藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by HighVoltage » Thu May 21, 2020 4:13 am

A rush of satisfaction coursed through Lily as her fist connected with flesh, her impacts leaving trophies on the man's body. A black eye, the crunch of a broken nose, the coppery smell as blood coursed down his face, the blood from his nose mixing with that from his lip. The pain of the knife impact was forgotten. This was her element. A sadistic grin spread across her face as she saw the light fade from the man's eyes, his body beginning to go slack.

Then a bright metal fist the size of a trash can lid smashed into the poor fool, launching him the length of the car and smashing him into the door on the other side. A shriek of surprise came from Kira as the body flew past her and shattered glass sprayed over here. Lily leapt into action, pushing past the metal behemoth as she first checked to make sure nothing had hurt her. Then she looked at the Fool, on the ground, glass jutting out of his skin and a few angles in his body that were definitely unnatural. She reached down and put her fingers to his neck, holding her breath as she waited. A faint pulse made itself known and she let out a small sigh of relief. Standing back up, she marched over to Total Experience, glaring up at him.

"What the actual fuck is wrong with you?" She yelled, fire in her eyes. "I had it perfectly under control, then the big strong hero just had to come in and not only complicate everything, but just fucking vaporize this man's bones." She spit on the ground, rubbing the cut on her cheek. "Well the villain has been taken care of. Better make sure he doesn't die. Might ruin your reputation, you stainless steel dickhead." She gestured behind her. "C'mon Kira. Let's go to the next car." Kira gathered her sketching supplies up into her small bag and followed Lily as she shoulder checked Total Experience, sliding open the door and exiting the car, standing on the ledge between Car 9 and Car 8.

As the wind whipped at their clothes and the clattering of the wheels against the tracks filled their ears, Kira reached out and wrapped her arm around Lily's shoulders, an unspoken gesture of comfort. The unrealized tension was released as her shoulders relaxed and a breath was let out. She wrapped an arm around the smaller girl, placing her chin on top of her head. They remained that way for a moment, the world fading around them. Taking a deep breath, Lily pulled away, stepping over the small gap. "Let's see what's in the next car." Glancing inside, Lily couldn't believe her eyes. Two fighters, locked in combat, flying around the car in a deathly dance, teleporting and dashing around so quickly she could barely keep up, even with her advanced vision.

"New plan, up and over." She said, stepping back from the car. Kira looked confused, but nodded hesitantly. Lily wrapped her arms around her, pulling her tight and jumped. The ghostly blue arms that had protected her from the knife appeared again, grasping the lip of the car roof before hoisting herself and the small punk up and over onto the roof. "Oh you've got to be fucking kidding me." she muttered. A few cars ahead, a costumed man slinging webs was fighting another Lotus. On top of the car. Lily had to keep them low. Searching for any handholds she could find, Lily used the arms to keep them on the car as she slowly moved forward. The rocking of the car almost upset her balance a couple times, but she managed to eventually bring them both across Cars 8 and 7 before landing on the platform outside of Car 6. "You okay?" She asked Kira, who hadn't spoke along the entire trip. "Piece of cake." she responded, smoothing out her hair. Lily laughed as they slide into Car 6, finding it empty. They quickly darted through, entering Car 5 and the Lotus that awaited them.

As soon as the door opened, the music washed over them. Kira wrinkled her nose in disgust, definitely not to her taste. Her earbuds quickly went in as she slipped into a seat near the door, her sketchpad out in a flash. Despite not being a fan of violin, Lily couldn't help but appreciate the music. The tune almost seemed to worm into her ears, the melody traveling through her body, causing her to shift onto the balls of her feet. A bo staff appeared in her hand with a flourish, as she used it to gently but firmly push people out of her way as she walked towards the musician, the figure clad in purple with swords planted in the ground, treating the violin as if she had been born with it.

