Incursion: Solar Flare [Closed]

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Incursion: Solar Flare [Closed]

Post by Terminus » Fri May 22, 2020 2:08 am

TerminOS v3.3.0
Now Playing: Sabaton- To Hell and Back.

Armor Model: Ajax.
Active Module: None.

Pilot: Pendragon, Nicolas.
System Status: Nominal.

The Society had assembled. Some of them- Terminus included -weren't official members. Affiliates, allies, and associates had been called upon for the Counter-Earth Offensive. But in this moment, they were all united under the banner of Michael Carter's Great Society. Nicolas had been skeptical of the entire idea, when Invictus had first explained it to him. But at this moment, he understood.

In the main hall of the Empyrean, the Dimension Door had been constructed. Connected to Sol's Anvil, the machine thrummed with the power of a star. Energy hummed in the center of the open circle, radiating heat. The device was tuned to the alternate universe from which Revolt hailed, and in a moment, Terminus would activate it.

If Capacitor or Revolt had any words of inspiration, Nicolas would let them speak. But he needed the final word, as the one operating his creation. While he waited, Terminus ran a final check on the team's vacuum suits. More than half of them were wearing one of the Machinist's creations- sleek, black space-suits, insulated against the harsh reality of space. If a single seal was loose, the occupant would die within seconds of their entrance into the other world's upper atmosphere.

Green across the board.

That much, at least, they could be sure of. If somebody died, it wouldn't be because of Pendragon's work. He'd built a quick tutorial into the software, which would instruct each user in how to operate their suit. Some of them would need it more than others- at least one team could expect to be doing some combat on a space station, which might mean fighting in hard vacuum.

Rather than raising his voice to make sure everyone heard, Terminus broadcast his voice to the rest of the assembled heroes. Even those like Magnusson, who didn't require the pressure suits, had been equipped with a communicator device. There were four channels- one for each individual team, and a 'main line,' which anyone could use to address the full group.

"Firing the Dimension Door in five. Stand back. Four. Three. Two. One."

Pressing a single button on the holo-screen in front of him, Nicolas opened the breach. It was fundamentally the same technology he and the Society used to translocate. Making an incision in reality, prying it open, and stepping through. More complex, and consuming far more power, but mechanically almost identical. Unlike the portals Pendragon typically used, the Dimension Door wasn't silent- for one reason. The rift they'd opened was into space. Immediately, there was a boom, as air began to rush out of the room.

Everything inside this area of the Empyrean had either been bolted down, or removed. The doors were pressure-sealed, to prevent the rest of the station from losing oxygen. Still, leaving the gate open for too long was inadvisable. Looking through, Nicolas could see the other Earth, from almost impossibly high up. Engaging the antigravity thrusters on his Ajax suit, he rose off the ground, assisted by the sudden lack of gravity, and shot through.

"Let's move."

Nobody had to go far. The portal had no depth, being almost completely flat, and once you were through, all that was necessary was to fire their thrusters in the opposite direction, to negate their forward momentum. If someone failed to do so, they would drift forward, at roughly the same speed at which they'd entered the portal.

Once the entire Society was through, Terminus sealed the portal. This time, it was silent, as was everything in space. That was why he'd insisted on equipping every person with a communication device- otherwise, they would be forced to use sign language to communicate. For a few moments, everyone floated in place. Pendragon suspected that they, like he, were somewhat captivated by the view.

May not be my world, but it's still a hell of a sight.

From this distance, you couldn't event tell it was a different Earth. Presumably, there were differences. Surgath's fifty-percent slaughter wasn't distributed evenly. There had to have been some cities that had lost a majority of their people, and begun to collapse. From what Revolt had said, it hadn't been too long, but infrastructure couldn't have been maintained worldwide, not with that many people just gone.

Then again, the Titan of Progress had somehow managed to enthrall the entire world in some sort of illusion, making them think everything was just fine. Why he would go to such lengths, Nicolas had little idea. It negated his entire ideology, considering the motivation for his 'Decimations' had to do with overuse of resources. If nobody knew that anything had changed, wouldn't they still consume resources at the same rate, save for the ones who had died? Would parents who'd lost their children continue to prepare meals for them?

Terminus didn't know, and he didn't want to find out. As far as he was aware, he'd be exempted from the mass delusion, simply by virtue of being from another world. That, and he knew about it in advance. If things seemed completely normal when they got to the surface, he'd have to engage psychic shielding, and hope for the best.

I wonder if Revolt has ever seen her planet from up here.

The thought was idle. Pendragon glanced over at her, but behind the mask, she was completely implacable. As per usual. With any luck, that stoic indifference would be an asset, considering who she'd be dealing with on her team. Terminus had already apologized in advance for assigning William of Magnus to her team. But he'd explained the logic, as well- he trusted her to keep an eye on the boy, considering she had a better track record with the Eldest than Capacitor did.

That thought was sufficient to refocus the Machinist. He spoke through the main line once more, addressing the entire group.

"Okay, folks. You have your teams and your objectives. Fall out."

With that, Terminus switched to his team's channel, which only Garrick Valeria and Quiver had access to. He'd equipped both of them with suits of his own design, which would protect them both in space, and inside of Solar City, where the air itself was a threat. Their new gear was designed to completely negate the effects of the energy field that blanketed Predator X's domain. Only a proper field test would determine whether or not it worked.

The entry portal had been aimed for a spot above the United States, as that was where the alternate Earth's forces operated. That meant Solar City was down there, if not visible from this distance. However, the Ajax armor was capable of seeing far further than the human eye. It located the target destination easily- after all, it had been constructed in an identical spot on both worlds. An interesting case of convergent evolution.

Pendragon highlighted the spot on both Elektra and Garrick's HUDs. Then, he spoke.

"That's Solar. I'm going to lock both of your suits onto my flight path, so you don't accidentally miss and end up in the ocean. Or worse- the Midwest."

Giving a chuckle at his own joke, Terminus did as he said. He'd given himself the ability to override control on all of the other suits, as an obvious precaution. Not just out of paranoia, either- if anyone passed out, he'd be able to pilot them out of danger. If that happened, though, their team leader was better off simply using the Dimensional Anchor Device to drag them back to their world of origin.

Angling himself towards Solar City, Pendragon put the Ajax on autopilot. Quiver and Valeria would move into place beside him, mirroring his suit's maneuvers exactly. While Nicolas was capable of doing this sort of atmospheric entry manually, it was far safer leaving it in the capable hands of his onboard AI. Not to mention, it gave him time to talk.

