藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by Total Experience » Sun Apr 19, 2020 10:37 pm

The tinny sound of a violin emanated through the car, played over the speakers from some other location. This was being treated like a game, obviously by people who thought they were above "normal" people. That was a boon to Experience; odds were they would underestimate a man of good will, such as himself, in the same way they would the average citizen. Their dismissing him as a mere superhero, or blindly optimistic, was a fast track to their defeat. The man before him had acknowledged that he'd been cornered...

...when a stroke of good luck spared him from arrest.

The girl whose hand that casually collided with his chest stepped forward lackadaisically, suggesting he go run some slots. She was here for the fight.

"Good grief."

The possibly self-absorbed girl was, unfortunately, now between him and the slippery trickster, prompting irritation to flash across his reflective features. Of course, it was good to give others the benefit of the doubt; she might just be an amateur with good intentions. Even so, he wasn't about to let someone walk all over him - especially when there was a crisis at hand. He'd have been more forgiving were the situation not so serious.

"If you want to reenact Mortal Kombat, do it on your own time, when others aren't in danger," he said flatly, stepping forward along with her with his handcuffs drawn in one hand - though hardly for her, as his gaze was still firmly fixed on the Fool.

Experience knew that even one of his half-powered punches to a normal person's head could kill them. So, in order to subdue more fragile folk, he'd practiced an array of special maneuvers for weeks on end, all culminating in a fluid battle style that he could easily adapt based on the fighting strength of his enemies. For someone who had yet to display unusual durability, like the knife-wielder he'd confronted just now, he instead moved to react to him -

- hopefully using his own momentum against him. In that sense, he would not be violently striking the gambler, but allowing him to run headlong into one of his arms, possibly knocking himself out in the process. Even as his fingers laced around the handcuffs -

- He's fast, Experience thought -

- there was still a strong chance the Fool's skull was about to smack into a suddenly-repositioned steel bicep.
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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by Orpheus » Tue Apr 21, 2020 1:16 pm

With the sort of deft movement one expected from a ninja, Nothing managed to lock the Midnight Monster in place, before sinking his teeth into Orpheus' neck. The assassin broke flesh, but as if on reflex, Orpheus teleported out of his grasp, moving a few feet down the car in the process. He pressed his free hand to the wound, staunching the flow of blood. Though he'd been cut, his reaction had been fast enough to prevent the vein from being cut.

"Did you just... bite me?"

The Man in Black flashed his signature sardonic smile. Through biofeedback, he was capable of manually controlling bodily processes that were normally automatic. He made the blood clot, and started the process of healing his injury. Without a true healing factor, it would still take time for him to recover fully, but given a couple of minutes, the neck wound would seal itself back up.

"Kinky. My safe-word is monomolecular."

From his position several yards away from the ninja, Orpheus launched a flying kick forward- before teleporting mid-kick, intending to reappear mere inches from the man, and catch him in the face with his boot.

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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by HighVoltage » Tue Apr 21, 2020 7:30 pm

Lily's eyes darted between the man to her left and the man in front of her, polar opposites. As the metal one, Mr. Experience, spoke up, Lily turned towards him, a flash of annoyance in her eyes and a smirk on her lips. "I'm more of a Street Fighter girl myself. And nobody's in danger, unless they choose to be; like me." Turning back to the old man, Lily put one hand on top of the other, resting her chin upon them and leaning forward, seemingly suspended on nothing. Slowly, a translucent blue bo staff materialized under her hands, revealing itself to be what propped her up. She grinned at the old man as he called her a 'complication'.


"That's what I do best, complicate things. Like Chrome Dome's plan over here to, presumably, arrest you and the rest of the gang. Can't say I'm a fan."

As soon as the last words left her lips, her eyes registered a glint of metal as the geezer moved faster than she'd expected, looking to drive the blade into her eye. Her instincts kicked in, impossibly fast in the short distance between them. Lily jerked her head to the side, the blade barely missing it's target. She felt the cold steel against her cheek instantly followed by a crimson heat as the blade cut a gash into her cheek. Her eyes locked onto the man as he bounded around the Metallic Dickhead, seeing the knife lash out again, she stepped into motion. Her hands flew to positions on the bo staff, the product of years of training. The staff moved quickly, striking his wrist enough to knock the blade off course.