Lily planted her staff on the ground, standing it straight upright as she crossed her arms, about two feet away from the newest Lotus. "Look, I just managed to kick the old guy's ass, I'm trying to get to the front of the car. So either you let us through or this is gonna get real ugly real fast."
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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by Total Experience » Thu May 21, 2020 5:02 pm

Total Experience was as impervious to insult as he was bullets, especially when it was coming from someone who was clearly just here for the violence. While the girl with the ghostly hands made a big show of trying to shame him, he was busy planning the next move. The Fool wasn't going anywhere but a hospital bed. The little shoulder check against him didn't budge him either. He watched them muscle over to the next car, no doubt looking for another thrill.

"Good grief."

The train was out of the tunnel, so he had the option of moving to the front. Whatever was happening here was being controlled from up there.

Experience's metal ears twitched for a second. The music, which had before been playing at a distinct forte, was beginning to crescendo up to fortissimo. As it did so, the formerly-sedated people in the car began to turn angry eyes to him, mouths twisting into scowls; jeers were hurled at him along with some coins, which plinked off his stainless hide.

"Some kind of hypnosis through the music," he realized aloud, narrowing his eyes. Insidious. Well, that settled his new strategy - he'd need to go over the top of the train. He could fight off a hijacker easily enough, but he was adamantly against laying hands on a brainwashed army of passengers.

As the trance-stricken commuters surrounded him in a circle, he crouched low to the ground before springing upwards with a mighty crash, back out the hole he'd dropped in from.

Massive metal feet planted themselves on the roof of the car. It was a straight shot from here to the front.

Sprinting overtop the train, he made a series of short bounds, each more than enough to bridge the gap between cars. Natural athleticism combined with peak ferroform performance allowed him to reach the front car in no time.

Sliding to a halt, he prepared to do the same thing to its roof as he did the back car - reaching through the metal with massive hands of organic titanium, pulling apart the roof before he'd descend in.

"Alright. End of the line."
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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by Reyn » Thu May 21, 2020 9:26 pm

So, there wasn't even a death, huh? What a fucking pain- that meant this whole trip was a bust. Nova scowled, sitting herself down on a seat as any regular commuter would, and took her phone out of her pocket. A strongly-worded email was a little out of her depth at the moment, but she sure as hell could send a mean text.

"Request failed. Next time give me a target I can actually shoot."

Still, just because she was sitting down, didn't mean her guard was down. That monster was still on the train... and, maybe this was her personal bias talking here, but he didn't seem all that with it. He wanted blood. Nova had blood. It was probably not a good idea to give him any- not just because she needed it, but because it had a couple of additives that could cause adverse effects. That's what she was told, anyway. That she should run around with a fucking allergy label on her.

"Shit."She sighed,"I need a drink."
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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by Lord of Nothing » Fri May 22, 2020 11:06 pm

Septimus stared at the woman hoisted up his blade and nailed to the ceiling.

Blood drenched his sword. Dripping to the ground and onto his face as he watched to see what she did. He saw muscles tense for a moment as she spoke. "Indeed." He said his voice permeating one's very bones. Mouth never moving as he said that. He looked on, partially perplexed by the comment belying some vaguely playful notion of oxymoronic acceptance and disgust.

We live in different times.

SHING. The blade is withdrawn from the ceiling. And Septimus looks upon the woman as though she were a skewered fish.

He licked the drops of blood off his face as she relinquished the tendril. Yet it did not retracted. The vampire stared at her still pulsing veins. The smell of death on the woman. A full meal right in front of him.


He lowers the woman puts his boot on her shoulder. With a push, he forces fully shoves her off his sword and sends her sliding back on the ground to the foot of the other crowd. Eagerly the tendril coils along the blade and slides along it -- the blood suck in and sword cleaned in one singular motion. It then proceeds to move to the filthy floor. Leaving no spot untouched as Septimus peers on with blue still conscious and aware, yet sparing few spots on the train. It moved swiftly, strength and speed applying to the limb and giving it an eerie efficiently.

It wasn't too long before the train became a much less gruesome scene despite their battle. He looks upon the woman, ready to engage if need be. And yet she speaks.

