Magical Training Montage(Invite only)

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Re: Magical Training Montage(Invite only)

Post by Orange » Sat May 30, 2020 7:04 pm


"You aren't wrong at times what humans do is make something up to make sense of what we know. Since its one of the systems in wider use those schools could easily be used in say a scientific conversation. But the elemental schools do carry a benefit to actual casting itself." Kyler wasn't exactly wrong they were "myth" made up by wizards born long before my time and by the time I was born it would just stick." That would count as conjuration beyond just summoning it also deals with teleportation."

"Conjuration magic at its core is summoning and teleportation magic. People who specialize could make for the perfect explorers of other planes but at the same time, it was feared what we could bring back or that we would return a servant to an extraplanar entity. One of those turned out to be true for very different reasons than they thought." I would pause for a moment before I would answer the most important question, "Mages are foremost scholars it is in our nature to want to learn. But we face something entirely different than scientists if my research into other planes and entities has taught me anything at all. Sometimes what we can learn will destroy your mind or these entities will try and trick you into an unfavorable deal." I smiled at grumpy Bran and chuckled again, " You better remember how grumpy I get without my coffee."

When Kyler answered my question I was surprised by the sudden use of magic creating a ball of sand, "well looks like your gonna be an Elementalist Kyler. You could also be called a Druid but the major elements all have school and drawing from the sources in your present area should factor in when using those elements." I would begin showing the symbols of the major elements, " although it should be noted that it's just not the major elements there is also light and darkness."

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