藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

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藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by Azra » Fri Apr 10, 2020 12:24 am

NYC Subway, Last Train Of The Evening

Realistically the Lotus did not need to take a train from one corner of NYC to the other. They didn't need to board a train leaving New York and eventually going past a undisclosed out of state military compound. The larger goal of the Lotus was to obtain a certain project and potentially bring in a section of military into there ever expanding criminal empire. The larger plan of the not to distant future was to expand the Lotus control. At this point they had a decent hold in Yakuza and Mob activity in the states and over in Japan. They had followers growing do to the seduction of possible power that came with them. A asylum and hospice this reached out to those in need, could reach out to the ears as well of the hopeless, orphans and homeless. They wouldn't settle though thus why they were venturing towards a military facility, for now though was something far more simple.

A Challenge

They let the news leak into the criminal underworld. For a rather long time the clan of assassins had been the hired allies and guards of the numerous crime lords and gangs. Now they were expanding into their own which brought heat from some so Asuka had her people let these gangs and organizations know the subway the Lotus would be on. Similarly the heroes and vigilantes with an ear to the ground might catch wind of the gathering of killers to be. She had the flower that was there namesake be planted around the track they would be taking. This was meant to help draw in anyone less informed, a hint of something to come and look out for. One also might find a surprising rise in adds for people in the big apple to take the subway, an influence over radio that was made possible through Lotus' ownership of Vocal Sounds. They very much wanted the competition to know the Lotus would be on a subway train in number.

Before boarding as well Asuka would speak a few things into being. A woman who twisted reality with word alone would set the stage some. "Crowded but the last three cars, let Cadence hear all and Natasha see all, Hisa feel all, on this train that will not stop." It was all quite simple really and looking not to overly limit the potential fun. There wasn't going to be much space but for cars seven to nine, meant to help make sure the opposition hopefully got a rather full experience. Vocal the sound based assassin was to have full control of the sound on the train. Hisa was to know and hopefully have control with ease the temperature of the train. While Natasha would hopefully be able to pull anyone out of the fight if need be. Naturally none of them wanted to stifle the potential of whoever they might face, they would all try to wait there turn. Some safety nets were set in place though. They would rather not lose more then they had to in this gamble.

As the assassins boarded Asuka stepped into the front car and entered the control room. "Ladies and gentlemen I do apologize for essentially hijacking this subway. However you are all in luck in actuality. Because this is your chance to have power of your own. To abandon your simple lives and mundane jobs, to stop leaning on the heroes or government to save you and rather come in to your own. You may need convincing though so entertainment has been arranged." While Natasha was more visually aware, various posters and signs in the cars seemed to become monitors so that one might watch the fights to come. One would find though they couldn't record such on their own phones and the like.

Car Nine The Fool

While not the most crowded car one might find that the floor space was covered. Everyone was sitting on the dirty metal in a sea of bills and coins and various games. It would seem that nearly everyone had chosen to join in one of many games of gambling and chance. In the center of it all was an older gentleman, late thirties of an average build and height. The only thing to really distinguish him from others was the lotus flower hanging from his vest pocket and the top hat he wore. It was certainly odd and unconventional but otherwise didn't even look all that malicious even.

Car Eight Nothing

Almost the direct opposite nobody was all that close to the man who looked dressed in robes out of this nation and time. He looked in his forties his hair beginning to change it's hue with his age. His sword was pointed toward the ground, and from that edge there was a supernatural shimmer. It didn't look to have an edge but almost more like it reached a taper to a point the edge was not there. Almost no room was had in the ninth car, but in this one there seemed plenty at least in regards to the floor. The man in the center also seemed to have a displeased look about him. As if not only did his image not belong but so to did perhaps he in the particular faction he was with.

Car Seven Amadi

The tall African American woman was one of the few standing within this car. A hood pulled over her head which helped to conceal the fact she seemed to wear a breathing mask. A suitcase rested at her side though one with keen eyes might notice it was longer than most. So to was it also resting with the length reaching upwards rather than being lain anywhere. Amadi blended in at least to a degree, although her choice of all white business wear did clash with the more expected urban clothes and ordinary suits.

As for the white lotus herself she found herself with mixed feelings about this mission. Sure she understood it but her role was usually at Asuka's side or on her own. This mission though was technically all of them, and she was almost the furthest from the leader's side. For this reason she concluded with a silent resolve that nobody would move past this car so long as she drew breath. Neither foe or civilian, she'd butcher them all if it mean properly protecting who she saw as the heir.

