The Hunt.

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Re: The Hunt.

Post by Oculus » Mon Dec 17, 2018 11:41 am


Ezekial tilted his head slightly, not completely sold by the offer but at least interested. If the woman refused to give up and they both stayed within the field until they died, that was an acceptable result. He would have served his purpose, and the threat would have been quelled. However, the chance to end the encounter quickly was... tempting. He also had the feeling Arther would rather him not perish.

"It's an interesting idea, I'll give you that. However, I'll need a bit more clarification about what you mean."

As he spoke he noticed her already dropping her intangibility... not all of it, however, if he struck fast enough there was a chance he could land a hit. He was unsure by what lengths her ethereal form could protect her, yet he was willing to bet if he lopped off her head she'd fall. Regardless of this thoughts, he didn't act upon them yet. No reason to be hasty, the way it took her hand longer to fade away before, he was willing to bet it would be harder for her to do the same to the rest of her body.

"Are you simply proposing we sit her thrusting our swords back and forth until one of us drops dead, or are you simply asking for a fight without any tricks?"

If it was to be the first he was unsure how much of a challenge that would truly be. Whoever acted first would simply pierce the other's heart with one action. However, the latter had the possibility of being interesting, or at least he could be if the girl still had something up her sleeve she hadn't revealed yet. He'd observed her fighting before, and while he would estimate them to be roughly matched in pure skill. His Oculus had a way of swinging fights in his favor.

"If you mean for us to fight, then I agree. However, I do hope you know what you've gotten yourself into."

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Re: The Hunt.

Post by Azra » Mon Dec 17, 2018 10:06 pm

"I can't stop Alpha in here, Nor can you do whatever your goal is. Way I see it if we keep fighting with intangibility this will also go on to long. So if we're here we should just start stabbing each other. Or agree to fighting simply on a roof sword to sword." It was as simple as that to Azra, to much was happening tonight to stay within a bubble for to long. This man she didn't know and wasn't sure if he merited death but better him than innocent people. The hostages she doubted deserved what they were being put through.

Apart of her kind of hoped for the more endurance based way of things, she felt she could steal the win in a way. Using intangibility of parts of herself internally to evade otherwise lethal blows. That wasn't her however she realized she just wasn't someone who wanted to cheat. The ideas of books and fantasy promoting her idea of who she should be as a hero. So instead she placed the tip of her sword into the concrete of the roof to aid her to her feet. Her eyes closed a bit to focus on her struggling phasing ready to drop it if the dome of shadow also came down.

As for his last words she shrugged wasn't worth lying to him about. "Know what I'm getting into? I don't know how you've been trained or where the battle goes after this, shit tends to be unpredictable. All I know is I'd rather die in a honest fight under the night sky. As opposed to a bubble closed off from the world." A few flourishes of the blade made letting the foe desire to make the first move in things.

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Re: The Hunt.

Post by Black Ice » Mon Dec 17, 2018 11:08 pm

With a loud crash, Black Ice was knocked onto his back, the weight of his armor cracking the ice underneath him. Almost inaudible inside his helmet, the Subzero Scalpel gave a pained grunt. Though it remained connected to his body by a numebr of tubes, his gun was knocked from his grip, sliding a few inches out of his reach.

To compound the indignity of being knocked prone like a lumbering beast, the contestants' follow-up was a boot directly to the face. Noctua's strength cracked the glass protecting him, spiderweb fractures spreading out from the point of impact. Any attack, knife or bullet, that followed it, would penetrate. However, before Valeria could keep moving, Black Ice grasped at his leg.

Using a small sprayer in his gauntlet, the Pack member would attempt to coat the hero's leg in nitrogen, essentially freezing it. The device he was employing was far less efficient than his gun, and the process was incomplete- unless Valeria made no effort to escape, he'd be able to break Briggs' grip before his leg was unrecoverable. However, it would take a slow thawing to free it, and a swift strike would seriously damage the limb, not to mention the fact that the Nocturnal Avenger would find it near-impossible to balance on it.

Black Ice slowly picked himself up, grasping his weapon by the grip and turning it on Resolute. However, he'd subtly adjusted one of the settings on the weapon as he aimed it- when he fired, it was smaller stream, but much faster, with a focus on force rather than spread. His intent was to push Carpenter towards the wall he'd earlier weakened, and then close the distance to shove the hunter through the wall, and into the harbor. From there, his intent was to fire his weapon into the water, freezing a wide area solid, with the Rook still below the surface.

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Re: The Hunt.

