Azerel Tatsuya Bloodcrest

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Azerel Tatsuya Bloodcrest

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Name: Azerel Tatsuya Bloodcrest
Alias: Azerel
Age: 3,500 years old
Appearance: He appears as if he is only 35. He is 6'0 tall and has long black hair that he usually keeps pulled up into either a bun or a ponytail
Brief Bio: He was born to a vampire mother and father in a place far from anywhere. Some say in order to find his homeland, you must first find yourself lost. He was raised by his birth mother and father until he was old enough to join the ranks of his kingdom's military and was not long afterward sent away from home. Upon his return, his parents had been divorced and his mother had remarried... his father was nowhere to be found. Retired from his vampiric military as a general, he wanders different lands in an attempt to expand his horizons and his knowledge.
Powers, Abilities, and Equipment:
Armor and weapon: Black dragon's hide with chromium chains used to hold the plates together. His belt buckle is pure chromium as well and works as a sort of "homing beacon" for his sword which is made of a metal mixture known as AUS-8A. As long as Azerel is wearing his belt, his sword will come to his side just as Mjonir does to Thor.
Abilities: As a vampire, Azerel was already much stronger than the average human. However, during his time of service, he voluntarily underwent some modifications to his body which left him at 1.25% stronger than before (deadlift maximum is 10.5 tons. This is in ideal conditions with slight disadvantage). His speed increased greatly (reaction speed is now 0.06 seconds and 100m dash can be completed in 6.75 seconds. These figures are done in ideal conditions with no armor on). Though he does have a pair of wings, he is incapable of sustained flight. He can however, use them for a boost of speed and as a form of defense. (They are naturally water and fire resistant and can be used to defend against .50 caliber or smaller. The size of the round determines how long sustained fire can be tolerated). Finally, he is proficient in Krav Maga, Jiu Jitsu, and Judo from his 2,000 years of service in his military.

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