She darted away from the man, using her momentum to bring the other end of the staff around to crack him in the head. Unfortunately, her attack stopped when she felt the jarring sensation of staff colliding with something, as the clang of metal being struck reached her ears. The staff had missed its intended target, instead being unintentionally intercepted by the Steel Shitheel. Lily realized the space was too cramped to use the staff effectively. "MotherFUCKER." She swore, punctuating the second part of the word with a loud crack as the staff was broken over her knee. The staff split neatly into two perfect halves, which Lily looked at, confused. While the breaking was expected, the hot pink neon glow along the breaks that left trails in the air was not.

Looking up, she made eye contact with Kira who gave her a wink. Lily tossed one staff in the air and blew a kiss in her direction, which Kira caught and pretended to stuff into her sketchbook. Lily grinned as she adopted a new stance with her new escrima sticks, swinging them one after the other in a downward motion, directly targeting the old man's head.
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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by Lord of Nothing » Tue Apr 21, 2020 10:46 pm

The scent of fresh blood, sinking into the skin. Another strike would be necessary, there. Another sank into the hand.


The woman reacted instinctively, her knee smashing into Septimus' hand mid strike. The knife flew from Septimus' hand and embed in the ceiling of the train, poking out through the roof. His eyes watched in slow motion as the blade came for him. And he looked up, seeing the woman's next target already in the others. Common sense told him to side step the sword and get out of the way as he saw the bullet bounce off fruitlessly.

His hand smashes into the side of the blade, altering it's course ever so slightly away from the heart.


The sound of the sword punching through flesh was heard. He did not bleed profusely but his blood did the blade. It's color a dark red and texture thick and viscous, his body seemingly greedy when it came to allowing the man to bleed profusely. Particularly when blood did not flow throughout his body as it more so was simply burnt when called upon. Both hands found a place along the blade's shaft and through a combination of strength and toughness, he locked himself to the blade.

The motion to rip the blade up and slice him in half failed. And instead he was lifted into the air. And his eyes sharply turned to the woman.

"Mwoagh oguwah wah." He tried to speak, apparently trying to say something urgent. But his lungs had flooded with blood. His expression souring into something of annoyance and frustration. Anger flooding his face as he scowled and thrust his hand out of into the wall. Metal crumbling in his grip as he sought to slow the woman's advance and movement down by gripping into the wall. With one hand on the sword to keep himself in place and the other dragging through the wall, he perhaps at least lend impede her mobility and make her attack less effective.

Sitri what are you-

The sword was tossed into the air and all thought ceased in favor of trained instinct. And his eyes focused on it as it span through the air. The vampire let go of the wall and blade stopped, an inch away from impaling his eye socket. His hands ensnaring the sword with his vice like grip along it's own blade. There was no point in attempting to speak with his blood, but he was thankful to have the sword even if he was holding it backwards.

Thank you.

The sword flips in his hand for a small part of a heartbeat into a proper grip. And he lets go. Gravity brings him down to slide along the shaft of the blade. With one hand, he thrusts the Darksteel blade well made enough as to pierce the skull of a titan and with the strength to drive such a sword through a castle wall. And with the other, he steered and aimed the blade to thrust itself through her body. The hardest place with which to dodge.

With his feet along the ground, he did not stop. Even upon success, his fist wound up. And from only a short distance away, he would launch an uppercut enough to break the neck of an elephant, crumpling bone in a fist shape dent onto the point and bring it crashing to the ground. The hunter in him knew that impalement of most parts of the body were far from the end of his kind or the likes of those metahumans who easily recuperated from such things.

Something told him she required her vital organs more than he did his own.

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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by illirica » Wed Apr 22, 2020 4:02 pm

The fight was heating up, more and more people rushing to get involved. It would have been so easy to-

Easy to what? To rush in with them and get in the way? Get a limb taken off by a blade she didn’t see coming? Sitri had enough problems without adding a missing limb to the mix. Sure, Assurance had advanced prosthetics - they’d showcased those with that Martins kid, hadn’t they? But as much as some things were available, Sitri just felt like they weren’t her.

There was probably a way to fix her eyes, too. Shove a space-age needle up in there, connect her brain directly to the matrix. A lot of things were possible, and yet her disgust at the idea was visceral. She’d spent most of her life with something attached to her soul, the last thing she needed was something permanently attached to her body, as a replacement.