So it was that the stage was set, with the gauntlet likely beginning at least in one of those three cars furthest from her. The subway train was packed with people. Some were hostages one might say, and many others competition. But Asuka liked to think of it as rather filled with recruits or corpses.
image.jpeg (317.86 KiB) Viewed 406 times

1=I just liked the image, as the comic is part of what inspired me to do this
2=while I like the idea of having to go through a gauntlet I figured you guys can pick from at least 3 to start with. That way hopefully it's more 1 v 1 or 2 v 1 kinda stuff then a dog pile.
3=the train has some safety nets in place, but mostly the Lotus just want it to keep moving and let the fights be more independent.
4=if questions, message or dm on discord works best but there's also a ooc you can ask questions on
5=normally the last thing I say is fun is mandatory, but uh instead fighting ninja's are mandatory on this one
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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by illirica » Fri Apr 10, 2020 1:28 am

"It sounds like that's all the time we have this evening, but it's been great that everyone took the time to come out and find out what Assurance has to offer. I encourage all of you to be in touch - whether that's with product feedback or any questions you might have about our upcoming lines. Until next time: Keep yourself safe."

Sitri Slyker had no idea when she had become expected to do this sort of thing, but when Ms. Brown had told her to go to New York and do a press conference, Sitri had known better than to object - firstly, because it was technically exactly her job, and secondly because Ms. Brown usually got what she wanted anyway.

Still, she'd never exactly done public speaking. She'd been at plenty of these conferences before, but mostly as the person behind the scenes telling other people what to say, not as the person at the podium actually saying the things herself. She had a feeling Ms. Brown thought it was a good learning experience or something to that effect. That, or Ms. Brown had noticed Sitri's propensity for getting bored and antsy, and sent her out to another city to get it out of her system.

That would be absolutely like her, wouldn't it? In any case, Sitri had managed to get through the entire presentation without falling off the stage, and the audience had been generally receptive. Naturally she'd tailored what she'd been saying towards what was hitting the interests, but they didn't need to know that her ability to read a room was anything other than... anything.

Ms. Brown had sent Septimus Nier along with her, to lurk in the shadows and act glum. Sitri was pretty sure that wasn't actually the job description he'd been given, but it seemed to be parallel to whatever it was. Actually, she knew exactly what he was here for, and that was to act as her guard. She was trying not to think too much about that. People like Ms. Brown had guards. People like Sitri... didn't.

Once, she'd been a guard. She still thought she would have been more comfortable in the shadows, making snarky comments at Septimus and trying to get him to crack a smile while on duty. That... might have been the life she would have chosen, but it wasn't the life she had, and in the life she had, she was a public relations consultant and apparently someone had decided it was time for her to go public.


The meeting was fortunately over, leaving her wired with the energy of too many emotions, most of which hadn't originally been hers. It would be a good night to go out, explore New York a little, find out if any of the bars had any decent Colombian aguardiente. It turned out that the answer was relatively few, which she'd expected, but that was fine. It wasn't like she drank much anyway. She did like bars, though. There was a reason she'd picked bartending as an intermediary career - it was just nice to get out and be with people.

Septimus didn't drink at all - at least, nothing of the alcoholic variety - but he kept her company anyway, or kept an eye on her to make sure she didn't start any bar fights or something. Sitri thought he was enjoying himself, and also thought he would never admit it. There were a few strange rumors she'd been hearing, though, by the time she was ready to head back - whispers about the Lotus Clan that had been in the news, hints that it would be a good night to stay off the subway trains.

Sitri had never been one for making good decisions. The hint of possible danger that might likely get her killed was just one of the perks, in her opinion. She'd gotten onto the train without a second thought, seating herself idly near the door in one of the handicapped seats, because she liked the indignant furor of middle-aged women that someone actually disabled might dare to sit in one of the designated spaces. Septimus was standing, probably thinking this was all a terrible idea.

He was probably right - but when had that ever stopped her?

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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by Orpheus » Fri Apr 10, 2020 2:04 am

Orpheus had grown to love Twitter. Especially after he realized he could use a stock photo of a middle-aged white woman as his avatar, and spend his time accusing people of being Russian bots. Not only that, but it was a more effective early-warning system for occurrences of interest than cable news. In this case, it made perfect sense. A ninja attack on a moving train meant news crews couldn't get anywhere near, but one of the people on the train could easily post a shaky video, and get #NinjaTrainAttack trending.

His protracted argument with an InvictAnon account posting poorly-made photoshops of David Mann praying in a mosque could wait. The Midnight Monster had a job to do. Not because he gave much of a shit about saving lives, but because he lacked for other interesting activities to fill his day.

