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Posted: Mon Nov 18, 2019 12:14 am
by illirica
He didn't particularly react to the name - enough that she knew he'd recognized it, not so much that it invoked any major response. Teja still wondered what he remembered from that time - whether he remembered it at all, or whether he had merely looked up information on himself at a later date - or, conversely, whether he'd avoided looking for the boy he had once been. She didn't think the last was likely, though. For some people, perhaps, but not for Gestalt.

He'd changed, though. His tone was different. He didn't speak like a boy, any more, she thought. For all his youth, he spoke like an adult. Collected, in control of himself. It reminded her a bit of army recruits, before and after they'd gotten through boot camp and a bit of experience. She respected that, even as it saddened her to know he'd grown up too quickly. She couldn't change his past, though - not any more than she'd been able to change his future, in the past. Not for all that she'd tried.
"Your own Society,"
she commented, with respect to his coalition. It was an offhanded comment, one she didn't particularly expect him to have much to say to. The knowledge that Michael Carter would have liked to have Gestalt in the Society of Superheroes wasn't something she needed to share - no, it hadn't been just Michael. She'd wanted him, too - probably more than Invictus did, but she'd wanted to wait. He'd been just a boy, after all.

And then he'd almost killed her, at Krakatoa. She'd admired his willingness to do what needed to be done - but she couldn't be that person any more, not entirely. The Society would become far too dark with someone like that at its helm. She needed Michael's temperance, his faith. Death, as a last resort. That wasn't the tenet Gestalt was following, though. He'd seemed more inclined to Victory, at any cost.

Even she wouldn't countenance that.

That had been the Arin Gestalt of months ago, though, and there was no telling who he was now. He might seem more responsible, but he was still known to be capricious. He didn't want his life sorted out, though, so she let that slide and focused instead on the problem he had presented her with.
"You stated there were prior casualties already, and yet you're not certain of their intent? Accidental, then? Or failure of understanding?"
Both could explain a number of things. It was possible that these things hadn't meant to kill anything - and it was also possible that nothing they had encountered was anything they had recognized as 'alive.'

Always, it was difficult without more information. She wanted to ask more about Gestalt's anomalous distortion, but this wasn't the time or place, and perhaps she wasn't the person. Maybe she'd kick that one over to those Foundation people, give them something to keep themselves busy with instead of pissing off Hector for a while.
"And... how many casualties so far?"

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Posted: Thu Jul 09, 2020 3:53 pm
by illirica
Most of the facility now lay under the shifting sands of the desert. Some of that had been done deliberately - Teja had pulled some of the equipment and spaces under before she'd taken the mobilizable parts of the facility into the fight with Surgath. Those pieces were less deliberately buried, giant hexagonal panels that had returned to where they'd once been, cracked and broken, after she'd sent them back during the fight. They'd served... a purpose, anyway, if not the purpose she'd hoped they might.

And now they lay half-buried. Teja had told herself that it was because she hadn't had the time to rebuild, but... it hadn't been the time, had it? Not entirely. She'd come here alone. She'd needed to begin this on her own. Slowly she forged the magnetic fields, and pulled the remnants from the earth, surrounding herself within the shattered walls. She did not hurry - the day crept on, the sun rising above the horizon and then beating down outside the walls, baking the desert sands outside.

Eventually, it began to look more like a lab inside. The walls themselves were still scarred and damaged, and many of the special systems weren't functional, but it was a space once more, carved out as it had been, with working desks and lab stools in front of them. Teja approached one of them, slowly, the two stools beside the desk close together, as she'd remembered them being. Her hesitation lasted longer than she'd have liked it to, but she eventually moved forward, her hand pressing a latch, opening the drawer beneath the table.

Most of what was stored within was components, or data stored on digital drives, but there were papers there as well, blueprints and notes in a hand not her own. One of them, shoved towards the back, crumpled but not forgotten. She withdrew it, carefully, laying it on top of the desk itself and smoothing it out, gently. While other designs were more confident, this one was rough, a half-formed idea, desperate, just like the words at the top.

Dying Is Overrated and Definitely Escapable. Hector's work.

She'd caught him with it, when she'd come back to the lab, after... after Volksgeist. She'd been bearing Stahlzahn, and Hector had been here, trying to figure out how to fix what was wrong with her - how to save her from herself.

