The Hunt.

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Re: The Hunt.

Post by Alpha » Mon Nov 26, 2018 6:06 pm

The Alpha observed the night's events on her monitors. Everything was proceeding as planned.

Capacitor and Requiem were on-track to find the ghost and her foes. Katherine and Joe were inching ever-closer to hostilities. Calvin was engaging with Garrick and Jason. All as she'd 'foreseen.'

There was a quiet sound behind her, chains scraping against metal. That would be Virgil. He'd finally returned, damaged, but ultimately having wounded his opponent worse than he'd been hurt himself. She would have offered to help, but he preferred to handle this part himself. The exchanging of parts of his 'body.' It was undoubtedly a personal experience.

Speaking of Hector... he'd been the only one she'd not accounted for. With a few keystrokes, she put his feed on the central monitor, and grinned. This little test had been something of a group effort.

As Akhilleus followed his energy-sense towards the thrumming power that radiated out from the apartment building, he'd eventually find an unlocked door, where a low hum could be heard emanating from. Inside, dominating the entire apartment, was a nuclear generator.

In preparation for this project, she'd discussed each of the candidates with her Pack. Virgil had been the one to come up with the idea. A massive source of energy, enough to level the entire island. Lucia had suggested a suitcase-nuke, but Calvin had built something better. True to his name, he worked with cryonics, but that wasn't the extent of his ability. What he'd built here was nothing less than cold fusion. Django had laughed at that.

As the egotistical hero approached, she heard Virgil take a place beside her, draping his body over the back of her chair, so his head was pointed at the screens. She pressed a key, and turned her microphone on, her voice coming through hidden speakers in the room.

"A gift, Hector." Her voice didn't match the content of her words- far from warm and generous, she sounded simply cold. "The Shell believes in change. He could have killed you, in Times Square. By the rules I've established, it would have been more than fair. But he believes you can still change. This generator is producing enough energy to wipe out the entire island. Far more than you've ever taken on. If you do so, and survive, you'll have more than earned your right to survive. That much raw power will burn the poison out of your veins."

She paused deliberately. "If you're not willing to take the risk... well. I've rigged the generator to detonate in fifteen minutes regardless. Best of luck."

With a soft chuckle, she switched the mic off.

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Re: The Hunt.

Post by Reyn » Mon Nov 26, 2018 7:04 pm

Linaria sighed heavily, resisting the urge to strangle the cashier and stab Joe through the neck in that very moment. This wasn't her fight, after all. It was Katherine's- and she still wasn't moving.
"You spineless coward."
She hissed to the cashier
"Go to the back room and call the authorities. Are you willing to be the source of a mass shooting, hm? I swear, if anything happens here, you will be out of a job by sunrise."

Linaria quickly turned around to face Joe, staring intensely at him as he spoke. Composure be damned; Linaria was a creature of war who saw hostility wherever she damn well wanted. If Katherine lacked the spine to cause any sort of violence, then she would simply have to fill the gap. Of course, attacking Joe right now would be suicide, even for her- the man had a lot of guns, and a lot of guns could do a lot of damage. Though she hated to admit it, taking this carefully was probably the best approach.
"I have no issue with you, Joe."
She dismissively flicked her hair out of her eyes as she spoke
"Not personally."

Kat finally stood up from her table outside and quietly walked into the Starbucks. With both the sword and her stalker distracted, she was able to make it over to a small group of people at the back of the room, where she leaned over and quietly muttered something to one of them.

"Hey, uh... that horsehead guy's been following me around for a while. I think he's a criminal or something... could you, like, help me out a bit here?" She scratched the back of her head idly, unaware that the people at surrounding tables were turning their heads to listen to her "Just, like... restrain him or something. I'm worried he's gonna kill me... can you at least subdue him whilst I get someone to call the cops for me? Thanks..."

She wasn't expecting them to just do it.

A group of around fifteen people stood up from their chairs in a chaotic hurry, moving quickly towards Joe and Linaria. Pushing past the sword with callous disregard, they moved on Joe, attempting to either knock him down or somehow disarm him. As they did this, the other patrons of the Starbucks began to murmur in panic, before they too stood up and attempted to help.

Kat was confused, but Linaria was anything but. She had just been going about this the wrong way all this time. Maybe now they could make some progress.