"Remember, we need to apprehend Predator X and disable the Solar City weapon permanently. If possible, we should try to take X down nonlethally, so we can get her to tell us how to deactivate the weapon. That being said... don't pull any punches. I can figure it out even if she's dead."

That wasn't exactly in accordance with the Society's no-kill rule, but the Front Line had never adhered to any such restriction. Considering how many had died in the attacks that the Predator had helped orchestrate, he would be more than willing to put her in the ground if necessary. According to Revolt's intelligence, she had a multi-phase shield system in place, but there was a truism that Terminus had learned in his years as an armored avenger. No shield was unbreakable.

As the trio rocketed towards their destination, the external weapons on the surface of the Ajax retracted. If they hadn't, the sheer velocity at which they were traveling would have snapped them clean off. The same went for the wings on Elektra's suit- they weren't designed for moving at this speed. Even when they were on the ground, they wouldn't let her fly that fast. Still, adding a third dimension of maneuverability would doubtlessly be invaluable for the archer.

"Even if they haven't picked us up already, they'll definitely notice when we beach Solar airspace. No point trying to go stealth, so be ready for a fight the minute we touch down."

Whether that meant the Predator herself, or some lackey sent in her stead, Nicolas didn't know. Or care. While the trio weren't the heaviest hitters that the Society had brought along for this excursion, they were all plenty powerful. A warrior personally trained by the god of warriors. A marksman made of stone. And a man in armor that was packing enough firepower to turn all of Solar City to slag.

With any luck, that wouldn't be necessary. But it couldn't be ruled out, either. They had little idea how the city's superweapon worked, other than that the solar panels coating every surface seemed to power it. Perhaps those would have to be disabled too- which would probably kill power to the entire city. Assuming the power grid was still up, with half the population dead. From scans he'd conducted in orbit, Terminus could tell that most of it remained, but there were dead sections as well.

All at once, they passed into the atmosphere. From silence, there was noise. The three suits automatically adjusted to compensate for high volumes, but that wasn't enough to totally silence the sound of rushing wind. It was simply reduced to a dull roar. Moments later, they passed through the first layer of clouds, visibility briefly obscured.

From there, it wasn't long until they hit Solar City. Terminus began to cut back on the engines, firing thrusters in reverse once more, this time to counteract the force of gravity. If they didn't slow down, all three of them would have hit concrete and splattered all across it, armor or no. Fortunately, he was experienced at this kind of maneuver, even if the others weren't.

The Ajax informed Nicolas that they'd entered range of the power dampener. His suit didn't immediately shut down, which a small part of him had been worried about, even knowing that wasn't how the damn thing worked. Pendragon engaged the wings on Quiver's suit, as they'd slowed down enough that mere momentum would no longer be sufficient.

"Handing the controls back to you."

Though he resumed manual control for both Elektra and Garrick, the Machinist wasn't done. Valeria couldn't fly under his own power at all, so Terminus swooped down, and caught him, carrying the man with his arms under the shoulders, and engaging magnetic locks to ensure he didn't slip out of his grasp.

A few seconds later, they touched down on a rooftop, and Pendragon let the other man go. They'd landed on one of Solar's taller buildings, a good vantage point from which to survey the area. The moment they'd stopped moving, the Ajax had begun scanning for a number of things. First and foremost, it was keeping an eye out for incoming hostiles, using thermals, directional microphones, and remote velocity tracking tech. If something, or someone, came at them fast, he'd see it coming.

"Check your weapons. I'm gonna make sure they know we're here."

Shoulder-mounted gatling guns and micro-missile launchers extended from the shoulders of the Machinist's armor. He'd upgraded the Ajax specifically for this mission- that was just scratching the surface of what he'd equipped the warsuit with. It had been designed to take on an entire army, and if that was what things came down to, he'd be more than capable of doing it.

Once the others confirmed that they were combat-ready, Terminus deployed his suit's speaker drones. Small devices, but capable of projecting at loud volumes. They would disperse through the city, until every person would hear what Pendragon had to say. The trio fell into position, back to back to back, all facing outward, waiting for their quarry to arrive. X might have been a predator, but they were apex predators. They didn't have to track prey down- it would come to them.

"Predator X."

Nicolas kept his voice calm, even. There was no need to shout. She would hear him, no matter what hole she had crawled into.

"You came to our world and slaughtered innocents. Kidnapped children. Did you think we wouldn't retaliate?"

For many residents of Solar City, this would be a confusing message. Even if they knew of their hidden tyrant, her exploits in other dimensions would be a new revelation.

"Surrender. Now. I won't ask again."

One of the cannons on the surface of the Ajax angled itself upwards, and fired. A flare, burning bright over the City of the Sun. If whatever surveillance system the Predator had in place hadn't detected them, that would make their location very clear.

"You know where to find us."
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Re: Incursion: Solar Flare [Closed]

Post by LunaHawk » Fri May 22, 2020 2:57 am

Tracking data played across Predator X's vision even before the incursion team made their little announcement. She was walking her son back home from school, so it was an exceptionally inconvenient time. More helpfully though was their announcement rather than them diving head first into the fight. She was accused of several things, a few of which she didn't even do. Contrary to their belief the only reason she'd gone to St.Louis was to collect data. She'd had nothing to do with the kidnappings and had actually killed no one. She couldn't blame them for thinking she'd been part of the command decision process though.

There was that other abduction. That part was accurate. She knelt down facing her son and smiled. "Just like we practiced." She'd prepared for the day her son might be put in danger for a long time, though she'd expected the source to be different. He nodded. He was calm, confident even. Exactly like she wanted him to be. He was a child, but he was also of her blood, her species, he wasn't afraid when the enemy fought back. He was prince after all.

"I love you," he said.

"I love you too."

He vanished.

That's when the fun began.

It started with little warning, a little tickle at the back of the mind and then a tsunami of raw telepathic power slamming into the minds of the new arrivals. The wave wasn't an attack, it was merely the over-pressure of a massive mind turning its attention to people new to its awareness. Their arrival hadn't gone unnoticed by Source, their clarity of vision was an immediate threat to the grand illusion. What followed the tsunami was the attack, an invasion attempt on the mind that sought to alter perception.

For the brief moment they stood unmolested the invasion party saw the world for what it really was. Solar City itself was relatively intact, it was in fact a bastion of defense, gleaming buildings stood in defiance of a world gone mad and city streets bustled with activity. Beyond the city though--beyond it were abandoned cars, the aging ruins of crashed airliners and rotting corpses littering the many corpses--left by a population that had no idea they were even there.

