藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

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Homecoming Hiccup

Post by Fill » Wed Apr 15, 2020 2:00 am

NYC Subway Station

Among the hustle and bustle of the subway, a young teenager was on the phone as he smiled and spoke to his mother on the other end of the phone. His younger brother and sister had just said hello to him, and it was evident by the sound of his mom having to wrangle the phone from them that they were excited to see him again.

"Yeah, Mom. I'm at the station. Just a ride on the subway, and I'll be home soon," he resumed the conversation with her, "Millennium was crazy. Yeah. Uh huh. I made some friends, but, honestly, it's just nice to be back."

Another smile. A laugh from both sides of the line. The anticipation of sleeping in his own bed and his old room racing through the back of his thoughts. Not to discredit the bed he slept in at his grandmother's home in Forestside. He would never do something as callous and rude as to disrespect it's fluffy but firm comfortness, but his own bed at home, in familiar surroundings, would be like getting reacquainted with an old friend. Speaking of old friends, the young man remembered he needed to call his buddy and let him know that he had arrived in New York. Just after he was finished talking to his mom.

For once, his life was not filled to the brim with the craziness and antics of Millenium City. There was peace and relaxation. He wanted to get to his bed so bad right now, but there would be no web-swinging or else he would draw unnecessary attention. That and he had a secret identity to keep.

Crap. I'm getting the tingles.

A train rocketed past him. Anyone else might have seen blurs, but the young man saw everything. His sight could witness the flapping of a fly's wings as if it was in slow-motion, and this particular evolutionary advantage helped him gauge the severity of the situation.

"Yeah, mom. I think the train might be delayed. Maybe I'll take a taxi or a bus. I don't know. Anyway, call you later. Love you. Bye."

"Wait, Reggie, maybe-BEEP!"

She was not going to be happy about that. Probably get an ear full about hanging up on her once he got home. Then again, it is not like he has time to spare. A lot of people were probably not going to be happy by the end of tonight.

"Sorry, mom," he grimaced before hitting the mute button.

Backing away from the station and leaving the station, the teenager began to run towards the nearest alleyway he could find. Not the best place to change, but at least it would be away from prying eyes had he chosen to take to the rooftops. Anyone with a phone and a filter could take a picture of his face, which was also the reason his mask was the first thing to go on his face before his web-shooters.

"Agh. C'mon! You stupid shoes!"

Reginald could have sworn his suit sometimes gave him worse troubles than any super villain or meta-menace could. Removing the rest of his clothing and throwing it up onto the wall alongside his belongings, the arachnid youngster webbed all his personal materials before he began a running start in order to make his web-swinging exit before abruptly stopping.

"Shoot, my phone!"

A few moments later . . .


Overhead, the crowds below could sense a figure swinging overhead. Some even saw the masked mystery.

And he seemed to be dealing with a serious problem hindering his chase of the runaway subway train. His wifi was acting up on him. He need maps, picture, anything to help him get his bearings when it came to the subway. As much as he was familiar with New York, it did not exactly carry over to knowing every stop or its path of travel. Reginald needed to be absolutely sure where he could intercept it or else he would be wasting time if he made a mistake, and someone could end up dead because of it.

"C'mon! C'mon! Yes! Okay, I was there," he inspected his phone's small screen. Not even a speedster could operate it faster than he was as he maneuvered the picture of the map with frantic urgency.

And I can intercept it there. Nice!


Another swing around a building as he moved at speeds most people would pass out at. Wasting his webbing for speed might have not been a good idea in the long-run, but the urgency of the matter called for it.

Wait. That's them.

The tingle along the back of his neck alerting him to danger, and there was a lot of it, judging by the fact he was receiving several signals at once from various directions.

Closing in, he realized there was danger in more than one car, if not all of them. A different approach was required. Facing the situation directly would result in not only him dying, but also several innocents. Not exactly a whole lot of room in those cars.

He would have to travel on the roof of each car, call the police, and stop the train by accessing the brakes in the front car. The question was when. To stop it when it got close to a station so people could get off or stop it immediately once he got to the controls to make it more difficult for the criminals.

No matter. Either way, he had to first get on the train.