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Re: The Hunt.

Post by Sans_the_Medic » Mon Nov 26, 2018 7:54 pm

"Oh you've gotta be fuckin' me..." Joe said as he saw the group approaching. He didn't know what they were going to do, but there were a lot of them and they all looked hostile so he assumed bad things. He took one step back, drew his pistol and shot the nearest guy in the leg; it wouldn't be fatal, and was more of his version of a warning shot. He could have killed this guy there and then, but that wouldn't help his case much... not that wounding him would do too much better. He then backed away to the corner, gun held up and threatening to shoot anyone that got too close.

"I don't want to fight, you lot really don't want to fight me, back the fuck away." He looked over at Kat. "I ain't been tailin' ya because I want to kill ya; because if I did I'd have already tried. I've been tailin' ya to watch ya back for ya from the 10 other people that DO want to kill ya. so can we all PLEASE calm the fuck down and just talk about this?" He kept his voice level and controlled, making sure he spoke clearly and in a way that everyone could hear him. Just in case, however, he started moving his T-doll so we could quickly grab the hatch and deploy it.
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Re: The Hunt.

Post by Aether » Mon Nov 26, 2018 8:33 pm

The energy was palpable, now— so much so that he felt his ailment mollifying ever so slightly with each gradual step towards the source of whatever output was within the building. Akhilleus shoved open an iron door and stepped out onto the designated floor, his stride deepening as he broke out into a jog towards the signature. It was like a warmth-filled radiance— unlike anything he'd even been around. It was an even bigger presence than when Capacitor was at her highest amount of charge, and lately, she'd been a fuckin' sponge for electricity. Just another one of those secrets she's been hiding, along with her meeting with that weird-ass guy in Los Angeles. Honestly, he was beginning to wonder if her plan was just to get him k—


Williams had shoved open a door, and what awaited him on the other side made him... confused, to say the least. It was big, and it obviously held a lot of power. Enough to make the pain of the poison fade into a dull ache as he let out a cautious exhale, taking a tentative step towards the gigantic piece of machinery.

"The fuck is th—"

The whine of a loudspeaker cut him off, his bandaged hand instinctively covering the ear closest to the audio speaker. The ringing in his ears faded once a familiar voice, in all its low-quality glory, streamed into the room.

"A gift, Hector."

The government agent in question narrowed his eyes, looking around the room for any sort of camera devices. None that could be seen in the scant lighting of the apartment, and he wasn't going to waste effort searching for anything that he couldn't immediately spot. At this point, Alpha might as well shoved a borescope camera up his ass, the way she always had eyes on him.

"I'm flattered." Akhilleus replied indignantly, not fully understanding the stakes that were at hand. There was a small suspicion in the back of his mind— there's way too much energy in this damn room, and my stomach's turning over itself— and the fear in his subconscious was only brought to the surface once the orchestrator of this little game explained the machine's significance.

A reactor. The missing link of information clicked in Hector's mind. I've been absorbing gamma radiation. Breath caught in his throat at Alpha's words. It was almost as if the threat didn't register in his mind, at first; there was no possible way she'd actually level all of Manhattan to prove a point, to— to fulfill whatever sick goal she had lurking in that fucked-up mind of hers. It was a bluff. It had to be. It couldn't have been anything else than-- than a formulated lie designed to test his will, or his intelligence, or- or—

"Fuck." Hector muttered. It was a whimper, lost within the drowning hum of the cold fusion reactor before him. It couldn't be true.

"You don't get to do that— put me in a fuckin'— situation like this," He continued, stepping back from the reactor before pacing right, then left. He stopped in front of the window, looked out at the skyline.

All of Manhattan.

Williams let out another whimper. He ran a hand through his hair, feeling the singed ends of each strand at they brushed along his palm.

"FUCK! FUCK!" He screamed, his voice cracking for the second time tonight. His vision burned as he almost let tears flow. Millions of people. Maybe more.


His mind searched for anyone to blame but himself. Teja was the one that parted ways, the one that told him to confront Alpha, the one that refused to trust him. She said she "trusted him" but he knew— he knew, deep down, she was always waiting for him to fuck up. Everyone was. They all wanted this fucking boisterous personality, and then they turned around and attacked him like it was his fault he acted the way he did.