"Leave with your life, this day." The vampire stared at the gleeful woman in stark contrast. His own face devoid of amusement. He still breathing and yet bloodied body poised to send a message.

Hearing the woman mutter something about bounty canceled, he looks at the woman who helped him. Having no idea of how much she actually was paid he reached into his pockets and very casually tossed her a neatly folded wad of roughly a thousand dollars. Likely a fraction of what a life was worth. But it was something. Such a small amount of money was inconsequential to one with pockets as deep as he.

"Buy yourself something nice."

With them gone he turned, his mind immediately set upon his original mission. The reason why he was actually here. Others were already fighting. Some had won their battles. He sees two girls moving forward, hearing their footsteps above. Followed by that of something much, much heavier. Many of them already set to get ahead on the other train cars.

"Sitri, are you alright?" He kneeled down. Hovering over her. This car at least seemed safe. But before he even considered moving he had to check on her first and foremost. "I didn't...take too much did I?"

Assurance paid well, but it rarely ever about money. He had accepted the mission, and he wasn't sure he could forgive himself if something happened to her. Not under his watch.
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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by illirica » Fri May 22, 2020 11:43 pm

"You're such a softie."

Weird thing to be saying to someone who'd just impaled a woman, but hey, whatever. Septimus was all concerned, and they couldn't have that. Not when he still had asses to kick or whatever the order of the night was. "Don't worry." She sat up a little, raising her arms and wrapping them around his neck before planting a - perfectly chaste - kiss on his cheek. Maybe things would get less chaste later, but now was probably not the time, hm?

Or maybe it was the time-

No, that's a terrible idea. She laughed softly, figuring he could probably follow her thoughts well enough by now. "I'm fine, babe. Just gonna hang out here and not get into trouble." She let him go, settling back down amicably. There were more Lotus out there, and Septimus Nier was a hunter at heart.

"Go cut some flowers or something." Another great PR comment, and no one there to fully appreciate it. Double meanings and everything. She gave him an amused smile - at least there was someone here who could appreciate her charming wit.

"Bring me a juice box on the way back."

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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by Azra » Sat May 23, 2020 12:53 pm

NYC Subway, Last Train Of The Evening

Car nine was clear the Fool left on the floor. Amadi was taken back to Vocal sounds to recover and be attended to, car Seven was clear. War continued in car Eight and on top of Six though. There was no friction in car seven some reprieve gained as the civilians just didn't want to tussle with the group that had lead to such a visceral battle.

Civilians in car nine and seven would look to shuffle some though into eight looking to throw things at the man fighting Nothing or even join the fight. Leaving car seven could mean going through the Violet crowd in car six to get to Five, going up to fight with the Spider or perhaps going back to aid the man in car Eight. However the swelling music was something for one woman to face in particular.

Car Five Vocal

Cadence smiled at the new audience member though her lips were concealed by a mask. "You triumphed over the Fool, no Lotus is easy but do you really think going through the train would be easier? The dance isn't over so quickly." The woman in violet had a strange way of speaking. Even though they were just words it seemed almost sing song in nature, a ballad to her words even when not singing. It was almost hypnotic to listen to often people found themselves wanting to just relax around her and lower their guard. While Vocal was a siren in her words though her music was the real trap.

A few people from car Six and a good number of the civilians in Five they would find themselves entranced to the playing of the violen and the moods it tried to cast. While Vocal could appreciate the love in the air between a punk and martial artist this wasn't time for a love song.

The martial artist would find herself being bombarded by civilians throwing things. Taking there bags and trying to strike the woman. The car becoming a mosh pit of fists and swings in the unhelpful confines of the train itself. They probably wouldn't be victorious but they sought to batter and bruise the woman, whittle her down in a wave of violence. All the while this played into the hands of the Lotus. The martial artist had already verbally lashed out at one hero and likely now would have to pummel the very people so many heroes looked to protect. The cult of ninjas ever twisting the narrative to try and fit their goals. It didn't end quite there though.