Another tunnel. One car went in. Then another. Two weblines snaked and attached themselves to the sides of the tunnel before tugging with all his superhuman strength, slingshotting himself. If he did not make it, someone was going to find a bruised, broken-nosed spider on the tracks.

His hand reached out to grasp the cool metal.

Get there. Get there! Stick the landing!

The tunnel passed over him as his legs dangled below him, and his right hand sticking onto the top of last car as the other held his phone.


Lifting himself onto the train while remaining as flat as possible to keep himself from bumping his head against the tunnel above him as he breathed a sigh of relief. His fingers dialed 911 before he kept crawling, using his sticky powers to keep the phone attached to his face as his limbs moved himself forward, making sure to crawl around the large hole in the back car before continuing forward. Total Experience had this in the bag. Guy was a tough cookie, and, besides, someone had to stop this train and let the police know what was happening if someone had not already.

All he had to do was reach the first car and work from there. It should not be too hard, right? Maybe whoever was in the back did not see him, and he doubted anyone could hear him over the hustle and bustle of the train, even though he was moving as stealthily as possible to avoid detection as he tried to contact the police. They needed to be alerted first before he made his move.

"I got this. I got this. I got this. Just keep crawling. Just keep crawling. Just keep crawling."
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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by Lord of Nothing » Wed Apr 15, 2020 3:27 am

"No." Septimus gave his answer, teeth bared in reaction to his bulletproof attacker, no breath required. He had the scent of the blood. But it was met with resistance through he could cut body armor, the woman herself proved to be like unto a humanoid slab of iron. His ears twitched as the case hit the ground.


His feet scrape against the ground, his feet moving back as he simultaneously throws off the strike in one fluid motion. The sound of metal being sliced through in a split second -- exposing the rapidly passing railway any machinery to anyone near enough to look down. He feels the tremors in her muscle fibers, indicative of a strike. And though the strength of her heartbeat that he ought to move. He had began to lean back, not the full force of the strike. Yet it was still like getting grazed by an rocket propelled grenade.

THUMP. CRASH The palm struck his body and the sound of impact was accompany being the sickening crunch of bone beneath. A rib broken to a degree as to puncture organs. Not that he needed it. And then his body was blown across the train as a projectile. Glass shattered outward as his head was through the window. Arms splayed out to catch himself. One finger denting the metal and making a hand print. The other gripping his knife stabbed through the wall. He caught a glimpse a street sign before yanking himself back in.

"There." He growled, his voice dripping with venom. His own thick, dark red blood dripping from his lips. "I moved." He raises the knife to his lips and licks it.

Her blood tells him her secrets.

Class 5 Superhuman Strength. Class 5 Superhuman Durability. No healing factor.

A he stood upright with an almost zombie-like limp --his face speaking nothing of pain that man should feel-- and he looked at her.If she so decided to look him in the eyes back, most men would not be able to recount of describe what it was they would see in the monster's eyes. The knew little of "how" it commanded the body. And no amount of shielding protected from it. For it was no energy emitting from his eyes. Merely, it was the sight of whatever was beneath which sought to seize the mind of man and by extension the body.

It told her to stop right where she was. It told her to forget who she was and how to fight. It told her heart to start pumping faster and faster. For a moment. Enough to give himself and his new "ally" time to launch the attacks they wanted.

Regardless of whether or not it worked he sought to dash forward. Slice slice slice. His arm invisible as one strike looked like many. As though to the human eye that he had never cut her at all. Yet onlookers still would wonder where the three kevlar slicing cuts came from. The first going for the throat. The next going for the thumb on left hand. One to the femoral artery on the thigh.

Small slices. The first able to make one bleed out in half a minute. The next seeking to rob her of the use of her thumb to properly maneuver the sword. And the last making a cut to a vital artery in the leg that would cause to bleeding to the arm.

Many armors have gaps.

"I'll make due." His eyes flickered to his case sitting right by Sitri. But he disliked the thought of using his sword in a cramped space. Or bringing any strike or attention anywhere near Sitri. But it's appeal was growing as his knife would begin to become undoubtedly more dull.

