Lord Graevus

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Lord Graevus

Post by OpusRex » Fri Aug 14, 2020 1:53 am

ImageOrder of the Hand Name: Lord Graevus
Abilities: Manipulation of gravity around him. The area of effect can reach a maximum of 600 sq. feet
Age: 45
Weapon: Retractable red photon sword

He was born to a poor family in a third world village and given the name Graetion. The Order of the Hand, otherwise known as The Order, had come and destroyed the village to make an example and show their power to their enemy. Graevus was just a toddler, and was kidnapped by the leader of The Order at the time who was known as Emperor Dread. With his home destroyed and all of his family gone, he experienced the emotions hatred and the sensation of pain at a very young age. Feeding off of that, he was mentored by Emperor Dread to use those emotions to control others and gain power. Not long after he turned 15, he showed signs of being able to cognitively manipulate the gravity around him. Since then, through mentor-ship with different commanding members , he became one of the most powerful members of The Order.

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