A sharp note played on the violen, a simple play of the strings. With Vocal able to manipulate sound though she looked to make it something special in the martial artist ears. A note so sharp and high in decibels it looked to obliterate eardrums and equalibrium. Rendering most a fumbling mess deaf to the world.

Car One & Two Asuka and Haruka

Asuka got a laugh out of the change in situations, their chrome passenger had gone up and over. He looked to just with a heavy but quick step just go over everyone. She could imagine how annoying that was to Nothing, or disappointing to Hisa who wanted a fight. She could see Amadi feeling like a failure for that happening or Natasha wanting to teleport the guy into a volcano. Or how Lana might want to give a chase, the twin brothers now gone likely would have been furious with the lack of honor in it. Instead though the woman simply looked up to the new arival.

She probably didn't look like much, long hair passing even her tail bone and red eyes of a young Japanese woman likely late teens or early twenties. A white tank top over a black one and a black skirt, it was so surprisingly civilian. The long armored gloves likely the only thing to make her stand out in a crowd. Her build was remarkable though, muscles incredibly defined. "Both of us match" was the first words to come from her. It seemed almost nonsensical likely but then the veins of Asuka began to glow.

It stung some when used on herself, with those few words Asuka and one other Lotus was changed. They would be able to match the physical abilities of the metal foe, to have punches that could dent that metal frame. To have a body that could be simply bruised by his greatest of blows. "You ran past five of us do you really think you'll be our end?" Wirh a force that rattled the train car Asuka launched upwards in a leaping uppercut seeking to find that imaculate jaw line.

Landing on top of the car the leading Lotus would launch into a roundhouse meant to collapse in the temple of most men. Her technique flawless in form. Even worse though was that behind her attacks was all the physical might of Total Experience.

image.jpeg (75.88 KiB) Viewed 126 times
One could call it armor, it didn't exactly mask the honed weapon that was her body but it didn't hug the contours of the body like the other uniform either. A Lotus was trained to count on their body, almost favoring having nothing on or any weapon as the instrument of death was themself. A muted yellow and black was the uniform muted and likely able to blend into most shadows with ease the only thing to really pop at the moment was the glowing silver eyes. Haruka could feel the power flowing through her body, with only a few words the Noir Lotus was on the same playing field as the metal man.

There would be no words or breath as she made her way onto the top of the train, her footsteps were virtually soundless. The ways she moved she didn't so much as have a reflection in the glass windows her movements so carefully measured, a shadow of a ghost to the world. Until it was time to strike like a viper.

The Black Flower would advance forward amongst the attacks of the cult leader, perfectly timed to follow the actions that came before. Stepping in a flurry of punches able to match Total Experience's own would look to bombard the spine. She wasn't sure if organs rested below to rattle but not much moved without their spine.

This was to be followed with a swift hold. Her left leg looking to hook around the metal figures leg and constrict movement as the Lotus sought to execute a rear naked choke. She wasn't sure there was any breath to rob from the man though which was why she put her all into tightening. Seeking not just to strangle but just outright collapse the neck, concentrating all that Herculean strength the man had into a concentrated space. Breaking the man's neck a fully acceptable goal in the eyes of the often merciless flowers of death.

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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by Deus Mortis » Sat May 23, 2020 5:48 pm

A fight he thought would end with the death of at least one ended with not a single corpse. They all stood by the fight's ends, some more worn than the others.

Garrick was going to be honest: he wasn’t ready for today. As a hero, he wasn’t really ever ready for most days but today was different. He was on his way to have a good time after a few months of straight working. If you told him if he was going to end up fighting ninjas on the NYC metro, he would have...probably believed you, honestly. It’s New York City. But damn if he wasn’t going to be pissed off by the news.

Fortunately, he wasn’t alone. There were other, more appropriately equipped heroes and fighters onboard the train. If he could, he’d invite them all out for a late-night bite, but as things were now, this wasn’t over. Not yet. There were still a number of cabins for them to go through before this all ended. That was assuming it did end if they managed to get through this…gauntlet.

