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Re: New Haven (Introductory Area for New People)

Posted: Mon Jan 27, 2020 9:08 pm
by illirica
"You don't know what a superhero is?" The Rat seemed like this was a more difficult concept to explain for him than the idea of the internet. "They're... people with special powers or equipment or something that lets them do stuff most people can't. And then they go do the stuff people can't, for... good? I suppose. Mostly it seems to involve stopping other people with those powers or equipments who aren't so... civically minded, you see?"

He gestured with his beer, which was almost empty anyway, and thus avoided sloshing any on the counter. "Not all do that sort of stuff. But some of 'em do. Purple space tyrant's just one of the latest unsavories. Surgath or something. Comes down every six months and threatens to kill everyone or half of everyone or something. Just got stopped again pretty recently. Did some damage before he left, though - mostly to the people trying to stop him. You know the type."

Maybe Tyern didn't know the type. The Rat had assumed that if he were from somewhere with temple hounds and magic archives, supervillains would be sort of a given. "Anyway. After that, they can probably use all the help they can get. There's always another space tyrant, I say." He drained his beer, with the unconcerned air of someone who was smart enough not to get involved in that sort of thing.

Re: New Haven (Introductory Area for New People)

Posted: Mon Jan 27, 2020 9:21 pm
by Veil Walker
Tyern turned his baffled expression to his own beer, trying to make sense of it. He supposed it must be similar to dark mages, and the Cult of the Flaming Dawn, though the last had been pretty thoroughly eliminated. He'd seen to that. This put a grim smile on his face. They'd wanted to burn the world, instead, they got themselves destroyed. Seemed fair to him. Taking a good long draw of him own beer, he sighed with satisfaction. He still wondered what 'space' was, but figured he'd used up his overly complicated explanation quotas for the day.
"So, these people use their gifts to help people, usually against people with their own talents doing the opposite. What a mixed up world you live in. Where I'm from, people with gifts are heavily monitored, and generally put down if they try anything the Guardsmen don't like. It's only the really big threat that cause the Council to send in specialists to deal with, and even then, it's under heavy supervision. So it seems I have to get the attention of one of these 'superheroes.' I just have to figure out how to do that, though you'd think a portal opening up and spitting someone out in the middle of the street would be enough for them. Any particular place they tend to congregate at, or should I just start performing feats of strength and hope they're paying attention?"

Re: New Haven (Introductory Area for New People)

Posted: Tue Jan 28, 2020 5:08 pm
by illirica
"Eh, portals are a dime a dozen these days," the Rat said, waving a dismissive hand. "Used to be just a few people could do that, but then that Invictus character started up his Society of Superheroes and passed out teleporters to all of 'em before he got himself killed by that crazy Eldest. Oh, they're not teleporters, they're 'translocators,'" he added, making one-handed air quotes since the other hand still held his beer.

"But they seem about the same. Anyway, people popping up out of nowhere is pretty common. Doesn't mean you're anything special. Also, New Haven doesn't get a lot of attention from the big names. Quiet town, you know? We keep it that way. It's nice. So don't you go stirring up trouble here." An accusatory finger wagged in Tyern's general direction. "Be pretty rude, after I bought you a drink. With real money and everything."

For some reason, he sounded a bit indignant on the last sentence, and the Barman's dish-drying became a little more pointed. "Try the big cities, though. Any of 'em, really. New York, Seattle, LA, Millennium City. You might wanna avoid Chicago, though. They're not real fond of capes, up there. Assurance territory - they're a corporation, they say they're here to help us save ourselves, but you know corporations. Anyway, they don't much like metahumans. You'd do best not to get on their bad side."

Re: New Haven (Introductory Area for New People)

Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2020 3:09 pm
by OpusRex

Dark, damp and quiet... just the way this creature liked it. This scaly dragon looking beast sat in the sewers of the city just below the streets, soaking in a shallow pool of stagnant water enjoying his seclusion from the world. All he had ever known was terror from anyone that had seen him so he wasn't exactly a people person but he was open to the idea of it... it just seemed that his appearance as very off putting. No one spoke his language and nor did he speak any but his own. To them, all he sounded like was a hissing and growling crocodile which of course would ward anyone with any sort of prey mindset away.
He didn't mind being alone though. Able to rest and think in peace was a blessing as it would be for anyone. Enough for now though, his claws needed sharpening. Rising from the algae filled sewer water, the flies that had rested on him fled from the sudden movement. Finding the nearest thing he knew would sharpen his claws, he grabbed hold with his jaws and tore it loose. This just happened to be one of the many ladders that lead up to a manhole just outside of the coffee house. The sound of metal being torn and the screeching of it being stretched and pulled from the concrete wall interrupted the midday bustle of the city and sent some chills up the pedestrians spines. Others became curious as to where and what the sound came from and only a very select few piped up about the gator man in the sewer. Of course... these select few were stoned out of their mind on drugs or were homeless. One hobo claimed to have seen him with his own eyes even though one of them was cloudy and the other was crossed. Who knows what made the sound... but not many if anybody believed the stories of the homeless and drug users.