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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by Orpheus » Wed Apr 15, 2020 3:59 pm

Oh boy! A robot! This is just like the hit video game Detroit: Become Normal!

The ninja had already answered the inquisitive android's query, so Orpheus instead decided to turn the tables. Now he would be the one asking questions.

"So, are people ever racist to you for being a robot? Is that something you have to deal with?"

Before he could continue educating himself on human culture, the Man in Black remembered he was in the middle of a fight. The ninja moved fast- too fast to dodge. Orpheus had overextended with his initial strike- now there was no way he'd be able to get his arm out of the way in time. Instead of attempting to evade, he simply 'ported forward- which, thanks to the motion of the train, seemed like he had vanished and reappeared in the same spot.

Then came the second swing. Now paying full attention, the Midnight Monster used his weapon to attempt to parry the attack. Instead of blocking the lethally-sharp blade, he would try to catch it between the 'teeth' of the crowbar, and lock the katana in place momentarily. Essentially trying to trap the ninja, and allow Orpheus a moment to strike back- jabbing with his free hand, trying to strike him in the throat and make him choke.

"What's the plan with this whole train thing anyways? I'll be honest, I don't really get it. Does your head ninja guy really like trains? Kinda perpetuating harmful stereotypes, there. Be careful, or you'll get cancelled."

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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by Total Experience » Thu Apr 16, 2020 12:13 am

The mystery had yet to be unraveled, but Experience didn't have to travel far before he met confrontation. A lanky-looking fellow whose accent placed him as either coming from the South, or projecting such. He clearly had a persona, one in line with the theme of the car Experience had dropped into. There was a lot to be gleaned from that. A gambling theme - commonly attributed to luck. What was his talent, then? Hypnosis, perhaps? That would explain why everyone was so engrossed in their respective games...

And he's revealed that he's at least partially responsible for this hijacking.

The man had made him a counter-offer: deactivate his powers and fight him man-to-man. He'd seen that knife flick back into his clothing, a sharpened little blade that gleamed like Experience's transmuted flesh. But to add to the hypnosis theory...for a second, he'd almost bought the offer. After all, he was a hulk of a man even without his powers - and he could prove it! Just for a moment, he could let loose on someone without fear of killing them - and do it as Ed Siegel, not a superhero. It would be easy...


His sense of responsibility kicked in just in time. He couldn't reveal his identity. It was a core axiom, something that shaped his life.

"Not even a chance."

The Fool was very lucky that he hadn't simply been attacked on sight - in fact, just maybe, that had been his special talent at work. But command of luck alone wasn't enough to deter a dedicated superhero.

Total Experience raised one finger in his direction.

"I've got a different game for you."

He rolled the knuckles on his raised hand, what would ordinarily be a cracking sound now replaced with the sonorous crushing of metal.

"My name is Total Experience. This is how we play my game. First, you tell me exactly what's going on here. Then, I arrest you nonviolently, and if you're lucky, you get five to ten in jail for grand larceny."

He tilted his head to the side, such that he was glaring at The Fool with only one shining eye.

"If I were you, I'd fold."
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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by Wooka™ » Thu Apr 16, 2020 3:51 am

"That'd be me boy but do you even know why you wish to stop me?"]
"Hijacker identified and locked. Proceed with programmed protocols." The response pinged on the Machine Consciousness's HUD.
> do you even know why you wish to stop me?
> .
> ....
> ........
> R
> Searching Database for an answer
> ...
> ...
An ever evolving database in the Machine Consciousness's programming allowed it to mesh the programmed primary objective with the command override to give the Android an answer to the proposed question. It had only taken him 0.3 seconds to process a reply. "Because you are acting in violation of Public Law Section 240.20: Fighting, violence, tumultuous or threatening behavior. Creation of hazardous or physically offensive condition which serves no legitimate purpose. You are accused of these crimes against the public. If you don't cease, you will be sentenced to at least 15 days behind bars."