They had an excellent map of the city thanks to the identical city back home. Since they knew Solar City it wasn't hard to find the one out of place building to the east. It was taller than every other building in Solar City, it had no immediate neighbors, no parking garages and no apparent door inside.

The invading mind sought to change all of that, if it could, the immense power of its brain would replace ruins and corpses with the beauty of a world still sane--a world more like the one they knew than the one they'd come to. It wasn't a careful art, nor was it precise, the invading mental presence was like a jackhammer to pavement--not because it wanted to be--but because it barely knew how to control its own power. Source had come to change their view of the world, lest they illuminate others.

The first response to their declaration was from a well trained populace. People simply left what they were doing and sought shelter in bunkers built across the city, taking access points to get away from the fighting to come. This was not a drill and they were well prepared. Though many didn't appreciate the draconian laws of Solar City, the safety the city offered was undeniable.

The second response was from the defense grid. Predator X had held back the anti-air defenses until she better knew what was coming. The moment they made their announcement she released the city to do its thing. Back on Earth Prime Solar City was a fortress with no walls and no guards, a place to go when everything else was exploding. Here it was a citadel--with an army.

The drones came first. The first wave released their payloads from almost a mile away. Armor penetrating rounds built to punch through durable meta-human physiology, to say nothing of standard armor, roared from rotating nose guns at a rate of fire that extinguished their thousand round payload in seconds. Each 30mm round zipped through the air, seeking the individuals positioned on the roof in an effort to punch through their armor, and their bodies, and leave nothing behind but bloody chunks. The missiles were slower, each one built to destroy tanks. They were non-explosive depleted uranium armor penetrators that would have punched through the side of an abrams tank had it been unfortunate enough to be there. The heat of impact alone was a threat, to say nothing of what would happen if the round actually got through the armored suit.

Five drones peeled away after unleashing their payload.

Predator X materialized on a building just across the way from theirs. She rapid fired pistols at inhuman rates, dual wielding a pair of weapons that looked entirely ordinary but fired a payload that was anything but. Each round was an armor penetrator with a plasma core hotter than the surface of the sun. Even if a round splattered against armor it would release its overly hot core. She aimed her rounds at both Garrick and Quiver, two dozen each.

"Welcome to Solar City."

The next wave of drones was preparing a run, visible in the distance.

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Re: Incursion: Solar Flare [Closed]

Post by Terminus » Fri May 22, 2020 4:12 am

TerminOS v3.3.0
Now Playing: Sabaton- To Hell and Back.

Armor Model: Ajax.
Active Module: None.

Pilot: Pendragon, Nicolas.
System Status: Nominal.

The Source felt like having your brain punched in the nose. Repeatedly. With a sledgehammer.

Terminus grit his teeth, determined to avoid screaming, no matter how much he wanted to. His vision swam, the two realities superimposed over one another, like a palimpsest. In one, the streets were choked with the dead, and people stepped over and onto them as if they weren't there. In the other, they weren't. Revolt had said they'd be at an advantage, knowing the truth of the matter going in, but in the moment, Nicolas didn't feel particularly advantaged at all.

"Engage- nnnn -psychic shields."

The words were forced out almost violently, as the Machinist clenched his metal fists. Slowly, the Ajax's mental filters began to kick in. It was tech derived from time he'd spent studying one of the Ynerax Stones. It had been in the possession of Invictus for months, but he'd entrusted it to Terminus for a brief time, which Nicolas had made the most of.

Once you got past all the pseudo-spiritual mumbo-jumbo, the Mind Gem was just another computer. Doubtlessly the most complex one Pendragon had ever worked with, but he was good with complicated. At least, when it came to tech. Decoding the internal workings of the Ynerax Stone had been difficult, but not impossible. Nothing was impossible, and anyone who said otherwise had something to sell.

If the Mind Stone was a computer, the psychic powers it confirmed were the equivalent of hacking. If you could get into the source code of someone else's brain, you could do all sorts of shit to them. But with that same understanding of how it worked, had come countermeasures. In this case, a firewall. Using his armor, Nicolas was capable of instantiating a barrier between the overwhelming external influence of the Source.

It was a solution that only worked for him, because he'd wired the tech that let him control the suit into his own brain. The others would have to fight through it on their own power. But Terminus was confident they'd be able to. They weren't the average citizen of this world. They were god-damn superheroes, and that took more than just metahuman powers- it took willpower.

Besides, if they didn't fight off the attack, they were pretty much fucked.

"Multiple bogeys incoming. Get ready."

Long-range scanners in the Ajax armor's sensor suite picked up the incoming drones before they were entirely visible. Stepping forward to face them, Pendragon held out a palm, projecting a hexagonal force-field. The first few bullets hit it, and didn't even bounce off- they were disintegrated outright. A hard-light field could be broken with enough force, but a wall of pure heat was harder to bypass. He'd developed the tech off of a hero named Concord, who was capable of absorbing energy and releasing it with thermal blasts. Modifying the release mechanism into a controlled barrier had been difficult, but it'd paid off.

As he was starting a target lock on the drones, Nicolas picked up the arrival of their target. He'd been correct- there was no need to go looking. She had simply come when called. Maybe it was residual instincts from being one of the pets of this world's government. The Predator delivered a witty quip, before opening fire- not on Pendragon himself, but his teammates.

Usually, you open with the greeting, before opening fire. I guess on this Earth they don't have manners?

Terminus had been polite enough to announce himself before he started shooting, at least. But now that Predator X was here, he had no reason to hold back. Or to engage in small-talk. Disabling his speaker-drones, he switched back to the private channel with Quiver and Valeria. As the man in charge, he was presumably expected to be giving orders. So that was what he'd do.

"Valeria. Engage camo and get behind her. That sword should be able to pierce her shields."

Having built both the camouflage tech in Garrick's suit, and the high-frequency energy blade he was wielding, Nicolas was comfortable sending him to cut off the head of the snake. He might have been a vigilante once, but today he was an assassin. Whatever reservations Pendragon had about his training with Volksgeist, it would be an asset today. If there was anything the Nation-Spirit could have been trusted to impart upon an apprentice, it was killer instinct.

The drones hadn't just used bullets- they were firing missiles, as well. Armor-penetrators, the type that might have posed a threat to even Terminus. If they hit, that was. But he'd brought along the Society's sharpshooter for a reason. Not to mention the fact that he'd equipped her with a bow that fired arrows more akin to those very missiles than any sort of sharpened stick.

"Quiver, get in the air and take out those missiles. I'll handle the drones."

