藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by illirica » Wed Apr 29, 2020 3:42 pm

The sounds of battle were chaotic, uncontrolled, too difficult to interpret properly. Once, Sitri had been able to do such things. The demon had helped her, or something had. Now she could only rely on herself, and she had learned long ago that she wasn’t particularly reliable. Whatever was happening, it was brutal, punctuated by the sharp scent of blood, or of other fluids.

Emotions were tense, hunting, hurting, focused on death or dismemberment, survival or severance. At the end of it all, though, there was one that vibrated, undercutting the rest with a ferocity that was too certain of itself to be human.

The waking of the beast.

Septimus was buried, whatever semblance of self he had gone or destroyed, and there was only this thing of hunger that remained, ancient and timeless, the horror that stalked men and brought houses to ruin. The predator in search of prey.

The entire train was full of prey. Uncertain civilians, terrified in their tracks over what they’d woken this night. The beast would devour them all, and Septimus’ soul with them. All his restraint, all his caution, all his control, gone in a singular bloody festival.

There was still a part of her that thought that sounded like fun... but no. Septimus understood her in a way that most other people didn’t. He knew about what it was like to be a monster. He knew about what it was to control one - and if he couldn’t control it himself, then someone was going to have to tame it for him.

He’d do the same for her, she thought, and probably less reluctantly. Sitri sighed, and unzipped.

Assurance’s jackets were pretty protective, after all. She walked cautiously towards the action, not exactly wanting to get impaled by one of the swords swinging around - it’d sure be a rush, but... no, not right now. She owed Septimus a favor, here, she’d have to get herself impaled later.

“Hey.” Her voice was soft, but unsubtle. “Yeah, you. You know me.” Move in, closer. Talking helped. She wasn’t as good with the echoes as she had once been - there was no way she was going to dodge an attack, but she could avoid walking into anyone. She could get to Septimus easily enough.

Her hand rested on his back. It was covered in blood, and there was a sword in it - neither of which was her fault. Sitri stepped forward, onto the blade. Ow.

It hadn’t gone all that deep, but it was enough to pierce flesh, drawing bright red blood at her sternum. Baiting the monster, maybe. Probably one of the worst decisions she’d made in a while, but life would have been boring if she bothered thinking everything through.

“Come on then. This is implied consent, you creepy weirdo.” His, more so than hers. Hers was active, his was a passive thing, that of the unconscious man consenting to have his life saved. Sitri was all too aware that life was not the right term here, but she was going to do it anyway. Septimus-himself seemed out to lunch, but she could focus the beast’s attentions on her before it started thinking about murdering everyone else in the train.

Who was she kidding? It was already thinking about that. She was just trying to be more convenient.

Hopefully he came back to himself and figured out what she was doing, or this was going to be a shorter ride than she’d wanted it to be.

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Worst Train Ride Ever

Post by Fill » Fri May 01, 2020 9:18 pm

Your Regularly Scheduled Buttwhooping


He did it.

He actually did it.

Soaring over the sign, the vigilante cried his lungs out. Being airborne was his terrain and he had managed to grab hold of his opponent, which meant the spider-guy had this in the bag, right?

Wrong. So wrong he was.

"Get. Off. Of. Me!"

The chick in green was trying to rip his arm off!

At least, that was what his sixth sense was warning him of what would happen next if he did nothing about it!

A few moments were the difference between a world of pain and making out this situation relatively intact. Panic began to seep as the world around him slowed down. Accelerating his reaction time, adrenaline became the lifeblood for his escape.

There was a new plan. Well, part of a plan. Better than nothing after all.


Certain species of spider contained the innate ability to repel objects instead of attract to them, case in point the waterstrider spider, able to repel water and stay afloat. Hydrophobic was the term.

Reggie had a similar ability he discovered during his rigorous testing of his abilities, but found out it was far more potent. Not only was he able to repel water, but also anything else he desired. It also made it simpler for him to not get stuck on his own webbing.

A throbbing pain and soreness emanated from his arm, wrist, and shoulder.

Owowowow. Owie. Get your arm out!

Slipping his arm out from her grasp, Arachno-Man prepared to return the favor and deliver a few of his own grievances.

With interest.

Danger! Move!

Too bad for him, Baba Yaga had other plans.

With no time to think and moving on its own, his arm whipped out and fired off a strand of webbing as he yanked himself to the side as he remained airborne.

Too little, too late.

