Skyman: World Tour [OPEN]

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Re: Skyman: World Tour [OPEN]

Post by Azra » Sat Jan 09, 2021 9:32 pm

Black and blue covered feet found their mark. She had a feeling though the face beneath them wasn't going to be black and blue in return. Sure it hit and even got a bit of a stumble backwards, she was hitting harder then anticipated but she was still not in their weight class. What was more concerning perhaps though was that he wiped the muck away or more particularly wasn't reacting to anything that had struck him. Suggesting that through hydrokinesis any potent toxin mixed in was tossed aside rather then taking route. The venom if to fluid rather then viscous wasn't going to get her anywhere as it might just be controlled to go elsewhere.

The kick brought her inside the building some as that was where the fight lead but it was easy to flip back into the streets. A dynamic motion going out of a shattered window. Vibrant colored hydrant behind her and off to the side. The trident was thrown once more, it wasn't quite aimed at her though. An eye forms behind her. It blended into the suit easy to miss, easy for her to seem more like other spider themed heroes and not a biological abomination. She saw it hit the hydrant cap going airborn.

She turned a bit to one side to fire a web at a manhole cover. Intending to snap it to her as a improvised shield. Wouldn't be perfect but it would help but someone else jumped in instead. Water turning to ice and words being said amongst directions. Jess was okay with help, but she didn't like orders. She wasn't Frontline or SOS, she wasn't some militia or police force. The one thing she liked to think she had was a sort of autonomy to just be her. "Poison, not Spandex Lady. That'd be a terrible name." Not to mention what costume would that even be? Was such a vague name and theming she couldn't imagine it being pulled off well.

"Sense when were people in costumes wise in the first place?" They had tendencies to jump in front of attacks for others. Half of them were dead or crippled early. Some might be smart but Jess wasn't to sure they counted as wise. Still she let her stance loosen at least being open to conversation over a fight. This might have been more out of her thinking she couldn't win this fight though especially if trying to be reserved a bit as it was against a hero. She kind of figured, "troubled tarantula poisons Poseidon" was not a headline she wanted.

She took a second to consider the words being said, but not the orders of course. "Lets say we all agree to save the planet. Hell that we work together form the Sky. Alchemy? Spider. Sea quartet. The Sassy Four. I don't think any of us have a spaceship for his plan." She wasn't sure on alchemy or Mage, or something else. She wasn't sure about resources other then the lack of hers. Bout the only thing she was sure on was that she liked that team name, and that the point stood. Space was a decent answer but they were trying to solve a problem a bit larger then skies or oceans alone it was a little more all encompassing.

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Re: Skyman: World Tour [OPEN]

Post by Skyman » Tue Jan 12, 2021 5:44 pm

The archetypal flying tackle through a building proved an ever-effective strategy.

Surging into the Master of the Sea with volcanic force, Skyman carried him through several floors of a nearby skyscraper, drywall and cubicle parting before their devastating path. Knowing full well that the experienced civilians of Millennium City would already be sheltered during an outbreak of superhuman violence, he careened through wall after wall with reckless strength, landing punch after punch on the Aquatic Avenger.

Suddenly, in an effort to defend himself, the man's glove found purchase on his face - and with it came an unqualified burning sensation, a searing pain that utterly wrecked Skyman's flight pattern and sent the two boomeranging back down to the street, where he broke off from the invader and relinquished him from his grip in panic.

Ow, ow, what the -


He rubbed at his mouth and eyes, unable to place what had happened. It felt like his very face had just been torn apart...anxiously, he found a window, rubbing on the glass to clear it up -

- and gazing into his reflection.

Just a little reddening of the skin, and some swelling around the eyes. But it hurt.

"You fucked up my face!"

He turned around, vision swimming.

The slightest whistle in the air heralded the incoming weapon - a possibly lethal blow evaded only by virtue of the Skyman's preoccupation with his reflection. In the glass he saw the glint of the golden trident, and with Achillean haste, he shot to the side - the three-tipped trident narrowly missing his back and tearing part of his cape away with it. He'd returned it to his grip with some unseen force, like telekinesis! All while newcomers tried to negotiate with him. Some kid in a hoodie and the woman who'd coated the area in slime.

Son of a bitch just tried to kill me!

"Yeah? Yeah? Dude just took over the ocean and threatened the United States. This isn't about the trash. He's evil. I'm going to do us all a favor and throw his ass in the Sun."