The Machine Consciousness's attention was momentarily then diverted by the vigilante facing the hijacker.
"So, are people ever racist to you for being a robot? Is that something you have to deal with?"
"I have. People give me weird looks, but that doesn't bother me,"

The Machine Consciousness's visual processors analyzed and processed movements, voice patterns and combat in real time. The train's motion didn't bother it at all, instead waiting until Orpheus had the blade of the Hijacker between the teeth of his crowbar, which the Machine Consciousness thought to be a rather unusual weapon of choice, before employing a wide swing Taekwondo kick directed at the back of the Hijacker's neck. "Teamwork." Thought the machine consciousness in its artificial mind.

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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by Reyn » Thu Apr 16, 2020 8:59 pm

"Well, this just got interesting..."

...was what a goddamn idiot would be thinking right about now. Jesus H.- exactly what proportion of your formative years would have to be spent watching brain-dead cop dramas for that to click as an appropriate response? The situation was in-something, alright: in-fucking-convenient. The amount of people throwing themselves into the situation made her question her client's monogamy for a second...

Christ, Cain- not everyone is a contract killer. Can we focus now? Please?

Okay. Step one: public relations. That... corporate chick in the handicap spot had some pretty unhelpful advice about how to deal with all this, but didn't seem to follow her own word to move somewhere else. Either she was accustomed to this type of shit, or she really needed that handicap spot- most likely the former, seeing how her first response was to act as a cornerwoman to the vampire rather than panic like the rest of the crowd.

"Save your critique for after the show, please."Nova (inevitably!) dismissed the comment,"If you're that worried about my aim, then maybe help clear the fucking car."

The statement lead her neatly into step two: the Mr Robot-looking guy who was... actually, he was making himself pretty useful. She had nothing. Good job! Now, onto step three.

The Wrestler from the Black Lagoon was still going at it, ducking in and out of her way as the match wore on. Nova moved (as swiftly as she could) through the tide of commuters, holding the gun low by her side so as not to cause any premature panic- all the while keeping a trained eye on the bout. Despite her (inevitable!) dismissal, the Count's coach was right about one thing- a miss in this situation would be pretty terrible. She had to get close for this to go smoothly...

...and just like that, Dracula flew out of the window into the night air.

She took her chance.

Nova fired at Amadi, aiming to hit her squarely in the centre of her chest. As flashy as a head-shot would have been (and as tempting as it was to be so flashy), aiming for a larger target was probably the best thing to do in this situation.

Regardless of whether it worked or not, she wouldn't be able to see the fruits of her labour for a while after. As soon as the shot was fired, the vampire was back for more, taking his place once again right in her line of sight. Great. Great! She let out a dramatic sigh, slipping the gun back into her jacket again. If it worked, she wouldn't need it again, and if it didn't work... fuck, she was following that supernatural secretary's pointers. This was a terrible idea.

"Kill the bitch."She called out to the vamp,"I gave you an assist- now make it count, Count."

No, wait. Saying that was a terrible idea.
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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by HighVoltage » Thu Apr 16, 2020 11:15 pm

It hadn't been difficult. Hell, Kira had been excited as soon as she'd heard. Lily didn't have many people she'd consider "contacts", she just tended to hang around people who happened to associate themselves with the criminal underworld. And of course, the whole place was abuzz, with tensions running high. Some people were angry that the Lotus Clan were moving in on their territory, some awed by the audacity of it, and some thrilled by the news that had everyone talking: the Lotus Clan were recruiting and setting up shop in New York.

Of course Lily had heard about them, and what she'd heard had obviously been passed onto her girlfriend. They light that shone on them was multi-hued. Some saw them as heroes of the people, granting them powers to fend for themselves. Some saw them as criminals and even terrorists. Lily was in the former category, and although Kira didn't mention it, Lily knew she was too. So that fateful night they walked down to the track, the scent of lotuses wafting through the air, and stepped aboard the train.

The car they walked into was covered in money of every variety, every currency. They had just made it on before the doors closed, and everyone seemed absorbed in slots and cards, poker and blackjack, roulette and Texas Hold 'Em. Chips were being put down, cash was being scooped off the floor, and a man stood conspicuously at the other end of the car. A finely dressed gentleman who wouldn't look out of place smoking a cigar while leaning out on a balcony, observing the land below. A single lotus flower tucked into his vest pocket and a second in his hat signified exactly who he was. As the train pulled out of the station, Kira took up one of the few empty seats, her sketchpad already out as her eyes scanned the car.