Terminus took to the skies himself, flying fast to intercept the second wave of drones. Hopefully X didn't have too many more- if so, that would be rather annoying to deal with. The plan was for all three of them to engage the Predator at once, and overwhelm her with numbers and force. Keeping them distracted with her toys would only work for so long.
Rather than opening fire with his entire arsenal, and risking exhausting his ammunition reserves early, Terminus activated a deceptively small weapon. Another micro-missile, but this one with a unique design. It was rotating rapidly in its launcher, as if eager to be fired. And the moment his suit's sensors informed him that he was in range, Nicolas granted its wish.

The mini-missile wasn't meant to hit any of the drones. Instead, its target was a space roughly in the center of them all. Once it was close enough, it would automatically detonate- sending out an electromagnetic pulse that would, at least in theory, fry the internal systems of every one of those drones. The tech wasn't exactly advanced, as Revolt had informed them in the meeting. In fact, it was roughly equivalent to 1990s American drone tech, plus or minus whatever enhancements Predator X had added. But unless she'd managed to equip them with faraday cages that weren't too heavy to fly, the EMP would disable them all.

Of course, there was the question of where the drones would go, with their nav systems shot to hell. Most likely, they would nosedive into one of the corpse-piles below, but there was a chance one of them might hit a building with people inside. Still, Terminus would never have been able to catch all of them. At best, he might have been able to stop one, and it would have taken far too long. Long enough for Predator X to get the best of his team, land one of those plasma rounds that would burn through flesh just as fast as metal.

If she gave a damn about civilian casualties, she wouldn't have ordered a drone strike in a city full of civilians. Two can play the collateral damage game.

After all, Solar City was the very weapon that had been used to slaughter thousands in St. Louis on Pendragon's Earth. If one of the drones did some damage back, that was just too bad.

Terminus turned back to the rooftops where the real fight was going down. Flying in close, he circled around one side of the Prehistoric Predator, engaging another one of his armor's weapons. Rather than a rapid-fire gatling gun, it was a slow, single-shot ionized particle cannon. After taking a moment to get target lock, it would charge an energy beam, and fire a powerful piercing bolt, intended to disrupt the multi-phasic shield that surrounded X, even for just a moment.

With any luck, that would give Garrick a opening with which to stab the woman. One cut, and this whole thing would be over. But Nicolas wasn't naive enough to believe things would be that easy. They never were, in this business.

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Re: Incursion: Solar Flare [Closed]

Post by Azra » Fri May 22, 2020 2:20 pm

image.jpeg (134.48 KiB) Viewed 189 times
Miss Piggy comment aside Elektra could see herself sharing a drink with even Novak in a moment of just company with the wide cast of heroes. Just a few bottles split amongst brothers in arms, it sounded nice. Maybe even let it slide that a teen would have her first drink. Great thought but I'm mad I didn't think of it first." Rather the archer had found herself into a firing range to just empty a quiver into targets down range.

It was a place that could handle the strength she put behind the bow, aided further by the fact that the standard store bought arrows were almost vsporized when used by her. Wasn't much left to hit the target even by the time they traveled the distance. They left a tip however in the target though and that was enough, around the given floor of Empryean the sound likely echoed. A constant thud like a jackhammer striking metal even in the most distant corners. While every possible target was hit center mass and center of the head though most arrowheads would be found on the floor. Brief flashes of sparks before a soft clatter. As most arrows hit the center then there was targets to shoot at.

Elektra had decided to focus on aim, where she was going her badge didn't mean anything this time. She'd still wear it, it meant something to her. This wasn't that kind of mission though, it wasn't tracking a criminal or terrorist. If she survived this day she didn't have a report to necessarily type up. So she focused on making sure her aim was true, after all she only had so much ammo. She was Quiver, not Quivers this might end up being akin to fighting a war but for a marksman she absolutely had to be on point.

Once satisfied and having emptied the more traditional quiver Elektra simply opted for a meal and shower with the time she had. Something rewarding and soothing before putting on the advanced suit and taking up her namesake and bow. The quiver improved upon by Drake, the bow upgraded by Drake once and then further enhanced by the brilliant mind of Terminus. The suit wasn't something she was used to but at least it had her pick of colors and it was infinitely better than a dress. Once ready it was time to listen to the speeches, funny that. Briefings and speeches there was more similarities and order to heroes then the cop in the past would have admitted to.

Amongst all that though was the spectacle. Elektra knew she wasn't a pilot didn't mind just letting Pendragon take the controls. The view though she thought depressing, broken and disorderly in the wake of disaster. Imagine what working together would have done if they put efforts towards restoration. Instead though a trail of bodies, kidnapping and at least one of them wanting to screw over time that was where the other world had chosen to go.

Eventually they land and the archer takes time to simply check her equipment stoic and professional. Perhaps though this came from the fact she had no mind to target. Skin, senses the ability to enjoy all the sensations and pleasures of life she wasn't devoid of these. However Elektra didn't have a brain in a conventional sense, she clearly had shown the ability to care to people but if she had a heart it was literally one composed of stone. She was a statue given life there was no psychic signature to be felt. She saw the world for what it was, broken and in need of help. Preferably from the criminals it'd shown to be currently depending on.

The message sent out from the armored crusader got all the leg work out of the way. That felt weird, she was so used to having to try and diffuse the situation. Was such a different feeling to know with Nicholas done she didn't have to say a word, granted she probably would quip. That was just a personality trait hard to remove. It was able to be heard some in the distance, even if it wasn't the volume was enough to be plenty visible given her keen eyes. A number of drones coming in, trust her allies could handle themselves and had plans, come up with one or take orders for herself.

Thankfully instruction did come, the archer would wait it out some. Let them line up their shots and, at the start of weapons rotating a foot crashed through the ceiling of the building. It was only a small foot sized hole but it was torn into the building as if it was little more than paper. Quiver having been launched high into the air at a rate that the drones if focused on her would likely struggle to even track her. Pannels on the archer's back springing out like wings to keep the archer airborne.

"We've encountered X" Elektra spoke into the shared teams line, then switching to the team comms. "Recomend you keep heads down." Quicker then most eyes could even perceive the bow string flexed to its limit, a soft sound of stressed cord was likely lost amongst the noise. Then as the arrow was let loose the sheer air pressure of the arrow was likely to knock any rocket off its flight pattern.

The arrow itself blunt would hit the center most rocket with force most people would just rather not calculate, it weighed more like a rocket itself then a arrow and moved at s hypersonic velocity. The arrow would smash into the rocket with a thunderous crack and the concussive force radiating from the impact was enough to make the assorted rockets in a rather gracious radius detonate. Which maybe was a given as the buildings taller than this one despite the durability and distance of glass on sky scrapers shattered into innumerable shards. "You know it doesn't look like the best tourist spot."

