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Re: Old Warriors [Closed]

Posted: Thu May 14, 2020 12:05 pm
by Veil Walker

Jack watched her carefully. He gave her a genuine smile when she was kind to Rosie. Rosie had suffered enough. The women who Jack had given coffee flinched. They withdrew into their group, until they saw who had given them their coffee. Their moods could not have shifted more. Where once they had drawn together, now they smiled openly, waving to Jack. Jack simply nodded to them. He wanted to make them feel comfortable. The avocado BLT was an easy order, and Rosie shuffled off to fill the order.

"How should I fix it? I have fought wars and won battles. I could defeat the gangs and warlords of this place. Simply tell me how I should replace them. A power vacuum is hard to fix, Lethe." Jack listened to her suggestion of who should take over. He had hoped she would name him, and the name Kate caused his eyebrows to raise in terror.

"Um.... Kate does not like me very much. I could appoint her, but I almost guarantee she would look into my past, and that would be highly detrimental to us both." Jack narrowed his eyes. Sacha had said that there were schools that needed help.

"Provide me a list of schools that require assistance. I shall take them over." Jack did not care about the price. The people were important, not how much it cost to help raise decent people. If it took him one hundred years, Jack would help Duskburg be the city of the future he remembered.

Re: Old Warriors [Closed]

Posted: Fri May 15, 2020 11:07 pm
by Lord of Nothing
The girl practically beamed at the woman. Her ease at Lethe's presence was infectious, prompting her to relax all that much a bit more.

"I think Kate was right about something; this city has had enough wars."

The girl sips her lemonade thoughtfully. It tasted a sugary sweet that she liked almost a little bit too much, drinking almost half the glass in one go before she stopped herself. But it did lend her to think.

"It's less about eliminating and more about defending. Being able to take on anyone who does get in our way. We don't want to pick any unnecessary fights. But we'll see who we want to fight as we do try to make the place better. If someone has a problem with us donating to some schools then well we'd fight them for instance. We don't go on some rampage throughout the city. And no offense, but the Fang Gang and Varcolac aren't exactly pushovers. I don't think you want to be picking unnecessary fights with them. Or any of us really. So we should pick our battles."

What he said almost made her want to her want Kate there a little bit more. Physical force was eternally necessary. Especially in a city like this where all the good intentions in the world didn't protect you from getting shot in the head. Upon seeing his eyes widen with almost terror, the girl giggled a bit.

"Relax." The girl says with a knowing smile. "I don't think Kate is that bad. I have a pretty shady past too, you know. I've killed and hurt a lot of people who honestly didn't deserve it. And sometimes I see their faces." The girl twirled the straw in her lemonade, seeing a few of them now in the reflection. The girl could at least pride herself in knowing a great many of them were not twisted in terror. Oblivions. Sometimes shock. A person would simply drop in front of them and the person would pause before they too. Dropped.

"I think it's....more how you react to it. How you let it shape you that matters. Maybe the fact that I cried when I told her helped. But I dunno if you'd have to do. I think just...looking back on it in a way that's honest and acknowledges the wrong is all she can ask for. And eventually she warms up to you." The girl said, amused a bit by the thought of wolf in the same situation. He definitely didn't come across as the type to burst into tears.

"I might have helped her a bit with that." The girl said perhaps a bit too quietly.

"Okay Mayor Jack. I don't really know what schools need help. At this point, it's probably all of them with the exception of anything in Dusk heights. I think. But I don't go to school so I don't really know much about it. I guess there also in lies the problem. There are probably a lot of other problems I don't even know about. Things in the government. Things in businesses. I don't even know if we can cover."

Fixing a city is hard.

The girl twiddled her thumb, not wanting to end the conversation but also to bring something else up. "By the way uh, do you wanna let me shoot some guns after this?" She asked, with a cheeky smile.

Re: Old Warriors [Closed]

Posted: Mon May 25, 2020 7:02 am
by Veil Walker

"I think the world has had enough wars," Jack said softly. He should know. He had been involved in quite a number of them. He chuckled at her appreciation of the lemonade. Rosie would be pleased.