Searing pain slammed into his mind as the telekinetic mortar explosion clipped the side of his body, sending him flying away from the train and into the side of a passing building before hitting the pavement. Breathing became a nightmare of a task as he struggled to get a single breath in and even more to get one out.

Even getting up was a chore as his entire body felt stiff with pain. No point in trying to get up. Just keep sucking the life-giving air around him.

The surprise attack worked. All that effort had been for nothing, if it could even be called an effort, to try and stop the train. A second of hesitation and overconfidence had costed him. Looking up, he noticed something else was broken besides half of his body and will.

Dammit. My phone. My parents are going to kill me.

And one of his web-spinners were broken from the impact as well. Smooth.

Give up. There was nothing else he could do. The train was getting away, and it was clear he was outmatched. How many more surprise tricks did she have? All the work he put into controlling his abilities, and it was for nothing. Any measly sum of combat prowess he could bring to the table, she would outmatch him tenfold.

What was the point? Might as well head home and let the pros solve this.

All he had to do was go home and pass out in his bed. Arachno-Man was not a police officer. Not even a hero.

Just a bad joke.

God, I just want to go home.

Lifting himself up onto one knee and firing a singular strand of webbing onto the back of the train, the arachnid stayed put as the line began to become more taut. At the last moment, he released himself from the ground's embrace.

And flew forward.

Firing another stand of webbing, the webslinger gave a solid tug as he zipped back onto the train with the remaining strength he had left. His mask tattered and fluttering to reveal his neck and the bottom of his mouth and chin. With half of his torso devoid of his store-bought costume, the right-side of his chest was revealed to be a bloody and bruised mess.

"*Cough* Round *cough* two, mean green," he began to swap out a cartridge in his web-spinner before standing on the train. Just had to keep his legs spread out and keep his center of gravity low, steadying himself as he prepped for a full-blown sprint.

Time to save the day.

If he could not beat her or reach the front of the train through a straight up fight, then he had to switch tactics. Get a backup plan up just in case. Firing off a series of webbing in her general direction as he began to charge at her again, the silk superhero needed all his combatant's attention on him as he kept firing in what appeared to be a haphazard manner towards her figure with the intent to keep her on her toes.

The spider was planning on Baba Yaga dodging each and every strand of webbing, and it was exactly what he wanted. Even more so, he wanted all of her explosive punches and kicks to be focused on him on he got closer.

Because this time he had a full plan, and it was going to work.

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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by Deus Mortis » Sun May 03, 2020 2:56 am

Red streams trailed down from the tip of Garrick’s blade.

Steel found purchase with human gums, blood drawn in confirmation of the damage done. The smell alone satisfied him.

The mouth had not been what Garrick was aiming for when he went to stab Amadi. Truthfully, he was hoping he’d be able to stick the blade into her ear canal and stun her, maybe even kill her. He wasn’t looking to end her life with that attack but he wasn’t going to lose sleep over it. This woman was not only a threat to everyone around but she was connected to those raising hell in the other train carts. Speaking of which...if they were all as strong as her, this was either going to a very long night or it was going to be a short one.

Fortunately for him, Amadi wasn’t trying to kill him. At least, not yet. Unfortunately she was trying to kill everyone else.

Got to do something before-

Before it was too late.

He was too late to stop what happened to Septimus, too far to help give him a chance.


Unless he had high end regeneration. That man was dead. Their best fighter was gone, leaving him with a knife, a bounty hunter with a gun, and a blind woman with a gun against a ninja with skin tough enough to tank .50 caliber bullets. The odds...were not in their favor.


His thoughts trailed back to the Academy, back to when The Dragon had been removed from the battlefield. Mana was hurt from the combination Jackal landed on her, Liam dealing with Shadow Cat. Things looked bleak back then, just like they did now. One of the reasons he was even drawing breath right now was because of a miracle. A blessing bestowed upon him by the Spirit of Conflict.

The knife raised once more

He clenched his hand, closing his eyes as he switched to an immediate state of focus.

Come on...come on…

He felt the embers spark, heat rising from the middle of his forearm. His veins slowly filled with a golden glow.



And then it was gone.

What...the fuck?

There was only a brief, brief moment in which Garrick was able to stare upon the sight that was Septimus. He was alive, contrary to what most medical doctors would have believed. Three stab wounds into his brain and he only hissed out in response, jaw opened in a monstrous fashion as if it were a set of mandibles. His pale skin remained unchanged, fitting for a man Garrick thought was dead. The sounds of his bones cracking back into place were as audible to him as they were disturbing. Though he wasn’t afraid, he was definitely...uneasy.