Demonic prosthetics. Now there was an idea. The high notes of metal on metal echoed through the crushed air, here and there tempered by the drumbeat of a weapon on flesh, a resounding thud in languorous counterpoint to the staccato sharpness of weapons in conflict. The questionable air had burst with a freshness as the window went out, and the wind rushing through the gap stirred her hair against her face, flicking at the glass shards on the floor like incapable tendrils, nudging aside and dropping yet again.

Sitri touched her fingertips to the ground, resting them in the grime of the city and trying not to think too hard about all the various substances she knew lined the floor of public transportation. She could feel the movements in the vibrations, closer, closer, farther away. Footsteps, a dance in time with the music of the combat. It called to her, and part of her wanted nothing more than to join.

Once, she would have. Once, and again. Over and over, unstoppable. People were scared. She could taste their fear, vibrant beneath the bouquet of shed blood and the intensity of the killing desire.

God, she missed it.

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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by Reyn » Thu Apr 23, 2020 9:00 pm

"Ah. Bulletproof. That's a new one."

A new one? Not exactly. Unfamiliar, maybe, but Nova had been hired to kill bulletproof folks a couple of times before. Wanna know the difference, though? She was told those guys were bulletproof before she took the job, and she was given flat nothing for this one. God- it was shit like this that made her demand 50% up front. She was gonna have some strong fucking words with her client when this was all over, for sure.

Anyway, her little quip went down about as well as she had expected- no change, no results, no reaction. Fantastic. It came as no surprise, then, that Amadi took a couple seconds out of her busy schedule to deal a targeted attack at Nova.

She dodged to the side, using the handrails to swing herself onto a row of seats to avoid the blade, but it wasn't a clean evasion. Amadi had torn through Nova's face, creating a deep gash down her right cheek that sprayed glowing pink blood across the carriage wall. Nicely dodged, she told herself. Maybe avoid the whole attack next time.

Her back seemed to be pretty covered, though. As much as she wanted the bounty, it was becoming ever more likely that these two guys were gonna kill her before she even got the chance to try a second hit. So... what should she do? She didn't want to just rush in, risking injury from friendly fire (well, more like friendly stabbing), but she wasn't going to just give up, was she? Was she?

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Kick Back To Reality

Post by Fill » Sun Apr 26, 2020 9:06 pm

NYC Subway Train Roof

The hairs on the back of his neck stood up.

Not a good sign.

The smashing of glass was briefly heard over the movement of the train before his sixth sense began to intensify in its warning of danger. Leaning slightly to the side to check out the commotion as he put his phone back into his hand, his eyes narrowed in anticipation.

The last thing Arachno expected was anyone else was stupid enough to climb out onto the roof along with him. If anything, he expected someone would horror movie-style bust their hand through the roof and drag him inside or, in this case, threaten to throw someone out of the car.

However, all expectations were shattered. It was like something straight out of a movie, and he had enough movie knowledge to know that the hero often got his behind handed to him by the woman working for the bad guys. Everything was going splendidly. Now, he had movie tropes fighting against him. What's next? She was going to insult him? Do a monologue atop the train before thrashing him? Or maybe even flirt with him? Although he highly doubted the last one.

"Names Baba Yaga which spider are you? Swear there's like four of you guys and at least one girl."

She chose the first, and little did she know she had chosen death. No one made fun of his schtick.

"What's that? Baby Yoda, was it?" he mocked shouted before he resumed speaking, "Anyway, screw you. I'm Arach-! Ouf!"

His sixth sense warned him of an oncoming attack, but the Scarlet Satirist had been trying to distract her with half-decent wordplay so he could figure out his footing as he tried to stand up. It was not like he had a lot of experience fighting atop trains, and it was another reason why he had preferred to crawl rather than full-on sprint across the train. Nevermind the fact, he had only three limbs to work with as he still had his phone in hand.

Another attack and another. Each kept hitting its mark in the onslaught.

"911. What's your emegenc-."


Sensation had been just a video celebrity whose career ended faster than a speeding ticket. Guy had been a complete tool, and where was he now? Nowhere, that's what.


Daddy Long Legs had a heroic career as consistent as cold oatmeal, and that was before the bombing and criminal charges. Running around scot free with no repercussions.


The spider-girl was a killer, and no one cared to question that. Spider-Sane was a fanboy turned hero, and there could be a personality joke made about him somewhere.