Not that he could actually accomplish that; it would take 8 minutes to get to the Sun moving at the speed of light, and he was somewhere in the supersonic range. Even if he could move that fast, he doubted he could hold his breath long enough to carry him there. But the boast would be hard to distinguish from just tossing him outside the atmosphere.


Skyman grabbed a lamp-post. Obviously he'd need to have a longer reach than the trident, which could be thrown and retrieved at will. The best way to do that was to bludgeon the guy a bit with a long metal rod.

"Eat this, fish man."

He swung the post at him like a baseball bat, faster than the eye could follow - hoping to launch him from where he stood down the road into the city.

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Re: Skyman: World Tour [OPEN]

Post by The Kraken » Tue Jan 12, 2021 6:06 pm

A late arrival to the scene intervened, flash-freezing the water before it could strike Poison, and instead of pressing his advantage, taking the opportunity to monologue. Kraken scowled and approached him, though he was careful not to get too close. This individual's capabilities were unknown as of yet.

"Silence, urchin," the Oceanic Avenger instructed, pointing his trident at the boy. "I know your kind. You pretend to share my concerns, but all you truly care about is preserving the status quo. You attempt to placate me with your weasel words, and hope that you can simply forestall the inevitable. It worked once, many years ago- but never again."

In an attempt to defend herself, the spiderlike child had pulled the cover off of a manhole- unwittingly opening up a new avenue of attack for the Depth-Dweller. He couldn't manipulate the frozen water from the fire hydrant, but this was a major city- meaning there was a massive source of water right beneath their feet! Raising a hand to the sky, Kraken summoned a torrent of sewer-water up through the manhole, and directed the stinking sludge towards Poison and the conjurer both, intending to sweep them away with a massive wave of sewage.

Before he could continue his assault, however, Kraken was struck with an improvised weapon. The lamp-post connected with him, impact absorbed partially by his gleaming orange scale-mail, but it couldn't defy the laws of physics outright. The Titan of the Trench was sent flying down the road, hitting a wisely-abandoned car and skidding off, shattered glass strewn everywhere.

When Kraken righted himself, he found that he'd been thrown several hundred yards away. There was no time to recover- SKyman's next assault would be forthcoming. A response was demanded- so he hurled the Tempest once more. This time, its target was a nearby water tower! With one blow, it was felled, and the contents spilled down onto the street, where the Seafairing Superman could make use of it.

Riding the water like a surfer without a board, the Oceanic Avenger leapt back into the fray. He'd gained several hundred gallons of water to wield as a weapon, and right now he was using them like a tank. In the form of surging rapids, they streamed down the street, carrying cars in their wake or knocking them aside. Kraken's aim was to strike Skyman dead-on, with the speed of a barracuda and the strength of a killer whale. With any luck, he'd be caught up in the roaring rapids- providing the Depth-Dweller a prime opportunity to bury his trident deep in the man's chest.

"You call me fish-man as if it's an insult, whelp, but I possess the abilities of all oceanic animals. What hope does one such as you, who emulates the pathetic avians, have?"

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Re: Skyman: World Tour [OPEN]

Post by Azra » Wed Jan 13, 2021 4:02 pm

Poison was starting to agree with Skyman. She wanted to think things could be different, kind of came with the territory of who she actually was. Soon as more responses came it was plenty clear though. This wasn't a discussion, it wasn't thinking heroes had more sway then politicians. It was more finding the quickest platform at the time to make a demand. Poison really didn't think the world needed to continue to poison it's very large watering hole. There was no working with fish man though.

This fight was also to close to water sources. It registered briefly as she felt the slightly wet manhole cover she had currently in hand. The smell a bleak reminder of what was likely coming soon. Made a girl wonder if being a strange bio monster granted her the ability to bathe in bleach. Taking a second a thwip could be heard connecting a web to the cover once more and launching toward the nearby magician. A throw quickly following it, a frisbee toss aimed to get the manhole onto a roof. But more importantly hoping to swing the conjurer onto a roof free from the attack. Favor for a favor as the spider was left dealing with the tide.

It slammed into her and then she crashed through a window. Then she found herself denting a wall of the store. Her back ached some, and a few streams of blood ran down. She was fairly sure if not for her durability her back would have been broken. And even with her durability and regeneration it hurt like hell and felt disjointed. "Yeah Jess pick the flexible spider format. Couldn't have been some green tank lady could I?" She remarked to herself using webs to swing back into the streets.

