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Re: Into the Feywild(Closed)

Posted: Wed May 06, 2020 6:26 am
by Orange

Her annoyance at my non-answer was apparent and I couldn't blame her up to now I had tried to be completely honest and truthful with her for that to suddenly change in a moment may have created problems even a complete loss of trust in a foreign reality. Again I stopped telling myself that after this climb I'd need to go to a gym or something to get myself into proper shape. But even with this sudden change, Ryoko lent me her arm helping me," I'm sorry," as I took several deep breaths," but telling you my deal here only hurts the position of my patron or yourself. But I promise you will see the reason why the Fey took the children is at the top of this hill. You have to understand food wasn't plentiful if the peasants had kept them they would have all died or at least most would have. People think of the Fey as nature spirits that isn't their true purpose or even altogether true. I didn't understand it either at first until I came to this plane the first time either." That was when we finally reached the peak.

At the peak was a true sight to behold I didn't know for sure whether they believed that it was funny when travelers ran out of breath on the walk up the hill or it was just so that at the end we would see the beauty of Winter's Kiss otherwise known as Chillwind. On the outside of Chillwind, it was surrounded by snowy terrain with mountains at its back and protected by a river surrounding the city with several bridges leading into the city. Within there was one gigantic landmark a tower where someone of great power waited. As I looked down the hill there were several groups of people traveling up but not all were human. Some had weird antenna growing out of their heads others tails with just humans sprinkled into groups of aliens," influence is not the only thing they get. They got a population."

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Posted: Tue May 12, 2020 1:52 am
by Ryoko
Ryoko let her arm slip out from under Bran's and took in everything around her. The air was thick with magic and curses; maybe not an issue for a human or most of the things walking around, but it was downright putrid to her nose. A sense of duty pushed her to put her camera back into her hands and capture one-of-a-kind pictures of the area, but she almost felt like it was a waste of time.

"Nobody's going to believe that any of this is legitimate, are they?" an incredulous look on her face, "Not even if they can't find any evidence of tampering"

She listened to Bran's words, and was starting to get to the point where she'd have to just accept that maybe the Fey didn't operate under any sense of logic. Still, she'd just have to keep digging. After all, what else could she do? You can't even begin to attempt to bargain with someone if you don't understand what their society attributes value to.

"So... alright. You're telling me that all of these... creatures used to be human children?" she wasn't sure what else to make of his words, "Are they slaves or something? They get a population. Okay. What purpose do they serve? Why does your patron even need a population here?"

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Posted: Wed May 13, 2020 6:32 am
by Orange

"I mean they could believe you if you brought me along and I didn't sound like a mad man," let's be honest I would sound like a mad man within the first couple of seconds as I chuckled. Human and nonhuman continued to walk past barely giving us a glance some of them stopped at the top catching their breath as well but Ryoko asked another question, "The fey influence many worlds not just our own or multiple alternate Earths that would be weird. Not all although there is a condition as it turns out not everyone reacts well to being in a reality where magic flows as easy as water. Human and alien alike have shown a shall we call it certain mutations. They become more closely related to the fey but not in the best way possible... Yeah, this sounds wrong but they become shapeshifters and they aren't exactly trusted around here. Satyr's are trusted more than them around here and that's messed up!" Some of the people passing by gave us a passing glance maybe trying to learn if we were shapeshifters or just talking at least they were leaving us alone for now...

Having taken a moment to catch my breath," you ready to get started again?" I started walking again before explaining," I wouldn't call them slaves or even serfs. But as it turns out Elves and Fey don't like doing all the jobs themselves not to mention the next war..." as it turned out reaching the bottom of the hill was much easier than the climb as we continued our walk towards the nearest bridge into the city," all I can say is that I've been tasked with ending one part of the cycle."

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Posted: Sat May 23, 2020 2:29 pm
by Ryoko

Ryoko sighed. It was official. She had to accept it. She wasn't going to be getting any useful information until she was talking to Mab or someone of that ilk, directly. Bran could go on and on about this world for hours, but it wouldn't be of much use if it didn't help her understand the person who she expected to be speaking with.