And this chick compared him to the rest of them because of a simple motif and similar color scheme? As if he wanted to be Arachno-Man. As if he did not want to be home right now in the arms of his family. As if he wanted any of these powers to begin with. Obviously, he had not set the tone of this encounter. That was his bad. Now it was time to make sure everyone understood that this spider here was an entirely different breed of hero.

For God's sake, he bought this dollar store costume from some store down in Millenium. Was she serious about him wearing this travesty to simple color theory?


Maybe he would enlighten her when the pain subsided a bit.


Rolling several times before slamming to a halt against the cool metal of the train's roof, his skull and body reverberated against the metal as he began to feel bruises forming across his body. He gasped before groaning in slight pain. If not for his ability to stick to virtually anything, he would have kept rolled into the hole in the final car.

"Hello? Can you hear me? What's your emergency?"

Getting my butt handed to me.

Flying into the distance was his phone as it slipped from his hands. His body shot itself up into a sitting position as he turned his head behind him.


There was no way he was losing his phone over this train hijacking!

A simple flick of the wrist and a double-tap of the fingers to the web-spinner saw to it that a strand of webbing flew and caught his device. His senses were flying into overdrive. The phone. The woman trying to kill him. Calling the police. The big sign coming up to squish them all into oblivion.

Wait? Sign? SIGN!

Whoever she was, she had been able to hurt him enough to send him on his back and make his body sore without breaking her limbs. That meant she had strength and durability, which meant he could pull this off without hurting her and saving both their lives. Maybe even win this fight, but he had to work fast.

Whatever follow up attack she had coming for him, he already had a plan in mind. A fraction of a plan, but it was better than nothing. Doing nothing would only get him more bruises. A quick tug on the web-line brought his phone back to his hand before leaping up and onto his feet once more.

"This is your concerned citizen speaking! Hnngh!" he pushed through the slight pain across his body before running towards his female combatant, "There's a train hijacking by metahumans. Track my phone. Get help."

Removing the phone from his ear, his other hand fired off a wide net of webbing towards his adversary as he came at a full-spring. The primary attack was nothing more than a distraction as he stretched out his arm to grab hold of whatever he could find purchase on, appearing to be nothing more than a scarlet and azure blur to the naked eye.


If he could find any purchase, an arm, a leg, a piece of her weird suit, even if it meant suffering another kick or punch, his legs would instantly snap forward and upward before both would sail over the sign. At least, that was the plan.

What was he doing?

Trying to save both their lives. Moral codes were such a pain.

God help him.

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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by Deus Mortis » Mon Apr 27, 2020 2:12 pm

Black polyester fabric wrapped around the towering Lotus clan member, Garrick akin to a fly on the woman’s back. He was no stranger to facing taller opponents, long since becoming accustomed to the difference in natural power and range. If he could close the distance, their attacks dropped in effectiveness, each inch closer another bit of strength taken from their normal attack. Such was the case against most unpowered, opponents. Against metahumans though?



Blood ran down Valeria’s back, larger pieces of embedded glasses sticking from his skin, their reflective surfaces stained red. The skin on his right leg and thigh would be bruised by the end of the night, ripples of trauma running down his body at being slammed through a window. The side and back of his hoodie was now ripped in certain areas, the clothing slowly falling onto the passenger seats and metal ground as if undisturbed by the chaos around him.

The woman had just tried to slam him into the wall like he was some kind of insect. The only thing that saved him from a line of cracked ribs or bruised spine were his reflexes and nearly inhuman agility, the plain-clothed man leaping towards the window like an acrobat. Though the glass against his skin was not good, it certainly beat being squished by a meta with super strength while a guy with a sword was trying to shishkebab her.

I’m...taking...a taxi.

Sitri was still, in stark contrast to the rest of the civilians, sitting down watching the fight without a care in the world. The gun in her hand was not in use however, just as Nova Cain’s wasn’t. Meant he didn’t need to worry about getting caught in their crossfire, for now. Septimus was…

"Mwoagh oguwah wah."

That. He was that.

The sound of a blade piercing flesh met Garrick’s eyes with utter clarity. The smell of…something not blood permeated the air, its very scent unique. The rush of this viscous liquid into Septimus’ lungs gave rise to a greater fire to burn within Garrick’s veins.