This was how he was going to die. Alone, in a fucking low-end, shitty, New York apartment, because someone else fucked up.

That's not true.

Hector let out a shaky breath and threw a punch at the window, the frosted-over glass shattering and falling to his feet. After that, he stepped over to the right and punched the drywall, forming an array of holes in the structure of the apartment before letting out a yell of anger and falling to his knees, turning over and resting his back against the wall. Tears welled in his eyes and he rose both hands to cover them, shaking his head and letting out a cough. He'd exerted himself too much, and the energy he'd passively taken in was all but wasted. The fire in his returned, as did the pain.

He was going to die here, and it was all his own fault. He couldn't run— he'd barely make it far enough to escape being vaporized with the initial shockwave, and even then, the energy absorbed in the process would make it so he'd still be alive. His flesh would be charred from his body, but his muscles, his bone— it would still be intact.

The last moments of his life would be in unimaginable agony.

"Stop throwing a tantrum," Hector muttered to himself, pushing off of the ground and slowly rising to his feet. Capacitor said she trusted him, at the very least. Don't do anything you'll regret, she said to him. What the fuck was he supposed to do? Which one would he regret more?

He closed his eyes. All this bullshit he'd been arguing about. All the things in his life he thought mattered— they all felt small, now, dwarfed by the gigantic machine that stood in front of him which, in about ten minute's time, would erupt and kill everyone in Manhattan.

And he'd have been the one to cause it. He would be complacent in every civilian death, every innocent life taken by the blast. How could he even stand here, facing down the prospect of millions dead, and still think that his own well-being was more important? He couldn't— do that.

Hector Williams needed to face the music. Enough excuses. Enough pouting. Sadness and resignation was replaced with anger as he walked towards the center of the reactor.

"You want to see how tough I am, bitch? I'll show you," Akhilleus whispered, placing his hands upon the center hatch of the reactor, palms flat against the metal. Radiation was soaked up, added to his reserves. Good. He'd need the strength to tear the shell off this thing and get to the center; the sting of the poison, once again, began to fade and in its place, he felt his own strength returning.

With a white-knuckled grip, Hector grabbed onto the centerpiece of the reactor and pulled with as much strength as he could muster, energy being replaced as soon as it was expended. The metal creaked in protest, hairline fractures spreading across its frame before the plating gave way entirely, the pressurized vaccuum of the reactor core rupturing with a sharp HISS before a blinding white light flooded the room. Instantly, Williams felt his body ripple with absorbed energy, muscles tightening and growing more and more dense with each passing second. His tattered sweatshirt fluttered as his frame desperately released excess in an attempt to stop him from overloading.

There, in the center of the machinery, were the two cells which powered the reactor. Tearing the plating off only served to accelerate the process of the meltdown. He assumed, at least. He wasn't smart like Capacitor, who might have been able to come up with a method to defuse the equipment safely.

She wasn't here. It was only him, and him alone— and he could take the brunt of the radiation, absorb as much as he could.

He'd try his best.

"Come on. Come on, Hector, come on," Williams muttered, slapping his cheek once, twice. Tears welled up in his eyes again.

"I love you, Cassie." He breathed, grabbing the two pylons within the reactor.

As soon as his fingers locked around the two cells, an electrical current arced across his body and tensed his appendages, making removal futile; within seconds, he felt energy rush into his body. His fingers vibrated, hummed as his ability struggled to internalize the energy. The sensation spread up to his arms, then to his shoulders. It was indescribable, the pain that began to twist in the tips of his fingers, then his palms, then his wrists. Flesh made an audible hiss as it began to sear and fat began to boil underneath the surface of his skin. Nails blackened and became charred; the sight of his arms wrapping around the cylinders within the reactor was burned into his corneas as the light within the room rose to blinding levels, causing him to shut his eyes.

He couldn't look.

Couldn't think.

He needed to get rid of the fire climbing in his body, clawing at his insides. Opening his mouth, he let out a deafening scream; a roar of agony which contained enough force behind it to shatter windows within a block radius. To those in the immediate radius, it was a sound more akin to an explosion than that of a human's.

Still, it was not enough. His body began to burn off excess, vibrations of sound energy producing violent thunderclaps that slowly but surely began to run cracks along the floor and walls of the apartment. Beams began to snap, and the floors above began to cave. The room slanted to one side, and in the process of the building's collapse, the reactor was only compromised further; the screech of the alarm was the last thing Hector heard before the deafening roar of his own screams eclipsed the sound.