"Hmm." Jack wondered if she had any clue what he was capable of. He could perhaps give both groups a decent run for their money in the city, but it would mean collateral damage. Jack had never been a fan of that. Yes, he had always been willing and able to make the tough calls, but he never enjoyed it. Unlike some leaders, he never felt he had the right to control in the palm of his hand the lives of other people. There had been times in war when he had slunk off into whatever country he had been in at night and done it himself. After all, his was the only life he had any real right to sacrifice.
"I do see your point. This city has seen enough needless death without someone stirring up trouble where they do not need to. That being said, I am of course always available to assist. I am a fairly capable warrior." Jack gave a smile worthy of the Wolf. It was always better to hold part of yourself back, exposing all you could do only when absolutely necessary. Many a time on the battlefield, the Wolf had faked a limp to cause overconfidence in his foes.
"Oh, I have no doubt Kate is a lovely person. I could see that she is simply trying to do her best for this city. I only hope she saw the same in me." Jack sighed.
"It is true in my time I have killed those some would consider innocent. Well I understand that weight. Yet there is a difference between us. I do not regret the death I have dealt. I do not think Kate would be so forgiving if she knew that. You see, I can look back and know it was wrong, and still accept it as necessary. In some old cultures, there is the concept of a sin eater. I wonder sometimes if I am a throwback to that. I do what I must so that others do not have to. This viewpoint I am sure makes it harder to forgive." Jack laughed. He had actually toyed with the idea of running some form of political campaign in this city. His backstory and paperwork were solid enough to allow it, and goodness knows this city could use the help.

"Mayor Jack, eh? Well, perhaps I shall try to take them all over. Is not that a fun challenge?" Jack grinned at her. It might be impossible, but where one person would say such a thing as a joke, Jack meant it. The schools needed help, then he would help. It was as simple as that.

"Of course you are welcome to fire weapons. If you like, we can go to my firm after this and you can see which weapons I have suit you. I have quite the catalog."

Re: Old Warriors [Closed]

Posted: Sat May 30, 2020 11:09 pm
by Lord of Nothing
As the man echoed what she said, she silently sipped her lemonade. Her feet swaying a little bit idly from a little bit of a sugar rush. Maybe this burger would give her the itis and make her feel a bit more sluggish. Not that she was really a fan of being sluggish during a patrol.

What if she gets a tummy ache?

"Of course. We'll always need a physical force. Just in more defense more than offense. I think we need to remove the things that make gangs strive in the first place. Rather than just try to wipe them out and not expect new ones to spawn." She hoped that he wouldn't take it the wrong way. He definitely was someone they needed. And no matter how much it was Kate wanted violence to not happen, it was going to be more necessary the more relevant the team came.

The hardest part for the group seemed then to just be relevant more than anything else.

The girl listened to the wolf, explaining something that was probably a foreign concept to most. To say you don't regret killing and innocent person? In some places you could be hanged for saying something like that. And even Kate had threatened her because of it.

"No. I do understand." Said Sacha, her voice soft and low.

"When I told Kate that, I started crying. But I didn't....I don't think I was really crying because I regretted all those things I did. Not that much." Sacha frowned a bit, her eyes turning away. "I think I cried I was afraid of being monster. Because I was afraid...that Kate would think I'm a monster. Because even after all that I don't have PTSD. I...." She paused.

"I remember sometimes that I would turn the tide of a fight. And end it. And then I wouldn't know what my side would do to the people. Sometimes it was nothing. The fight would be over and they just seated themselves there. Other times they moved in and then became tyrants of those people. There were other times were it was less a job as a mercenary an assassin. Something more personal where I would kill someone. Or kill some people. And then just pave the way for others to do wrong. Even if I did kill people quickly. Sometimes I knew when someone was shady and just wouldn't accept a job. And other times I just...wouldn't know until it was too late." Sacha spoke, going into far more detail then she ever did with Kate as she did tell him what happened.

"I always enjoyed the fight. The rush. To win. And to useful for something. But I don't like to see people suffer."

Shooting guns after, and showing off the skills she'd worked to earn. Showing how she was useful and valid and relevant. It always felt nice.

The girl laughed a little bit his declaration -- the joke at least alleviating her more somber expression into something of a more subtle smile as she giggled. But it was only a faint one. Jack had the face of someone who did mean what they said. She just found herself wishing that she did have all the answers for him like he wanted. And not just what she saw as a few pieces of the puzzle.