Entering into a bargain without an understanding of what your business partner could want was the quickest path to failure.

Still, there wasn't much she could do about that.

"I think I've got enough photographs. Let's just go meet your boss so I can try to get a feel for her, myself."

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Posted: Mon Jun 01, 2020 4:43 am
by Orange
I shouldn't have said that. Damn it war might have been going too far but ending the cycle? Now that would be worrying information to any that would hear it. The Fey long paragons of poetry and chaos had long been entrenched in their feudal system, in the beginning, it was said that the battle between Summer and Winter predated the beginning of our universe. That the battle between the two was so great that it triggered the Big Bang and finally the two sides agreed on one thing when they first witnessed the birth of mortals: to never fight each other directly ever again. For such a battle would again be so cataclysmic that it would destroy all of reality and that's the story that they told. I didn't believe it and it sounded more like a reason so that the Fey could claim everything on our plane. A reason to claim the mortal's many entities such as the eldritch, the "gods' “, the elementals, and the death entities all had stories of how and why they were responsible for our very existence I didn't know which story to believe no one did.

Regardless they claimed it was their curse to continue this fight as it had been repeated countless times since existence with Summer and Winter trading the spot of "victor" after every single war. What we did know and wasn't debated for centuries in the magical community was that they far predated Earth and they had some kind of hand in the creation of magic. We had reached the halfway point on the bridge and I could see the entrance to the city ahead. But what stood underneath worried me as a little over a dozen guards waiting for me and now Ryoko would learn why I was so apprehensive about coming to the Feywild in the first place. For a moment I bit my lip and looked around now noticing far too late guards were walking behind us, "shit... Ryoko, some things you're about to learn about me are not gonna be good. Just be prepared okay?"

As I got closer I noticed that many of the guards were resting their hands-on swords not yet to be drawn. Behind them, some distance away was one guard with a rare musket while others had their bows and arrows drawn. Honestly, it was just nice to be remembered... One guard with an engraved snowflake on his armor every glowing a light blue spoke first, "Scourge you must be pretty confident coming here. If I didn't have my orders from Mab herself I'd kill you. Now as for your friend here," he stepped towards Ryoko trying to examine her a little closer until finally giving up and walking away, "I don't understand why our Lady was so interested in seeing you as well," the guard shrugged his shoulders before turning back towards me, "But those are my order's if it was up to me I'd turn you over to Branwen and let her take her revenge."

When the guard was finally done I smiled, "I've been feeling confident lately. Are you openly talking about disobeying orders from Lady Mab? You guys might want to wash your hands of your captain before being collectively charged with treason. I mean don't take it from me just ask yourselves how did the current captain get his job?"The subordinates suddenly began looking at their captain with malice in their eyes before he took a big gulp and motioned everyone to follow him through the city. I gave a wink to Ryoko before following the Captain of the Guard with his little posse into the city and toward the tower at its center.

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Posted: Sat Jun 06, 2020 8:36 pm
by Ryoko
"It's like I've stepped through a time machine and gone back to the dark ages..."

There were mythical creatures at every turn and horse-drawn carriages. The guards made use of swords and magic as opposed to guns and superpowers. The fact that someone wearing the title of "Queen" still had some degree of meaningful power. All this place needed was a few more plagues and some witch hunts to hit her with a complete sense of deja-vu.

"I mean, I feel like that's inevitable at this point, Bran. I'm not sure what you're trying so hard to keep secret from me, but if your... boss? Queen? If Mab shares any of her guards' sentiments, I'm sure she'll fill me in. On another note..."

Ryoko had been listening to the guard, even if she held her tongue throughout that little exchange in front of the palace.

"What do you think she might want from me?" seemed like an obvious question given what she was, but still something that needed to be addressed, "My people were never the type to bother with magic. I'm not even sure we could use it, even if we wanted to."