Teleporting inside a moving vehicle wasn't easy. Much like trying to hit a moving target, except with the added risk of being hit by your target if you miscalculate. Fortunately, Orpheus never miscalculated- having a quantum supercomputer instead of a prefrontal cortex made that sort of thing easy. Instead of getting turned to red paste by the train, he appeared in a puff of black smoke, in the eighth car from the front.

The Man in Black had chosen this car at random, but of all the options, he was pretty satisfied with this one. A monk-looking dude with a sword was sure to be an interesting opponent. In fact, this was shaping up to be a proper duel. Not that Orpheus carried a sword- his weapon of choice was far more satisfying to use.

Reaching inside his trenchcoat, the Black Knight produced a titanium crowbar, giving it a twirl for dramatic effect. When the motion ended, he had the weapon outstretched, pointed in the ninja's direction.

"En garde."

And with a feral smile that was enough to make some of the train's passengers flinch, Orpheus attacked. No teleporting just yet- he simply charged, moving with superhuman speed, and swinging his instrument towards the swordsman's kneecaps, intending to use his augmented strength to shatter the bone outright.

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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by Wooka™ » Fri Apr 10, 2020 3:13 am

The Machine Consciousness is a test run, giving an Android Artificial Intelligence, a field test to see how it would respond to scenarios faced daily by human beings. It's retrofitted with a lot of Wooka's latest inventions to be tested on field.

Impact Dampening Field: The Outer layer of the android is laced with a skin-like coating that saps the kinetic force of direct and indirect impacts, giving the Machine Consciousness an uncanny ability to weather through forces that would otherwise prove fatal in human beings.

Reinforced (nanite) Skeletal Structure: Built much like a human being, the spinal cord and bone structure of the Machine Consciousness is an abomination capable of self repair in case of damage, minor or severe.

Hydraulics: Hydraulic Fluids pump through high end industrial tubing to provide power to the Machine Consciousness's muscular systems, not taking more than 0.01 seconds to achieve full power and capacity to any of its limbs.

Muscle Structure Cellulose Nanofibre weaves make the Machine Consciousness's muscles, giving it the mobility of a human's but composed of a density far greater than any known metal on Earth. Every inch of CNF is laced W-Nanites, much like the skeletal structure that makes it possible for the Machine Consciousness to repair damage to its limbs.

Weapons: None

Combat Programming: None

The Machine Consciousness whirred to life in a pod underground. It had a purpose, and it knew its purpose.

[Study Human Beings. Learn and adapt]

A simple enough command at first glance, but, guided by the complex and unique behavioral patterns coded into its 'brain', the Machine Consciousness began its life. It's first quest was to leave where it was. And for all it knew, it was alone in the world.

"Simulation up and running, Dr. Wooka." His artificial intelligence and the central computer announced to the man sitting behind a desk, doing nothing at that particular moment than the restructuring of an M1 Abram tank.

"Good. Start recording its feed, live. We are going to need the data if we are to make progress in the field of autonomous cyborgs capable of independent function. Right now the Machine Consciousness runs on pre-coded data. However, I want there to come a time when androids are born to experience life as humans do." Not Wooka's main project, but a side project in his endeavor to create the most efficient workforce on the planet. "Oh and keep me informed of any particular developments."

"Yes sir." The AI responded.

On a Train about to be Heisted

Following the interesting lives of man after emerging from underground - the Machine Consciousness followed humans around, keeping social distancing, and making sure to follow all laws of robotics and to not alarm anyone, before it got on a train at one of the subway stations in NYC, unaware what was about to happen.

Like everyone else, it had bought a ticket, and sat in a chair on the train.
"Ladies and gentlemen I do apologize for essentially hijacking this subway. However you are all in luck in actuality. Because this is your chance to have power of your own. To abandon your simple lives and mundane jobs, to stop leaning on the heroes or government to save you and rather come in to your own. You may need convincing though so entertainment has been arranged."
A few words alerted the Machine Consciousness to a developing situation. As was the normal human way, people began panicking, screaming and cowering under their seats. The Machine Consciousness registered this response, as the human way of survival. The Machine Consciousness also chose to hide, under a row of seats.

"Dr. Wooka. We have a situation." Alerted the AI. The live feed was brought up for Wooka to see.

"...what is it doing?" Wooka asked, confused.

"It's behaving in response to the programming Dr. Wooka. The train has been hijacked and humans are hiding or fleeing, or trying to flee."

"I see. Override the command protocols. Fight the Aggressors. Upload some basic martial arts to its mainframe."