And then, he was gone.

Like a fired bullet, Septimus blew across the distance between him and Amadi, the attacks delivered too fast for the average eye to follow. Garrick simply stared for a moment, blinking hard before exhaling a short sigh.


I...am okay with this.

He turned away from the fight and hurried over towards Nova.

Though a part of him might have been surprised by the turn of events, the more battle-hardened side of him had either processed or was in the middle of processing the information he’s gathered.

Septimus was someone with higher-end regenerative properties, high enough that he was able to come back from having his skull skewered thrice. He boasted superhuman physical feats and his sword was durable by the looks of how much trouble Amadi was having trying to break it. Unlike the situation at the Academy, Septimus came right back to continue fighting. Their heavy hitter was still here.

Garrick felt confident in the Pale Man’s skills and abilities. At the least, he’d be able to keep Amadi busy as Garrick checked up on the bounty hunter. Considering the attack she’d been targeted with earlier, he wanted to make sure she was okay.

”Hey,” He’d say, stopping once he was about a few feet away from the pink-blooded mercenary. He lowered his voice as he spoke, not wanting the ninja to overhear what he was about to say. ”You good enough to stand?”

If the woman needed help getting up or a shoulder to lean on, he would be there ready to give her some aid.

”I got you if you aren’t. Don’t worry.”

He remembered noting this woman had a gun, though since Amadi proved to be bulletproof, Nova went ahead and put it away. Maybe that’d change with what he was about to tell her.

”That woman there, I managed to get close enough to stab her in the mouth. Drew some blood when I did that.” He quickly showed her his knife, a flash more than a lengthy presentation. ”I think she might be softer on the inside than her skin is on the outside. If we’re lucky, a bullet might be able to get through her eyes or mouth.”

The implication was clear: He wanted her to try and shoot Amadi in the eyes and mouth.

Though he wasn’t quite sure about how vulnerable the spots he wanted Nova to hit her in, they had a little bit of wiggle room to find out. Septimus’ revival made sure of that.

”I’ll try and keep you covered if she comes here. If you have some other plan, I’ll back you up on that too. Not like we have a lot of options, right?” He gave Nova a small smile, a little bit of humor in his eyes. If he died here next to a bounty hunter with pink, neon blood while on his way to get a damn sandwich, so be it. He was too tired to care at this point.

All he wanted was a sandwich and a nap.

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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by HighVoltage » Mon May 04, 2020 8:05 am

Lily smirked as she felt a bit of give when the staff cracked against the hand. As she swung the sticks downward, she saw the old man bring his arm up and tip his hat to her. A sign of respect? A concession of defeat? Whatever it was, it gave her enough pause that her first hit didn't have as much weight behind it as before, crashing against the forearm and seemingly sliding off to the side in pain. As the second stick slammed into his shoulder instead of the intended target, she realized her mistake. The bastard was smarter than she expected.

It almost happened in slow motion. As the escrima stick made connection with the old man's shoulder, he slumped forward, almost in defeat. The hat tumbled forward and off his head. She realized too late that his leg was almost mimicking her strike, sweeping up and around as it caught the falling hat and launched it forward, directly into her face. Just before the cloth blinded her, she saw him shifting his weight forward and bring the knife upward. Panicking, she realized she couldn't bring her arms back. The escrima sticks faded from existence. Her momentum was still carrying her forward and down, almost helping him drive the knife into her stomach.


The knife drove in with a sickening sound, burying itself all the way to the hilt. Lily let out a strangled cry of agony as the pain surged through her, forcing her to squeeze her eyes shut. As she forced them open, she let out a small sigh of relief. Just in time. Because crimson wasn't soaking the front of her, and the knife wasn't embedded in her gut. Instead, it was buried hilt-deep into a pair of crossed, translucent blue arms emerging just below her regular ones, the same blue as the escrima sticks she had been holding. The arms shifted, the hands adjusting themselves so they wrapped around the man's wrist, holding the knife in place. Lily's gaze shifted from the knife, following his arm and up his body until they locked directly with his. Adrenaline coursed through her veins. Her breathing shifted, the once calm and controlled rising and falling growing heavier, faster, and more erratic. She let out an adrenaline-fueled scream of anguish as she drew her right arm back and sent it flying towards the old man's face.

And again.

And again.