Post by Django » Fri Dec 21, 2018 9:14 pm

"Interesting getup you got there, miss." Wyatt deflected, not bothering to offer a response to the command— "cease and desist"— issued. The Royal Flush was twirled around a single digit run through the trigger guard and then holstered in one fluid motion, the robotic gunslinger barely managing to get a step forward before a directed beam of energy impacted his wrist. The indeterminable amount of machinery in his body reflexively tensed up at the sensation of stimulus— not quite pain— rolling up his arm and shoulder. Regardless, he let the aftershocks fade and looked back to the woman— undoubtably feminine, judging by the voice— with a steeled gaze.

"Take y'r pick. Rogue meta. Terrorists. Might'a even been one of those big guys y'all see in the news as of late. Feels like every time one of 'em sneezes, a sinkhole opens up r'some shit like that." He replied, taking another tentative step towards the new arrival in Alpha's little game. To be fair, he didn't entirely know who the hell this "Hector Williams" even was, other than the basics. Complacent lil' sumbitch who Alpha wanted to prove wrong. Involved a Cold Fusion reactor which, coming from Calvin, was a snide little bit of a dark joke, given the circumstances.

He laughed, though, of course.

Django maintained his distance after closing in a few paces, resorting to a languid circling around the woman instead. His hand, though damaged, still hovered over the holster of his hand-cannon, the gloved fingers having a pseudo-human imperfection in the way they twitched and flexed every so often.

"Problem is, lady, that you're involved in something you shouldn't be," Wyatt began, stopping the circling of his prey and backpedaling a few steps. His head lolled to one side as he analyzed the unknown, robotic woman in front of him. Bullets didn't do much to her, it seemed. He may very well have to get up close and personal, which didn't bode well for his usual modus operandi.

"I'll ask you nicely. Once. Leave. You don't know what you're getting into. There are far worse ways to go than by the end of a barrel— ways you'll find out about if y'don't just... walk away."

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Re: The Hunt.

Post by illirica » Fri Dec 21, 2018 10:45 pm


Her opponent said a number of things, but none of them was an answer to her question. It was possible he was being duplicitous, but it was also possible that he just didn't know either. Very well, then. She let him circle her, unconcerned. Her magnetic field extended all the way around her, and the suit had visibility apparati in all directions as well.

"Your analysis is incorrect," she informed him, coolly, "It's evident that I am involved precisely where I need to be. I wasn't planning to be here either." Quite true, for several values of truth, even. "But someone has to step up, when the front line fails." Also true, for several values of truth. Likely, though, the nuances would be lost. She couldn't help but feel that they should have been here, though. Humanity's first line of defense. The ideas were always easy, she knew all too well. It was making them work - and keeping them working - that was difficult. That wasn't something that she could do anything about at the moment, though - and as she had implied, someone should be here.

She half-turned towards him, glancing back over her shoulder - habit, rather than necessity. "I am not about to ignore a nuclear explosion for your convenience, Django." She pronounced it properly, even if the computer analyst voice hadn't. "Nor am I about to 'walk away' when this area is still under constraints. I will prevent further disruption, as I am able."

At her side, her hand shifted slightly, light pulsing in her palm, ready for a strike. Strange. The inclination to give him another chance to stand down was still there - to be cautious. To play it safe, collect information, stand back and see what happened. It was only an inclination, though. She didn't need to know where Django stood, only that where he was standing wasn't with her. She twisted and opened her hand, and another laser erupted from her palm. This time, it wasn't a warning shot: she went straight for the center of mass.

"You are not as much of an impedance as you think you are."

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Re: The Hunt.

Post by Deterrence » Mon Dec 24, 2018 7:57 pm

Suddenly, Jason could breathe again. Ice fell with a resounding crash somewhere several feet away while the Unknown Ace heaved on the floor, coughing as he tried to roll over onto his stomach. He wasn't supposed to run out of stamina like this. Behind him he could hear the sounds of battle, a deep thunk signalling some sort of blow landing on glass. More cracking of frost beneath feet. No time to look back.

Scrambling towards his gun, Jason got a grip on the handle, stumbling to his feet before turning around to take aim. What he saw instead was a thin stream of the same substance which had frozen everything earlier. If that hit him, everything was over. It was coming too fast to dodge.


Turning his rifle on its side, Jason held it in the path of the icy attack, using it as an improvised shield to block the ill effects of Ice's weapon. The force was strong, and moments later, the weapon was sent spiraling from his grip, frozen solid, useless. There was ice on his hands, too, and it hurt.


Jason recovered just in time to see Black Ice closing the distance rapidly, heavy footfalls signalling nothing other than a charge. No time to plan, only react.