For all her new found flight ability though, strength and speed however some things couldn't be entirely escaped. The armor provided by Terminus helped tank the rounds that slammed into her leg, it didn't buckle from the impact she could feel it though the armor only did so much. As her right leg's armor glowed beneath that layer flakes of stone fell from her. Was a contained suit so wasn't far to go, all the same layers were shaved from her legs. If one could see it, the leg burned some from the intense heat.

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Re: Incursion: Solar Flare [Closed]

Post by Deus Mortis » Sat May 23, 2020 12:25 am

Preparation from the combined efforts of Teja Doceszenic, Nicholas Pendragon, and Garrick Valeria, though mostly the first two.

"I appreciate the suit, Nick. Let me pay for lunch once this is all over, alright?"

+Bullet resistant armor
+Adhesive, knuckled gloves
+Metal Talons (hands)
+Grappling hook (left wrist)
+Laser Blaster (right wrist)
+Smoke screen emitters (hips)
+Muffled Steps
+x2 Electromagnetic Pads
+Esoterium Electrostaff (collapsible)
+High-frequency energy blade
+N.O.C.T.I.S - Neutralization Ordnance Chemical Tactical Innoculation System*

*(Thank you Illi Teja for your acronym expertise)

Just as they sought to find a weapon, the World wanted nothing more than for them to gaze upon the veil.

Psionic energy blasted the group without mercy. It felt as if it were real, as if there were actually men all around him slamming hammers across every surface of his head. Blunted edges pounded his mind, his view of the world flickering with every assault upon his sense of reality.

In one moment, he saw Solar City for all it hoped to be, a paradise following the fall of a Titan. Though its people hurried to emergency shelters, its city still shined bright. Its streets were clean without litter and its air was as pure as one could hope.

But that lie did not last.


In a single moment, the world was ripped away.

Colors were wretched away with terrifying speeds, tendril-like streams of deceit snatched past his vision. In a single blink, he saw it all, for it what it was really worth, guided not by technology, nor magic, but something more plain.

Unadulterated will.

No thing would dominate his mind on this day. There was an entire world that depended on him. There was a team that was depending on him. He would not fail them. Not until he gave it his best and his final breath.

”Got it.” The response was simple, confirming two things to his teammates. That he understood what he meant and that he managed to get past whatever psionic control this world tried to force on them. He searched around, every sense on high alert.

Vibrations carried gently from the ground told the tales of each individual citizen within the city as they hurried to safety. Smells of rot from long-decayed corpses hit his nose. The air itself was still, no audible threat apparent to him. It was when he saw a legion of machines in the distance that he realized that the threat was not even here yet. By the time he saw the payload start speeding towards them, crimson hexagons filled his vision.

A force field. Terminus was already on it, covering the three from the explosive barrage that came. What it failed to do was protect against the plasma shots heading their way seconds after Solar City’s protector finally showed herself. Toting dual blasters, X fired a series of bolts that packed more heat than the sun itself. Garrick was supernaturally agile and just as flexible, evident in the way he twisted his body out of the way of each shot. But, for all of his training and abilities, there was a limit. That much became clear against the lightning-quick blaster fire from an inhuman marksman.

A shot came barreling towards him just as he finished moving away from the one before. The blaster bolt went forward without bias, the burning air around it the promise of what was to come. There was less than a split second for him to even process it and yet, his body acted on its own to turn, changing a shot to the chest to one that was going to hit him in the shoulder. Even then, the result was not going to be good. Even through the armor, Garrick could feel just how hot these rounds were, each comparable to the flames of the divine. If and when it hit, it was going to burn through the bridge that connected his arm and his shoulder with little to save him.

And it hit. But when it did hit, it did not hit him.

The Aegis system on his watch activated, a translucent shield sparking to life faster than most could even think. The bolt disintegrated against the shielding, dispersing into imperceptible energy around Valeria. .7 seconds later, the shield was gone. The single use of the Aegis wasted from failing to defend against an opening attack.

Rage built inside of him but he did not entertain it. Not. Yet. The time to allow fury to take him was not now. He was just given an order. He didn’t have any time to waste on self-loathing.

And so, he jumped.

He leapt from the side of the building, the wall covering him in his descent. It was only then that Garrick activated the suit’s camouflage.

By turning invisible as he fell, he robbed Predator X the chance of seeing him enter concealment. He twisted his body mid-air, shooting a hook over at the building his enemy stood upon. With the deafening sounds of gunfire and explosions, the sound of a metal tip hitting a building was likely to be unheard. If not unheard, then unnoticed.

Silent motors whirred inside the grappling device, sending him shooting over to the building. Adhesive gloves activated, sending him on a soundless climb up to the building. Vibrations carried to him from just the sound waves alone battering against the rooftop ground were enough for him to see what was going on before his eyes were over the edge. To be able to pick his moment to strike without being seen lessened his chance of detection considerably.

Brief patience paid off for the moment her attention went elsewhere, Garrick struck. He rushed the other-dimensional predator with soundless steps. The high-frequency, super-heated tip sought to pierce through her shields and stab right through X’s heart. A single thrust carried forth with a determined finality.

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Re: Incursion: Solar Flare [Closed]

Post by LunaHawk » Sat May 23, 2020 2:56 am

The assumptions people made always fascinated Predator X. It was human nature to put ones biases into their thinking, consciously or otherwise. Bias itself wasn't necessarily a bad thing and it helped Humans make judgement calls with limited information. Sometimes that worked out, sometimes it didn't. X tried to control her biases as much as possible and limit her tactical decision making to known facts. She observed everything with eager anticipation, her eye implants recording data for later viewing.

She didn't expect her assault to instant incapacitate the squad but rather had designed it to analyze their armor. In her time on Prime Earth she'd never encountered such armor, so she wanted to see what it was capable of. The results were interesting. It absorbed some of the plasma rounds but data recorded by her implants suggested it didn't absorb all of it. That meant the armor could be worn down without switching weapons.

They were able to defend against the drones with an energy shield, but the energy shield couldn't stop everything. More interesting data. She didn't realize their assumption about drone control but it would have amused her if she had. The belief she directly controlled the drones was misplaced. For all their low rate technology their brains were anything but. The drones were linked to a control network run by an artificial intelligence. The intelligence also recorded data and began to adjust drone responses even as the squad launched their attack on the drones. The attempt to distract her by attacking the drones would fail because it was based on a false premise--though an understandable one given the apparent technology.