And she had refused, because she'd just come from Volksgeist's grave. She'd told herself it had been because she had seen what time had done to him, that she would not go that way, to live so long as to become something that should have died. It had seemed reasonable, at the time. Of course it had. So much of it had seemed reasonable at the time - little influences, not changing her outright, but emphasizing a willingness to die until it became something more, something desired rather than accepted.

And it had all started there, that very day. And now she was here, alone. Her hand ached, for the blade she had once carried, and her heart ached, for the man she had once...

...come back to.

The sun had slipped below the horizon once more when she rose from the stool where she'd sat so often and dried away the remnants of tears. AMPERE remained as it was, empty and broken.

It was time to fix that.

Teja took a quiet breath and shifted around a few things, unnecessarily, pretending to be tidying up, but giving herself a moment - one moment, alone. It couldn't last, though. She promised she would ask for help. And she'd promised...

AEGIS flickered into activation, opening a line.
"Manaria? Come meet me here at AMPERE. I think it's time we get to work on this."

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Posted: Thu Jul 09, 2020 9:03 pm
by Azra

Mana asked that she at least get a heads up on what day Ms Teja wanted help in fixing up the lab. Of course the cyborg would try and drop anything and everything to rush to help others. That was the kind of hero she wanted to be, there for friends family and people in a heartbeat. The world wasn't so permitting of that at times, summer was ending soon so the teen had to ready for senior year. She had a business she was starting to try and set up as well, because saved fellow students didn't want to be heroes anymore. Just wanted to be with their people doing good in a way less dangerous. Then there was just hero work. Mana didn't want to risk being even close to to busy when Teja called so just knowing the day would help.

She'd done some patrolling of Reno while waiting for a call then found a smoothie shop to hang out at. A laptop letting her help talk with Alfonse and Jordan. A tab to help manage emails to deal with business and work. Two more tabs running news and reporting what they brought up. Had to stay up on all the info out there. Any way to help better stop chumps and do the job better. It was all so professional she liked to think, which was countered by the mango and strawberry smoothie she enjoyed as her head bobbed about to music blaring in her ears as her tail etched blueprints on a dub step gun.

There was a video game with one and it was to cool to not to wonder about. As good as she was at multitasking and keeping busy though it was all quieter work. So that when a call came she could be quick to respond.

It was of the utmost important to Mana. She had gotten close to wondering if she even should be a hero? So close to losing herself in thinking what was needed to fight someone rather then what inventions would help others or inspired her. Ms Teja helped remind the cyborg it was fine to build for her. Which did lead to building the Golem which she adored. Note Golem and not Mangocycle, she wasn't a kid who thought that sounded cute. No it was Golem, something sleek and cool. More importantly though was just the reminder that she could build for her sake, and now it was time to return the favor and build for someone else's sake.

There was also just what had been said during the press release. It was something serious and it cut deep and Mana wanted to help and believed she had to. "It’s all right, Manaria.” No it wasn't, the mind couldn't go to such a dark place they had to find a way out of the dark holes the mind went to at times. She got it, she understood the pain, the sideways thought of a solution. The solution to pain wasn't by a painful ending though, by spreading more hurt out there. “No more of that." There had better not be, they had infinite chances to help others and eachother, of just moments to share live was worth living."I’m working on it. Getting the help I should have gotten a long time ago." Mana didn't know if she could be much help there but she hoped without end that would be true.

"Just because things are broken doesn’t mean they can’t be fixed." This in particular stuck with Mana though, it was almost the crux of what she represented. That one could find away back on to their feet. That as hurt and busted as they got they could find a way and hold on. And if they couldn't do so on their own someone would be there to help make it so. Maybe it was the stup...irrational thoughts of a young woman but she wanted to help keep Ms Teja safe. Most times she probably didn't need it, but Mana wanted to see any dark thoughts like suicide pacts fade away all the same. She wanted to be there to do that and around the woman she looked up to long as she could.

Mana hadnt promised not to keep taking hits for others, but it was clear she kept working to improve her own defenses so that she would last long enough to not miss out on say moments like this. Eventually the call came and the cyborg shut her various devices down sticking them in a backpack while finishing off her smoothie.