Drawing his combat knife from a holster strapped across his chest, Jason yelled in response, charging towards Ice. Right before they met, he'd take a flying leap into the air, knife twisted to point downwards with both of his hands locked on the handle. He aimed to leap upwards, into the lumbering behemoth, and with all his strength, plunge the point of blade down through his helmet, as far as it could possibly go.

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Re: The Hunt.

Post by Deus Mortis » Tue Dec 25, 2018 3:41 pm

Noctua’s attack would collide with the Ice Cold Killer, a high velocity kick striking his transparent helmet. Cobwebs stretched across the reinforced glass, The Paragon’s brazen attack proving that he was not one to be fully underestimated. Though this would come at a cost.

”AAAGH!” Noctua screamed out as a sharp and intense pain shot from his foot, an observant ear being able to have picked up the crack that came before the shout. The price he paid for such an attack had been the immediate fracture that his left foot now had, one that would have proved to be enough of a handicap in this fight alone. Unfortunately for Noctua, he had not foreseen the Ice Cold Killer’s counter, believing himself to be too quick for Black Ice to retaliate. He would be wrong.

A metal gauntlet gripped The Paragon’s right ankle, threatening to break it right there on the spot. All of the momentum he once had was now entirely gone, grappling hook straining against the strength that Black Ice’s suit allotted him. Out of instinct, Noctua began thrashing around hoping that he would somehow escape, though to no avail. A freezing stream of nitrogen smacked against his leg, coating the near-entirety of his right leg. Skin yelled out in startled anguish before the muscles in his leg were tightened to a chilling degree. With a scream, Noctua focused every fiber of his being into escaping Black Ice’s grip, simultaneously pulling himself on the grappling hook and kicking at his foe’s wrist with the back of his left foot’s heel.

Were it not for the sheer adrenaline now pumping throughout Noctua’s veins, he might have celebrated freeing himself from Black Ice’s grip. Then again, if it weren’t for that adrenaline, he would have fully felt the pain of kicking a man with a fractured foot. He’d be content settling for a primal sense of relief instead.

He’d disengage his grappling hook, attempting to roll onto the ground only to be sent tumbling a dozen feet across the room. The chilling injuries on his right leg coupled with the fracture on his left made trying to perform acrobatics almost impossible. Though he would not feel it, the force in which he was sent violently rolling across the room would leave him with a great number of bruises and cuts, the various amounts of debris from the collapsed roof making sure of that. It took an act of willpower for Garrick to get up, the thought of resting on the floor almost tempting him to lay there.

And then, he’d fall back down. His leg... the nitrogen bath had made it useless. The fracture only worsened this fact.

Come on Garrick, you can do this. COME ON!

With battered arms, Valeria would pick up the upper half of his body, now able to see Black Ice and Resolute. The Unknown Ace was in the midst of just charging Black Ice, knife poised to strike following a leap forward into the air. Even with Noctua out of the fight, the man chose to meet their common adversary head on in battle. Such a sight disgusted Garrick, his revulsion aimed not at Rook but instead, at himself. How could Garrick lay here on the ground watching the fight instead of actually joining in? He still had two arms and one leg he could move around, so for him to simply spectate the fight, for even a moment, was sickening.

Without a word, Noctua’ raised his right arm out towards the two, his grappling hook aimed to shoot just past them. Unlike the last time he had shot his hook, Noctua would aim as low as he was now, the hook completely hidden to a man not paying attention to what was going on beneath him. A satisfying tug of the line would let Garrick know that the hook was secure. That it was time.

As much as Garrick wanted to yell or give some verbal response to the pain he felt of being suddenly yanked forward, he’d keep his mouth shut. With his mind entirely tunnel-visioned on the fight, Noctua would almost fly towards Black Ice, his left arm open and his entire body braced for the seemingly inevitable impact that was about to come. The Paragon aimed to send the Ice Cold Killer falling onto the floor once more, hoping to give Resolute the best chance to strike.

Garrick didn’t even think about what a tackle of that caliber actually connecting would mean for his body.

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Re: The Hunt.

Post by Black Ice » Thu Dec 27, 2018 3:25 am

For the second time that night, Black Ice came toppling to the ground. He was, this time, prepared. Instead of falling on his back, he let his knees buckle, falling forward onto them. Where his fingers touched the ground, ice spiderwebbed outwards, stopping after a few inches.

Disabled, he was entirely unable to avoid the oncoming point of Resolute's knife. It broke the shattered glass protecting him, no-doubt carving open Carpenter's arm as he scraped against the shards, and penetrated flesh.

Involuntarily, Briggs' head jerked forwards, driving the knife further into his brain. The blade of the knife snapped off, frozen by the nitrogen lowing through his body, lodging the weapon inside of him.