"Command Override Accepted. Eliminate the Hijackers." The Machine Consciousness rose from under the seats. It's eyes scanned for signs of trouble, before moving towards Car 8, spotting signs of struggle between a man holding a sword and someone else. But since there were two of them, the Machine Consciousness could not act before making sure which of them was the hijacker.

"Whom of you is the Hijacker?" It asked.

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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by Total Experience » Sat Apr 11, 2020 8:58 pm


"A runaway train?" boomed TOTAL EXPERIENCE, eyebrow arched in alarm as he stared down at the glowing screen of his phone. A software programmer in his civilian life, Edward Siegel had coded a program that would pick out potential disasters in his immediate area - and already there were whispers online of an imminent disaster. But there had yet to be any official response from the city; if a subway train were looping out of control, wouldn't they have said something? Or was there more at play here than met the eye?

I'll have to see for myself.

The gleaming muscleman crouched low to the ground and kicked off, launching himself upwards with a mighty jump. He soared upwards and landed atop a building, absorbing the shock in his body to prevent any structural damage. The train in question was one that would be passing by here soon - if it didn't stop at the station close by, he'd be needed.

Sure enough, it didn't stop. It seemed to be going far too fast, careening dangerously around the corner...


A simple malfunction, or a terror attack? He was qualified for one, and less so for the other. But the world was overwhelmed.

He called 911, sprinting over the side of the building.

"This is EXPERIENCE, heading after the runaway train!" he shouted into his phone, snapping it shut and shoving it into a pocket of his suit. They were cheap phones, often damaged in the line of fire.

Every step increased his speed. The train was heading for a tunnel, but he'd need to get to the front of it to turn it off...if he tried to stop the train physically, he ran the risk of wrecking it. If the brakes were disabled, it'd hit a buffer at the end of the line, risk an untold number of lives. Maybe he could carry some off of it - or, if he were to slow it down gradually...

There was no time to wait. If it got in the tunnel, he wouldn't able to get on top of it.


Leaping from the final rooftop, he hurled himself at the train, colliding with the top of a car. His metal legs bent on impact and he rolled backwards, digging his fingers into the roof of the car.

Gotta punch through - !

One by one, each finger on his hand curled into a fist. With one mighty thump, he blew through the top outright, dropping into the car below. The furthest from the front.

It looked like everyone was involved in a car-wide game of Monopoly.

He'd come in with his fists raised, but now, his eyes narrowed in confusion, uncertainty. Dollar bills and coins crunched a little beneath his boots. There was no panic here. Something unusual was happening...something related to the runaway train. Was there a hijacker? A supervillain?

"Excuse me." Were these people in some sort of trance?

He tried to push past them and move to the next car over, a hulking silver titan making his way through the metro car.
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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by Lord of Nothing » Sun Apr 12, 2020 7:23 pm

A pair of big bright blue eyes stared at him from behind the instinctive safety of a skirt.

The tiny little boy's hands feebly clutched what one could presume to be his mothers dress. Septimus glanced at the boy with his own eyes, a pale blue before gradually turning his eyes away. The one who he presumed to be the mother swatted his hand away. "Timmy! Stop staring!" She spoke low. And hushed. Yet with his hearing the woman across the train may as well have been right next to him.

The were others he saw, people who tried not to stare. A girl who would glance at him and quickly avert her eyes the instant Septimus' own eyes met her own. Another younger man who's eyes locked in place, trying visibly not to look. The vampire's own gaze not quite lingering for too long. A middled aged man stood next to him, his eyes staring out into the railway with disinterest. "Just another day" his eyes said. What was a pale man with sharp ears to a place

Assurance had been rather flexible with where Septimus could be placed.

But never would he have imagined this. It was not a task that he would at all disagree with. It wasn't something that he contested. Indeed, it was...the opposite. He very much enjoyed Sitri's company. It was one of the most sparse and meaningful pleasantries he had to encounter that didn't involve that sometimes fulfilling nature of his job. He ought to be content with the fact that he gets to spend a good amount of time with someone who was so close to him. And yet it felt like it scratched one of those parts of his arguably dead brain. The one that always craved more. In this case, the one which craved answers. Why him? Why not Greene? It scratched that part of his brain.

He stood, his clothes civilian and business casual at best. A waistcoat, slacks and a dress shirt beneath with no tie. An outfit befitting someone who went to meetings and which spoke little of the hidden armament. Toting around a rather long case that could be easily mistaken for the case of a guitar or perhaps an instrument.

The monitors come on. And he sees a face that he instantly recognizes and can already predict the speech that is about to be made.