Eventually, his body ceased the shockwaves. It began building up once more, the agonizing fire spreading up his arms, across his chest, down his legs and into his head. His skin burned once more, thin lines of boiling veins tracing under his flesh as the poison— and blood was forcibly burned from his body. Within microseconds, his body reached its upper limit and found that it could not stand to gain any more output from the reactor.

So, his anatomy released it. Darkness eclipsed Hector's vision and his mind turned into an empty void.

The shockwave outright shredded through the walls of the building, blowing an array of brick and mortar into the air and outright leveling the stuctures in the immediate radius of the apartment. A plume of fire and smoke— radioactive fallout laced in every inch of the cloud— shot into the air, the darkness of which crested the light pollution of Manhattan and slowly began to spread out over the night sky. A second shockwave spread across the entirely of the island, shattering windows and glass panes before trailing off into a harsh gust of wind that petered out over the Hudson and other bodies of water that surrounded the island.

Save any civilians in the buildings, as well as the surrounding structures, there was not enough damage to fully kill anyone past that point, though the destruction would be readily apparent from across the island. A mushroom cloud which crested over the skyscrapers of Manhattan was a clear indication of the nuclear detonation.

And, at is epicenter, buried under a mountain of scorched, disintegrated rubble, was Akhilleus— alive, barely, his biology permanently tainted.
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Re: The Hunt.

Post by illirica » Tue Nov 27, 2018 8:00 pm

Capacitor had gotten close enough to get an initial visual on the blackout area - not enough to determine much in detail, though. She was closing in, when something else arrested her attention - in the near distance, the distinct bloom of a mushroom cloud. Not a large one, certainly, but a definite herald of a nuclear reaction.


She was supposed to be protecting people. That was what she had been designed for. What she had been, essentially, created for. She was the government's hero, and she was caught up playing silly buggers in a game designed by a maniac, when people were actually dying - and there wasn't anything Capacitor could actually do about a nuclear explosion, either.


It bore repeating, after all. Not aloud, of course. Capacitor really wasn't the swearing type. It just didn't seem to work for her. None of this worked for her, though. Everything was wrong. Not everything. The girl seemed safe, for now, but that wasn't enough. The truth was that what she was right now, just... wasn't the right person for this. Maybe Williams had been. Hopefully he was doing all right, wherever he'd gone. He'd notice the explosion too, no doubt - she didn't know if he would be in a position to help with that or not.

Trust him.

It wasn't easy, but she'd said she would. Trusting him, though, was simply not enough. No surprise there. No. Things had just gotten bad - extremely bad. It was time for a change.

Capacitor was not good at change.

She'd just have to be. She returned her attention towards the blackout, and traced her current lines - not out this time, but in. Buried in her side under a recent scar was a tiny device, a couple inches long and no bigger around than a pencil, made entirely of circuitry. Most devices had an activation switch that would cause them to do whatever they were meant to, but this one didn't. It was only a template, and she ran the charge through the circuit manually, tracing the path like a tiny maze. It didn't do anything except send out a tiny signal - not to the government servers, though. There was always a risk that those could be compromised, somehow.

No, she bounced it up at Sol's Hammer, the spatial array created largely by Nicolas Pendragon. She hadn't exactly asked him about it, but it was a tiny signal, not even meant to do anything there, just needing a place to reflect back down to the right place, to her own devices. Thousands of devices bounced signals of satellites, constantly. Television, internet, it was all globally connected. One more miniature signal in a field of so many wouldn't make a difference.

For now, it didn't do anything, but it would activate something on the receiving end. Nothing too detailed, just a come. She'd built a little flying toy box, equipped with magnetic relays. It could move pretty fast. It would be... something different anyway. Maybe it would be enough to handle the situation that had come up.

It still took a little time, though, which meant that right now she needed to set off the second part of her plan - namely, getting into a fight she was completely unqualified for. The darkness above the city was impenetrable, a giant bubble of blackness that extruded over the rooftops. She wanted to be cautious, to figure out what was inside the bubble, who was inside the bubble. What they were doing, what they were capable of. Check identities against the database... all the things that Capacitor was known for. All the things that Capacitor was good at.

