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The Spectre

Post by The Spectre » Fri Jul 31, 2020 1:21 pm

𝔗𝔥𝔢 𝔖𝔭𝔢𝔠𝔱𝔯𝔢
REAL NAME: Unknown.
ALIAS: Ghost of Duskburg, Nightmarcher; Vengeful Dead; etc.


HEIGHT: ~6’1”.
WEIGHT: ~176 lbs.

RESOURCES: Who gives a fuck?
“MADNESS!”, they cried.
:the supposed ability to rearrange the properties of objects.
“he just caved in that guy's skull with solid air”

RANGE: Tactile.
COMPONENT(S): Psycho-Somatic.
DURATION: Unknown.
The Spectre's ability is easily mistaken for alchemy or other thaumaturgy. He has the power to combine the properties of several items into one - selectively transposing many objects into a state similar to quantum superposition. Items influenced by this power effectively become finely balanced tesseracts with unified spatio-temporal coordinates.

The overlaying of objects is the most direct application of Propriokinésis. In order to maintain functionality, layered objects must match up as precisely as possible.

Indirectly, Spectre can also 'pour' arbitrary amounts of qualities from one object to another and vice versa to freely manipulate the phase shift and state of his surroundings to for example impart elasticity onto asphalt by drawing it out of a nearby tire. Doing so causes affected objects to physically take on traits that are in the mix.

It is unknown how Spectre's power affects organic matter at this moment in time, although witnesses will regularly cite that Spectre can walk through solid walls. Therefore he may be able to affect himself at the very least or displays has extremely fine-tuned control over his power.

A largely secret facet of his power involves sensory input from his surroundings that fuels his ability to see properties.

This 'Abstract Vision' allows Spectre to see odd representations and aspects of a target's life. Through this extra-sensory lens, he appears to be able to percieve metaphysical occurences.
:a stealth operative equipped to take on the whole weird world.
“huh?!.. must have been my imagination”

RANGE: Dim-mak.
DURATION: Immediate.
The Nightmarcher seeks to embrace two main concepts. Those of esoteric mysticism and the much sought after teachings of traditional ninpō.

To this end, he has travelled much of the world in search of the hidden and occult. In Japan, he studied under the Great Shinobi Owl, grasping the vaunted methods handed down to his master from the legendary trickster August-Rabbit-Clad-In-Stripes. Thus came the understanding of Onmyōdō.

Then, in Honolulu, the Spectre encountered the horrible warpath of the Night-marchers and wasn't struck down in their presence. Later, this lesson would help him understand the ways of Iroquis shamans and unite the Polynesian concept of 'mana' with that of Native American 'orenda'.

Now and forever the Spectre seeks to improve his understanding of the unnatural, slowly building a reputation of a sentinel at the threshold.

He was spotted scouring the trenches of Duskbürg just recently, perhaps in search of new insights and trials.

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