And again.
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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by Orpheus » Mon May 04, 2020 9:52 pm

The ninja evaded Orpheus' attempted attack, and moved to amputate the limb. The Black Beast had been victim of enough nonconsensual surgeries to know that this was one he didn't need. Just as the blade bit into his flesh, he vanished again, scowling. With his pain receptors deadened, the annoyance was more the fact that his outfit had been damaged than that there was a gash open in his leg.

See, it's one thing to talk about fighting without regard to morals. It's another to actually do it.

The second swing came from above, attempting to cut the Midnight Monster in two. Instead of parrying it, Orpheus teleported again- this time appearing in the air above Nothing. His intent was to take advantage of his opponent's motion, which would have left the back of his head exposed. Calling upon all of his enhanced strength, he swung his crowbar.

The Man in Black had a very specific target in mind. He was aiming for the base of the ninja's skull, where his brain connected to the spine. If he hit dead-on, it would likely leave the man permanently paralyzed.

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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by Total Experience » Wed May 06, 2020 8:45 pm

When she turned to speak to him, he said nothing in return, preferring to focus on The Fool and not feed whatever manic spree she was on any further. It was common for a young metahuman - which she clearly was - to amount to nothing more than amateur brawlers, the kind that scared ordinary people and made his job all the harder. Often, it was a symptom of some kind of parental neglect. He didn't like to psychoanalyze, but the more unstable types usually lacked role models in their lives...sometimes as a result of their volatile abilities.

Chrome Dome.

He did smile at that one. It was perhaps the thirtieth time that one had been lobbed his way.

There was little time for banter. The old man was on the offensive.


From the look of it, The Fool had busted up his little finger when his knife glanced off of Experience's rapidly re-positioned arm, the offensive block itself enough to hurt the criminal highjacker. The man's slick speed had been turned against him, but as his fortune would have it, he didn't lose his whole hand.


Turning one eye on the careless combatant at his side, he registered from her frustrated outburst that the hit had been an accident. Oh, the luxuries of never having to care about consequences. How put-upon he was! He shook his head. If he wanted to be a sincerely helpful person, he couldn't get sanctimonious. Better to lead with action, and not words. He was intrigued by her talent, which appeared to be the ability to generate weaponry...

The Fool, meanwhile, had charged again. Total Experience's positioning was still off...he couldn't quite wrap himself around her and block him, not that she'd have welcomed such a move anyway. Hoisting her from his path would only result in her buzzing about him like a fly, and he preferred not to inflict physical harm on anyone that didn't deserve it. There were entire essays written on how superheroes who cared about responsibility ought to deal with those thrill-seeking neutral types, and there was really no satisfying answer.

Better just end this.

One advantage of holding back, and presenting yourself as a pacifist, was that most fragile foes didn't expect a full-strength assault. After all, it'd be quite harsh for him to deploy anything short of a light push...

He shrugged. There were other people at risk, and this was just the first car he'd boarded.

"Well, you asked for it, old man."

There was only the sound of rushing air, and a blur from the Iron Titan.

In a flash, each finger on his metal hand curled. Twisting his body, Experience launched a silver strike at The Fool's face, one that could easily catapult him the length of the train car. It was a measured blow, not aimed at killing, but inordinately strong, the kind that could instantly concuss the unsuspecting. He sure loved to talk, but in a second, if the rapid attack landed, he'd hardly have any teeth left.
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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by Azra » Mon May 11, 2020 3:43 am

NYC Subway, Last Train Of The Evening

"Let me get her out of there." Natasha spoke, the umbrella themed flower felt tethered to Vocal and saw much of that same connection with Amadi and the leader of the cult of ninja's. Granted she didn't think Amadi wanted to with Asuka, what Natasha wanted with Cadence but still it was a bond there.

"Give her a bit more then go." The leader spoke before going back more to the intercom. "And just like that the pacifist goes for violence. Meanwhile two people look half dead, and one fight is hard to perceive. For what? A bunch of lotus hating thugs and some civilians to not make a choice for themselves? Is this fight even worth it to you?" She commented continuing to twist the perceptions of things. It was without a doubt hijacking a train Asuka mused but they weren't the ones to instigate violence. They were reacting to the assaults sent there way, it was ideal for twisting the minds of others into being coaxed on which side to favor. Granted some views were likely opposed to joining seeing all the brutality, others though saw what they could be or flaws in their protection.

Car Nine End of A Fool

Bob had been a simple man of simple shitty life troubles before being a Lotus but even just through his vices he felt like he had seen much of what the world had to offer. More and more the super powered side of the world was dripping into the everyday. This though was rather new, his NIve being in a arm but not. The limbs seemed as if staring at a ghost translucent and a vibrant blue. Yet he could see the expression of pain could feel the familiar sinking of the blade in something. And while the Fool considered himself often a lucky man now that he was a Lotus there was fortunate and then improbable.

