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Nicolas Pendragon

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"He's the man who makes the impossible possible."

When you think of Terminus, you think of the armor. An advanced flying warsuit, capable of taking on all manner of monsters and gods. But it's the man you should worry about, not the machine. The mind behind the mechanics. What kind of person sees saving the world as an engineering problem? What man believes there is no problem so complex you cannot build a solution for it?

His name is Nicolas Pendragon. He doesn't fight for glory, or out of lust for conflict. He fights to save the world, because someone had to, and no one else would.

Once, he was the kind of 'hero' that only exists to appear on merchandise. Under the name of Titan, he ran a tech firm that he'd created with the intention of changing the world, while flying around Los Angeles by night in a suit of powered armor. But his lofty goals soon slipped out of sight. Instead of providing life-changing technology to those in need, TitanCorp turned into a machine for generating profit. And rather than fight crime, Titan became a glorified corporate mascot. Nicolas smiled for cameras and lied in interviews with magazines, slowly falling into despair.

Fearing that he would become as hollow a shell as his own armor, Pendragon liquidated all his assets in a single night, and disappeared. Nobody in the United States would see him for the better part of a decade. But the reports of his death were exaggerated. Instead, Nicolas had gone to seek the wisdom of a spiritual guide. While the mystical aspects of Eastern traditions never appealed, the basic principles of mindfulness, asceticism, and simplicity appealed.

Living simply, and forgoing the excess he'd once indulged in, Pendragon was happy. For years, it was his life. But one night, he awoke from a particularly vivid dream, and- as if possessed -began to draw. Not art, but designs. Blueprints. He started with paper, but it spilled over onto walls, furniture, the floor, and eventually his own flesh. What he was designing, Nicolas wasn't sure. But he knew why. He'd seen it in his dream. The world aflame. And he had the power to stop it.

So, with some reluctance, Pendragon returned to the world of the west. With him, he brought nothing, save his new creation. It was a suit of armor. Nothing like his clunky old one- this was a work of art. The design was elegant yet practical, almost otherworldly in design. When Nicolas named the armor, he also named himself. Terminus.

In search of the threat that his dream had warned of, Pendragon worked as a solo 'superhero,' though that was never a title he personally embraced. In his own eyes, Nicolas was just a man doing what needed to be done. He certainly never had any intention of tying himself to some sort of absurd moral code like his other costumed contemporaries. Not if it meant risking all of humanity.

During this time, Nicolas met with an old friend- Mitch Stervos, also known as Atom. They'd been rivals during Pendragon's days as Titan, but after decade, both men found they'd matured, and became allies in their armored adventures. However, Stervos' story was a tragedy, and Nicolas was unable to save him from being swallowed up by his own creation, a massive black hole over Los Angeles.

Eventually, Terminus gained allies. Brock LaVerne, newly christened Atlas, and Rust Clarke, in the form of Magnetar. They shared a common goal, to protect their planet from any manner of threat. Whether it came from another planet, an alternate dimension, or their own backyard, they would be the first line of defense- the Front Line.

In this form, the team was short-lived. Their first mission, against the Binary pair of Pardoner and Executioner, was calamitous. Though the pair were routed, it came at a great cost. Atlas was critically wounded, and placed into stasis to preserve his life. Magnetar disappeared into space, pursuing some arcane Eldest lore. Nicolas followed him, but not to his final destination. Instead, Terminus came to a place known as the Galaxy's Crossroads. It was a planet with cities larger than all of Earth's nations put together. With technology light-years ahead of Earth. So he stayed. Settled down, even. Established a lab, and began designing new technology. He told himself he was planning for the day when the Front Line would re-form, but that wasn't likely. At least, not as it had been.

It was at this time, that Michael Carter contacted Terminus. They had first met when Pendragon went by Titan, and Invictus had attempted to make an ally of him. At the time, Nicolas had been shortsighted, and uninterested in the more selfless endeavors of the Paragon. But upon learning of Pendragon's return, Carter decided to take another chance on him. Though Terminus declined his invitation to join Carter's Society of Superheroes, he did build the technology that would prove invaluable to the team- their translocator watches, and Empyrean space station.

Occasionally, in dire circumstances, the Society would call upon Terminus for assistance. He used his massive planet-killing weapon, Sol's Hammer, to slay an eldritch abomination in Alaska. And he fought against Surgath, the Titan of Progress, during the Ruination. At this time, Pendragon also met Hector Williams, the hero known as Akhilleus. Though they had initially fought, after Williams was drained of the excess radiation he'd absorbed in containing the detonation of a cold fusion reactor, they became fast friends.