Golem, not the Mangocycle then took off. Wheels starting up and then turning horizontally to face the ground. In no time the bike was hovering above the city and took off at Mach six, specifically one speed setting below that of MAXIMUM MAN's own mode of transportation. The distance from Reno to the given desert was crossed in almost no time as all. AEGIS would have been faster, it wasn't as much of a rush though. It also Mana felt did well on a deeper level.

A nerd who was a tiny emotional ball disguised as a gear head had made a hover bike for herself. It was not the same as a soldier now renown hero's secret lab. Yet maybe it also kind of was.

At any rate the bike roared through the air and then touched down. No doubt a teen likely to be yelled at for letting the speed play with her hair over wearing a helmet. Most didn't have energy shields around their motorcycle though so maybe she would escape such wrath. Was okay if not though, maybe in a way that to could help someone special end up in better place.

"You'll have to tell me what needs done. It's a little to beat up to tell me itself, and someone kept it secret so it's not something I know."
She did pack a tool kit with her on the bike given she might need it today. Mostly though she was just a excited teen, because for all the feelings running through her including concern, joy won out. Building was what she did after all. Seeking to greet with a hug, because it was the two of them why bother being "professional" there when hugs were better.

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Posted: Fri Jul 10, 2020 1:23 am
by illirica
Teja met her outside the lab, mostly because Manaria had gone and actually built a flying motorcycle, and she wanted to see it for herself. Really, it was impressive how she'd gotten it working, and Teja gave the device a professional looking-over as the girl landed it.
"Does it handle okay?"
she inquired, before injuncting, briefly,
"You should wear a helmet, though. Some parts aren't replaceable."
Teja wasn't exactly sure how much good a helmet would do from a hundred-foot drop at mach 5, but that didn't mean Manaria shouldn't be wearing one. Even if it didn't help every time, it was worth wearing for the times when it might.

Teja wasn't going to scold her like a child, but Manaria was a team member, and team members looked out for each other.
"Come on in."
A nod of her head towards the lab - or at least, what remained of it. Manaria was right that it was "a little beat up," as she put it.
"AMPERE's a difficult construction because it has three purposes. First and foremost, it's a science lab. It's meant to be a place to work, to collaborate, to design. As such, it needs space and parts and storage. Secondly, though... secondly it's a containment facility."

She held up a hand to forestall a protest before it could start.
"I'm not trying to exile myself. Any more."
Admittedly, that had been the general idea, when she had first built the place.
"But I do need somewhere that I can retreat to if I feel like I'm about to lose control, somewhere I can discharge and not end up hurting anyone. Each panel of the walls is designed as a capacitor, to store energy from those discharges - both to hold it in, and so that I can reclaim it at a later time, if I need it."

Teja shrugged, one-shouldered and almost reluctantly, because she knew Manaria was going to latch on to the third aspect. It was just her style, after all.
"And.... the third purpose is it transforms into a giant mech."
She winced, shaking her head. Capacitor was not generally known for trying to design "cool" stuff, as Manaria would put it, and she was concerned that admitting she had done so would rather ruin her generally strict image.
"I don't get that out much though. That's just for big stuff. Surgath was the trial run. It worked pretty well, but there's some stuff I'd like to improve."

"Anyway, the main design difficulty comes from making it be all of those things at once, without sacrificing the capabilities of any of them. I'll bring up the specs on screen, you can flip through them and see what you think."
A screen flickered to life as she finished speaking, AMPERE's information and part of the set of hidden info that could only be brought up while Teja herself was in the building, keyed to her biology as much as to the security systems she'd built around it. The old designs were familiar in a way. Comforting - something that had been, or could be again... but she didn't think so. Times changed, and some things had to change with them. Teja could rebuild it exactly as it had been, of course - but as long as she was building it anyway, there was no reason not to try to improve a few things.

Besides, Manaria might have a few good ideas to add in as well... as long as she could contain her enthusiasm.

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Posted: Fri Jul 10, 2020 5:16 pm
by Azra

Admittedly it took a bit of a powder keg of energy sources and it had to recharge like any other device but there was no denying Mana was pretty pleased with the Mang...Golem. She didn't expect anyone to ask about it but there was a obvious pitch in volume when it was.
"I love it, being around the MachSeven helped get a idea on how to set it up to be controllable despite the speed. Still will have to practice some on my end but that's good. It's another way to help quiet the mind some."
There was no denying she had been through a lot and had an occasional sideways thought. She felt it did her good to sometimes just meditate or now go for a drive.