He did not think himself such a defiler of the odds to be able to stab ghosts. The mind tried to piece it together of what was happening but that meant pause. His brief stupor lead him to being wide open for the surplus of punches that came his way. He tried to back up, make space and defend himself. This lead to bumping into a metal torso though, one black eye a failed block and his nose breaks. A fumble and his lip is busted open and then he drifts into unconsciousness, perhaps though this was not just the woman's skill though. Maybe it was also luck.

For the shining figure behind the Fool had thrown a punch. Heavy and as strong as it was his neck snapped forward before the gambler was rocketed towards the door. The strike was measured yes but there wasn't the space in a train for to much movement. The figures' face crashed through the window, lucky enough to be out cold so he didn't feel the glass shards digging into his skin and the numerous fractures in his bones. He was done though, laying on the floor non combative. Question was now just wou he be left there or taken with as the door opened to car eight.

Car Eight Nothing

From the car the two from nine could now enter came winds like a hurricane the crowd wanting to stick tightly to their seats and not get close to the gale force. Nothing was a fighter who adapted to speeds against him, teleportation was almost instant. His abilities helped measure the horrific abilities such could be, all the same it meant that the shinobi was almost imperceptive when it came to motion. His first cut draws blood but makes it no further the slash upwards is missed as the man vanishes, look for ques on which flank the enemy was to take. Glass and iron tells the Lotus that it was from above.

Continue the slash upwards to move into a block the broadside of the blade helping to catch the downward swing. A duck helped keep it to just a tap to Nothing's scalp. Block and ducking making a bruise out of what should have been so much worse. "What are you when the tricks aren't enough?" With that the Lotus would thrust down before swaying into a more controlled slash, seeking not to just turn to face the opponent but make that as well an attack.

Being behind Nothing with sword high it was easy to bring it into going over the Lotus shoulder and looking to dig into the guts. Easy to flow with that motion into a turn which would seek to guide the sword down to try and sever the superhuman's legs. This also came though with some repositioning, to a point where the crowd was a bit thicker, making it so no hope of coming from the side would work.

The gimp's pattern was to teleport away and try and use unexpected angles. So Nothing would look to make sure it was reappearing in front or back. So that with his own speed to match the teleporting travel the Lotus could look to sink his impossibly sharp blade into the reemerging target with a forward or backwards thrust of the instrument of death.

Car Seven Amadi's last stretch

As one fight concludes and the other is soon to get reinforcements in its mind numbing haste the next brawl over is coming to its head. Amadi could not tell if her sword throw managed to find its way into the gunslinger. She knew it wouldn't have hit civilians if it missed but in all the noise and chaos the only other thing the Shattered Lotus knew was that the quick footed civilian garbed hero was close to the gunslinger. Focusing on that was taxing though when the sword she was trying to break resisted long enough to be pulled free and out her shoulder.

This meant the left arm of hers was not much but strands of muscle trying to hold onto the limb as the bones were broken. It was nearly severed from her body, looking about as apealing as the mangled face of the vampire who'd repeatedly been stabbed in the head. The decorations the fight left on the train car a genuine sight of horror in all its dripping and scarlet puddled glory. They weren't really attacking her though in that instant to much time on recovery than defeating the enemy, but not her not Amadi.

She had been born and raised for instances like this. The sights Septimus had shown her channeled as well a rage to keep going. Instead she was already back on the assault, it'd leave arcs of red flowing about the place but with all the strength Amadi had she twisted herself to whip her nearly off arm toward the woman who dared to get close. It wasn't as good as a fist but with any luck it would toss the woman aside quite possibly smashing a hole into the train car. This motion was accompanied by her good arm redirecting the knife once yanked from the vampire's hand that had stopped its downward thrusts. In a throw that had the weapon moving as fast as a bullet Amadi sought to feed iron to the man who just wanted a sandwich tonight. To obliterate jaw and tongue before sinking into the back of the throat.