The drone missiles were all successfully shot down and the fresh wave of drones taken out as well. The EMP burst easily fried their electronics and they began to fall from the sky. Protected safe guards kicked in, non-digital instruments recorded the loss of control altitude and triggered explosives, detonating the drones before they could hit the ground and obliterating their control nodes.

The man in the most visibly advanced armor launched a particle beam her way. It punched through all but one layer of shielding. Only one layer was designed to deal with energy weaponry or high speed ballistics and this was the layer of shielding that activated. The beam splashed against suddenly a briefly visible blue barrier before the barrier itself collapsed, though not before it absorbed the entire particle strike.

The shield began its recycling process immediately. The particle weapon had disrupted it but in designing the system she'd anticipated attempts at disrupting its operation, especially after events on Prime Earth. As such it was capable of rapid regeneration, though not instant. The other layers, dormant, remained unharmed.

She didn't see or hear the attacker behind her. She'd been paying attention to the drone attacks and damage output of her weapons, not to mention the particle assault. They failed to account for another sense though, smell. She couldn't smell him behind her because of the prevailing wind, but she did smell him as he passed overhead.

She cocked her head and made a decision based on bias. If she were to go behind someone for a strike and wanted to kill them, she'd go for the heart. X side stepped ever so slightly. The super heated blade was immune to heat, or close enough to it and penetrated that layer of shielding with no trouble. The rest of her shields were designed with other weapons in mind and some jerk had knocked out the last one (not that it would have activated). The blade next met her weave armor, which looked for all the world like normal clothing. The armor was specifically designed against penetrating rounds, electrical discharge (I wonder why) and penetrating blades.

Had the sword been ordinary it would have stopped there. It kept going but the weave slowed it down, blunting some of its traumatic force by the time it hit her resilient skin. It punched through that too and at last the high frequency blade struck its target--except that's not where her heart was located at all. They'd have no way of knowing that, her side step was designed to make it look as if she were trying to protect her heart. The Human heart was located just left of the breast bone so she stepped in such a fashion as to redirect the strike into a non vital area in close proximity to where the human heart would be.

The blade didn't make it that far, because first it encountered her internal armor, also known as her ribcage.

Human ribs were a series of bones connecting to the breastbone with gaps between them covered by muscle. Her rib-cage was a series of interlocking bones connected by extremely durable and flexible cartilage, providing the effect of an interlocking plate armor that moved and flexed in all the ways a rib cage needed to while providing significantly upgraded protection. Bone plates shifted around with her movements, interlocking and flexing beautifully. The blade tip struck this plate and stopped cold, lodged partially into the reinforced bone. It hurt like a bitch, but it was perfectly non-lethal.

Pain surged through her chest from the entry wound and she spun around, seeking to rip the blade free, or free of the hands that wielded it. The moment she was turned she picked up his scent and her eye implants began phasing through vision modes in an attempt to locate her opponent visually. She lashed out with the butt of a pistol with enough strength that her bare fists would have warped metal plate and crushed human bone. Her aim was for the right side of his center mass, just below the human ribcage. Her strength was reinforced by the heavy metal grip of her pistol.

At the same moment she leveled her other pistol at Terminus, without need to aim. Her pistols were dangerously low on ammo but she spent what was left in that gun anyway, the extra length magazines providing significantly more rounds than standard. Tracking Terminus by scent and sound she emptied the remaining eight rounds for his center mass.

At the same moment drones on the ground picked up a new target, Elektra. Now that she was off the building some of them were able to draw line of sight and opened fire. The walking death machines fired twin autocannons, blasting huge explosive rounds into the air all around Elektra.

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Re: Incursion: Solar Flare [Closed]

Post by MAXIMUM MAN » Sat May 23, 2020 5:00 am

A streak of blue tore across the desert outskirts of Solar City. Anti-Gravity engines kicking up massive storms of dust from the sheer pressure generated by hyper sonic travel. As he approached the massive walls, his vehicle ripped upwards rocketing into the sky. He could feel the Solar City barrier burrowing its way into his body, limiting his access to his MAXIMUM ENERGY.

The blue vehicle shot high into the cities skyline and he reduced the power to his engines causing the vehicle to rapidly slow to a near stop. He took a deep breath, the city limited his powers and left him as little more than a genetically enhanced human being. Many other heroes in his position would've merely succumbed to the cities meta-human defense system and given up. Those heroes lacked the one thing he had, the blazing FIRES OF JUSTICE.

Drones began swarming his position, his display alerted him to the multiple systems that were now targeting him. The city was equipped with a series of anti-aircraft defense turrets. No doubt Novak would wonder why they weren't moving yet, warning beeps grew louder and more frequent. His entire cockpit was lit red with various danger warnings. A smile crawled across his face, it was the same smile he had when he won the Earth to Pluto Red Line Enduro Run. During the final stretch his opponent had deployed a series of advanced targeting missiles.

His system alerted him to the proximity of the firearms and he swiftly engaged every switch he had at his disposal. Engines ROARED to life and sent him flying upwards with the weapons hot on his tail. He navigated through the sky scrapers of Solar City, making sure he didn't lose a single one. He patched himself into the communication line with the Solar team.

"This is MAXIMUM MAN and Novak approaching the target. I'm gonna need you all to move."

He spotted X and X would see a blue hovercraft round a corner and begin heading towards her.

"It's time to show them why they call me-"

Moments after he rounded the corner, every single missile that had been launched at him would appear, a swarm of her own weapons trailing behind the super car. He stuck his bleeding thumb into the fuel injection chamber and readied the injection switch.


The moment he got close he engaged ejection, auto-pilot, and the fuel injection. Himself and Novak would be shot out of the vehicle above the approaching salvo of missiles while his vehicle would attempt to find a safe location at MAXIMUM energy enhanced speeds. Speeds this worlds technology would fail to process. He took hold of Novak as they flew through the air, countless explosive devices, without a target, flying towards X bellow them.

He would touch down on a nearby roof, landing with his back to the ensuing explosions for only a moment.



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Re: Incursion: Solar Flare [Closed]

Post by Terminus » Sat May 23, 2020 5:43 am

TerminOS v3.3.0
Now Playing: Sabaton- To Hell and Back.

Armor Model: Ajax.
Active Module: None.

Pilot: Pendragon, Nicolas.
System Status: Nominal.

Maximum Man's call came in as Terminus was beginning to engage the Predator. His ability to multitask was enhanced by cerebral implants, and the fact that almost 100% of his suit's functionality could be offloaded to dedicated taskmind AI programs at any time. Fortunately, the conversation was short- but Terminus wasn't done.