Terminus had believed that Earth was safe in the hands of the Great Society. But after the death of Michael Carter, he was unsure. A number of catastrophes occurred under the leadership of Capacitor. The incident in Los Angeles, wherein thousands died due to a mistake on Hector's part, and for which the Society was never held to account. The attempted murder of Hector Williams in Alaska, as well as an ill-fated attempt to designate Arno Flint as 'godkiller.' And the final straw- a tactical blunder during the Counter-Earth Incursion, which nearly cost two children their lives.

Capacitor had become corrupted by the influence of the Eldest War God, Volksgeist. Even deprived of her cursed sword Stalzahn, she was still too far gone. She'd only drawn the Society further back from the rest of humanity, making them unaccountable and untouchable. Surrounding herself with like-minded individuals who'd never question her decisions, and allowing her own self-mythology to trump basic logic. Other members of the team saw it as well. For all that it had saved the world, the Great Society was corrupt to the core. There was only one recourse.

Together with Baron Proton, Terminus reformed the Front Line. Rather than a hidden base on Miracle Island, they would headquarter themselves somewhere that the public could see them. A tower. A beacon of hope. Of course, it could only ever be in Millennium City. So Nicolas constructed the Skywatch, and put out the word.

When intergalactic despots and otherworldly monsters come calling, the Front Line answers.
Armor Models.

As an engineer, Terminus specializes in building solutions. His breakthrough design is the armored exoskeletal warsuit, an innovative new weapons platform meant to be worn and used by a single pilot. The original Terminus armor was designed as an all-purpose problem-solver, but Pendragon has since switched to using purpose-built armors for specific tasks. A brief overview of these armors can be found here.

The Terminus Mark Three is unique, compared to Pendragon's other armored suits. Rather than entering the armor from the outside, Nicolas keeps the suit under his skin, as a subdermal sheath. This was made possible through fusing a core of esoterium to his spine, making the 'living metal' a part of his biology. Through cerebrospinal implants, Terminus is capable of controlling the living metal via thought, and shaping it into the form of armor. It's even capable of creating complex mechanisms. While not as durable as most of his other suits, the Terminus 3.0 is nevertheless well-protected, and easily shrugs off almost all conventional attacks. Bullets, blades, even direct hits from explosive weaponry, all prove ineffective. Naturally, the suit is flight-capable, using the same antigravity thrusters as all of Pendragon's other suits. Notably, it lacks the external armaments of the other armors, as it cannot fabricate ammunition in the same way. However, the internal power source of Pendragon's body allows it to project energy blasts from the palms and chest cannon. These can be regulated in intensity, from 'stun' beams to lethal heat rays. Furthermore, the suit's shape can be altered on the fly, allowing Nicolas to create weapons such as arm-blades, or even 'bulk up' the entire suit, into a more powerful, heavily armored variation.

Designed to make the wearer a one-man army, the Ajax armor is bristling with enough weaponry to make anyone jealous. It's visibly bulkier than his other suits, both because it's more heavily armored, and in order to conceal the massive amounts of ordinance hidden underneath. Using the shoulder and back areas to deploy, the suit features multiple energy weapons, including charged ion cannons, cutting heat beams, and sonic projectors, as well as conventional ballistics, from gatling guns to micro-missile launchers, and more unconventional weapons, like EMP rockets. It's also hard to breach, using Promethean Technologies Diminutive Armor to shield against most standard attacks. The durability of standard armor plating is increased proportionally to their size reduction, via the use of Atlas Particles, allowing armor like the Ajax to shrug off direct missile strikes with relative ease. For specialized armor-piercing attacks, the Ajax is equipped with other defenses- specifically, a 'heat shield,' which uses the same technology as the palm cannons to project a wall of pure heat, which instantly vaporizes incoming projectiles.

Originally specialized for combat against the Titan of Progress, the Titanic armor has since been repurposed to a general threat-response suit. It features the same Diminutive Armor as the Ajax, as well as the heat shields, energy beams, and antigrav thrusters, but none of the built-in weapons systems. Instead, the Titanic was designed for versatility. A number of unique weapons modules can be directly translocated onto the armor, for immediate use, though no more than one at a time. The Telamon module equips the armor with a mounted gun that fires miniaturized ICBM missiles like bullets. This module would be extremely dangerous to use on a planet, as it has the potential to crack continents, but would prove useful in engaging a space fleet, or massive foe. Derived from scans of the Eldest weapons Big Iron and Erujaorn, the Tesla module allows the Titanic armor to conducted lightning from any point on its surface. With sufficient time to charge, it can be empowered, mimicking the properties of 'Divine Lightning,' which grants the user control over its arc, avoiding allies, while hitting every enemy available. This also increases the power of the Tesla roughly a hundredfold. Designed specifically to target otherwise-invulnerable beings, the Temple module is a 'molecular unraveler,' which severs the bonds between molecules directly. While slow to work, it has proven capable of harming even the Eldest, against whom conventional weaponry is useless. Finally, the Arkborn module equips the Titanic with 'singularity missiles,' an advanced type of munition that detonates miniature black holes at their impact site, with predictably devastating results. Also useful against particularly durable enemies.