Slowly, he fell to the side, arms splaying to his sides.

Black Ice was dead.

The suit he wore, though, remained functional. And in his spite, the Ice-Cold Killer had programmed in a contingency for this very eventuality. His entire reserve of fuel cells, consumed in one final detonation of his absolute-zero field. The sort of attack he'd never use in life, but there was little reason to preserve energy when he was already dead.

It would cover the entire room, and a great deal of the surrounding area, when activated. The pair- Noctua already half-immobile, potentially further damaged from his collision with the Cryogenic Man- would have little over thirty seconds to evacuate, or suffer the same fate as the innocents already within range of the strike.

That wasn't the end of it, however. Similar to the fictional Ice-Nine, the attack would spread. Briggs, aware of the vast destructive potential of this technology, had never employed it to its full. His desire to leave a legacy, however, overrode that. Where the absolute-zero field froze the surrounding environs, more ice would begin to spread. If it touched water- with the harbor close-by, a certainty- it would spread faster. A flamethrower would stop the ice in its tracks, but coordinating that sort of response would take time, and anyone foolish enough to touch the ice with their flesh would be quickly consumed by it as well.

Somewhere, the Alpha's fist shattered a computer monitor.

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Re: The Hunt.

Post by Annasiel » Fri Dec 28, 2018 4:02 am

Running. Running and running and running.

Where were they?

The man from before, and the woman-- gone somewhere, lost in the crowd. Anika wanted to stick together, but she needed to get to the UN building. That was far more important.

If people die because I can't stop the bomber in time, then I'll have blood on my hands.

It wasn't like with the hostages. They were already dead, dead the moment they were captured by that... that madwoman. But this was her responsibility to prevent. She knew it was going to happen, and knew what would happen if she couldn't make it in time, and the thought of that weighed heavier than she could justify.

She had to be nearby. Had to be.

"Excuse me?" she asked, tugging at the sleeve of a passing woman. The woman looked annoyed for a moment, noticed her outfit, then raised an eyebrow.

"What?" she replied snappishly.

"The UN building. Where is it? It's an emergency!"

The curious eyebrow rose.

"Two streets over that ways. Everything okay, hun?"

Anika only shook her head, pulling away from the woman and sprinting as hard as she could manage. She half-expected, at any second, for an explosion to rip through the air. A rumble in the ground, a plume of nearby smoke, and the sound of screams-- but no, the building was still standing, circle of flags billowing in the breezy night. Anika breathed a sigh of relief, then began scouring the people nearby, looking for someone - anyone - that looked like they stood out.

"Caaaaan I help you, miss?" The voice came from directly behind her, almost singsong in its lilt. Anika jumped, spinning around to face a short girl with a wide, wide smile. It was hard to place an age on her. Her face could have been only a few years younger than Anika herself, but her skin was clear, and her height a far cry shorter than the average high-schooler.

"Um, no. I just... can you tell people to get away from the building? Please," Anika said, eyes torn between the girl and the crowd. The girl didn't move. If anything, her smile seemed to widen, showing glinting white teeth as she carefully wrapped her hair around her finger. The curls bounced with every twirl.

"You're not s'pposed to ask for help, y'know."

Anika froze.

"I'm... sorry?" she replied, taking a step back. "What did you just say?"

"You've failed... how many of the tests, now? Naughty, naughty," the girl chided, wagging her other finger with almost comical voracity. "This things all about lessons. Learning how to be the best, even when nothing goes your way."

A wet sound. The girl's hand began to unfold.

"Problem is, you couldn't learn."

Something sharp plunged through Anika's throat before she had the chance to scream.
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Re: The Hunt.

Post by Django » Sat Dec 29, 2018 3:34 pm

"You are not as much as an impedance as you think you are."

Django shook his head.

"I get it— 'impedance' because of the electricity joke..." Django replied, letting out a dry chuckle as the comms device within his hood beeped once. The robotic gunslinger let the call in and narrowed his eyes, holding up an extended index finger to the woman as he turned his head to the side. One moment.

And after that moment had passed, he looked back to his armored opponent. His eyes were downcast, slightly, the plating of his brow furrowed into an expression of sadness. Regret.

"It's your lucky day, I suppose. Remember it," Django muttered, stepping back and leaping up onto a broken support. After doing so, he looked back to the woman and gave a small two-finger salute.

"Besides, you won't find much. That Williams fellow was probably disintegrated in the explosion, anyhow— and if not, he'd most definitely have already fled. 'Til we meet again, ma'am."

And with that, he'd leapt into an alleyway and disappeared into the darkness, returning so soon after he'd been sent out.

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