Blade’s bigger than a knife. His speech is slurred and his lungs are filling with blood. Likely collapsed.

He needed to do something before someone else got hurt.

Hanging off the side of the train, Garrick pulled himself over the edge, causing some of the glass in his side and back to fall. His hand rushed down to the folding knife in his pocket, bringing the blade out with a quick and quiet flick. The woman was as reliant of her senses as any other person, the ear clap showing that her anatomy was at least similar as well. If that much was true, there wasn’t anything stupid about thinking her sense of pain was similar too.

Unless that’s one of her meta abilities.

Well, he’d cross that bridge if he got there. Unless he gets squashed against a wall.

Septimus’ rising and now better armed figure coming from ahead of Amadi registered as little more than a momentary observation. Any emotion or thought he may have had about it was repressed as quickly as it came, his mind focused solely on his own action. Garrick simply adjusted the manner in which he jumped towards Amadi, body positioned to avoid Septimus’ attack. Garrick himself pushed his knife forward, blade tip poised to stab into the side of Amadi’s left ear. The mere act of shoving a Q-tip too deep into your ear canal prompts an immediate flare of pain. To have a blade shoved in instead could only be described as an agonizing explosion that could overwhelm the mind should the victim have a lesser mental resilience. Even if the knife didn’t penetrate anything, Garrick would be content having it just stun the woman if even for a moment as he kicked off of the wall to dive to the side, staying clear of both Amadi and Septimus’ way.

Coincidentally, he ended up near Sitri and Nova. From the latter came another unique blood scent. There was something in it that reminded him of the cold, unfeeling machinery aboard the Empyrean or of any of Teja’s tinkering projects he’d come across whenever he went to speak to her. Apart from the odd scent, there was also the whole...oh, I don’t know, glowing, pink aspect of her blood that got his attention. He didn’t say anything about it considering there was a vampire fighting a tall, beefy ninja on a train just a few feet away but...he’d certainly think about it later. Hopefully over a perfect sandwich just...wait. No.

Did we pass the-

Shit. They passed by 45th two minutes ago.

Gods damn it.

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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by Azra » Tue Apr 28, 2020 12:56 am

NYC Subway, Last Train Of The Evening

"Lana moved to the roof." Vocal remarked under her playing of the violin the whisper reaching out to the clandestine leader of the Lotus faction. Haruka, smiled at the fact was so much unpredictability to these things. The competition colorful, recruits many and the settings so mirrored yet instantly coming into their own.

"I'm afraid the spider v lizard match might not make it all on camera. On the plus side maybe that means the rest of you could skip a car. Provided you want to save the day instead of just fight." Granted she wasn't so sure her own could win, this was all so very in line with the ways of Hisa and Bob more then her. "Might also become difficult to follow what happens in car eight." As the monitors showed the use of teleportation, which would quite drastically change how the fight went.

Car Nine The Fool

Bob found the knife while not taking an eye was stained red but he had to keep moving. He ducked under just barely missing the wall that was a metal arm the first go. His free hand though not using the knife was to high up though. A loud thud as it impacted the metal and bruised. If he had to guess there may have even been a fracture, sure he was trained, that didn't mean it was wise to slap ones hand against unmoving metal. "Are they in danger though? Miss there stop sucks but is it harmful? All while should they chose they'll be given power." The Fool had been so like them, human and bound to all those limitations. Now though he had a power and the ability to fight for himself, he was still so predominantly human in what his body could do. Power made his life better though, envious as he was of the given couple even, he now thought he might have a chance with someone again should he dare make such a gamble. He had been a mess but the Lotus gave him confidence and purpose.

His other attack was stopped by a whack, the hand ached his grip tightened on the switch blade, we'll all but the pinky. The impact while not breaking his hand did dislocate the finger it turned out. And then not for the first time today he got lucky, where another metal bicep may have got in the way an attack got in the way of such. The same metal frame sparring the fortunate son of being whacked across the head. In anger the weapon was broken, but also glowed evidently thanks to the partner. Didn't look to add danger to the situation but it did boost aesthetics so props there. The gambling fiend did like places known for neon signs after all.

His stance was low it didn't lend itself to dodging, being to the tight confides of one train wall and a metal muscular wall further didn't help. So he tipped his hat and raised his injured arm. The stick collided with the forarm, the limb flailing with pain. Within the motion the Fool just after being struck would look to push his hand away closer to the left train wall. Which should additionally direct the martial artist's weapon aside some should he be so lucky. An effort to give him space. His head would move to a tilt so that the follow up strike hit his shoulder instead.