This was a terrible idea.

His eyes scanned the room, looking all about the area until it landed on someone who has a similarly sized brief case. Someone who went through conscious efforts to conceal her face and her eyes. The strength of her beating heart spoke of strength. The sound waves from the train. "One of them is here." Septimus says to Sitri.


She would feel him pressing his CZ-75 Handgun against her without removing her eyes from the identified subject. He dropped his own case long suit case to give the appearance of someone unarmed.

"Sitri....stay safe. I'm going to...be right back." There some part of him that disliked the fact that he was here with one job and that was to protect Sitri. And protocol would probably just tell him and her to simply wait it all out. And to allow all of this to go off without a hitch. Get off at the next stop whenever that was. Duck the gunfire. Stay out of the way. Let everyone else fend for themselves. He didn't know them after all. And look at how they all looked a him. He owed them nothing.


It began low at first. Septimus' shut mouth doing little in indicate that the gutteral, animalistic growl was coming from Septimus' own throat. Phantasmal frequencies infiltrating the flesh and forcefully stimulating the brain. Spines shivered. People who held tools found them fumbling in their hands. Non-existent figures began to spawn in the corner of people's eyes. And as Septimus walked and left Sitri, the noise surrounded him like a predatory aura. Everyone around him parting like the red sea as he passed by without any real consciously known reason to why. Hallucinations forming in their eyes as he came closer.

The world moved slowly as the crowd had parted. And then there was no one in his way. There was something in hand which no one saw him draw. A Bowie knife. Something an enormous knife. Or a short sword. Of such hardness as to cleave off entire limbs and split skulls and of quality to slice away lesser steels. And mere milliseconds to react to what happened next.

From but a few feet away he would bumrush her at high speed, seeking to slam her against the wall with enough force to dent the steel wall and cause the surrounding glass to crack as a side effect. And from this range, he sought to employ the knife in a place where it's shorter length had an advantage over the sword. And he would stab with a vicious precision at the spaces between her ribs. Seeking to poke holes in her lungs and fill them to twin oxygen sacs with blood as he rammed the knife in with such superhuman strength as to punch the knife through through the likes of Kevlar and steel plate.

Over. And over. And over again.

"Oh my god!"
"Holy shit!"
"Everyone get back!"
"Not again..."
"Fuck this shit I'm out!"

Much to the confusion of the wide eyed and now screaming crowd who was quickly rushing by in either direction to give the two combatants some room and fleeing to the other cars.

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Vas, The Shadow Man
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Varcolac, The Cursed Cartel
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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by Reyn » Sun Apr 12, 2020 9:08 pm

Was this considered a commute?

Nova wasn't heading to an office or anything. Hell, the destination didn't really matter at all- she didn't care where she got off, as long as she got off richer. She was a professional, after all. A careerwoman, dressed in a tightly-tailored two-piece suit with tinted shades and a cute little briefcase to match. Fuck, if this was any earlier in the day, she wouldn't be paid much mind at all, but something about her seemed to set a few other passengers on edge. A Wall Street nobody she certainly wasn't.

She took a seat in carriage four, but quickly realised that wasn't the most productive use of her time. Counting on trouble to find her first worked pretty well for clients, but not so well for targets. Would people be suspicious of the silent woman in black stalking the cars so late at night? Sure. Did that matter? Fuck no. The hit would be quick, as quick as they all were, and Nova reckoned she was pretty well-equipped to take down a few civilians if they tried to interfere. Occupational hazards, and all.

Carriage five had nothing of interest. A crowd of regular businessfolk trying their hardest to get in her way, but nothing of interest. Nova pushed her way to the front of the car, cursing her stature under her breath as she struggled to see into the next car.

Carriage six was much the same. No target, and another wall of nobodies to contend with. Christ, this was irritating. Couldn't this 'Amadi', or whoever the fuck, pick a less crowded train to set up shop in? It's like the bitch didn't want a bullet in her brain. What a fucking pain.

Carriage seven, on the other hand? Now, that's where the party was happening. A quieter car, with more room to move, and a familiar passenger up towards the back. Nova smiled, parking herself on a vacant seat and keeping a watchful eye on her next paycheck. She slowly moved her hand into her jacket, curling her fingers around the handle of a gun, ready to pull it out and get this whole thing over with...

Only for some Twilight Zone reject to get right in her fucking way.

"You've gotta be- you've gotta be fucking kidding me..."