"Also don't worry I set up shields, it's about as safe as a flying hyper fast motorcycle in the hands of a seventeen year old can be."
Which undoubtably was not a childish thing to say and was a great measure of security. Besides if she had a helmet it had to have something fun to it and what on earth would that be? A laser shooting visor that didn't sound like a practical invention. Of course it wasn't all rambling thoughts, there was just the cadence used which believe it or not a cyborg did pick up on.

Care was still in the voice, but the remarks came at addressing a team member and friend not just some dumb ki...eccentric engineer. Her left hand instinctively reached out for her right wrist briefly touching the AEGIS. The cyborg feeling an element of pride in herself, that she was here trusted to help in this project as an actual member of the SOS. It almost didn't seem real.

Was enough nerding about her own little projects or feeling accomplished though. Someone special needed or set least wanted a cyborg's help so she followed into the lab. She listened intensively a smile making its way to her features at the "I'm not trying to exile myself." Mana would do what she could to make sure that was held to. The engineer just also loved the idea of the lab though, a lab to retreat to and let out energy. A more physical way to do in a way what meditation did for herself.

"Hold the fuck up did she say mech!!!"

Mana was very careful not to swear, but such a word managed to make its way into her thoughts when she heard that. Personally she wasn't one for a giant robot herself weird as that may sound. She liked it being her who fought that clearly human there. She felt a machine of that scope might mask what her fighting represented. That said mechs were awesome, she was kind of even jealous at times. She knew Kelly was close to someone who had mechs and Mana wished she could have managed to see such a machine in person. Of course time spent with the people meant more, but as an engineer how could she not be interested in such a feat of engineering?

"That's awesome, you're pretty amazing. Right anyway if a lab has to transform obviously one has to take all the components into consideration while building. Work benches, chairs everything has to be compact. Able to recede into said mech."
Which probably didn't need saying but it was to late now Teja had sent a spark into the gears into that head of Mana's. Her mind looking over the blueprints and pointing out spots she thought might help on the transforming end of things.

"I think with a bit of work we can also help it manage energy some, still take charge but expend less unless desired."
Her mechanical hands quickly fetching a pen and paper to jot down a myriad of slight changes. When Chargeman over in Divergent world shared memories and aspects of the universe he had come to know it filled her with hope. It also though exposed her to many of the engineering marvels of countless words. It wasn't all aplicable but there was much to learn out there.

"I didn't know you went so heavy on acronyms it's cute. Anyway the portion of this dealing with technomancy and conciseness I think we could sharpen if wanted. Think we know a thing or two about such sense the initial design and technomancy is also like my first language. Also did you want weapons for this? Original design seems almost entirely armor related. Know you might not want rocket punches but we could probably craft something."
As energetic as her voice was and excited to do anything for this project she tried really really hard to bottle at least some of it. As this wasn't being built for some Mana's self, but for her. That ending thought followed by bright tangerine eyes and a smile looking up at someone.

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Posted: Fri Jul 10, 2020 10:49 pm
by illirica
Cute? Teja was certain that was not the word she would have chosen there, and she didn’t know exactly how to react to it, either. Her propensity towards acronyms came straight from the army, and somehow she couldn’t imagine Manaria calling them “cute.”

Or maybe she could, under the right circumstances. Manaria certainly had a way with words, sometimes. It was just one more hallmark of her youth, that she hadn’t quite adapted into the more standard language patterns that most superheroes seemed to adopt. Like many things about Manaria, it was rather refreshing... except when it involved her work and the word ‘cute.’ It was probably better to focus on the technical designs. As usual, Manaria already had several ideas - Teja let her scribble as much as she liked for now, but whether or not she’d end up incorporating things, she’d have to think more carefully about.

Even just looking over Manaria’s shoulder, some of her ideas about energy conservation seemed to be good ones. Teja hadn’t put that much thought into conserving energy when she’d originally built the place - the goal of it had been to get rid of energy rather than to worry about preserving it, after all. She had some of her own ideas for improvement, as well. AMPERE had been built a year ago, after all - and a year had made a huge difference, both in Teja’s technical expertise and her own control of her abilities.