He mentally recoiled from the title but any other failed to capture what this was. There were ninjas on the cabins ahead and the ones behind, forcing heroes, vigilantes, and able-bodied citizens to fight for their right to survive. To have called it anything else would have been inaccurate.


He looked around the cabin, looking over at the few civilians still here, then Nova, then Septimus, and finally, Sitri.

...back to it.

Garrick gave Nova a shrug, figuring the two shared some semblance of mutual confusion at the turn of events.

”I think we all need a drink after tonight.” His words were loud enough for the Nosferatsu and Empath to hear. ”If you’re all willing, we should head further up the train.”

He focused on the sounds of fighting for a moment, hearing more up ahead and even up above.

”Whatever this is, it isn’t over. You-” He pointed over at Sitri. You read that correctly. ”-should be safe here, if you decide to hang back.”

While he didn’t want to doubt the woman’s abilities in a fight, she was more than comfortable sitting the last one out on the sidelines. If she didn’t think she was capable, then staying out of the way might prove more useful than getting in their way, assuming it was going to be more than just Garrick moving past everything.

”Just keep that gun on you close. Whoever that teleporting meta was, she might drop her friend back off to flank us.”

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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by Fill » Sat May 23, 2020 10:23 pm

Arachno smirked.

"At least one of us is enjoying themselves. Seriously, I can see why you're still single."

Maybe it was the adrenaline that caused him to blurt it out or the pain throbbing through his upper body and arm or the migraine that started to form, but the sarcastic spider could not stop himself before it was too late. Inwardly, he sighed and shook his head at the lack of better material. Maybe he should start reading a few joke books or watch a few comedic acts. That insult was not exactly up to snuff.

Maybe when he got home.

If he got home.

Now that's a scary thought.

No, he was going home. This was his spring break. He had to win.

Shaking these doubts from his mind as he continued traveling up the train towards his dexterous opponent, Arachno raised an eyebrow as she managed to snag one of his web-lines. Her little tug served to do little as the technological tarantula continued firing off the strand, shifting his wrist so the line would connect to a building. If she bothered to observe behind her, the kickboxing combatant would notice all of his webbing had not only connected with the various cars behind her the roofs and the sides, but also to the various buildings the train was passing by.

His intent was to force the train to slow and even stop, or, at the least, have the engine fail due to the stress of trying to accelerate forward. The webbing itself was stronger than any string cable or kevlar, being based upon the Darwin spider's silk, but with a few scientific improvements, allowing an even greater tensile strength and resistance to wear and tear.

Either way, if the woman decided to focus on taking him out, she would leave the webbing to do it's work. If she focused on trying to remove the web-strands, it would be all the opportunity he needed to get past her and get to the front of the train, allowing him to stop it permanently one way or another.


The adrenaline was definitely kicking into high gear. Time slowed down as he saw the first kick coming forward, aiming to drive itself through his head, at least that's how the sensation along his neck and head were signaling.


Firing another web-line, this time to the train's roof behind her, tugging on it with strength that almost ripped the metal itself. Activating his electrostatic repulsion, he slid at an accelerated speed past her as the kick missed his head by a mere few inches.

Still, dragging himself forward, his sense alerted him to another attack, her fist stretching out to hit him as she refused to let up. Not even a second had passed in this shift of attack. No power would be necessary on her part. Just the invisible explosive force had to hit him like last time.

However, unlike last time, he had a better idea of how to counter.

Change my trajectory.

"You could find better hobbies."

Nearing the end of his slide, the gymnastic jester pushed off the ground, sideflipping away from the direction of the invisible force onto he was back on his feet, the explosive force nicking the side of the train car, but everything appeared alright.

For now, as the gravity of the situation dawned on him.

She could blow up all these cars without a second thought.

Not much further thought was given as the next blow in the series of advances to worsen his physical health, Arachno backflipped further towards the front of the train as his opponent's legs just nicked the bottom of the soles of his feet as he fired a singular wad of webbing to try to get her outstretched leg caught onto the train's roof. He could feel the raw power and speed behind each movement. This woman had training, powers beyond his own, and she could keep up with him. If anything, he was only somewhat faster and stronger than her, which might as well been the only thing keeping him alive considering he was not nearly as fluid in all his transitions, and that was all working in tune with his sixth sense.