"Teja, what the fuck do you think you're doing?"

Pendragon's voice was hard, his tone accusatory. He'd opened a direct line to Revolt, not that it would have mattered. William's communicator had gone offline, as had his DAD device. The idiot had destroyed the only device that was capable of returning him home, and Nicolas wasn't going to provide him another one.

"My job. I have orders."

"Right, you saw Magnusson deviate from the plan the minute he crossed over, and you thought you'd follow his example?"

That was a cheap shot, considering how they both felt about Weltgeist's Whelp. Still, it wasn't like she didn't deserve it.

"If the Knight isn't guarding the Tide, that means it's undefended. Your objective was to take it out. Without you or William, the rest of the team isn't equipped to. I'm diverting them to assist in Solar. We'll take out the Tide once we're done as well."

Really, there was no reason for Terminus to be surprised. He knew full well that this all had been the obvious outcome from the start. Not a single damn person other than himself could be relied upon. Mitch, Brock, Rust, Hector, Capacitor, Revolt... their intentions had been good, but they weren't capable of getting the job done. So, once again, it fell to Nicolas Pendragon.


She paused. The Machinist had no clue what was going through his head, and he couldn't afford to care.

"I haven’t deviated from my mission - the one I’ve always been on. I thought we were clear on that. I like you. But I don’t work for you. I work for the government."

She was so matter-of-fact. It was infuriating. Like it should have been obvious to Nicolas that she'd go running to her masters the second they called. He'd taken her for a person, not a trained hound.

"I never asked you to work for me. I thought you would work with me."

Pendragon had let too much of his frustration bleed into those words. He regretted them the moment they'd been said.

"Forget it. Good luck."

Without waiting for a response, Terminus disconnected. He was half-tempted to cut off comms entirely, but that would have been a tactical error. If she learned something interesting, maybe she would take the time to inform him- after her damn government, naturally.

While he'd been talking, the Armorsmith had been fighting as well. Predator X had opened fire, with a salvo of shots that analysis indicated would be genuinely dangerous to even his advanced armor. Without requiring a conscious command, the Ajax engaged its PDCs- personal defense cannons. They were smaller guns positioned on the surface of the suit, meant not to fire at enemies, but at incoming projectiles. With a mechanical precision, the armor picked the plasma rounds off. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven.

Shit. Seven.

Nicolas had made his armor well. Mechanically and systematically, it was almost perfect. Not immune from error entirely, but close enough. Still, when it came to tracking the flight patterns of eight separate bullets, and intercepting them all at once, there was only so much to be done. Seven bullets were hit by smaller PDC rounds, and detonated harmlessly mid-air. The eighth continued forth, ready to spray impossibly-hot plasma upon whatever it hit.

This time moving manually, Terminus attempted to twist out of the way. Not avoiding the attack entirely, but causing the plasma round to hit his arm instead of his armor's chest. It burst open, the superheated core exploding, and began to melt away layers of armor plating on the Ajax. Pendragon initiated a barrel roll maneuver, attempting to shake off the plasma like a wet cat drying off, with limited success.

One of the hidden attachments to the armored warsuit was, of course, a fire extinguisher. Not the standard sort you found in every building on Earth, but a model with some improvements, courtesy of the best engineer this side of Terminal. It activated automatically, spraying the impacted area and coating it with foam, but the damage had been done. Layers of armor were stripped away, and they would take time to regenerate.

At that moment, a certain hero's voice came over his unit's comms. The Ajax had picked him up as well- Maximum Man, streaking towards the city, a handful of heat-seeking missiles on his tail. Fortunately, the hero was also an experienced high-speed racer. He could handle it. Nicolas did as instructed, and flew back several feet, to where his armor indicated would be outside the blast radius. Then came the fireworks.

As Terminus watched Maximum Man shoot towards Predator X, and realized just what the crazy bastard was going to try, he felt... almost inspired. It was an audacious play if he'd ever seen one, and no matter what the computer said his odds of success were, Pendragon was sure he would pull it off.

"Hell yeah."

The moment of awe didn't last long. There were other things to worry about- like another wave of drones, these ones ground-based. They were aiming at Elektra, but the archer wasn't entirely equipped to deal with them. Even her high-powered artillery bow would likely be insufficient, as it was much better for dealing with single targets than masses of mechanized, armored ones.

Terminus dove down towards the ground, activating target lock on as many of the drones as possible. They would doubtlessly turn their autocannons towards him, but unlike Quiver, he was a high-velocity target, capable of evading their attacks with relative ease. If shells came close, his PDCs would shoot them down.

"All of you, focus fire on X. Don't let her distract you, and keep your attacks varied. The trick is to exhaust all of her different shield settings at once, and then hit her hard once they're down. I'll keep the drones off your backs."

As good as his word, the Machinist opened fire the moment he had target lock. Half of the guns fired autonomously, while he manually aimed the rest. Firing a dozen different thrusters, he flew evasively, while maintaining a constant assault. Micro-missiles would aim to disable and destroy, targeting identified weak points and crippling the drones quickly. Armor-piercing ammunition would do much the same, though with different targets- locating panels of vulnerable circuitry in an effort to knock out the pilot programs.

Some of the more powerful laser cannons fired off occasionally as well. They were audible even over the din of gunfire, with distinctive sounds that were usually followed by an entire drone getting turned to molten metal. Still, though he was raining fire and death down onto the streets of Solar City, Terminus was making an effort to conserve ammunition- relatively speaking. He had more than enough. This little salvo would exhaust ten percent of his reserves, at most, and that was just in bullets and micro-rockets. The energy weapons could be recharged, some quite quickly, and Nicolas had a half-dozen other hidden tricks he hadn't even had to deploy yet.

You wanted a war, didn't you? I can give you war.

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Re: Incursion: Solar Flare [Closed]

Post by Azra » Sat May 23, 2020 10:25 am

She could tell ordnance from Nicholas had done something but they weren't through the shields yet. The woman turns to react to something coming behind her more softening of the layered defenses but still a ways to go. Besides taking note of this however Elektra didn't have time to take much additional action having to focus on keeping herself out of the barrage of gunfire coming her way, however she also knew she could keep them distracted.