Lily settled in for the ride, her eyes never leaving the man until a loud crash came from the roof of their car as a metal fist broke through the roof and a giant metal man entered their car, finally stirring the Lotus member from his cool demeanor. She tightened her grip on the strap above and swung herself outward slightly, listening to their conversation as the hulking chunk of metal pushed through the crowd. Go through some flowers? Sounds like I'll have to fight my way through. A grin spread across her face. Fighting was what she was born to do.

As the metal man made the mention of arrest, she decided to make her moves. Leaning down to plant a kiss on Kira's cheek, she whispered to the neon-soaked girl. "Showtime, I'll be right back. Make me look good." Kira merely hummed in return, her earbuds in and her sketch pad already filling up. Lily's eyes lingered on it for a moment before making her way through the crowd, slipping between people without disrupting anything, unlike the hulk who had passed through before. She positioned herself to the right of the metal man, but between them, slapping his chest as she passed. "Alright, that's enough. Why don't you go play some slots, earn yourself some cash. I'll handle this." She cracked her knuckles, stretching her arms up over her head before addressing the Lotus member. "So you mentioned something about going through flowers. Does that mean they're having us beat you up to join? Honestly seems kinda unfair, but I don't judge."
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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by illirica » Sat Apr 18, 2020 12:26 am

Well, this was going swimmingly, in the way of a cement-shod Mafia traitor. At least some of the civilians had listened to what Sitri had told them and gotten out of the way, but that didn’t mean things were fixed just yet. The first issue, of course, was that Septimus’ quick strike hadn’t actually taken out his opponent. The second was him crashing out a window - briefly - which gave the woman with the gun the opportunity to take a shot.

Sitri ducked, reflexively, wincing at the loud noise. She had no idea where that bullet was going to end up, and could only hope it wasn’t going to be in her. Less than the threat of getting shot, though, it was the noise that bothered her. She hated loud noises, and it took her a few unsteady breaths to make herself remember that she wasn’t trapped back in a studio years ago, against an opponent with no sense of mercy nor proportion. She remembered the noise of it all too well, near-deafening. The blinding light... she didn’t think she remembered that, not any more. She remembered what she thought light had looked like, but like color, it was only guesswork. Still, though - this was not there. This was not then. Right now, she was merely trapped in a train car with a bunch of ninjas, a vampire, and a crazy woman with a gun.

She was aware that it was weird that she found that comforting. She stayed down, crouched beside the seat, her quick fingers deftly undoing the latches on Septimus’ carrying case, moving to touch the metal of the blade within, a tracing of... memory, but that was a long time ago.

She withdrew the sword, carefully, not trying to wield it. The weight was all wrong for her, or... something like that. Sitri actually knew nothing about swords. Once, she’d been able to project one, but that ability was gone now, given up. She knew that Septimus would have heard the latches open, filtering the noise from the background. She tossed the weapon, probably making a thousand sword masters cringe at the mere thought of it.

But a thousand sword masters weren’t here with Septimus Nier. They didn’t know him like she did. He’d catch it.

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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by Deus Mortis » Sat Apr 18, 2020 9:13 pm


Citizens ran past Garrick, huddling in the small area that separates both train carts. Though some of them still remained in the cart, afraid and almost locked in place, the majority of them seemed to get the memo that they needed to move somewhere that wasn’t here.

Why tonight?

The paled man went blow for blow with the now sword-wielding woman, it becoming more and more apparent that the two were very much not regular fighters. Metal twisted and glass shattered between their controlled onslaught, Garrick focusing on making sure none of it reached the fleeing citizens. The display before his very eyes already confirmed that Amadi was no mere human, but there was something about seeing a bullet bounce off her skin that made her threat level skyrocket.

I just wanted a sandwich.

Sitri, the only non-panicking bystander, was throwing around a pretty sensible idea. He wasn’t sure what she meant by holding the doors open but if they could slow down the train enough, it was feasible to get these people off the train. The only problem with that was that they needed to get to the front of the train to do that and by the looks of how the train’s monitors were all hijacked, the conductor wasn’t exactly the one controlling the train anymore. And the state of the rest of the train...well, it didn’t sound all too promising right now.