All the things that weren't right, not right now. She'd just have to go in blind. She stayed outside the bubble, but ran a charge through her Gauss rifle, and fired off a projectile. She was a good shot even when she wasn't using her ability, but putting a little magnetic drift on the ball bearing she was using for a bullet made it all the more easy to control. Since she didn't have a bead on a target, she simply aimed for the center, and put enough charge on her projectile that she could feel it move.

It wasn't sight, but maybe it was something like it. She'd know if it intersected anything, and she'd be able to get a reading on the pathway. She rather hoped it didn't hit anyone, but Alpha wanted a fight, and she needed to play for time.

Time, and a few other things.

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Re: The Hunt.

Post by Azra » Tue Nov 27, 2018 8:36 pm

If Azra knew of the battle in the square meaningless in its magnitude of murder the ghost would know the fight wasn't something to continue. The rules were a farce the game a lie. It was easy to think of honor and theatrics but it never worked like that. If she knew of hostages freezing to death she would have seen the cold nature of the pack and that it wasn't something to try and work with, there was only one enemy here. If she'd known of a reactor set up she'd of seen the enemy as nothing but mad men without a care for life. She didn't see or know of any of that though and so she was just focused on the objective. A fight where everything was running a mile a minute yet slow as molasses in a haze of thought and actions

If she hunted and killed those willing to die for others and kill others then maybe ordinary people didn't need to die. If she killed then maybe hostages didn't have to live a life like she'd experienced.

A fist sinks into flesh and muscle the blade predicted the hand not so much so. It was a sensation that she hated to admit was empowering but also always haunting. The way the body twisted and moves away from her, ripping apart in response to her presence. Every small minute movement making her hand slicker, feeling thicker. It was sticky and warm and scarlet, staining clothes staining flesh but also, the mind. It was an action that was unforgettable in design, wasn't just forcing a way into someone it was like becoming one with them and then being denied.

A man drops in pain and a blade starts to dip into her hand. A point punctures through pinky and ring finger, dips into the palm then comes out. She can feel it warmth on warmth, bits of torn skin and muscle mixed with her own. Her ring finger doesn't want to move. It's half cut from her hand and torn up on the other half before managing to return to intangibility. Can't move half of it, pain was manageable though for her. The downed figure doesn't feel up for fighting much the other is waiting, she can feel it.

It was honestly terrifying the level of hate and rage, it wasn't just dark anymore. It felt tainted.

This isn't who I want to be.

But what else was there? She couldn't just draw out Alpha and fight her in a one v one she wasn't some legendary heroic ghost just a girl trying to fight to make a difference. To small to have things easily handed to her. She felt she needed to kill. So her wounded hand went for one of her improvised grenades. Toss it to the ground the no longer intangible materials accelerated just a bit as they crash into the roof. Fiberglass, regular glass, dust and nails pieces of pins and the ceramic shards of the mug go off in a fragmentation effect looking to maim and tear, not lethal but distracting.

The main attack went for the man looking to get up, a slash of the sword looking to slice into his head. Split the skull in two in a swipe. Look to carve out the eyes, she'd be drawing in close for such a slash. They were good at dodging might even be so if wounded but in dodging the tangible sword it'd create a opening Azra felt to lunge with her spear. Able to adjust as needed in time and with the kind of speed and range that she felt would allow her to plunge the tip into the heart. Then though would come a roar from not so far away.

She couldn't see it in the darkness. The sound though was like rolling thunder and from the detonation was of course a shockwave monstrous in its energy. It may have been a small detonation and from this far out windows only cracked not near enough to shatter. When intangible though Azra was like a leaf on the wind though and that was without quite the gust that moved throughout the city. It may have just ruffled hair and cracked windows but papers and leaves were rag dolled and so to was she. Thrown from the roof and over the ledge falling out of shadow near the end of her move. She'd barely have time to see the results of her work before she'd begin to fall. Coming out of the darkness range making her briefly clicker into tangibility. There was also then the sound of some kind of gunshot.

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Re: The Hunt.

Post by Reyn » Thu Nov 29, 2018 1:15 am

"Look, I don't have anything to do with all this." Kat scowled at Joe, backing away towards the door "And I sure as hell don't trust you. If you wanted to help me, you would've fucking told me about it rather than stalking me all around the city. We can't trust anyone, Joe. Why do you think you're the exception?"