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Posted: Sat Jun 20, 2020 9:40 pm
by Orange
The guards had only called me by my old nickname so far. I was a bonafide historical figure suddenly appearing in the land I had fought against so very long ago. I wonder if I was a boogeyman around here?"Oh, I wouldn't worry about Branwen she's gonna be asleep for the next couple of months. Right now Summer is at its most powerful and when that happens Winter "recedes". So Mab and her brother are the rulers for Winter right now." That didn't account for Klaus though. Old Man Winter himself was asleep sure but that didn't mean his or Branwen's agents would give me a free pass either. Mortals survive here by the will of the Fey after all.

As we walked down what could be called Main Street there was a mass of humans, aliens, and collections of fey creatures going about their day. Satyr's serenading beautiful women who wanted nothing to do with them, Pixies playing pranks on mortals who didn't have sweets or milk handy. Then there was the occasional sharp-eared humanoid walking around in fancy clothing with a clear aura of superiority which could only make them elves. None of it held my attention though. It was the tower at the end of the street that I was watching. The tower itself was long and thin one of the largest structures in the city. An everpresent monument to the city reminding them of who ruled and how they survived.

"Are you so certain that this is the Middle Ages? Anyone who lives in these cities is considered under the protection of the Fey while yes oddly feudal all are cared for. There aren't any homeless here. Nor is there the technology of our world. But is it truly needed when such minor magicks can be performed by the population at large? Think of it as a patron and client if that helps." Many people crowded around one-story buildings entering and leaving. If Ryoko looked closely she could see that beyond the door as one person entered it would change its appearance to a different room as someone else went inside.

Our walk up the street finally ended as we reached the tower a large door as wide as the tower, "well I imagine Mab already knows about you. It's not very often someone like you comes through here. I mean besides the faerie dragons but those are just smarter dogs... that can fly... nevermind they aren't dogs." The guard opened the door and motioned us inside giving me one last glare before I entered the building.

The room we walked into was ornate banner's hanged from the wall showing the symbol of the Winter Court a blue snowflake outlined by silver. Furniture lined the walls with the Court's symbol carved into the benches and tables. Luckily today didn't seem too busy or they canceled all the appointments knowing that we were coming you never knew anything for sure when the Fey were involved. The room was illuminated by blue flames and at the center was a fountain carved out of ice with water spilling into the fountain never overflowing and never allowed to become empty. I walked up to the fountain and dipped my hands into the water any dirt that was on my hands immediately disappeared and the water wasn't dirtied either. Instead, I used my hand like a cup and lifted the water to my mouth drinking it, "you don't need to drink it I was just thirsty. Now, remember what I said if this becomes too much walk away," I would move towards the door leading into the next room and waiting just a moment I would push them open.

What awaited behind the door was a grand hall decorated with statues of the members of the fellow members belonging to the Winter Court and stain-glassed windows depicting various scenes from fey history the First War, the Founding of Chillwind with the arrival of the first mortals, the establishment of the Unseelie Courts and the subsequent civil war fought after and many more. At the far end of the grand hall was a throne made of ice and a young woman sitting on that throne flanked by a hulking knight in full armor.

The young woman gave a sly smile and that was when it began a test of wills that I had trained for long ago. It began simply at first just a couple of words whispered into an ear an attempt to worm her way into our heads with sweet nothings that was nothing to me. All you had to do was block it out and just not listen. I made that sound far too easy but as we got closer the pressure began to increase the challenge was not to become entranced by one of the Lord's of the Fey beings who could be described with only one attribute perfect and the whispers would only grow louder and evolving past sweet nothings to promises ranging from power to what we wanted all we had to do was sacrifice our souls. The deal felt good... it felt right... NO, I didn't deal in souls and I didn't need a deal to bring magic back!

As we finally made our final approach on the throne we could make out some of Mab's features raven black hair, a seemingly perfect humanoid body although her skin was pale. I took a bow and but kept looking at her until she finally spoke, "Bran Sunderson it's been a while. So tell me who is the friend you've brought to me today?"

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Posted: Sun Jul 05, 2020 1:52 pm
by Ryoko
"Ryoko," she answered for herself; taking a short bow as a show of respect, "Divine Dragon of the East."

