Voodoo Programming [Closed]

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Re: Voodoo Programming [Closed]

Post by Ryoko » Sun May 31, 2020 6:39 pm

"Right... down the path..."

Ryoko lowered her head slightly and turned to glance at his hand as it rested atop her shoulder. To Garrick, the gesture probably gave way to the notion that she had chosen to believe his words and not worry. And, to an extent, she did. After all of that, he was still here, alive and breathing. But she had to take a moment to investigate on her own.

When the waves of chi had calmed themselves, his spirit felt no different from before. He still kept a godlike power locked away inside of him, but his resting strength hadn't changed. His voice had stayed the same and he looked no different than he did when he arrived; maybe a bit dirtier from rolling around on the ground. But his scent was... noticeably different.

She had observed it; the deconstruction and reconstruction of his body. Whatever had changed in that surge of power, the difference was too subtle for those without acute senses to notice but it was hard for Ryoko to ignore as soon as she started paying attention. She wasn't sure what exactly the eldest flame had done to his body, but the evidence lingered on the wind.

"Well... if you say you're okay, then I'll take your word for it."

She was still going to watch him for a while longer, just until she sure that he was actually... "stable".

She glanced down at her PRODIGY. It had one charge left in it. Perfect for dinner, and she could just take her time and fly home after that.

"Honestly, 'penne vodka' or whatever is fine. I'm not hard to please. I just... I think I'd like to go somewhere 'alive' tonight, you know? With music and entertainment and shit," something that would pick her mood up a bit, "OH! Or Karaoke! You know, some place where I can just hop up on the stage!"

She chuckled, then presented her PRODIGY to him. She's warp right behind him as soon as he picked a place.

"Surprise me."
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