Then came the attack the tipping of that hat and tilt to avoid a blow to the head meant his fashionable hat would fall from his crown. His right foot would look to kick said headwear at the pretty face of his opposition. A distraction as his more confident uninjured knife holding hand would thrust toward the woman. Seeking to dive the switchblade into her gut, he really didn't know if he could take them both on. One was more an opstical though then enemy. Given this a mind known for bet's and schemes was already trying to conceive ways he might be able to use that to his advantage.

Car Eight Nothing

Nothing didn't know how things played out for the automaton he faced, even did however know that the fight he had tonight just got a lot more interesting. As the midnight opposition teleported away from the nameless slayer, Nothing he had a love hate with teleportation. It was useful for sure but he considered it tied to the uptight umbrella packing Lotus further in the train. He never wanted to count on someone better suited as a maid for travel, he did however know in a fight nothing made him deadlier. Teleportation made an opponent able to move almost instantaneously and the nameless slayer only wanted one power.

To match the movement speed of his enemies.

Not as strong as them or as durable, just to be as fast. He felt it in his veins, the way his muscles burned. "I did, I fight morals off. And play without a safe word." A run came at him and then a teleportation, and by all logical accounts it should have made his nose cave in. Instead he moved just as fast, the next few motions seemed limited enough to not turn the air into some bomb. That said the winds were horrendous, a powerful gust would flow through the car before and after this one. All of car would rattle and shake as the horrific winds tore through the space, harmless but a breeze that pushed people back some.

The sword made to find no resistance would look to at incomprehensible speeds separate the extended limb at the knee. The speed Nothing had allowing him to flow into another attack with perpetual simplicity. His rising arm and body flowing to then bring the blade down in a motion that looked to cleave the teleporter in two. He liked the idea of keeping his attacks controlled and with a sense of flow. Never wishing to over extend, but then when your murderous attacks were transpiring in the fractions within a second how many moves did one need.

Car Seven Amadi

The knife is set free, finding purchase in the ceiling. Something to keep in mind perhaps the Shattered Lotus told herself but not wanting to over think on it with everything else that was to transpire. She could feel it in her hand, the way the blade faught her grip. She could hear it, the wet sound of ripping flesh and dripping blood, wasn't as much as usual though. Figured the vampire wasn't so likely to bleed out, was an interesting and new experience though. Shame she couldn't see it given her provided head gear. Her violence was faught as the vampire was lifted up.

From her other hand she could feel the distinct vibrations of traveling through a body. That slight weight added to the blade from blood. She could tell though it wasn't a cut deep enough to matter. Which was also a shame as that likely meant a rather hot scar for a bad ass, but she couldn't see it. All thanks to the man who had gone out the window, lot of glass and a enemy likely in a decent amount of pain. The people like her, the people like these charming idiots who fought her they were to resilient to stop from aching bones and glass laced backs though. The vampire said something, but it wasn't exactly words.

"Oh it's a sword in the lung not a ball gag come on now." Amadi mused in response to the sounds, she still wanted to kill the damned vampire for what his eyes could do alone. She did find charm though in the fight, faced with so many foes of the Lotus. So many possible threats of Asuka for Amadi to tear down. A sword was caught, a heavy thing through the air and slap against a hand were the tells. Changing the direction of the sword buys Amadi some time, corners to tight to use her own swords. So with a Herculean strength one is thrown towards Nova. The rattle of railings faintly heard, softer squeak of the seat these told of a position.

At a speed almost more like a bullet the sword looked to lance into the hit woman and pin her to a wall. No new attack came yet but that didn't mean the chance should be provided. She heard the back attacker returning, but couldn't tell what he had planned. Seemed obvious was something but it was so quiet and carefully done it matched the Lotus' stealthy ways. She figured an attack would come though and looked to angle her body away from what was coming. Between that and the covered head aim would be thrown off.