Now down to just her fist it was this that would look to drive into the monstrous tongue and mandibles of the hungry vampire. Seeking to hammer into the opening again and again with blows that could dent tanks and might rattle the car they were in. Concluding in a effort to grab the prehensile tongue and pull it out with a visceral tear. "Where do you even store this thing?" She didn't have a good view of it with her head currently covered but other senses helped her no it was quite a long and distinct thing. Doing this though left her stomach open to the knee based strike of the vampire. A white unzipped hoodie and barely anything else worn was hardly protection. So it jabbed into her and she could feel the stress already building on her rib cage. She could take a lot to many blows like that though and she might be done for. All the more reason to stick to her aggressive methods, try and finish things up quickly.

Car Six Baba Yaga

For all the chaos inside the train there was as well just as much outside. In the very air above the cars visible to onlookers below and those looking out the office windows they peered out of during their late shifts was a brawl rarely seen. Webs having helped the spider hero move around while the dexterous Russian twisted her body into a hold on the arm. More motion but a unique ability of the spider allows him to pul free as well leaving two separate figures in the air before a punch goes out. It's a wide thing seeming to miss the mark done out of more reflex at first.

Then though the night sky was met with the sound f cannon fire and a bright flash. A few of the lights close by in the city flicker out mistaking the brightness for daytime. A office window closest to the two fighting bursts into a shower of glass shards scattering into the office or onto the streets. A gauntlet and glove covered hand reaches out for the train and pulls. The motion only seems to have air for the Lotus to grab onto, and yet Baba Yaga's reach was much farther and sure enough she lands back on the train ready to continue.

Wasn't a tunnel or signs to get in the way for awhile from what she had seen leading her to for a moment to be standing rather than in her more often low stances. Although if she had to be honest the current prey was much better at landing post aerial maneuvers. This was made up for though by looks, Lana knowing she was still in good shape compared to the half scorched mess before her. He was ready for round two though it would seem which was commendable. "For what it's worth, I thought this would be a boring job disrupting my hunt, you're proving to be fun though."

Although she wasn't one for much conversation but the hunting of prey, webs began to come at her but in a way that seemed all to able to dodge. He was trying to lay a foundation for something or a trap, she'd hardly be the prolific predator she was raised as if she fell for it. So rather she looked to catch the webbing, take it into her hand with a firm grip instead of letting it pass by. Taking such webs she would then pull slight superhuman strength and speed looking to assist in snapping the spider toward her as she also launched herself towards him.

Her body twisting into a kick, Pestel the armament like shin guards and boots she wore aiding in the power behind the motion. Full on seeking to collapse the head in with enough force to knock in most doors. The motion lending itself to her fist reaching out, something that once more should have been aimless. With her explosive reach though it meant she was actually looking to hit the knee with a blow to match military ordnance.

She'd drop to the train car continuing in a final motion. With a simple sweeping kick seeking to crash into her opponents ankles should he still be standing. Intent on breaking the bones and making sure no other landings would be better than her own.

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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by Lord of Nothing » Tue May 12, 2020 8:18 am

A few passengers shifted. Some grunting angrily and others confused as the woman makes her way through people packed in tight as sardines and trying to stay far away from this fight. Those not too busy trying to survive watched in dumbfounded awe as Sitri approached the pair of superhuman fighting in the center of the train, the others trailing along on the outskirts. Most were too confused to say anything. Others assume that somebody would actually do something about this. A few remember that the woman seemed to know what she was talking. And most people just didn't have the slightest clue as to what was going on.

"W-What the fuck is she doing?"

"I don't know. Walking?"


Sitri. You're...there.

They spoke too late as soon the woman was already behind the vampire after he had delivered his knee. Quite literally moving into the sword with a soft "Ow." Drawn to the scent of a particularly enigmatic tasting blood which smelled of what the beast fundamentally desired -- it whipped around towards the woman. The rather tall monster --who stood a few inches above even the woman of steel -- staring down at the little spot of blood.

If there was any notion of understanding or acknowledgement of what Sitri had said, it was not visibly or audibly present.

An ear twitched and Sitri would feel herself hugged towards Septimus, her sides pressed against his as the hit meant for her was received by him that would have likely turned her into a bug on the windshield. The world became a blur as he felt himself smashing into the side of the train. He part dents the metal and bounces off it landing on his back with Sitri on top of him. Uncaring for the safety of other allies in favor of what was in front of him.

Conveniently, landing on his back caused the blade in chest to push up. And thus made it easier to pull out and discard it. In this state, it healed almost immediately. A much cleaner stab wound delivered by a sharp compared to the simultaneous series of vicious stabbings and the smashing on his skull.

It then turned over hovering atop Sitri as it pinned her to the ground and did not allow her to escape it. Eyes gaze upon her. Hungry as it usually is. A beast which has spent much of it's time starved and depraved of the nourishment that an elder vampire truly warrants. Always stuck in a state of perpetual hunger.