No hesitation. She had complete mastery over this domain unlike him, who was still getting his feet wet in fighting atop a train. At least with his backflip, he had put some distance between the two of them them, giving him breathing room for his next plan of attack.

"Music. Dancing. I'd think you'd do great on America's Got Talent. Ever thought of that?"

Firing off several more strands of webbing, this time directed at her face and limbs, intending to distract her as he prepared another cartridge with his damaged arm as the wounds had stopped bleeding from the cuts and scrapes.

"But instead, you hijack this train. Threaten these people. And it's just for fun? For fun?!"

Enough playing around. Enough holding back. There had to be something he could do.


There was. It could work. He just had to keep playing the naive hero. Pretend his focus was still on stopping the train.

"Let's finish this."

Reloading his cartridge, Arachno-Man narrowed his eyes before motioning for her to come forward, inviting her to fight him.


Before turning right around and began running towards the front of the train as he kept firing more webbing to try to slow the train down, aiming at the sides and near the center of the roofs.

All according to plan. Certifiable genius. No one else in the history of heroes had ever thought of this. The good old run away from all your problems tactic. It just could not fail him now!

He was going to die. She was going to shoot him in the back with her long-range abilities and kill him before he even made it to the next car.

Might as well crack another joke before that happened.

"NAHNAHNAH NAH NAH! You can't catch me!" Arachno began to laugh, but whether it was somewhat forced due to the stress of the situation or something else entirely, no one would be able to tell, before he blew raspberries, "Seriously, and you say you can hunt? PFFFFT!"

But at this point, if she did not kill him, someone in one of the other cars would just to shut him up as he made his mad dash forward.

Legs! Don't fail me now!

What a hero he was.

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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by HighVoltage » Sun May 24, 2020 9:35 am

Lily twirled her staff with a flourish as the woman in front of her mentioned her defeat of the old man, apparently called The Fool. As she mentioned the dance not being over, Lily felt the words wash over her. This woman was bad news, and dangerous as hell. Her tone was sweet, but it put Lily on edge, the staff pressed against her arm and doing small circles in the air. Her eyes darted around the car, sizing up the folks who seemed just as on edge as her. As a precaution, she glanced back at Kira and caught her attention, pointing to her ear, then up. She got the hint and gave Lily a thumbs-up as she cranked her music so loud that Lily could faintly hear it mixing in with the violin.

Then the music changed.

As if a switch had been flipped, the music turned itself around. The tempo quickened, the highs and lows became steeper, and the agitated people suddenly lurched out of their seats. Their eyes were filled with a sudden rage, an anger, a need to take out this aggression that had been bottled up inside them seemingly for ages. And their eyes locked on one person: Lily.

The sea of people filling the car began moving at once. Lily dropped low in anticipation, her heart rate skyrocketing as adrenaline began coursing through her. Small objects were thrown first: coins, makeup, phones even. These were easy enough to dodge or ignore, until the crowd decided to start becoming more hands-on with their approach. The swarm moved towards her, pulling improvised weapons from God knows where. Knives, knuckles, purses, keys, canes. All were to be used in an effort to bring the vigilante down. The tide broke, the onslaught came. A man with a knife charged her, screaming at the top of his lungs. A quick jab to the stomach and upward strike with the staff sent him tumbling backwards, unconscious and missing a few teeth. A purse was thrown and Lily managed to snag it with the end of her staff, using its momentum to knock back a couple more people before it spun off into the crowd. The staff became a whirlwind, intending to keep people as far from her as possible. The car was filled with the sound of wood on flesh as Lily dealt out bruises, concussions, and a few broken bones to her attackers.