He wasn't. She wasn't. This... vigilante guy had really just stood up and gone toe to toe with her 50K bounty, and he sure didn't look like a quitter. Probably best not to get on the bad side of this guy, she thought. Maybe they could split the cash. Did they even use cash in- what, Castlevania? It didn't matter. None of this mattered. She needed to act.

Nova stood up, flicking the gun out of her jacket to point at Amadi.

"Hey, Dracula."She called,"Move."

If he did, then she would have a pretty clear shot at her target. If not... well, she wasn't exactly going to shoot a stranger just for the fun of it- especially not one this... viscerally unsettling. Hey, did the train suddenly get a lot more crowded, or was that just her?
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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by Deus Mortis » Mon Apr 13, 2020 5:26 pm

One more stop.

All the waiting was starting to become worth it. He was close now.

Garrick avoided translocating for this one. When it came to New York, he found that the pros of traveling like an everyday citizen outweighed the cons. For someone like him anyways. Every now and then, with his enhanced hearing, he’d be able to catch the whispers of some gang members talking about their plan. By now, Garrick’s vigilante career was on a bit of a hiatus as he was getting used to being back with the Society full-time. Instead of taking action on any of the information he gained, he passed it along to the NYPD or more local vigilantes, figuring either would make good on his intel. But that wasn’t what he was really expecting to hear tonight.

Tonight, he was here for another reason.

Don Antonio’s Amazing Sandwich Shop.

The best damn bodega in this city. One of the few that stayed up 24/7 on account of a large family with an incredible work ethic.

It’s been too long since Garrick’s had a sandwich from that place. He’s ordered a few since he’s returned to Earth but recently? None, and that just won’t do for our ex-nocturnal defender.

So, with the rest of the crowd, Garrick filed into the late-night train. He took his seat, pulling his hoodie a bit tighter over his head. After his death, the SOS revealed his identity to the world. Though he didn’t think of himself as some grand celebrity, he still preferred not having a bunch of people assaulting him with questions. Not when he was on his way to Don Antonio’s.

He pushed the rose-tinted lenses against his face and adjusted his headphones-er, airpods. Garrick doesn’t speak broke, after all. He cycled to the next song seeing as the current one was about to end, letting random shuffle do its thing.

Deep down in Louisiana close to New Orleans,
Way back up in the woods among the evergreens,
There stood a log cabin made of earth and wood,
Where lived a country boy named Johnny B. Goode.

Antonio sandwich with some rock and roll? Yeah, not even Surgath could ruin this right now.

The monitors on every side of the train blinked with sudden activity, the images of the Lotus clan on full display. He stared at the screen confused, at first believing he was looking at some weird advertisement. The reality of what was actually going on...and when it did...


Everything clicked into place, his shoulders slouching in a near-immediate response. He was looking forward to having an off-night, but he knew better than to complain. He should have expected this. New York City’s had it good for too long. It was only inevitable that something like The Hunt 2 or Cthulhu's Second Coming or a ninja subway fight was going to happen. At least things were kicking up quick.

The muted sounds of gun parts jostling got Garrick’s attention as he began lowering the volume on his music. Not entirely, mind you, but enough to have it in the background, which in his case meant just one click from being entirely muted altogether.

"Sitri....stay safe. I'm going to...be right back."

The name didn’t ring any bells but the fact she was being given a gun made him put her on the “Keep an Eye Out For” list. There was also the “Immediate Attention” list which consisted of Septimus, the woman he was trying to slam into the wall and gut like a fish, and the other woman with a gun.

For a moment, Garrick felt a pit open up in his heart, phantasmal hands trying desperately to drop it into his chest. The growl from earlier was having a later effect on the casually dressed hero, whose mind and soul got immediately to fighting such effects. His face twitched from the sudden mental struggle, his eyes blinking as hallucinations trailed into nonexistent life like smoke, vanishing as quickly as they came. The aura that surrounded the First Hunter reminded Garrick of that of a wolf circling its prey. The violent clash between him and the tall woman helped break the feeling of unease, an unseen battle happening within the fraction of a second.

What the hell is happening right now?

His sensible side kicked in simultaneously, giving him a logical overview of what was going on before his very eyes. There was a time to stop because you’re confused and there was a time to just roll with it. Usually, it was better to just roll with it.

”HEY! UNLESS YOU WANT TO JUMP IN, GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!” Garrick shouted, practically jumping from off of his seat. Like a deer caught in headlights, some of the people in the car were stuck frozen, staring at the scene before them. The smarter commuters were already going and gone by the time he started yelling. The others...they were going to need a bit of a push, whether that meant a verbal one or a literal one.