The Titanic Mark Two is a 'heavy' variation of the Titanic armor, designed for direct physical combat with a Titan. It features far more armor plating than its predecessor, capable of sustaining direct nuclear strikes, or multiple blows from Eldest-tier combatants. The arms can be equipped with massive cannons, which fire heat beams powerful enough to raze skyscrapers, or sonic blasts that can liquefy bone in seconds. Terminus can pilot this armor directly, or wear it over the Titanic itself. Due to its size and weight, the Titanic 2.0 is relatively slow, and cannot fly for sustained periods at high speeds. It is compatible with all Titanic modules.

Featuring the most advanced cloaking technology on Earth, the Phantom armor is an infiltrator's dream. The surface layer is a metamaterial capable of refracting light around the surface of the suit, making it completely invisible to the naked eye. Furthermore, it masks all heat from the armor's exterior, making thermals useless in detecting the Phantom. Chemically treated to be totally odorless, it can't be detected by animals or metahumans with enhanced senses either. Finally, a sound-dampening field makes the suit's movements totally silent. The armor's defensive capabilities are reduced due to the surface area dedicated to stealth tech, but it's still roughly as durable as the Terminus 3.0. No space can be devoted to external weapons systems, making the Phantom one of the weaker armors Nicolas has at his disposal. However, it possesses standard palm cannons, as well as hard-light force-field projectors, and an internal version of the Tesla module, allowing it to conduct electricity as a weapon.

The Sol suit was designed with one task in mind: killing Binaries. After spending hundreds of hours reviewing footage and data collected from the fight between the Front Line and the Pardoner/Executioner duo, Terminus was able to construct a warsuit with unique technology capable of counteracting their abilities. The Executioner's energy output nearly rivals that of a Judgement, capable of killing entire planets. Rather than focusing on durability, surely a losing battle against something that strong, Nicolas attempted to circumvent that raw power entirely. The Sol armor features an energy absorption matrix, which doesn't block energy-based attacks, but harnesses them. As for the Pardoner's power to alter molecular structures? Using scans of the Eldest shield Hollenfeuer, Terminus replicated its unique inviolability, incorporating it into the atomic makeup of the Sol suit. While it can still be physically damaged, it can't be transmuted or directly altered at the molecular level. Furthermore, the armor was tested under high-g conditions, allowing it to withstand the crushing gravitational powers of the Custodian. When it comes to weapons, conventional armaments are virtually useless. After all, Binaries are supposedly immortal. So, in addition to standard palm cannons, the Sol suit is capable of discorporating anything it maintains physical contact with for several seconds. In essence, it can sever all of the atomic bonds holding a physical object together, simultaneously. This has the potential to kill a Binary, or at least completely tear their body apart, making regeneration far more difficult. In order to facilitate the use of this ability, the Sol suit is outfitted with additional thrusters, allowing Pendragon to charge towards a foe and grab onto them, before attempting to initiate discorporation.

After observing the supposedly 'magical' abilities of the Eldest, and the warlock Bran Sunderson, Terminus constructed the Ulysses armor, designed specifically to counteract all manner of 'supernatural' threats. A firm believer in the principle that all 'magic' is simply sufficiently advanced science, Pendragon is in the process of attempting to understand the scientific principles behind various magical abilities. The 'magical immunity' of William Magnusson proved invaluable in this effort, as it revealed a way in which the Ulysses dyssey could be constructed so as to nullify the most dangerous magical attacks. Rather than using the advanced metamaterials he'd constructed his other armors with, Nicolas build the majority of the Ulysses' external armor plating with cold iron. Deadly to all manner of magical creatures, it's also inured to the more outside-context magical threats, like transmutation. As a bulkier armor, it's also as durable as the Titanic 2.0, using Diminutive Armor in addition to the cold iron. While standard palm and chest cannons are featured, the armor also takes cues from the Ajax, with shoulder and arm-mounted armaments. On the left shoulder is a gatling gun, which fires cold iron bullets, capable of piercing even the strongest magical shields. On the right shoulder is a harpoon launcher, with an iron tip, to spear the heart of large magical threats. Furthermore, on both arms of the Ulysses are massive cold iron blades, marked with Eldest runes learned from the Aether Forge, capable of piercing even godsflesh.