The knife found the mask cutting a strap and sinking into her gums. The Lotus had skin like a tank, she was a physical monster but internally wasn't so resilient. He retreated from Amadi and Septimus, and she let go of her sword inside the vampire to better respond to what was coming. A sword fit for hacking into someone like her thrusted into her shoulder, her previous response in the small moment by moment combat to defend against Garrick would lead the blade to shoulder over center mass. The blade beginning to slide into her but being halted by her own hands clasping the weapon. Keeping it from punching through her back, though blood was already flowing profusely staining the white jacket of hers. She braced for what came next.

From the left of the blade and the right her hands would push away and to a side. Not looking to redirect the weapon but rather with the kind of strength that could dent tanks she sought to snap the blade. A pushing and twisting motion in opposite directions looking to break it in half. She angled her head down to take the hit coming in as well. The rebreather she wore already would take most the blow shattering from the force. Although it didn't so much scatter as collect in the hoodie tied around Amadi's head. Teeth were set free from the punch a cough of blood staining apart of the headgear but she tanked the hit and more importantly his strong grip and hers was now also meeting a horrific force directing Amadi up. Adding one more means of steel twisting and breaking potential against the weapon.

In any case though it brought her up and smacking against the top of the train car was inconsequential to her. While her one good hand wanted to still clutch the sword broken or not the other was free. It also didn't quite need the thumb as much to handle the more smaller sized instrument of a knife. She would pull it free and in a ice pick grip look to begin a flurry of downward swings. Intending to plunge the knife repeatedly into the skull of Septimus.

Car Six Baba Yaga

That was offensive, she wasn't nearly as cute as Baby Yoda, which yes Lana had seen. It was mostly on the plane ride awhile back when flying from Russia to Duskburg. Was a wolf her country wanted her to kill but flights took time. That didn't matter to fights on top of a train though. Neither did names, Arachno was enough was time to let the kicks reign upon the red and blue clad hero. Which surprisingly a lot of her kicks landed, sure she was quite good but she didn't expect it to go so well either. "I thought your kind was good at dodging." Baba Yaga joked, although her delivery was quite deadpan in nature.

And amongst the barrage a phone was sent to the air. Quickly caught though, better reaction speed saving his phone than his ass it would seem. Lana knew of the sign coming up, she could smell it. Well to be more exact she could smell the sneakers hanging off the sign. Some student likely harassing another in such a way. Her lithe frame moved to avoid the webbing and she readied to duck under the sign. She might not have been so fortunate ad to evade the action if he meant to attack her with it but it had just been a cover.

She also didn't mind someone getting into close range. A hand grabbing at that particular suit of hers. She didn't mind being pulled up either, but then in the air the Gila monster had some additional freedom of movement. The body would twist upwards. Looking to coil her legs around the arm and shoulder of the spider. Then using Imperial Martial Arts style Alligator the Baba Yaga would look to twist her body not unlike the death roll of such a beast. Her body could adhere to surfaces as well, and with the admittedly much exposed legs it meant her grip spanned a even greater surface area. She would twist her body and with speed strength and the adhesive trait look to break, twist, and rip the arm into a useless ugly mess.

With this flow of movement also came a punch. A simple closed gloved fist seeming to race for the masked eyes of the hero. Her punches were not natural though for starters a strange sort of telekinetic component seemed to apply to them. Despite her arm only physically able to reach across her table she was able to grab something from across the room. Even if dodged there was a chance a sort of telkenetic punch would hit. Lastly though was that her gloves were what she liked to call Mortar. Where her fist, real or abstract landed the blow went off with explosive force. Her punches were like mortar artillery shells going off. Exploding with a visceral ferocity.

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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

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You are a predator. You are all predators.

He needed little of his own unnatural instinct to discern this fact, for it was something with which all too familiar with. It was too easy to understand. Logical. The woman's desire to attack the others was evident in the little twitches her body made. But he sought to never give her the chance to harm the others who had intervened. Nor those innocent bystanders who stood packed at the opposing ends of the train, gazing on in helplessness and terror. Wishing nothing to do with the savagery which took place in the center. And mixed in with that fear was a silent envy of it. A desire to have any capability to act. Such was what the Lotus wanted. To prey on the insecurities of those who sought power to take control of their lives.

The man coordinated his attack well, and the woman is forced to choose between attacks. His sword sinks into her body, stopped by her vice like grip. And with her bare hands, she sought to deform the darksteel blade with force that could dent a tank. A vehicle with armor that could take dozens of rocket-propelled grenades. Something which could be beset by an onslaught of assault rifle fire for days on end with nary a scratch. A condensed piece of metal and armor which weighed more than many houses and could withstand.

