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Name: Roland Knight

Alias: Blitzkrieg

Age: 32

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Brief Bio: Once a hero known as the Blue Specter, Roland lived a double life as the head of Knight Industries, a weapons manufacturer that created advanced technology for military use. He was known to be a very kind and noble man, faithful to his wife and eagerly expecting a child. This came crashing down when his hero persona was discovered. He had been causing trouble for some very serious men in the criminal world, and they retaliated by abducting both him and his pregnant wife. In the end, she was killed, and he was left paralyzed. Naturally, he became much more reclusive after this event. Unbeknownst to the public, he used his vast wealth and technology to turn his broken body into a deadly weapon. In public appearances, however, he still appears as a paraplegic. By night, he hunts any who he might consider to be evil, with ruthless efficiency. Organized crime is a favored target, but he will occasionally go after super villain types, so long as he sees them as an adequate threat. Many are thrown into a panic when they realize what his brand of "justice" actually entails. His targets don't ever see the inside of a jail cell. Because of this brutality, he is on shaky ground with the superhero community; there are those who see him as a villain himself. More problematic is his mercenary tendencies: he has been hired on more than one occasion to carry out political assassinations in places far from home. In these, he reassured himself that his employers had the moral high ground, but that idea is dubious at best.

Powers, Abilities, and Equipment: Blitzkrieg's body is filled with nanomachines that not only enable his body to function normally, but far beyond it. He has increased strength, reflexes, and agility, as well as constant regeneration which ensures that anything that breaches his battle armor, short of a serious wound, won't so much as slow him down. His armor is incredibly heavy, but his increased physicality allows him to move normally in it. Depending on the circumstance, he owns a variety of firearms, from LMGs to sniper rifles, which he is very proficient with. He always carries a pair of heavy pistols and a matching pair of swords, the latter of which are strong enough to slice through steel. He also has a fondness for explosives, and so he usually has a few grenades at the ready.

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