But try as she might she couldn't keep the people back. They began getting too close for her to use the staff right, getting within her guard and needing to be pushed away. She snapped the staff in half, the escrima sticks glowing once more as she launched into battle with a new fervor. Her style switched entirely, seeming to throw the mob off their rhythm. She added a layer of percussion to the violin music, becoming more aggressive with her strikes. Where the bo staff had been about carefully placed strikes and taking out opponents as efficiently as possible, the escrima sticks allowed her to get up close and personal, returning some of the countless bruises she had received. Lily managed to let out a low chuckle of satisfaction. Sure, she was fighting for her life, but this was what she had trained for, and nobody was more prepared than her. With a solid swing she watched a woman's eyes roll into the back of her head as a sharp upward swing increased a man's screaming pitch by a few octaves. She began moving around the car more, darting around enemies and using their movement to slam her weapons into the softest part of their bodies, resulting in a dull thud or a loud crack when she decided to dispatch them.

As the dance continued, she was clearly doing too well. That bitch Vocal pulled the strings and what felt like a shattering noise pierced Lily's ear drums. The sound was so painful her vision immediately went white. She fell to the ground, causing the attackers to swarm in and take advantage. Someone grabbed her left arm and put his foot on her back and yanked. Hard. The sickening pop could be heard over the music, and Lily's cry of pain soon followed as her arm was ripped from its socket. The swarm began beating her mercilessly, and it took all Lily's control not to lash out wildly. As her vision slowly began to return, her anger boiled over, and she let out a cry. She fought to her feet, whipping the escrima stick around like a baton, sending people to the ground like dominoes. Once she reached her feet, she tossed it away, yelling in anger, "Fuck! I don't have time for this!". Her left arm hung loosely, and became encased in a blue version of itself, effectively acting as a temporary cast. As she brought her remaining fist up, she launched into another frenzied assault on the people who had dared attack her.

Her left arm became a target, with any attacks seeking to find themselves buried in the psychically-encased limb. With every hit to it pain wracked through her body, both the feedback from the psychic arm, and the physical pain from the jostled one. But she made sure to return every bit of pain she felt tenfold, relishing the feeling of flesh squelching and bone impacting as she punched, and kicked her way through the entire car. As she delivered a final punch to the gut and elbow to the back of the head of the last civilian standing in her way, she stood still, shoulders heaving as she filled her burning lungs with oxygen. She scanned the car, locking eyes with Kira. Her eyes were wide, the sketchpad untouched. Lily turned to face Vocal, the blue arm dissipating as she grabbed one of her dangling wrist wrappings and pulled on it, jamming her arm back into the socket. She gave it a few experimental rolls, then locked eyes with Vocal. The blue-clad martial artist stepped forward, with each step a groan coming from the person she ended up stepping on. Lily closed the distance between them, her eyes never leaving Vocal's.

Lily came to stand before her, body covered in bruises and small cuts, one black eye begin to develop, and a a particularly nasty slash running from her earlobe halfway down her jaw. She gave a mock bow, gesturing to the car filled with unconscious bodies, the staff coming back to her right hand. "Did m'lady enjoy the dance?"She spat out, every bit of venom she could muster filling her words.
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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by Azra » Sun May 24, 2020 7:56 pm

NYC Subway, Last Train Of The Evening

Natasha with a pop entered into car Nine a pleasant smile on her face and her umbrella over her shoulder twirling. The underside a beautiful kaleidoscope of flowers and soft gentle colors. "Oh Bob, they got you pretty good didn't they?" She remarked looking then to the angry crowd. Her head tilts mood plesant as she realizes that some of that anger that had sunk into them from Kotone's music had them thinking unclearly. She bowed and then gestured them to come at her then.

They rushed by as with a pop she arived behind them the umbrella thrusting down as the open coverage bashed the back of the legs like a shield. Three down and more come at her she was gone again though on their left and pushing two more into the seats. With a bow a fist passes over head, a gloved hand traverses up the shaft of the umbrella so that the handle could strike the man in the gut.

"My apologies, harming you is not my intentions. The Lotus would like to extend a hand to you, to get off this ride and become oh so much more." She pulled the Fool close to her, resting against her leg and then offered out her hand a closed umbrella to the others. Something to lay their hands on if they so desired, to which many obliged. With a pop those gathered in car nine was drastically less.