To see a actual tidal wave. Murky water and trash rolling through the streets. A brow furrows as she concentrates, committing ten bercent of her biomass to the series of web bombs she was about to throw. A swing a rotation in the air and then a orb was thrown. A car would be struck and then in a blossom of webbing it would be halted. Some might be more hanging onto a building some might be stuck. Either way though they were more locked in place, falling a bit to the ground later but better a few possible dents then crashed through a building.

All the dramatics eventually subsided for raw power. Dump a bit more of what reserves she had into her arms. Muscles briefly turned incredibly defined as the web slinger tried to channel as much speed into her movement and mix it into a helpful angle. She'd let go of the web at the apex of her swing and with a slight sonic boom looked to connect both heels with the base of the surfing fisher's chin. She wasn't as strong as them even now and odds are she only teased the sound barrier comparitively. If she could though Poison at least wanted to try and get the opponent more airborne. More in the domain of the champion of the sky.

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No One Is Home

Post by Fill » Thu Jan 14, 2021 12:46 am

Let me tell you. I was having enough of all these people. Usually, I'm very patient, very slow to anger. Trust me. All my snarky remarks are my personally. All my witticisms are made either so people leave me alone, for my own amusement, or for the amusement of others. Sometimes, I try to tick someone off, if only because it is fun.

But everyone here just had to try and pick holes in my argument. Yes, like I have all the answers. Like I have great almighty power and wisdom. Ever heard of teamwork? What makes you all think that just me, or much more, just the group of us are going to solve this problem?

It all started with her. Spandex Lady. Correcting me on her codename. Yeah, nobody cares about anyone's codename. Am I dressed up in a tight-fitting uniform hugging my even tighter butt? No, I'm wearing perfectly loose, perfectly baggy pants so I won't astound you with how tight my ass is.

Sorry, I really don't like supers. Heroes or villains. Just neither.

"Okay, Pistachio. First off, no costume. So I am so very wise. Thank you. Second, we don't, but I'm sure one of the big league superheroes or scientists have one or maybe something better. Oh, y'know, I could be insane to think we should ask for help from people like that. Or maybe even more so for thinking they might have a half-decent idea to solve or at least mitigate the problem until something better is found. Huh?"

Oh, and it just got worse. So much worse. The fishman decided to point his weapon at me. The little glowy trident. At me. The peacemaker. The guy negotiating some form of truce, some semblance of calm. Need I also remind everyone that I was also the one person to not point a weapon, heck, much less a spell or even a hand at anyone. I just froze some water to save someone. What the hell?

"Urchin? I'm sorry. But this ain't no fucking My Little Mermaid musical bullshit, Flounder. Point that damm thing away from me. I haven't done anything to you. And I don't give a fuck for status quo. But this is going to make things worse for you and your message. All it takes for them to send someone way stronger than us, than you, and you're done. Nothing gets accomplished. I'm trying to help-."

Then that caped idiot, which I could understand his anger but still, decided to pipe in. Honestly, I could care less for what the meathead had to say. An unoriginal nickname, yes, but I reserve it for those who actually fit that description.

"Shut up, you're not-. Oh sunnava-!"

More than that, everyone decided to go right back to fighting. While caped idiot decided to swing a lamppost like a baseball bat right at Flounder, Pistachio and I had to deal with a current that rivaled a tsunami in how much it was going to be actual hell. And the rapids were comprised of nothing more than sewage. Y'know, for a guy who hated trash in his water, he had no reservations about using it as a weapon.

I was ready to bounce on out. Hell, I considered just leaving and let everyone kill themselves. Good! Great! Because then maybe a death or two, everyone will realize talking is usually the best way to go than just provoking more violence.

So just about when I was about to make my great escape, I felt something get ahold of me. I couldn't quite understand it at the moment, as sudden as it was, but later, when my body crashed atop a nearby rooftop, away from the wave of sludge that threatened me, I realized what happened. Forcing away the sudden dizziness and vertigo, I found anger to be bubbling up inside of me. The kind where it grows from the pit of your stomach into your chest.

That stupid Pistachio girl tried saving my life. Like I did. What an utter moron! When I want a favor paid back, I'll ask! When I want to be saved, I'll ask! Great. Now I feel like I owe her. Wait, where is she? Shouldn't she be up here too? I mean, she's quick, right? Unless . . .