Past the crowds of civilians, the sounds of fighting came clearly. Steel clashed against steel in the car behind Garrick’s as words of arrest were thrown in the one behind that one. What was going on here was happening in the rest train. It made Garrick question the choice of sending all these people off into the adjacent cars but by now, it was a choice he’d have to commit to. There wasn’t any time to be indecisive. There was only time to act. And act he would.

As hastily as he could, Garrick began taking off his hoodie, holding it by the sleeves once done. His knife was sharp, both at the point and on the sides. Garrick himself was definitely not weak. He’s grown in strength since before the Gauntlet, outclassing some of the fighters he’s known in pure physicality alone. That didn’t change the fact that Amadi was, ah, bulletproof. Could he daze her with some punches to her dome? Maybe. Could he do it better than the bullet-quick, terrifyingly strong Septimus? Probably not.

I hope you’re watching, Volksgeist.

Without waiting another second, Garrick ran forward around Amadi’s peripheral, unaware of whatever psychic trance Septimus was trying to induce on her. His advance was silent, softly padded sneakers and a lack of any real equipment making his movements all the more quieter. He jumped up, kicking off the window to try and land on (the much taller) Amadi’s back. His arms tried to quickly wrap the hoodie around the woman’s head, dexterous hands working mind-numbingly fast to tie a knot to keep in place.

Now, assuming that worked, Garrick went on to ball his hands into fists before slamming them into the sides of each of her ears, seeking to stun the woman for a time. He leaped off of her soon after, the thought of getting grabbed by someone strong enough to send a person nearly flying out a train not exactly attractive to him at the moment. He backed up, positioning himself between Amadi and the civilians. If she wanted to get to them, she’d have him to go through first.

Something told him she probably wouldn’t have a problem with that.

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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by Azra » Sat Apr 18, 2020 10:16 pm

NYC Subway, Last Train Of The Evening

While the monitors played the various fights going on Asuka would put a focus on a few words in particular. While the leader of the cult of metahumans, the clan leader of criminal ninjas wanted the train to see the fight one question hit the hardest. "All we ask of those who want to join, is to accept the offer to be one of us and yourself rather than continue to lean on others. I'm excited to see how far you get though all the same." There was some hope in the civilians sorted in cars from that. They didn't have to do anything just accept an offer.

That said they also were inspired by what seemed to be a recruit. Someone closer to them who was going to see how far they could go as they watched what they could be. Asuka twisted words to appeal her and further down in the car the violin in use by Vocal added a slight up beat to the music flowing through the train. As if a marching theme had sunken into the musical atmosphere.

Car Nine The Fool

So many unique names and personalities were beginning to arive, a colorful cast it made Bob smile. The Fool a simple title for a simple man with a simple name. There was instead of cracking knuckles the harmony of iron against more, it was quite imposing. Sure he could fight, as any Lotus could but he was meat flesh and bone standing before a hand that on its own that likely weighed as much as he did. "Odds do seem against me don't they?" He said with a tip of his hat.

Before he could respond to Total Experience though a young woman stepped up to join the ordeal getting a response from the Lotus leader. Such confidence and fire in someone so young, as well as love. The moment with a artist in the background had a way of standing out. Maybe if he had such fire as a younger man he wouldn't be here, maybe if he showed such affection he wouldn't have gone through a divorce. Such things though were what lead him to being the Fortunate Son of the Lotus now though.

"You drive a hard bargain Mr Experience, that's not a fight I can win. There's a complication in your plan though, a pretty one at that." He couldn't hope to win against the metalic monolith but the martial artist possibly. So he'd let the game play out at least a little more. Taking out the switchblade a quick jab would look to drive the pointy end into the eye of his softer opposition. This would be followed by stepping onto the steps between where two card players sat as he looked to maneuver around the metal man.

He would look to use Total Experience as a defense as he dropped low and swift like a viper would try to deliver a slash to the hamstrings of the teen. He also though, as a thief would look to try and pickpocket any handcuffs Total Experience had. Maybe it would be better to be arrested, probably was to be honest. While there was room to make this a three way fight however he decided to test his luck in trying not to be cuffed later.

