly defines the future racer.

Fast as the vehicle can be it doesn't end at speed alone. Teja encouraged her to design something for which helped lead Mana to insist on it being a flying motorcycle. For this reason the main function of the wheels is to be able to turn to face horizontally, the rotation mixing with a more propeller like system designed in the rims. A carefully designed set of features that without grossly diving into the details let's the Golem function as a sort of VTOL and maintain flight. Lastly of course is the wheels themselves simply designed to reflect on both tank treads and dirt bike tires, carefully designed by Mana to handle impacts and possible damage while also various terrain.

There was no denying that even with the help of her cybernetics driving a motorcycle at Mach 6 wasn't exactly the safest thing. With the amount of injuries Mana has taken both in fights and a car accident she did of course want Golem to be safe. A notion only made stronger by fact there's obviously family friends and role models she adores who would be mad if a cyborg ended up roadkill. Thus she used a mix of energy shielding picked up from both Teja and from the exposure to alien technology. The Golem itself could weather rockets in its design and while normally compact in design the frame can extend to put relative walls using its paneling between components and driver and where impacts may be. There's additionally as stated the energy shielding, which can be radial or directional. When the shield is overlapping in one direction it can handle more impact, where as obviously when more omnidirectional it sacrifices durability for surface area.

Taser Turrets: Using the rotating arm cannons design the cyborg has she built a similar pair of guns to extend from in front of the motorcycle. It's rotation covering ninety degrees on either side of Golem. Each turret also able to turn a hundred and eighty degrees on a vertical axis, allowing to shoot targets above or below as well. These turrets pack plenty of ammo given that the nail munitions don't take up much space. These nails are fired like bullets able to pierce a good amount of armored surfaces in testing. Each nail has an electrical charge pushed into it upon firing. This can allow for a Emp like discharge into vehicles or to add a stunning as the name implies taser effect on living targets. In a hopes to do limited but halting damage to potential enemies.

Detonation Rounds: A subset of the ammunition using Semtex inside the nails to allow for a explosive option should the need arise. They could likely put small holes in tanks but aren't the most destructive obviously given the sheer size doesn't allow for it.

Point ONE Upgrade:Towing Feature
Mana not long after becoming a member of the SOS assisted in rescuing others from a skyscraper set ablaze. While there it occurred to her that she couldn't use her motorcycle to help extract multiple people from the inferno in a singular go. Rounding up civilians in one area but when Massive didn't want to help she had to improvise. This lead her to thinking up an alternative. That being a system to tow vehicles or help her take large platforms to use as a way to aid multiple people. Small jet systems are set along the towing apparatus that extends from the back of Golem to help keep things airborn.