She sighed heavily, gesturing at Linaria to follow her to the door. Kat didn't want to stick around for very long; these people seemed to have things under control. Even if Joe was able to take on that many people at once, he likely wouldn't have an easy time of it... and even then, the use of deadly force would probably draw the attention of the police. She had already seen him shoot someone in the leg, she didn't put it past him to shoot someone else as well.

As for the people in question, they weren't showing any sign of slowing down. The gunshot to the man's leg didn't make anyone afraid or even hesitant; all it did was prove to the crowd that they were doing the right thing by trying to restrain this man, and that he really was a threat. Besides, there were many of them and only one of him. Though it may be the death of them, the people still had confidence, and still threw themselves at Joe like no tomorrow. One man in particular attempted to get up very close to him, aiming a punch straight at his head, intending to somehow knock the mask off to reveal his identity.

Kat walked outside, stopping a passerby in her tracks.

"Hey, I think something's going on in there..." She said "I'm going to go get the police... but I think it would be a pretty good idea if someone stayed behind and filmed it, y'know? I, uh... could you do that? Could you film this shit and send it to the cops or something? I don't want anyone else getting hurt..."

Again, the stranger complied. She stood a good distance away from the entrance of the Starbucks and began to film what was going on, keeping Kat out of the frame and trying to focus in on Joe in the middle. Though it was hard to see exactly what was going on behind the crowd and the glass, the mask would likely give the situation away should any other hunters see what was going on.

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Re: The Hunt.

Post by Oculus » Thu Nov 29, 2018 6:04 am


Swirling around the girl in a flurry of shadows Ezekiel chained Shade Cloak after Shade Cloak, watching and waiting for her to make a move. Attacking first would only leave him open, and he didn't yet have anything to truly target. It was better to wait for her to strike then aiming to capitalize on it. They could dance around each other forever like this, neither of them truly able to harm the other. From there it just meant it was an endurance test, and he was more than confident in his ability to endure.

However, there was a problem with that plan, while he had enough experience with the Oculus to stay ethereal for as long as it took, he knew Arthur would be unable to keep up the Shade Cloak for that long. Which meant they had to do something or it was only a matter of time before one of the ghost's attacks struck true.

As the bomb was dropped Ezekial moved effortlessly through the shrapnel, his shadowy form bypassing reality. He watched as the woman moved to attack his master, still getting to his feet. Before with a burst of speed, he moved forwards, flickering back into vision as his blade flashed through the air. Clashing with his opponent's sword with a burst of sparks as he deftly parried the attack. However while he could successfully block one attack, it was too difficult for him to stop the twin assault. While the Oculus let him see the attack as it came, that didn't always mean his body was physically able to do something about it. At the end of the day the power of the Oculus would always be bottlenecked by the ability of its user, and without his right arm, his strength was severely dampened.

He would have to have faith that Arthur would be able to avoid the spear thrust, regardless it was time for a change of plans. The Absolute Equalizer had been unable to nullify the girl's power completely, which meant it was as much of a cage for them as it was for her. Ironically the Absolute Equalizer was at it's worst when the fight was truly equal.

"I do not wish to ask this of you, however, I feel it might be best for you to cede for now."

Never taking his eyes off Azra he spoke to his liege in a calm steady tone, while the bloodthirst rage that engulfed him didn't fade, his voice hid it quite well.

"If it's just her and me, I assure you I will not lose. Besides, you wished to talk to Alpha, I'd hate to have this hold you up."

Hoping that his young master would agree and exit the field of the equalizer he turned back to Azra. More then anything now he would have to win, if not that meant the girl would be able to give Arthur a command, and he refused to let that happen. However rather than raise his sword or attempt to cut her down, he quickly deposited his blade back into its scabbard and sat down on the floor.

His Oculus watching the girl for every movement, he began to speak directly to her. Prepared to activate the Shade Cloak at a moment's notice.

"Now that it's just you and me, I want to ask you something. How long do you think you can last in here? Maybe you don't get hungry, or thirsty. But how long until your sanity reaches its limit. How long before the unyielding darkness and claustrophobic aura smoothers even the faintest sliver or hope? Because I can tell you without a doubt, that I could sit here for the rest of eternity. For if I was unable to follow such a simple order, I would be a broken blade. A useless tool, something my master should discard of. It is because of that I can sit here, that I can wait for the sun to die and the universe to collapse. Because I will never allow myself to be disposed of. I will never become useless."