While the others duked it out, he’d focus on getting the civilians out of the train first. Nova was already going to have a less-than-optimal shot on the tall one with Septimus in the way. Last thing she needed was someone else throwing themselves in her line of sight.

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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by illirica » Mon Apr 13, 2020 6:12 pm

For a while, it was just business as usual. Or, not business as usual, because Sitri wasn’t exactly on the clock - but nothing out of the ordinary. Random people, most of them with standard late-night feelings - tiredness, hunger. The occasional hint of curiosity or revulsion, probably to do with Septimus. Sitri was familiar with the first reactions he tended to garner, by now. She didn’t insult him by asking if he needed to hug it out - he’d been dealing with that sort of thing much longer than she’d been alive.

He was quiet, his thoughts turned inward - at least until the message started playing. Lotus. Of course.

This was a great idea. Sitri felt herself smiling, the thrill of danger rushing in from everywhere as people started to worry. Septimus pressed close, and Happy to see me? almost slipped out in reference to the handgun he held against her, but he probably wouldn’t have appreciated the comment all that much at this particular moment. By the half-suppressed little giggle that escaped, though, he could probably guess she was thinking it.

She reached up and took it from him, just the way he wanted her to. Ahem. No, he was being serious now, all focused on the danger. Sitri checked the weapon, making sure the safety was engaged and holding it in her lap. Both of them knew that firing a gun in an enclosed subway train would be like shaking a marble in a tin can - the bullets would ricochet all over the place and probably do more harm than good. He didn’t want to be carrying a weapon that was a liability - he needed to be free to move.

He stepped away, a rough growl picking up to surround him, terrifying those close enough to hear it. Goddamn, that was hot. He’d apparently already located the target, and moved to strike... of course, other people just had to ruin the moment, didn’t they? Some lady who wanted Septimus out of the way, some guy who had gone from just being tired and hungry to wanting to protect people. And, of course, a bunch of terrified civilians who’d just seen a guy start stabbing someone. They probably figured he was the bad guy or something.

Sitri sighed. The trouble with public relations was that the job never really stopped. “Hey. No shooting in the train. You could hurt someone you don’t mean to. Uninvolved parties, move to the other side of the car so you’re not in combat range.” With the train in motion, it wasn’t like exiting was easy. “You.” The protection guy. He wasn’t panicked, which meant this wasn’t his first exonormal bullshit event. “See if you can figure out how to get the door open and make it stay that way. If we slow down we can get people off, or if not the fun people can hop out.”

Septimus could handle jumping out of a speeding train, she was pretty sure - and he’d be listening in, his senses more honed than a human’s even if she was talking quietly. If he could use his strength to take the Lotus attacker with him, that would secure the car, for at least a while. He’d probably know what she was thinking.

Hopefully, just about that part, otherwise things might get awkward.

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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by Azra » Wed Apr 15, 2020 12:52 am

NYC Subway, Last Train Of The Evening

Vocal although shrouded in violet enough to be an unknown would take a hold of a violin and remove her phone she would begin to play. A soft melody with a slight energetic energy to it, the softer aspects were designed to calm while the more energetic was to help give something to the fights. This worked in a very careful way to make the violence a theatre for a relaxed audience. Of those on the train the sound ninja was one who has an identity to protect her being here though meant that music could flow through the cars and like a siren draw people into a certain mindset. The panic would greatly thin down often even non existent minus one car of course.

"You can relax, we've no intentions to hurt any of you. Just for you to see who would save you and decide for yourself if you would rather count on them or on yourself. Sure you could cower in a corner, or jump from a moving train as helpful as that may be. Or just enjoy a show and eventually decide to take power for yourself." Asuka spoke over the intercoms as monitors would show the growing conflicts. Where a hooded woman was assaulted by a vampire, where a ronin' knee caps were swung at, and well the last car wasn't to dramatic yet. That also worked though it looked almost comedic there, which could help ease people from seeing some of the events tonight as tense.

These were in distant cars though. They were currently not the highlights of the situation.

Car Nine The Fool

The car had a hole made through the roof and a very large man dropped down with fists as big as Bob's head raised. The gambling fiend whistled at the sight, there was so much shine to the figure. One would find the crowd didn't want to move though. The silver paladin was just to hulking in size, boards might be moved cards shuffled from order. Bills stepped on or lost. There was over a dozen games of chance being played and the crowd didn't want to risk it being ruined. Bob would stand up to converse the man, no doubt looking lanky and small by comparison.