“No weapons, Manaria. I want the main purpose of this place to be research and learning. The Society has never built armed bases in the past, and I don’t intend to start now.”
She paused, a hint of a slow smile appearing, almost guiltily.
“Besides... if anyone attacks I can just punch them with the facility itself.”
Along the wall beside them, one of the hexagonal panels detached itself from its magnetic coupling and separated from the facility by a few meters. Teja gave it a sixty-degree spin to prove she could, then slotted it back into the facility in the new orientation, locking it back into place.

There was a moment as the smile faded, but with it came the refusal to hide things, a willingness that they must be acknowledged, and an indrawing of breath, resolved.
“That’s actually how I beat Volksgeist here, the first time. Before...”
A definite hesitation there - but no, Manaria needed to know the sorts of things that happened.
“Before Garrick was hurt.”

And she was not exactly innocent of such things, after all - Manaria had already been targeted by X. She already knew what it was like, to be in danger because of what she could do. Still, even if Manaria had every right to know, it was still difficult to talk about what had happened to Garrick. It would get easier with time - at least, that was what the therapists assured her - but that didn’t make it easy now.

Just because something wasn’t easy, though, did not mean that it wasn’t worth doing.

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Posted: Sat Jul 11, 2020 2:16 pm
by Azra

There was some rustled feathers in the air Mana felt, or at least that was how she liked to take it. That flustered feeling one felt when ones ideas and work met some response that wasn't quite what was aimed for. Honestly Mana didn't really do acronyms though and she kind of liked seeing what she felt was amusing more personal touch to things. Was easy for one to be utilitarian in design. To just try and build to serve a purpose it was something she almost had become. Even if it wasn't cute it was a touch that reminded Mana how she wanted to be, which probably was cute. So the word would still apply.

Amusing as it was Mana also just found some pride in herself knowing her shoulder was being looked over. That the things the cyborg had come to know might actually be of use. It was a good idea to let the facility be for storing a charge, but it was still a machine and it was good for such to consider the energy consumption that came with. The purpose of things in the facility and the mech itself should be a reliable resource one didn't want it to break down or be depowered during the action. She likened it kind of to herself in a way, by the looks of it the lab became like an extension of Ms Teja like cybernetics were a extension of herself. It had to be what helped some keep moving not debilitating or a weight on them.

"What if those punches could be rocket punches though?"
This was asked in jest, she did think it worth considering though. Mana believed weapons were but tools, they were not defined by what they could be used for but how they were used. One also shouldn't have weapons though if they didn't want one though. This was for her after all, Mana was just the upbeat help. Rocket punches were good ideas though, sometimes you needed range. She new she certainly did at times given her shortness.

Things did turn a bit serious though it wasn't all just bright minds at works things were destroyed like this not in a positive moment after all.
"What happened? Thankfully he's still with us and your still fighting. Maybe there's a lesson there I should look to find though, if you don't mind of course. Also was the first outing of the Ampere leaving you ideas of any kind?"

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Posted: Sat Jul 11, 2020 5:56 pm
by illirica
"Rocket punches are more your style than mine,"
Teja answered, easily enough. Truthfully, any sort of punches wasn't exactly her style. Until the last year or so, she'd always been more of a mid-range fighter. Stahlzahn had changed that... but not necessarily for the better.

Manaria's curiosity wasn't unexpected - in fact, her being anything other than curious would have been unexpected. Teja still wasn't entirely certain how to answer the questions, though. There was a lot tied up in them beyond the obvious, and perhaps not all of them appropriate for seventeen...

But, no. Manaria was young, but she was also a part of the Society. Keeping information from her wouldn't help her face what lay ahead - and softening the blows wouldn't make them any easier to bear. Teja shook her head slightly, lost in her thoughts for a moment.
"It was... bad."
That word did not nearly encompass the scope of things, did it? Volksgeist would have phrased it better. Teja just closed her eyes, and went on.
"Garrick and Hope and Dia were still in the hospital then, from when we'd fought Volksgeist at Krakatoa. Michael had died there. We were all... reeling. And then something happened up in Alaska, with the Foundation. They called it a Breach, and it was bad enough that they wanted reinforcements. Hector went up there. Arno. Frankie. She was... your age, you know. And we all worried about her. I wanted to go up there with them, more than anything. We were meant to fight together. Volksgeist knew that, though. He chose his timing well. He came here. It was... personal."

