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Re: Superhero Sandbox Character Creation

Post by illirica » Wed Jul 15, 2020 6:43 pm

Hi there @OpusRex! I see that you’re new here! Your character looks neat, but if you don’t mind, make a post that’s a new topic for his CS. This thread’s more for regulations and questions and answers than the CSes themselves - that way it makes it easier for people to find your character later on.

You might also want to join our Discord server if you’re active on discord - we’re a pretty chatty bunch and a lot of things get kicked off on Discord. Let me know if you have any questions or if there’s anything I can help with!
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Re: Superhero Sandbox Character Creation

Post by OpusRex » Thu Jul 30, 2020 2:36 pm

Name: Thrall

Alias: (if applicable) N/A

Age: Unkown

Appearance: (description and/or image) He is a scaly, blue/green bipedal gator man. He is more closely related to a fresh water crocodile though others tend to run from him screaming...
"Run, it's a monster!"
Very reclusive and obviously he can't speak any human languages, he tends to keep away from the surface world and its dwellers and remain in the rivers, lakes, and sewer systems of the area.

Brief Bio: No one is really sure how this creature came about. Some speculate that he's the result of polluted waters. Others say he came from illegal genetic experiments or another planet all together. No one has gotten close enough to him to ask and whats more, many don't even believe that he exists. Meta humans are apparently easy to explain but a gator man that lives in the sewers and rivers is not. He's almost like bigfoot or the yeti... an urban legend that some people claim to have seen and even gotten pictures of but there's no solid proof of his existence.

Powers, Abilities, and Equipment: (what you do and what you have) He thrives in wet/damp environments. Being amphibious/reptilian, he can survive outside of water for extended periods of time but must always be near it for apparent biological needs. His jaws are no doubt strong as well as his physical strength. He also has claws on his feet and hands that may be very sharp. No one is entirely sure how strong he is specifically though there have been mysterious and inexplicable slash marks through tree trunks and large bite marks in grates and bars in the sewer.
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