Her grip however did nothing to deform the thin piece of metal forged from ancient methods. While many swords would have bent tremendous, the blade remained as unyielding as a gemstone forged within the crushing bowls of the earth. Septimus tried to shove the blade in but regardless of the blade's sharpness -- she allowed it no further purchase. And so he was forced to let it go.


His fist colliding with her face. It was a sound akin to a fist colliding with a heavy bag with the magnitude of a gunshot. Admittedly, the man finding satisfaction in the way the strike landed and the slow motion sight of teeth falling out from the little gaps in the hoodie. Accompanied by the denting of steel as the Dark-skinned woman's head dinged against the ceiling of the train.Eyes however did little to lose focus as he watched her reach upward.

Opportunity. She gripped the handle of his knife. And he gripped the handle of the sword mid-air. A twist of the sword from a point of superior leverage and he would jerk her wrist. And with the twist of his hips, the entirety of Septimus' body would oppose the woman's thumb. The blade would be wrenched from her grip. And whether or not the saw like motion of her blade would take off her thumb depended on whether or not she let it go.

The cutting of metal and human shriek.

The blade had cut into the wall of the train cleanly for the lesser metal to stop it's travel. Instead, it stopped upon flesh of someone standing near by, eyes hardly able to process the blade's presence. The Vampire's long, elf-like ears twitch, discerning that the person standing was a young man. The blade wedged in his flesh enough to break the skin and slice into the muscle within his leg -- sparing the bone in his chin. The smell of innocent blood permeating the air. The boy was not the one to shriek. More so he stood in shock. A tug upon the blade and it was stuck. The surrounding steel of the train gradually remembering some vague semblance of it's shape and folding in to hold the sword he was too slow to withdraw.

It's stuck.

The boy took one step back, watching in paralyzed terror at what not even a moment after.


A wet sound accompanied the knife stabbing into his skull. More screaming as the crowd frantically shovels the teenage boy to the back of the train and further away from the action. Again and again. The blade enters his skull. The Vampire's eyes begin to twitch. And soon lose any amount of coherent focus. He feels his eyes begin to twitch uncontrollably in his skull. And soon his head accompanies, as though he were having a standing seizure. His face twitched at such a rate that it could not be seen except for those brief moments of the knife going into his head and his head was held in place for a split -- each consecutive impact serving to add to a dent in his skull that only increased in size.

Who are you? Where am I?

SHLIK He blinks erratically. SHLIK His jaw becomes slack, mouth hanging agape. SHLIK A twitching just below the cheekbone as his eyes roll up to his head. His world plunged into a familiar and all too comfortable darkness. There was no pain. No sorrow. No joy. A faint feeling in shuddering of his legs. One which could easily be given up. And he could simply fall to the floor. Let her think him dead. And what way would she have to tell of the life if he remained still.

I have been here before. Why ever did I leave?

A faint image of some people. Some things he does not recognize.

Not yet. There is still something for me elsewhere. Not. Here.

Another plunge of the knife into his head and most all manner of conscious and deliberate which sat on the surface of the mind ceased. Only that which was deeper within remained. Rhythm of strikes.


The blade stabs into his hand, a loud slap echoing through the train as it stops in the palm. His own fingers curling around her fist.
"HSSSSSSSSSssssssss" A wet, gargley noise emanates out of his gaping maws. There a split second reaction as all the screams are hushed and they stand paralyzed for a single moment before moving once again. In this moment is however an odd clarity among the crowd as most all of them freeze for a moment.

The lower jaw splitting into two mandibles well equipped for holding struggling prey in place -- drool dripping to the ground. As though a reminder of the grisly fate that had awaited many of those who fell to the Pale Man before his days in Assurance. A sickening crack of his bones as the holes in his head had begun to seal themselves and the dents began to regenerate. Yet his wounds did not fully heal. And the limited blood was channeled to helping other attributes.

His hand leaves her own in whir of motion as his sword is brought fluidly to bear with vampirific speed and human-honed skill. Another strike within the flurry would result in her arm striking the edge of his blade.

His raised his knee to his chest, leaned forward, rotated his hips and launched his knee forward in an explosive -- spear like movement. A strike hard enough to shove a jagged, person sized boulder skirting back a few paces with a notable crack at the point of impact.

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