She saw no point in concealing who she was from the Fey, and it wasn't like they'd have much trouble discerning the nature of her existence if she they tried. In a place like this, she stood out with a presence that was almost the exact opposite of how a powerful sorcerer would. As opposed to an overwhelming magical presence, she was likely to appear as a... shadow to those attuned to magic. A being with no magical presence through whom none of the latent magic in the air could even begin to pass; forming a distinct presence through negative contrast in much the same way that a black hole made itself known by curving the light around it into a corona rather than presenting light that carried its own color.

A void.

"Bran speaks highly of you, Lady Mab." though, not necessarily in a good way, "So, when he offered to let me come alongside him to meet you, I couldn't refuse the offer."

With introductions out of the way, perhaps the Queen could move to business. And, hopefully, Bran wouldn't forget to be... scant with the information he shared and little more. If the Queen was as extreme as Bran made her out to be, she would end up making extreme demands without his help. And if she didn't, then he was better off not introducing the idea to her.

Especially not when she held Bran's life in the palm of her hands.

So, Ryoko would remain silent after introductions and let the two get reacquainted. She was there to help mediate, but she could only begin to do so after both parties have made their case. For now, all there was to do was listen.

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Posted: Fri Jul 17, 2020 4:44 pm
by Orange
A smile crept over Mab's face as Ryoko introduced herself, "I thought I felt my ears burning, "smoke began to steadily rise from behind Mab's ears."We are honored to receive such a distinguished guest as the Divine Dragon of the East." Mab's eye's suddenly shifted towards me, "You've proved your loyalty by completeing your first job for us and you've regained what was lost to us. Thats bound to piss off mother when she awakes."

"I guess there's no chance we can keep that little part to ourselves." Cailleach knew what the staff represented Winter's favor and in her view, there probably wasn't anyone worse than me to hold it. I looked back at Ryoko a moment another piece of the puzzle falling into place. Of the East? I had assumed she was a dragon as I had known them. I only had a smattering of knowledge of eastern dragons only the little pieces of knowledge that would pass along the Silk Road or that which a Chinese colleague had mentioned only in passing during brief meetings."I assume we are safe from prying eye's Lady Mab?"

"Only if you're concerned by my guard," she replied although the guard remained unmoving watching those who appeared before his master.

"Ryoko I made a deal to tell you when we got here. My official job if asked is to recruit and consolidate Winter forces on our Earth in preparation for war with Summer. Unofficially the job is Mab is to become the new and permanent ruler for the Court of Winter." Saying the deal out loud caused Mab's grin to grow ever larger.

"I didn't know we would be sharing that out loud but while we are topic adjacent. Yog-Sothoth has found a new follower on your Earth. You wouldn't happen to know who that is do you?" She gave a knowing glance and now the grin disappeared.

For a moment I fumbled with my words, "well I…" I wouldn't be given the chance with another glance I was silenced.

"I KNOW! What deal did you make!?!?" The air in the room began to change, beginning to freeze and darken. The colors from the stained glass windows previously shining across the floor now disappeared as it began to darken.

Still fumbling with my words for a moment, "I… the deal was only to provide him with the knowledge he couldn’t reach. Yog Sothoth exists outside our reality the entity only desires knowledge.”

Mab rubbed her forehead for a moment annoyed by the stupid mortal, “very well but next time you plan to make a deal you better inform me Scourge.” Mab’s words sounded angry and venomous consequences would follow if I was to step out of line again.

“Yes Lady Mab,” I took a slight bow.

Mab muttered something underneath her breath, “So Divine Dragon of the East or Ryoko why have you come to my court? It wouldn't be related to the other job he has yet to complete would it?”

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Posted: Fri Jul 24, 2020 11:09 pm
by Ryoko
Ryoko bore in mind the decision that she had made long before arriving in the throne room. If Mab wanted Bran to put Septimus down, then she'd bargain to undo that deal. But... she had yet to hear it come from Mab's mouth and had no intention of giving the woman the idea if it was all in Bran's head. Given her tone, it sounded like she wanted something in the same ballpark as what Bran had stated earlier.

But, she'd stick to her guns, anyway.

"That depends. What exactly would that job be, Lady Mab?"