And yet he gazed upon her and saw something unlike many of the things it had encountered in the past. Alive. A value in one who does so approach the monster willing and offer such food. Something which can be replenished. She was his regenerating slab of meat. And not something to be killed without it's permission. To kill her would be like unto destroying the property of a lord.

As the woman engaged those who were his allies, the beast gazed only at Sitri with ravenous indifference. Yet with the twitching of it's ears, ever aware. And then it's tendril extended out. And he drooled all over her. The tendril then crawled draped in through her now exposed collar. Slithering inside of her clothing until it reached the spot of blood and then it licked it. The saliva sealing up her wound quickly.

WHIRT. A blade flew through the air overhead. Cracking like a gunshot.

The tendril quickly retracted into his mouth -- hovering for a split second before it injected itself into the jugular vein onto the neck. A far more bountiful source of blood than the previously thought. A small needle injecting into her neck. Oddly careful to not inhibit breathing and the cut quite literally so microscopic it was barely felt before the all too familiar pleasure flooded in. And blood was drawn out.

"Ew....Ew ew ew ew ew!"

"That's disgusting oh my god!"

Thankfully, he puked outside the train.

As it drained her of a dizzying amount. A pint and some change. His eyes returned to their blue palour. Some type of consciousness returning to them. His mouth remained the same. Limply hanging from the window before rapidly pulling himself back into the scene.

He stood up and shoved Sitri in the crowd. Blood splattering as bone breaks and then immediately reforms along with parts of the vampire's brain. The first punch of many more to be endured, landing against him like a much colder version of an explosion. However Septimus did not make himself for an easy target.

He stood, holding his ground, back to the crowd. Not willing to give an inch for them. In an open field or on top of the train things would be different. And the freedom of movement made for better use of his abilities. But in a constrained environment with a sword was less than favorable.


Fist collided with with the flat end steel like a hammer forging a blade. One hand on the hilt. The other braced against the other hand of the blade. His bones cracked under the strain of the impact. Bone had begun to just out of his elbows. And with a growl he re-aligned it. Bones jutted out of the forearm. His knees buckling. His eyes narrowing as he just seems to take it. Yet his eyes narrow and ever prepared. It wouldn't be hard to step out of the way. But the fact of the matter was that the safety of the civilians would not be guaranteed.

Soon the bone seemed to stop healing. Blades peaked out the elbow.

The fist finally lands a shot in the mandibles that she so very much craved into his jaw and it promptly bit down with strength that would burst a man's head like a watermelon. And injecting a venom of a completely variety than the one located in the comparatively much gentler tendril. Rows of sharp like teeth would rake across from flesh and make it a prime candidate for the paralyzing venom the teeth in it's maws produced in ample dosage in something that could turn night armor into confetti.

From the mouth however, the tendril is drawn with the intention to rip it out. However she pulls. And more comes out. It fails to become taught enough to be ripped out.

Immediately Septimus shoots forward, thrusting his sword enough to propel him into a strike. Like a SABOT the sword to enter her abdomen and go through her stomach with all the vigor previously stated and then some. The empowerment given by recently blood known. Such an impalement would result in him lifting off the ground and then nailing her to the ceiling. Holding her with his sword in a display that would cause blood to drip onto the ground.

Regardless of whether or not his feint worked, he spoke. Briefly.

"It stretches and compressed itself quite a bit. It is made from my esophagus."

A straightforward and truthful answer. A courtesy to one who'd so much blood in the air.

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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by illirica » Wed May 20, 2020 1:11 am

People certainly did have opinions, didn't they?

Well, it wasn't anything Sitri hadn't heard before, and it wasn't anything that she'd never applied to herself, either. Just because she didn't look like a monster on the outside didn't mean that she had never had any monstrous tendencies. She knew the taste of blood as well as he did, didn't she? Even if she'd given up the desire, she hadn't given up the memory.

A prick at the side of her neck - a moment of pain, and then a moment of bliss. Euphoria, and nothing else mattered. The train and its occupants and its violence were all far away, somewhere else, something happening to someone else. All that mattered was the moment, the focus, the fixation. The train might have been far away, but it seemed to be spinning, an unbalanced sensation in her inner ear. She stumbled, and he was there to grab her - not to hold her tight, but to push her back.