Of course it was personal. She'd done everything she could think of to try to stop him from resurrecting his wife, after all. And she'd taken Erujaorn, the Eldest axe.
Teja knew what she should say, the lie: it's harder when it's personal. It wasn't, though.
"It's easier when it's personal. Too easy. It doesn't cloud your judgment so much as... clarifies everything. Everything seems to make sense. And that's dangerous. That's when you become dangerous. That's how it was, with him. He hated me. I hated him. And both of us were determined to destroy the other. He took advantage of an opportunity with everyone else being gone... but that also meant he chose to fight me here, at my sanctum."

Words. Emphasis. She paused, making sure she was leaving enough space, that it wasn't just a lecture.
"So, I hit him with AMPERE and eventually he went away. I figured he'd gotten the point, and by then there was another crisis, at Duskburg, so I went to go deal with that."

Another pause, this one not deliberate.
"And he went to the hospital and took Garrick. There was nothing left but ash, and I... thought we had lost him."
Her eyes were shadowed; the pain still wasn't gone. Even after a year.
"God, it's been a year."
A year, and it still hurt. A year, and every time she looked at Garrick, she wondered if he was really there, if she hadn't lost him - wondered how much of him she had lost. He wasn't the same.

She wasn't, either.

Slowly, she exhaled.
"It's not like school, Manaria. If there's a lesson, it's not something easily learned - or maybe there are many lessons, or none at all. Learning a hero isn't like studying. You can choose all the right answers, and still fail. Or you can choose the wrong ones and succeed. Sometimes, there aren't any right answers at all. Just... try to learn what you can do, and how to do it... and what it will cost you, when you do."

Her gaze shifted, over to the girl who would be mad at her.
"And... don't try to think that the best outcome can be achieved by paying the highest cost."

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Posted: Mon Jul 13, 2020 12:15 am
by Azra

Mana wasn't mad, if anything it was just sad. The way of what they did was unquantifiable in how heavy it could be. She had started to believe in just how infinite the possibilities were to make the world brighter, to reach out across the stars and try and improve things. There was always the alternative though, a chance for things to go wrong, for it all to get harder. Something difficult to swallow some given how hard she already knew things could be.

Pain helped people understand but it was never a one for one either. Everyone knew hurt but there was so many ways to twist the blade. She got a smile at the start about the rocket fist, something light but also not as laughable or silly perhaps. It was a little thing to latch onto but she liked to all the same, a bit of hope and fun as the tone turned serious. Mention of Hope a name which kind of alluded the cyborg. She'd have to brush up, try and learn about this person she was pretty confident she hadn't met. It wasn't likely to be easy to look at, but couldn't grow all that well without understanding. Mention not long after of death.

People meant something and to lose them wasn't easy. Mana hadn't lost anyone herself her family was still in LA. She texted friends on the regular, even Frankie hurt as she was wasn't gone and now as a SOS member it was easier for Mana to visit her. Her mentor was quite possibly on a clock but she was still in that company that motivated her to be more. She didn't think her self unexposed though, there was pain in the Divergent world they had to sort of face. In a moment of telepathic and technopathic delving she got to see and feel it even more.

She knew none of it matched, you had to know the person to really understand and even then it may not be enough. The story went on to mention the timing, how personal it was turned. In a way it also made Mana think of what happened with Revolt, a moment of the mission splintering off and finding away to use that to drag people down. Soon this though was countered by a feeling of pride, they had their own personal mission there. Lives that counted on them, but they knew who should go and who should hold the line. It was conflicting she felt a slight shade better for thinking they had grown but it also made the blows before hurt more.

Like when her cybernetics were strained, and it tore at the skin and the scars. Somehow stronger yet making the past briefly hurt more. She also knew she agreed, how laser focused she felt when it got more personal. Tunnel vision forming almost shrugging off any cost it might come with. The sanctum was turned to a weapon to which Manaria did think she was closer to being able to designate with. When she let the Jackal into her mind to try and tip the tide of a fight.