He paused, a twisted look of determination flooding his eyes. The illusion of servitude giving way to a deeper, obsessive, fanatical nature. A perversion of loyalty.

"Feel free to think on it, we've got nothing but time."

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Re: The Hunt.

Post by The Broker » Thu Nov 29, 2018 6:04 am


His anger almost overpowered him. He had almost lashed out and made a reckless move towards his attacker. The one who had caused him so much pain, who all of his anger was directed at. But then he remembered something his best friend had told him some time ago. "Don't lose your head, blind rage leads to a swift defeat." With Ezekiel's advice running through his head he managed to calm himself somewhat, at least to the point where he wouldn't do anything too rash.

A noise, something hitting the ground, he looked towards the source and saw shrapnel flying towards him. He didn't have time to react and the shards of various materials cut into his flesh. This distracted him from the first attack. A sword swung towards him, only be to met by another sword, sparks flew and gave him enough time to make a swift movement to the side, as he moved the Shade Cloak enveloped him, causing the spear which was aimed at his heart to pass through him as he dashed away from what would've been a fatal blow.

Arthur began to dash around inside the arena, shifting in and out of the Shade Cloak, clearly lacking the mastery of this skill that his partner possessed. He could tell that he was a liability to this fight, their opponent was truly on equal ground with Ezekiel as they both were capable of remaining invulnerable until they wished to attack. But Arthur wasn't as skilled with the Shade Cloak as Zeke was, which made him a target. Just as he had come to the conclusion that he must exit the fight via surrender, his friend proposed exactly that.

"Don't worry, Zeke. I recognize that I am only a detriment to you here."

Arthur flashed a smile towards Ezekiel.

"I know you will win this. See you on the other side! I concede."

In the same instant that he spoke, he was displaced from within the Equalizer and he found himself standing outside on the rooftop, facing towards the dome that he was in just a moment ago. There was a sudden and loud crash, as a gunshot went off on the other side of the bubble. The projectile smashed into the dark sphere and disappeared immediately, leaving no trace of impact.

Arthur, with his restored abilities, created a portal in the air over where he suspected the shot having come from just long enough to identify who fired it. The green haired hero, Capacitor. He put on his game face and made his way around the barrier between them, walking out into the open in front of her with a friendly smile.

"Hey! You're Capacitor, right?"

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Re: The Hunt.

Post by Azra » Thu Nov 29, 2018 7:05 pm

Her sword was clashed with the shrapnel grenade of hers a distraction for one but ignored by the other. As sparks briefly illuminated the area the spear moves forward but the misty effect to match her ability allowed the spear to be evaded. And with that it all returns to darkness so little could be seen and attacking once more a moment to wait for. For awhile cat like eyes just focused on observation ears attuned to suroundings trying to predict where they would come from and what to expect.

But instead one left and the other sat down. "For what it's worth I'm sorry, best of luck in this shitshow" Azra remarked toward the man as he left. Then turned her attention to the one speaking to her. "I can't go forever and doubt we have it. I'd also eventually tire or starve, or you know just want a shower. I'd die before I gave up though. I think that's why she chose me. I'm not to well known of a hero and probably to stupid to do anything to get in her way, but I'd try and play the game till completion. Because people shouldn't die for nothing be or imprisoned because of this test. I don't want to kill anyone but Alpha tonight, but if going through soldiers and heroes who risk their life is the only way to get there then I guess I might have to."

The ghost would take a seat in front of him, keeping at sword's length. Either of them could make a stab at the other it was a part of the idea starting to form in her mind. She'd check her blade, giving a bit of a touch up to the part of the edge that'd met his own blade. "How about a real equal test then instead. No full intangibility, each gets a stab at the other until one is done." She said this as her intangibility faded away slight tells of the setting told that she was there. Minus a few portions of herself. Organs inside of her, lungs the brain the heart a few most integral points of veins these were still devoid of presence. Of course she wouldn't be able to hold that forever, eventually the in between would either afflict the mind or body to much but it was an endurance test she thought she might be able to pass.

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