The Ratcatcher

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The Ratcatcher

Post by Mat » Sun Jul 12, 2020 5:23 am

REAL NAME: Calvin Rose.
ALIAS: Nightmarcher; Horned Devil; Man-In-Black; etc.


HEIGHT: ~6’2”.
WEIGHT: ~176 lbs.

RESOURCES: Who gives a fuck?

To be written...
Making of
:a harmful biological agent used as a weapon of war.
"fears mount about smallpox as a bioweapon"

RANGE: Self.
COMPONENT(S): Psycho-Somatic.
The man calling himself Calvin Rose was experimented on at NAUKOGRAD-666 along with multiple other дети members. Unlike them, however, he wasn't brought in with the intent of studying powers. He was one of the subjects on whom these findings were to be tested and as such has undergone an undetermined amount of surgical and neo-occult procedures.

It is unknown what the extent of the alterations done to his body is and Rose likes to keep it that way. Going even as far as to spread rumors and misinformation about himself and his capabilities.
:a stealth operative equipped to take on the modern world.
“huh?!.. must have been my imagination”

RANGE: Dim-mak.
DURATION: Immediate.
As a credit to his pseudonym, Calvin Rose is a relentless man-hunter.

As the Catcher he cannot be bought, bullied, or intimidated, regardless of an antagonist's size, strength, wealth, or power. He is fully self-aware of his imposing nature and the effect that his own force of intimidation can have on others. He also seems to have more than thorough understanding of criminology and detective methodology which allows him to solve cases that would perplex ordinary investigators.

Rose is cunning and rather intelligent. He demonstrates more self-awareness than other vigilantes, allowing him to maintain his cool demeanor, especially under pressure, and not fall under the weight of vindicating himself. Admittedly, he actually thrives in duress.

An ultimate pragmatist, Rose makes an effort of making the most out of any situation. He isn't above taking some of the spoils of the criminals he busts to finance his vigilante activities. Money is money.

Calvin believes in no justice other than the one he can exact himself. To this end, he cultivated a blackguard skillset that makes him extremely proficient in stealth, prestidigtation, infiltration and escape artistry which is only augmented by creative use of his powers.

His maxims serve to make prepared for any situation. Rose will stretch several times over the course of a day, as well as stick to physical education and extensive martial arts training. The latter going to such an extreme where he will spar for hours on end and employ trainers who have augmented physical traits and eidetic kinesthesia.

a. Drysuit "CHAOSKAMPF"
Built from scrap by the Artificer with input from the Ratcatcher.

This uniform builds on a traditional foundation used by ancient japanese spies to bring something deceptively effective to life. It incorporates multiple verified crafting techniques enriched by the surplus of modern materials and fabrication techniques. This results in a masterful, durable yet lightweight espionage system with an animal theme.

Most uniquely, the cowl and cape exhibit several strange properties imbued by the Artificer's Propriokinésis. Chiefly, the outer of the helm and the entirety of the cape is made out of shadow itself. Shade imbued with mass that plays tricks on an observer's eye and legitimizes the monicker of Man-In-Black. Other than improve stealth, the vigilante can also achieve glide by calling upon Patron's gifts. The inner of the cowl is further proprio-transposed with a full military ballistic helm and several types of viewing goggles as well as gutted Proton Industries Active Noise Control headphones.
  • Trilayer Protection
    Its design misleadingly simplistic, the conservative grays and blacks conceal an innovated concept used by the Oniwaban agents during the Edo period. Offering protection from both assault and from the elements. The most proximal layer to the skin is a comfortable skin-tight weave of yak fur and cotton that act as an impeccable natural insulator and allow the wearer to maintain a stable temperature even in frigid conditions. A secondary and main means of defense is provided by fine chainmail kusari, blunting most slashing and cutting intentions. Lastly, the dark body glove is composed of durable hemp woven into a twill formation to offer relative water abhesion and major resistance to wear and tear.

    Additional ceramic armoring pieces can be sloted on individually at the cost of reduced mobility and range of motion.
  • Concealed Inventory
    The tenets of the Iron Code are upheld by the armor's intricate use of neatly concealed compartments for a broad range of shinobi tools. The obvious placement of shiny kunai along the belt and neko-te is intended to draw attention from an entire plethora of equipment and other throwables concealed along the suit. For example, the inside of the left forearm is actually a stealthy senbon holster. Other compartments contain medicines, poisons but also intense opiates and cannabinoids among an array of hidden blade mechanisms and grappling gear.

    Almost every piece of The Nightmarcher's weaponry has an inbuilt hollow hilt or a compartment for such purposes.
  • Rudimetary Traversal Tools
    A sturdy holster adorns the uniform's hip, attached by clips to the larger belt. Tucked neatly inside is a simple pneumatic decompression device that can propel a grappling hook or an inserted throwable at high velocities with unparalleled precision towards the target. Completed by clawed hands and bladed soles of the feet, the wearer can easily scale almost any surface or at the very least force their way up to the top of an obstacle.

b. Utility Belt
For all intents and purposes literally fuckin' bottomless.
c. The Beast
A veritable man-o'-war. This vehicle was the first proper investment into Ratcatcher's career. Much like his previous equipment, this one incorporates several different types of transport stacked on top of each other. Chief among them: a Lamborghini Huracán liberated from a Venezuelan drug lord and a 65 ton Israeli Mk IV Merkava battle tank.

This coupled with the internals of a F-22 Raptor allow for a surprisingly nimble engine of absolute destruction on wheels. In its cruise mode, the vehicle is capable of AT movement at high speeds with sufficient ballistic protection. For casual protection the car sports 4 mounted, automated machine guns capable of switching between 14.5×114mm and rubber ammo seamlessly.

Combat mode sees the vehicle rise up as wheels spread apart on limbs with the Merkava cannon manifesting from the right side of the engine bay as well as the passenger side of the cockpit.

The Beast sports some form of internal electronics as it can be remotely piloted by OP-1.

дети атома
Founded from the remnants of NAUKOGRAD-666's horrible children, дети is a diminutive shadow organization operating world-wide. Largely though their elected operative: The Ratcatcher, who has been sighted in Eastern Europe, France, Israel, Japan and lately even the US.

Little can be found about the command structure or even the confirmed existence of дети.

Most of the think-tank's resources are admittedly scavenged or emancipated and reverse engineered from the threats they face. A vast underground server-farm is one of their most guarded properites, providing surplus financing through data-mining and bit-coin trade. The logistical backbone of Ratcatcher's operation consists of several specialists that can be contacted through OP-1.

OP-1 stands for OPERATOR-1, a skilled telepath whose gifts are synaptic in nature. Conventionally, she would need to be in the immediate proximity in order to use her powers. This is circumvented through another member known only as PATRON whose power lies in making pacts that allow the sides of the 'contract' to pool their powers and skills. The Catcher acts as an extension of PATRON's power, allowing him to briefly invoke some of the PATRON's collected powers and skills.

The last cog that allows Ratcatcher to work the way he does is the resident quartermaster. ARTIFICER's power other than their inventive genius is propriokinésis, the supposed ability to freely rearrange properties of objects around them. Through the use of said propriokinésis they can create gadgets and tools that defy conventional laws of physics.

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