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"Just a regular-type supervillain guy."

His name: Mekano.

His power: a weekly flash of super-intelligence that enables him to build the most amazing gadgets known to man.

His weakness: once the trance of genius has passed, he can no longer exactly understand how his technology works, or what it even is. This means he can't mass produce these devices for profit. He seems to be the only one who's even able to use these fantastic gadgets. And even that takes quite a bit of trial and error.

So, what's a guy to do?

A few beers here, a few grudges against society there, and boom, he decided to be a supervillain.

He's got quite the ladder to climb if he's going to be the GOAT.

Real Name: Rex Lauderdale
Occupation: Super-Criminal
Identity: Secret
Alias: Mekano
Height: 5'9
Weight: 180 lbs.
Species: Enhancile
Age: 27
Base of Operations: Mobile (Currently lair-hunting)

Mekano is a fringe supercriminal who has yet to establish himself in the meta-underworld. Fortunately, his powers enabled him to construct his own costume and weaponry, unlike many who have to steal or loan out their villain identities, putting him at an advantage over others who have to fork up thousands of dollars just to get a start in the industry.

Mekano's villain persona is more subdued than theatrical. He prefers regular bank jobs to master plans, and so far employs less vicious methods of absconding with wealth. He has never killed a superhero, though he has severely injured a number of people by freezing them from the waist down, resulting in one amputation and at least five cases of pneumonia. He is wanted for assault with an extranormal weapon in five states, grand larceny, destruction of property, and in Oklahoma, attempted murder.

Mekano is unemployed and so derives all of his income from supervillainy and welfare checks. The unpredictable nature of his power lends itself poorly to long-term planning, though the more gadgets he accumulates, the more prepared he is to move up in the underworld. His primary goal is to achieve a combination of wealth and notoriety without being hated. Whether he will achieve this fantasy or not remains to be seen. At the outset, he intends to simply buff up his resume by besting superheroes in combat and making off with absurd amounts of money and / or diamonds.

As part of this goal, Mekano is committed to maintaining a villainous persona, and so goes by his alias even in informal settings. He maintains a secret identity as part of his villainous exploits and has meticulously covered up anything that would connect his current activities to his past life. He is estranged from his family and past places of employment. He only allows his friends to call him Rex.

Mekano's sole superhuman power is to, on a regular basis, enter a manic state of "super-genius" and invent scores of personal devices, each of which are utterly revolutionary in their design and application. His power of "super-invention" encompasses mastery of physics, chemistry, and engineering, but only for brief intervals. He has bragged that, for a period of around an hour, he becomes "the smartest man alive," during which it seems as though he's constrained only by the resources he has to work with. After this state has passed, however, he once again becomes an average human with some experience in electrical engineering.

While in the grip of this manic state, Mekano has successfully designed and constructed miraculous technology ranging from a personal force-field generator to a laser projector to a functioning pair of jet boots which enable him to propel himself through the air. However, he has no real insight into how these devices function, and is instead at the mercy of instinct and his own foresight when it comes to implementing them in combat scenarios. If something on his suit is not clearly labeled, for instance, he will not know what it does, and will shy from activating it. Furthermore, these gadgets are nigh-useless to anyone but he, too complex to activate without destroying them. Most of the time, he uses voice commands to simplify their deployment.

Part of Mekano's power appears to be a degree of supernatural insight into engineering and design. While in his manic state he has an intuitive understanding of technology which borders on the technopathic, as evidenced by his ability to spontaneously create improbably advanced machines from practically nothing but household items. This insight appears to extend to a substandard degree past the "point of genius" to the extent that he can operate his machines, but not have a deep understanding of how they work. As such he cannot repair or replicate them should they become damaged without waiting for another manic state to overtake him.

DAY ZERO [Updated 8/5/2020]
Armor Condition: Optimal
Reputation: None

  • Force Boots: Jet-powered rocket shoes which can propel Mekano skyward at speeds of over 200 miles per hour
  • Star Finger: The index finger of Mekano's right gauntlet can produce a heat-ray measuring approximately 5000 kelvin contained within a magnetic field to produce a "cutting laser"- like effect
  • Freeze Ray: A collapsible projector which emerges from Mekano's right wrist can bathe an area in a radioactive field which slows the movement of atoms, drastically lowering the temperature of any target to the point of freezing
  • Gyro Blade: A spinning rotary blade that can shoot out from Mekano's left gauntlet, and be held in place like a chainsaw. Cutting power: high
  • Repeller Belt: A personal force shield built into Mekano's belt protects him from concussive impacts
  • Outer Frame: Mekano's suit, weighing 80 lbs. total, is built of reinforced aluminum and can protect him from small-caliber fire and temperature extremes
  • Drug Injector: Injects drugs into Mekano's brain

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