Car "Six" Baba Yaga

"I'm more fond of dating then settling down is all." Lana mused in her dead pan delivery. Really though Svetlana wasn't one for romance as opposed to just the thrill of the chase. Unless someone was willing to chase her instead she wasn't likely going to commit to anything for long. This was all though not overly important to the actual ordeal at hand.

A kick comes in seeking the head of the young man who dared to face the Gila monster, her kick only barely cutting through the air. Metal stressed being slightly pulled up as the spider evaded her just in time. More jokes to add a charm to the hunt as the fists were avoided. With a shower of metal and the clap of an explosive detonation a corner of car six was lost, air rushing into the train. The follow up near his legs close but minimal in damage as the arachnid was now technically on top of car five.

Webbing is then shot at her in droves quick reflexes used to help catch them. Letting it coat her right arm but get no further in coating her. "I'm actually not a bad dancer, music is another Lotus though." The cold blooded predator remarked with a grin as the chase went on. He wasn't going to attack her though instead webbing was shot around the train,

It was a good play, one could hear the groan of metal from the webbing holding it to signs and walls. Those in the car might feel it slow down some. It was only marginal however, reality twisted to the will of Asuka and at the very start the clandestine leader had said something.

"On this train that will not stop."

The preparations for this had been lain at the start. Perhaps it could be done, it would take more than the will of one man however. Meanwhile the spider his back had turned to the reptile. Tapping into the Imperial Arts Lizard of her extensive repertoire the Baba Yaga would launch a number of spearing strikes. Her chase leaning into punches being thrown, he was faster but it mattered not when her unique reach made up for it.

Each fist detonating like artillery fire and with a back to her the Russian looked to bombard the spider from the knees up. A simple flurry of strikes looking to demolish arms legs and back. To those in car five they could hear a sound like a war zone almost above them.

Car Five Vocal

There was the sound of thunder above, a beating drum of conflict to join the music of the car Cadence was in. Her violen played and as it did it was joined by the sounds of fists and weighted collisions, the symphonic patter of blood spilling. Body's twisted and swayed, a beautiful dance that brought a crowd to their knees. Such fluidity and brutality was mesmorizing to the eyes. The sound and visual brilliance of it emphasized by the way it weathered on the performer, the exertion and sweat. The way breaths carried like lyrics as eventually progress was made and an arm was broken.

Asuka was busy so the siren spoke up for the clan. "They knock you out, they break you. Only the goal to keep safe when it matters to them. Living in their shadow is thus grim. Beautiful as they may be." Her hypnotic voice sinking into the ears of the various train goers as the monitors showed the violence. Two final body's drop from strikes and the siren sets her violen down getting up from her seat.

"She's a lucky woman. I do hope they didn't tire you out though. As I believe the next dance is mine."

The way Kotone would move would blend seamlessly dance and martial arts. Flowing around the bodies as if on a stage to perform. Her movements though seeming to sing of a lifetime of practice in combat. One hand held a katana with a violet handle. Radiating from the other hand would be a violet distortion of air, a rippling effect styled like a blade. The hand seeming to play a ballad foreboding yet serene.

A katana passed through the air a audible swoosh as the blade looked to slice at the uninjured arm. There was however a change in that swooping sound as it got close, it's vibrations climbed to a crescendo making a scream that looked to knock the martial artist back or if the blade met flesh expand the wound. Vocal stepping onto the seats as she looked to go around the opponent slashing belo the knee with a blade meant to remove mobility. This second attack however and movement seemed devoid of sound.

It was silence, the brief tell before the Lotus would bust forward as swift as sound it's self. Faster than most people her empty glowing hand would seek to jab into Lily's side. The "sonic blade" looked to send sound or to be exact vibrations into the body. Vibrations that would then look to ripple through the left lung as if exposed to an explosion. This hand would pull back in another jab seeking to hit the bladder. And with its vibrations going into the body look to boil the fluids inside.

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