"Afraid I can't let you pass my man. The train will keep going but to move forward you'll have to go through some flowers. Between you and me, none of those flowers want to hurt the civilians you could just join me in a game and sit this out." His accent seemed like it might have been a tad southern largely faded out by living in the city but hints of it were still there. From his pockets he pulled out a deck of cards to hand over for possible shuffling. No tricks or gimmicks he just enjoyed making bets and winning money.

His shoulders rolled though and he removed from another pocket a switch blade before just tucking it back in. "I'm fairly sure the knife would only get dull fighting that body. Unless maybe you would rather fight on even ground? We could get you a mask I'm sure just two normal men boxing instead of anything super." Amusingly enough while Bob didn't want to sway a actual fighter to a gamble his luck did come into use. One of the men on the floor removing a mask he had stylized like one of the many heroes out there. With any luck for a moment if just a moment two men, entirely human would simply trade fists instead of the shenanigans of the more modern times.

Car Eight Nothing

A machine hides all the personality and bravery of a child. Nothing laughed at the fact, to think that was where the brilliance of man was going. Programmed metal that could only mirror idiots or adopt their brave actions like it was its own. After awhile the machine changed ready to fight. Though its stance looked rather novice. It asked a question and Nothing smiled beneath the scarf concealing some of his features. "That'd be me boy but do you even know why you wish to stop me?" He would address the automaton as a child, deciding to at least give some honor and credit to the metalic figure that was the best the once Yakuza could do. Most his intentions though would be centered on the midnight arival.

"I see you favor the sword of the biker, at least you look more capable than most gimps though." He jested having raised his sword in turn before reacting to the attack sent his way. Instantaneously the man's speed and reflexes adjusted to those of his opposition. He was in truth no speedster himself, he could not chose how quick he wanted to be other then peek human. However when the Lotus asked what he wanted to be he wished for two things, to not be outpaced and to be able to cut anything. So the swing came to him at a normal speed and Nothing stepped backwards avoiding the initial strike.

Credit where it was do though the clothes of his fluttered from the speed and he could tell his bones would have likely popped out of place before scattering from the skin in a colorful display. He was unharmed though and naturally this meant going right into a counter. The blade of his would wise first seeking to go below the extended arm and traverse up. To sever the limb immediately from the body his blade one who's cut would find never any resistance shy of other weapons of the most unnatural make.

The following slash would look to travel in a swift follow up along the horizontal plane. Intended to separate the head from the neck. Although the one detriment of course was despite the skill Nothing possessed he could only go as fast as the Midnight foe never faster.

Car Seven Amadi

The people were quick to cower trying to shrink into the walls. Amadi largely did not mind this, less people she would have to cut down. Most the Lotus had some level of empathy for civilians they had no desire to harm them were just often willing to. The white lotus, the shattered lotus, she could not say the same. Her road was paved in bodies plain and simple who rarely was something of consequence to her. As for the influence of her own mind they were there but distinguishable from reality and not. She wore a rebreather for a reason after all and that was because in part fighting under the influence was an annoyance to her. The other reason being she was a lot more normal on the inside and she'd rather such a weakness not be at risk of capitalizing on.

Amadi didn't like being so far from Asuka she did however take solace as it soon would seem she was in the busiest train car. More of the possible interference would have to go through her. There was a woman in the back bossy and blind, though there was hints of someone capable there wasn't held down by the lack of vision. Was also a civilian telling people what to do as well the tone in his voice speaking of an experience beneath the conventional clothing. Though there wasn't many who wanted to get out of the train. At top speed a NYC train moved at fifty five miles per hour and they moved through tunnels and over roads, such jumps would likely involve hitting something at unwise speeds and possibly falling to accompany such actions.

One woman pointed a gun at Amadi but wasn't going to shoot through a vampire to do it. The shattered Lotus wasn't all to concerned though she was durable. So much so that fifty calibur munitions would only bruise her in most cases. This also helped her in weathering the knife that came at her. She met the wall and some glass shattered as she was shoved against a wall with the aid of speed and some strength the knife sank through the jacket of hers and slightly into her skin. She was above a lesser steel but with enough momentum and force some red would stain the alabaster coat as skin was split open. "You need better than a letter opener."

A latch was pushed on the briefcase and it would fall aside to leave two swords standing up. Her closer hand, left to be exact would seize one of the blades and with enough force to cut through a vault door seek to part the vampire with his feet. Meanwhile her right hand would slash forward the kind of physical speed and strength it would with a few strikes punch through what her blades could cut through. Her intention being to live up to her name, to drive the open palm into the sternum and shatter the bones within the body. At the very least she imagined it would give her enough space if avoided for her to grab the other sword of hers.

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