This to made her sad. She felt she had walked out of it and eventually made it into something better. Taking up meditation to quiet her mind, the defilement of her sanctum being made into new walls for it. This though was ripping down the walls, and shredding that refuge. Then came more things to pull the attention, more concern for people close. Which was hard, she hadn't really gotten to know the team to much but she already felt like Garrick was a great guy. She was excited to train with him the most on some level.

She adored the team the one in front of her reminded her much of the kind of hero and inventor she wanted to be. She also knew though Noctua was probably the closest to her own fighting style. She felt there was a wealth to learn from him and a bond there to form that was something new. And to think him gone, it had to be hard. At the end though of what Teja said though was just what Mana felt at the start. That is was just so hard.

She was willing to shoulder any weight her small cyborg self could manage and then some. She accepted the pain it might bring to her because it hurt more to see others in pain.
"Wouldn't think of it. The highest cost for me isn't about me. But you, and Liam, I don't think it costly to get hurt, but to see others hurt. Like my mom or dad, Frankie or Ryoko. The highest cost is seeing others hurt to me."

She wasn't sure there was a direct take away. It was a reminder though of why she worked to get here.
"I know it's in the past but if there's something I can do please tell me."
She paused for a bit just thinking.
"I'm serious, know I'm probably not what someone thinks as the go to for that. But I'm just as willing to listen if not more."

"I think sometimes it's all so hard, and we get so caught up we don't think we can just talk. To just slow down and let the mind shut up. It's like okay to do that though."

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Posted: Mon Jul 13, 2020 4:12 pm
by illirica
For a while, Manaria said nothing, only listened. It was easier that way, Teja thought. It wasn’t as if this was a story that she hadn’t told before, but it was still not an easy one to tell. Like many things, it was easier to tell it all at once - to begin, and then get through the rest of it on pure momentum. Stopping and starting again offered too many opportunities to overthink everything. Again.

It didn’t surprise her that Manaria’s reaction was to want to help - that was more or less the core of the girl’s existence. Teja didn’t think that there had been a problem she’d yet encountered that she hadn’t wanted to help with. She understood, too, how losing someone could be a threat worse than death itself.

Volksgeist, too, had understood that. He’d used it against her... just as she’d used it against him, at Krakatoa. Teja would have liked to believe that it would have stopped there, that such a thing would have been enough - but she knew it wasn’t. He wouldn’t be the last to try to use the people she cared about against her.

Teja shook her head slightly, watching Manaria, wishing she could preserve her innocence, knowing that she could not.
"Just... remember that you are someone's highest cost."

On that subject, she said nothing more, nor was she precisely willing to. She drew a breath, and returned to an earlier, easier conversation.
“The trial run worked in a lot of ways, didn’t in others. I think the main issue I had with it was that it was designed for more solitary endeavors. It’s good for fighting on my own, but not particularly for fighting as part of a team. I couldn’t protect them well enough, and I ended up sacrificing...”
She looked aside, to some of the ruined wall panels.
“Well. Some fairly important parts, because I didn’t really have a way to manage that. I was used to moving myriad parts on a very small scale from Valence Shell, but I didn’t have the experience with moving a lot of large parts.”

She shrugged a little.
“A lot of that is just practice, but I think it would also be good to automate some of that, to create a set-pattern that I could activate rather than having to do everything manually.”

“It will take time, though - and like I said, I don’t want that aspect to be the primary one. Right now... well, right now I just want to get the lab aspect up and running, so I can work on other projects here, without... restricting myself to the Empyrean.”
For all of its benefits, the Empyrean was still far away - inaccessible, to many. AMPERE had been meant to be a learning lab, somewhere that others could work as well. People like Hector.

Teja didn’t know if he’d ever come back here again. Unconsciously, she glanced over to the work table where he’d always sat - she’d very deliberately made sure she and Manaria were working anywhere but there. He might not ever be able to return to his work... but she would make sure there was a place for him here, if he ever could.

If he ever chose to.

He might have been the presence that was most on her mind, but he wasn’t the only one she had ever invited here. Manaria would be welcome any time she liked, and there was something important in that, as well.
“I want to have a place where people can work together - not just a space where they can design things, but a place where people can design things together. Where it’s not just about what ‘you’ can do or what ‘I’ can do, but about what we can do. Sometimes I think that might end up being more important, in the long run, than things like fighting Surgath ever were.”