Built in Rome, a city tainted by Neo-Eldest magic, the Prometheus armor was built to fight the Eldest. Utilizing technology meant to replicate the armor of Volksgeist, it was forged by hand, not with machines. Then, months later consecrated in the momentarily-relit fires of the Aether Forge, before the star died once more. As a result, this armor is totally indestructible by conventional means. Only Eldest weapons like the axe Erujaorn have ever been known to so much as scratch its surface. Furthermore, instead of standard weapons, it features enchanted energy beams, hot enough to sear the skin of gods. The armor is not entered physically, like Pendragon's other armors. In fact, its exterior is totally seamless. However, with a command phrase, Terminus can summon the Prometheus armor to himself, materializing the enchanted suit around his body in an instant.

Built to single-handedly take on the Great Society, Pendragon's Validator armor is the contingency for heroes who've gone mad. With similar bulk to the Titanic Mark Two, it's also equally durable, but with more powerful antigravity thrusters, allowing it to fly faster, further, and higher in combat. Using technology akin to an advanced Faraday cage, it's hardened against all electromagnetic attacks, as a countermeasure for the Society's leader, Capacitor. Neither her unparalleled control over electricity, nor her magnetic manipulation powers, can impact the suit directly in any way. Her usual trick- getting inside of a closed system and taking control -is ineffective. The Validator armor is also designed to function even under incredibly high gravity, making the Custodian's ability to simply crush it useless. Point-defense cannons target incoming projectiles like those launched by the archer Elektra and shoot them down before impact. The suit's main weapons are twin shoulder guns, which fire explosive energy pellets meant to wear down the powerful defenses of the Society, and a charged 'energy fist' attack that can replicate the ability of Hector Williams to absorb energy, channeling it into powerful punches.

Specialized for underwater operations, the Nautilus armor is an amphibious powerhouse. Named for the infamous submersible from Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, the warsuit is considerably more advanced than anything the author could ever have dreamed of. Designed with reinforced Diminutive Armor plating to withstand even the pressures of the Marianas Trench, the Nautilus may superfically resemble a tin can, but it will never crumple like one. Naturally, the armor is totally airtight, and is equipped with a significant number of pressurized oxygen tanks, to allow the pilot to remain submerged for sustained periods of time safely. The helmet, gauntlets, and chestplate are all equipped with high-powered flashlight to allow for better visibility in the darkness of the water. Of course, the suit is combat-ready as well. Standard energy blasts would be less than useless underwater, and have as such been replaced with electric 'flash cannons,' which conduct a short-range burst of electricity to stun and incapacitate opponents. Furthermore, the gauntlets are equipped with torpedo launchers, which can fire both lethal and nonlethal water-ready projectiles. Finally, a harpoon launcher in each arm rounds the suit's armaments out.

Inspired by hyper-fast heroes like Mercury, Blinded Visionary, Maximum Man, and Total Experience, the Impulse armor is designed to replicate the blinding speeds at which many metahumans can move. In the case of some heroes, their super-speed is made possible by incredible strength, as they can simply move faster than any ordinary human. An excess of energy provides them great stamina, to boot. Others, however, move by another means. This is a scientific phenomenon known as the Millis Bias Field. The field is an area in which spacetime is distorted, to prevent the relativistic consequences of an object approaching movement at the speed of light. The Impulse armor generates a Millis Bias Field around itself, allowing it to move faster than should be possible under the standard laws of physics. Naturally, this requires an immense amount of energy, which is provided by a remote link to the Sol's Anvil array. However, the compact nature of the Bias Field generator means there is a hard limit on how much energy can be fed into the suit at once. With enough time, the Impulse can easily attain speeds of greater than Mach 15. However, pushing the suit's limits is extremely dangerous, as it could overload the Bias Field generator, and cause it to collapse in on itself unexpectedly, instantly killing anyone inside. The suit itself is stripped down, and made much more economical than other armors in Pendragon's arsenal. Too great a weight would restrict the speeds at which the warsuit can move, and an aerodynamic design is required for ease of motion. As a result, the armor lacks the variety of onboard weapons that other armors boast, with only palm and chest cannons. However, the arms have been designed specifically for hand-to-hand combat, with reinforced knuckles and increased joint dexterity. Compensating for the lack of weapons is a high level of durability, as the suit is capable of withstanding a significant amount of damage. This is not only for combat, but to protect against the possibility of high-speed impacts. The design of the Impulse's legs is also unique among other armors, as the boots are designed to allow for both rapid motion and short-notice stopping.

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