She's still down there. Dammit all. Dammit all to hell.

She's hurt because of me. Why the hell did I get involved? Still, she seems okay at least. That's a relief. I cannot afford the therapy if someone died because of me. She's even moving around with her usual grace and even managed to limit the effects the current had on damaging the surrounding areas as well as the buildings and vehicles. Still, if she pulls that crap again, I'mma gonna kick the shit out of her!

Right now, however, I'm no use to anyone up here and with the limited power I have. I need a game plan, something quick.

One idea. Only one. If this guy can manipulate water and is what he claims to be, then there is one way to beat him without killing him. Two actually. Either snap his spinal cord or puncture a lung with a rib. Either way, the fish man would be severally compromised in the fight, being neutralized and forced to surrender. Now, I know what you're thinking! I must be insane! I must want to kill the guy!

But if my hunch is correct and they usually are, and, if what this guy says is true, then we have a shot at using his own strengths against him. I dispel my clones and my divided magical energies return to me. No doubt my doubles cleared everyone out alongside the police and the emergency services handling this fiasco. Besides, I'll need the extra energy.

Then I made my move and ran down the side of the building before leaping and sprinting across the water. You heard me. Across. I'm pulling what we wizards call a Jesus move. I can see why he did stuff like this. Fun as hell.

In order for this to work, I have to build up momentum. I run along the rapids, spinning and flipping my body before settling myself once more on the water's surface, not losing a moment nor skipping a beat. I spin around one more time and deliver the fiercest back kick I could, straight to the ribs.

But that's not all. Right before I initiated the move, before impact, I channeled whatever inner energy I could as well as much magic as possible into a reinforcement spell of my own design. My entire leg would be covered in a black, almost metallic sheen as it struck.

The problem was that the caped idiot kept using weapons that metahumans were designed to take hits from. They all throw cars, get smashed through buildings, and eat bullets for breakfast.

But what if instead of beating someone with a regular metal bat, you had your own metahuman metal bat? Sorta like how Flounder had his own special trident. That's what I was in the moment. Or at least, my leg was. A living anti-metahuman weapon.

I don't know if this will be enough. Flounder has been taking hit after hit and not slowing down. If this doesn't work, I'm going to be at a serious disadvantage if he aims that trident around at me. Especially considering I used a good deal of whatever energy I could muster for that attack.

I should have just ran for the hills. God, may something break. Just break dammit!

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Re: Skyman: World Tour [OPEN]

Post by Skyman » Mon Jan 18, 2021 11:22 pm


Slamming that lamppost into the Kraken was satisfying for Skyman, big time. The feel of a solid impact combined with the obliteration of the top of the weapon signified a direct hit. He tossed away the mangled club of metal.

The man bounced off the top of a Subaru and collapsed into a pile of broken glass. It'd be a bigger blow to the ego than anything, which was just what the doctor ordered. Anyone who could be delayed by a hit like that could be stopped by one. Which led to a question - where exactly was this going? Skyman had something of an idea. He'd probably beat the guy bloody and toss him back in the ocean. Cops complicated things, asked too many questions.

Then came the tidal surge. The guy had recovered and unleashed all the water out of the sewer into a big wave. Skyman, who was closest to them, flew straight upwards - not looking to meet the attack head-on.

The flood of water cascaded forwards with terrifying speed, Kraken actually standing at the tip of it waiting to skewer him. When the Soaring Savior jetted up and over the waves, he pulled back in fright, eyes wide as the trident nearly impaled him. His intended flight pattern was wrecked, and he shakily hovered in the air as Kraken passed him by and the two others present made their move on him.

That was too close. I was so not ready for this today...

He'd just need to be clever. He could fly, after all, and stay far out of the Aquatic Avenger's reach. Fly, and dodge the trident whenever it was thrown at him, staying cautious of the fact that he seemed to be able to steer it. That was a recipe for victory.

While the spider-like girl and magic kid kept Kraken busy up close, Skyman swooped low and grabbed two cars off the ground by the fenders, one in each hand. Their wheels squealed as he dragged them along the pavement, metal warping and twisting, but sure enough, he had a handle on them. Each car was pulled into the sky along with him -

- where they'd promptly be thrown at the sea-goer, careening through the air until they smashed dead-on into his back.

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