Car Eight Nothing

"Counter argument boy, I hadn't threatened anyone until he clearly wanted to fight. I have no intention to harm any of the civilians. And the purpose is to give power to the people." Granted he saw himself as Nothing, as little beyond an instrument. He cared not for the Lotus goals or these people, he simply served. His family had been in the Yakuza for years now it was Lotus. While he may not have approved of the shift it'd have been bad form to turn on what had been tradition. "Honestly a girl needed to work out some anger and so the boss figured help that Lotus out. Maybe break some competition, and of course recruit." Maybe it was more complex then that or maybe not, what's true and what's a lie from no body?

What mattered if anything did was conflict, of strikes passing through the air or finding a home. The blade was unnaturally sharp but it still could be caught. Was also an impressive feet, the crowbar's design was a far cry from a Swordbreaker the kind of blades meant to do that. It took precision, as a strike came for him the automaton began to move. There was a few saving graces to the current instance of violence. Firstly was speed, on par with Orpheus Nothing could respond to the robot's actions better than he otherwise might have. Secondly was positioning to go into such a theatric kick required navigating the tight confines of the train car and gathered people. Thirdly the kick was flashy, so much rotation that while impactful purchased time.

So it was that the Lotus of The Aether ducked, thus the kick went wide and the jab met his brow. A glancing shot that rattled the mind might have even cracked a bit of bone but was tolerable. Now it was his turn, he would bring the blade up in a rising action yanking it free with superhuman swiftness and then the edge designed to find no resistance would luck to cut the extended leg of the machine from the body. To leave it crippled in a singular motion.

In tandem with this the Lotus would move forward. Seeking to position his arm underneath Orpheus' in a bit of a hold. To restrict movement of the arm with weapon in hand. Mostly though this was to get close, a nudge of the chin and the scarf would be down. Seeing himself as nothing he didn't care about fighting dirty hardly did even before being a Lotus. He would seek to bite into the jugular, or lower jaw if the fabric worn looked a more resilient sort. In a grizzly effort to tear open the jugular or jaw in a visceral display.

Car Seven Amadi

There's a melody that lulls many a passenger into a sense of security they were afraid but the music was calming and the Lotus had said they weren't here to harm civilians. However some were more rational and realized that hijacking a train wasn't particularly the motions of the humble zealot. Others as well in the seventh car in particular just couldn't shake the dark influence of the Nosferatu. The presence of fear mixed with the direction of authoritive voices, leading to space opening some as people piled before the door to the eighth car. Or alternatively tried to shuffle into the crowded sixth car.

Metal screams as a blade carves through the flooring of the train. There was a shower of sparks as well as the more electrical arcs spawned from the slash. For a fleeting moment it mirrored the stretch and tear of flesh, the spray of blood a similar look just born of machine. The vampire steps back looking to get some distance, enough so that the strike is something he can survive. She could feel the damage to the bones beneath might not be ending but perhaps it would slow him down. He's thrown back, a cascade of glass and the screech of steel in protest of the blow back.

Rather than an attack though what came was a look. It was a funny thing a simple glance into a black mirror. Not the trap one would expect to fall for. A void to reflect the terror in ones own twisted being however was just what one needed to get an upper hand.

A young woman in her late teens lays at the feet of the shattered lotus, the figure dressed in just a white tank top and black skirt. A simple look but the face beautiful eyes red as the blood so often spilled in this work. More importantly though they were the eyes of a visionary Amadi felt. What kept the Lotus frozen though was the state of the woman. Streams of blood flowed from the bodyguard's fist and Asuka leader of the clan lay dead. Not simply dead but broken to a point of ghastly unrecognition.

The body seemed stretched and deflated, squishy and decimated. The bones had been reduced to a fine powder that was what Amadi did after though, shatter. Turn bones to dust with raw striking power. Greatest fear was predominantly just the idea that she might kill her sister, her leader, her responsibility to safeguard.