She fell to the questionable ground, laughing softly, because it didn't matter any more. He was back. Back in his own mind, the beast defeated, ready to take on his enemies again. From here on out, he'd take care of things. She'd done her part. Sitri pulled her legs in, tucking them out of the way, and leaned her head back against the smooth metal of one of the grab-poles.

Some days, it was just good to be alive.

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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by Azra » Thu May 21, 2020 2:20 am

NYC Subway, Last Train Of The Evening

Asuka smiled at the progress being made, a hand went to the controls. The doors on the side of the train would open. A rush of wind filling the train as the breeze flowed in. Though it certainly wasn't slowing down. "These heroes would rather you get off so here is your chance to do as they want. Instead of receiving power to be like them, endanger yourself because of them if you wish. The Lotus isn't here to hurt you." These words would be accompanied though by an increase in music. For it was time for Vocal to likely come into play. In short though the patrons of the particular ride though would come to feel angry. A mix of words and music driving the civilians to be angry at those fighting the clan.

How dare they try and deny civilians of power. How could these heroes want them to leave, risking themselves or staying stagnant? Not everyone would be coaxed and not everyone would be violent. Gradually though fists would ball and feet would stomp. Items might be thrown along with insults at the heroes just making everything worse. And over time as a few lashed out quite possibly more would join in trying to assault the very people meant to protect them. Bob was done, unconscious and awaiting what was to be done with his crumpled body. His foes free to advance into the next car or perhaps to look to go above the cars to skip the turmoil. At any rate car nine was done.Where as in car eight the conflict continued with horrendous winds blowing wrappers on the dirty car floor about as Nothing had become quick enough to contend with his teleporting foe.

Car Seven Conclusion

Time seemed slow, maybe it was the adrenaline maybe it was blood loss. At any rate there really was only so much time between when Amadi began her attacks and a vampire fed. Seconds between consumption and retaliation, a blow meant for another is taken by the vampire. Her strikes find some landing but it's never enough to end the beast. His body can be heard with squelches and cracks as things reform. For all the vampires strength though just raking against Amadi's skin wasn't going to be enough to endanger her. Just because something was durable or sharp didn't mean it would puncture.

For all her striking power put against the blade and into the maw, for all the force she pulled with it didn't do the fiend of the night in. He tried to bite down, and as he did skin would peel. Blood not yet spilling but the strength of the two fighting for supremacy before the Lotus tugged on the tongue/tendril. She moves to the side but it isn't quite enough to avoid the thrust. The sword rips into the side of the Lotus her white jacket turning a mix of red and brown on the left side from all the damage done. Amadi's fist balling up trying to continue to retaliate but the loss of blood from the sword in her and nearly severed arm was getting to much. "That's gross, kinky but gross." The lotus muttered before she drifted into unconsciousness.

"Let me get her out of there."A woman arived though barely a second after. In a flash of sakura hued light a rather short and dainty woman with an umbrella over her shoulder appeared. "Excuse me while I take my friend home. I believe Baba Yaga is on top of the next car over though should you need entertainment." Alternatively behind the group of car seven was Nothing. Natasha would bow, respectful and sweet as she touched Amadi vanishing in that same soft pink light. They knew they might lose members here, however the Umbrella didn't like the notion of the loyal body guard so devout dying in such a way.

Car Five Vocal

She stood out amongst them, skin tight clothing a scarlet sash about her waist. Between mask and hood though most her facial features were concealed besides perhaps violet hair and eyes. She had swords beside her what stood out though more was the violin her hands played with a talent naturally crafted but heightened to something more. Her name was Cadence Kotone and she was hesitant to be here given her business, and desire to be more musician than assassin.

Despite these wants though the siren had a job to do. So she played and as she did the music oozed into the minds of those around her. Sharp pitches and notes sparked anger inside the crowd. High notes and sweeping bridges motivated them to feel they could take on the world. Music was something magical, able to bring people to tears or get someone up and going, it held a sway over people. That hold was then something the sound manipulating musician could use to turn people into her puppets.

There was people in car seven and eight wanting to escape the fight, people in six who were yet to be exposed to violence as it went on above. And there was the people in car five, given the train had been packed this meant there was a number of possible mosh pit having minions. To those approaching the sound ninja there was now a hoard of people to likely fight through. Those very same people they sought to protect from indoctrination turning against them. All the while the ninja Vocal simply poured her heart into the music that flowed through the train sinking into the mind. Who knows maybe it'd even sway the saviors to give way to their more violent urge. To just cut lose against those before them, after all how many had a hypnotic siren as a foe they had to condition themself against.
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