A barrel role, and the initial salvo missed her. She felt a little dizzy from the motion not used to any of this but it wasn't going to throw off aim and meant the volatile shells were left to find air and building sides. She killed the thrusters for a second when diving and with that rounds that should have struck her hissed over head as she dropped to about the elevation of all the shattered glass. Given the shockwave of her previous arrow there wasn't much glass on those floors, and with the lenses of the flight suit she could navigate where to go in the building. Admittedly smashing through a few walls was a tad painful but nothing critical. Even if the stone blond could feel she didn't exactly bruise like most.

"Note to self, uniform upgrade. Also more arrow types, a fuckn million shots in one arrow or something." She remarked over team comms. Buildings trembled under the gunfire aimed at her but the maneuverability was keeping them off her tail. A few scratches and dents to the armor but so far it'd held together as Elektra avoided the gunfire but kept them on her. While going out one skyscraper window into another however she saw a rather gold and blue spot in the distance.

Taking a second the archer switched to the global comms meant for everyone who'd hopped over. "In case was missed, R's squad split up. Half backing T's team." Switch back to the team comms, "May want to get clear G." The archer remarked hoping to let everyone know of the change, she suspected a lot had been individual calls. She did what she could though to also be short and concise. Ending with letting her team mate know to get some distance soon. Way the officer saw it there was no time to dwell on how off the rails things had gone, it was bound to eventually. Just had to be flexible. Thankfully she was done zipping about as the armored titan came in with enough weapons for a war.

She considered looking to add to the hailstorm on forces below but concluded her archery wasn't going to be enough to be worth it. So she paused where she was, an office room that likely was unnoticeable by X from the angle Elektra was at. Across the street behind X and with another office room with shattered windows at the corner of the building El was in between the two. The archer could see the rockets coming in though, fractions of a moment to separate her window and what was coming.

A hole would be punched through the wall the arrow lancing out of the office and its shattered windows, it escaped into the open air and then shot towards X. The arrow itself was the tip one would expect, given that the theory was ranged attacks wouldn't get through the shield though that meant the arrow meant to penetrate through armor like tissue would be more depending on spreading that force outward. The arrow if it didn't punch through the stomach of the redhead, then likely it was going to feel like being hit by the conclusive force meant to topple a small building. Normally there was two arrows, blunt more for a larger radius for Elektra or piercing. However if the shield wasn't going to be ruptured that force had to go somewhere. On top of all of that was also just the fact Elektra's arrow was almost imposible to perceive by most eyes as the draw weight she used meant that arrow moved at a hypersonic velocity.

Right after that arrow went for the gut all the rockets would come flying in. Likely culminating in a brief sea of fire and explosive force.

Quiver though wasn't quite done, darting back high into the air. With keen eyes, benefit of the visor of the flight suit helping even more the archer could find her quarry despite whatever chaos was below. Another arrow, meant to pierce but if it didn't bound to hit like a concentrated air strike. The velocity so high that the arrow would hit before even heard, she fired towards the left thigh of X. Pierced or just hit the officer imagined if successful mobility would be drastically hindered. "Want to patch N and M into our line?" Quiver would comment wanting to make sure they could function all the better together.

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Re: Incursion: Solar Flare [Closed]

Post by Deus Mortis » Sat May 23, 2020 1:57 pm

Shield, weaving, skin, plating.

His blade pierced through all four of the predator’s defenses, no barrier crossed without effort. Every layer of protection the inhuman donned delayed the blade from striking its true target. In the end, his sword tasted flesh but its call for a crimson sheath ignored, blood evaporating on contact with the superheated edge.

Garrick saved X the effort of dislodging his blade from her chest, doing it himself as he tried to backpedal from her. While he was quick, he was not quick enough to move completely out of the way of the sci-fi pistol whip. His dominance over his sword switched from his right hand to the left as his arm flexed back to guard against the attack. Metal crashed into his side, bicep braced by his tensed body. He rolled with the attack, enhanced strength meeting a toughened body, advanced armor, and technique to turn a strike capable of reducing bone to dust into nothing more than a hairline fracture. He took a half step back, repositioning himself.

Her senses are either on par with mine or she’s got precognition.

His gaze flickered to some of the drones above.

...unless she’s has one of those around giving her a thermal read of the area of some kind?

Three theories with little time to test them. Such was the way of war.

It was chaos, something that Predator X seemed to excel in. Unfortunately for her, it was something Garrick felt at home with too. This she would know soon.

He advanced once more with another stab, this one a feint. His blade sought flesh once more, but it did not seek to pierce a woman’s heart on this move. Instead, he shifted the sword’s momentum, arcing it to instead stab at her right leg instead. If unavoided or undefended by her shields, it would puncture her skin and cut into her bone at the thigh, possibly even cutting her kneecap in half.

Whether it would be an outright fatal strike depended entirely on the type of augmentations X had, a regular person bleeding out in mere minutes from the severing of the leg’s arteries at where he tried to strike deadly to most. Fatal with precious time, but not instantly. Even so, his goal was to destabilize her movements rather than land a killing blow, or at worst, help the others get through her shields.

Regardless of the final effect, he disengaged, not only himself but his invisibility. Terminus warned him earlier of making sure to manage his suit’s energy cells and with how unpredictable this plan was becoming, Garrick was feeling rather stingy. The words from MAXIMUM MAN cut clearly through his focus, his priority list changing abruptly from ”Engage X” to ”Get the fuck out of the way”, but in a brief moment, it changed once more.

Help MAXIMUM MAN then get the fuck out of the way.

Garrick detached one of the electromagnetic pads he had, splitting it in two. There was no time to waste, that alone motivating him to move just a little more quickly than he normally could. He ran towards X, the distance covered almost instantly. Wary of her shielding, he sought to quickly attach one of the electromagnetic pads he had onto her, simultaneously dropping one on the ground a couple of feet away from her in the event her shields activated.

If attached, tendrils of white-blue lightning would arc, tethering together. The electricity did not harm nor even touch the predator, entirely contained within each pad. With forces strong enough to halt an Eldest, the pads sought to anchor X in place by bringing her to the floor. Escaping from it from brute force was difficult, but destroying the pads? Less so.

Not bothering to stick around to see how his attack fared, Garrick jumped off of the rooftop, engaging his grappling line. He shot over the neighboring roof, landing on it with a roll.

"Way's clear. Send it, MAXIMUM MAN."

Like a gargoyle atop a skyscraper, Garrick sat perched on the rooftop. Still, but ever vigilant. His senses were peaking. He watched the machine armada as they rained fire on his teammates, making sure that none were trying to target him. More importantly, he stalked the predator, disciplined patience fighting the coursing adrenaline in his veins. He waited for his arriving ally to begin his assault on their lone enemy, waiting for the perfect opportunity for he himself to descend upon her.

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