This kill that broke her soul though had an audience. The crowd was not tall standing up they only were at her waist or so. They looked up at her with cold eyes. Amadi believed that people were all flawed and corrupt so there was no point in holding much back. That didn't mean however that when she snuffed out flames that had no space to grow it didn't haunt her deep down. When faced with the loss of a light to follow as well those cold dead eyes were a crushing weight.

The sound of a gun echoes throughout the trains. A bullet finds center mass right to the sternum. If she was human the bone would break and rupture her heart. She would fall to her knees reaching her end. Instead there was the soft clatter of the bullet falling to the ground harmless.

Attacks come in and strike below the throat, the blade catches her rebreather some. It helps to stave off some of the potential harm. Blood does spill, it wasn't deep enough to be a killing motion however assisted further by her incredible durablility. She couldn't fight the building pushing Titans and gods but she was a woman only bruised by fifty caliber rounds. The thumb was split open down to the bone and leaving a light stream of vermillion dripping to the floor. The gaze of the monster parted though and then she had time to move or would have.

Grand as her senses and own stealth were from training when ensnared by a fiends eyes the rest of the world falls dark. Just as the gaze let up a man was upon her back and shrouding her vision. Blows rained down on her ears and while they didn't phase her physically it made the surroundings muted. Between the screams from gunfire and music from a car further down the coverage and blows had her deaf and blind. A knife begins to cut skin and instead the lotus looks to push it deeper let it sink into the muscle as she launched an offensive. With explosive force she shot her knee upwards seeking to break the knife knife and hit the hand with enough power to turn it likely into unrecognizable flesh. Her left hand angled to thrust her sword between the ribs. Looking to perforate a lung. Then should it manage to sneak into flesh at all she would look to rip the weapon free. In a motion designed to try and split a foe partially in two separate halfs. Amadi's right hand didn't have good control of her sword anymore with the open thumb, edge alignment was off. So she would seek to stretch and lean into an upward slash intended to open Nova up from toned stomach to jugular. The Lotus couldn't get the most from her swing but someone who used conventional firearms, that was prey Amadi figured she could handle with her strength and speed alone.

With efforts made on her two initial foes done in the short span of time all her grandiose speed and might allowed she then looked to leap back and up before the man mounting her could break free. The action intending to slam him into the train so hard he'd be thrown out the train into the streets below. "Sorry not a fan of that position." For all her efforts at banter though it showed in her grip just how angry she was. The kind of thoughts that lingered in her head were haunting, and the only outlet she could conceive was making new corpses to replace what she otherwise dreaded seeing.

Car Six Baba Yaga

A blonde stands in the center of the train car patiently awaiting her turn. She missed the boys, Hiro and Hanzo would have loved this. Would have also broken up the format some, she could see it now Twitter lighting up how so many were women in the clan. Didn't matter two of there's were dead just what simple articles could be written to fill mundane lives. Give it time and it wasn't the whispers of the cult, just wondering was that jacket Amadi wore as fashionable as the super suit placed on a metalic man.

"Relax won't even be fighting in the car" the Russian remarked to the passengers. "Smells like teen spirit." It was very hard to know if that was a pun or not her deadpan delivery made the Gila Monster difficult to read. She moves to a window and with a punch a cool breeze rushes into the train car. She waits for a moment, makes sure the movement about to come wouldn't crush her. Then knowing it was clear she dived out the window.

Hands grip the window frame and the woman flows onto the roof of the car landing in a low stance predatory eyes looking at the masked hero before her. "Names Baba Yaga which spider are you? Swear there's like four of you guys and at least one girl." She taunted in thick Russian before launching into a series of attacks.

With a supernatural swiftness she closed the distance and then leaped. As the Baba Yaga fell a flurry of kicks would look to travel down her opponent's body. To connect with elbow, ribs, hip, knee and ankle. Her leg flowing back then forward as if it was more machine gun fire then flow of the body. The kicks of Baba Yaga could dent metals with ease and snap bone like twigs. The attack wasn't just here though, but that the train was passing under a sign. Good likelihood ones head would slam into something at fifty five miles per hour if not careful. The Gila Monster wasn't the only threat to a spider but also just the setting they chose as a stage.

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