Incursion: Solar Flare [Closed]

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Re: Incursion: Solar Flare [Closed]

Post by LunaHawk » Sun May 24, 2020 4:50 pm

X's Eye Implants picked up Garrick's thermal readings at the last possible moment. It was difficult to take thermal scans in Solar City, where heat was a constant, but the differing scanning systems of her eye implants finally filtered out the background heat and focused on biological heat and the heat generated by objects that weren't the 'glass' of the buildings around them. She saw the blade too late to deflect it completely but early enough to avoid a crippling strike. She pivoted away from the sword, causing it to slice along her thigh rather than stab through to the bone. The slice cut through the weave armor and her skin, exposing overly bright red blood to the glass ceiling.

She snarled and finished her move away from him, planting her feet once more. She flexed her hands and her claws slid into the blazing light of Solar City, ready to meet sword blade with her own lethal weaponry. He rushed her again but this time not with a sword. He held a device of some sort in one hand. At the same moment data screed rolled through her peripheral vision. Her mind was able to take in the information even as she was dealing with the swiftly approaching threat.

MAximum Man. Interesting ploy, thank you. It was an excellent opening. The delicate device he carried was far more susceptible to her heat shield than the sword, but as ever she craved information. She lowered the heat shield with a thought and let the device pass through, cruely raising the shield again while his hand was still there. The shield was insanely hot, capable of melting approaching bullets. She looked forward to seeing what it did to his arm.

She didn't have time to catch his wrist, she she tore the device from her body with a defiant snarl. The two devices he deployed linked up and overwhelming energy sought to drag her to the ground and anchor her, like some sort of electrical net. The technology was fascinating. At first the fields held her in place but she tested them with increasing strength. A rumbling snarl built into a savage, inhuman roar and she pushed every ounce of her considerable strength, enhanced by adrenaline and her strength of will, to push herself onto one knee.

The missiles were incoming, she had to move. They would detonate before they touched her, but a neural impulse deactivated the safety. She had plans for those missiles. She rested a moment to take stock of the situation. The archer had vanished, likely to a better vantage point, several of her patrol drones were down but they were occupying the man in armor, whose identity she didn't know. The swordsman had disengaged and she was wounded, but not near severely enough to stop fighting.

She put the same effort of strength into her arm as she'd done to stand with a low rumbling growl and grabbed the device, slowly forcing it from her side. She squeezed until the thing crumbled like a tin-can and the anchor was lost. Have to collect the other device later. She stood, watching the missiles. They were seconds away. In that moment an arrow struck her shields. Its structure was nearly destroyed by her heat shield even at the speed it traveled and so when it struck her kinetic shielding, it didn't stand a chance.

The arrow splattered across the shields like paint on a canvas. The particle beam had deactivated her energy weapon shielding, which was still cycling back up, but her intelligent shielding activated in accordance with the weaponry arrayed against it. Kinetic shields would go passive against energy attacks and vice versa. The arrow's kinetic force spread across the shielding but at such impressive speeds and with so much weight behind it it still had the moment to carry her off the roof, shrouded in the explosions of a dozen missiles.

Her heat shield was peppered with hundreds of flying metal fragments and her kinetic shields absorbed severe concussive forces in a flickering light show that added its brilliance to the lumen-ant bloom at the heart of the missile storm. A thought and she was gone.

Smoke and explosions cleared away, leaving an empty rooftop.

Solar City was a fortified weapon, the home of a territorial tyrant. Her citizenry had done as they'd been told with practiced efficiency, the streets were almost entirely clear of civilian life even as Terminus was engaging the ground base drones. Though it might look as if war was devastating the city, they were fighting on but a fraction of it. Ruination reigned in the streets below, drones were blasted and smoking wrecks but they were resilient, many of Terminus's smaller weapons either bounced off or weren't enough to take the machines down. Their autocannons altered targets, pouring fire at Terminus now. They answered his rockets with rockets of their own, though of a larger and more primitive design. These were more advanced than her air based drones, later designs.

X's voice came from everywhere, as if the whole city was a sound system.

"You should have never chosen here to fight me. I didn't control your Solar City, but this one is mine. I like the mirror in tactics, or are you trying to convince me you spent all the energy to get here just to challenge me? I'm sure there's a strike team going after Alaecyn, and probably the hatchlings you were so concerned with. I wonder--is Mana involved in that one? It's clever, but you don't understand our world. Alaecyn was being nice."

She appeared behind Maximum Man. Now her voice didn't broadcast over the city and was instead directed at him.

"I'm glad you could make it, I was disappointed when I didn't see you. Is it true what they say, are you really a MAximum MAN? Or just another guy with an ego?" She licked her lips in a totally different predatory manner than her other actions. "You want justice right? You certainly shout about it enough. Take a look at the city and tell me what you're doing here is justice. Your allies are pouring fire into the streets. Is this your version of justice? Wouldn't it be better to meet me somewhere beyond city limits--where you could put handcuffs on me?" She put her hands together, as if they were being cuffed and smiled suggestively.

"Too late for that though, maybe next time." She took a step back and shifted from her casual, even sultry posture, to a defensive stance. "Come on then, earn that X." She made the universal come at me gesture, or perhaps it was cross-universal.

Maximum Man would make an excellent father for a second child, the spare to her heir, so to speak. His genetics had a lot to be desired. She was also playing for time. The combined strike on the rooftop had knocked out her kinetic and heat shields. Her energy shield cycled back on finally, leaving her at least one layer of defensive shielding. The others would take time to reignite.

At the same moment she made her gesture she sent a neural pulse to her command bunker and Solar City turned into a weapon. With the citizenry largely off the streets she was willing to engage other measures. Solar City was a vast Solar Array, it spent every day collecting enormous amounts of energy. That collection could be reversed. Reflective panels easily mistaken for glass, positioned as the outer walls of every building, lit up with blazing light, turning the battlefield into a veritable sun and all the eye damaging power that came with it.

Heat followed, shimmering waves of it blasting across every building surface. The heat began as merely uncomfortable but it would increase dramatically in short order, threatening to boil her attackers alive if they stayed long enough. The extra building lit up like a beacon in a storm and raw energy pulsed across its surface, so potent as to be visible to the naked eye.

"What city should I hit?" her voice asked across the city as a dimensional rift began to form in the sky above the tower. Like her shielding and the heat of the city, it would take time for the rift to open wide enough for her to fire the weapon through. Up in space Dimension Tide lit up as it poured its energy into the formation of the rift.

The injured predator hoped to force the team into making uncomfortable choices. They wouldn't all be able to focus on her at once if there were other threats at hand.

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Re: Incursion: Solar Flare [Closed]

Post by Terminus » Sun May 24, 2020 5:50 pm

TerminOS v3.3.0
Now Playing: Sabaton- To Hell and Back.

Armor Model: Ajax.
Active Module: None.

Pilot: Pendragon, Nicolas.
System Status: Nominal.

WARNING: Solar City cannon charging.
Terminus swore, and kept flying. Stopping Predator X was still imperative- he couldn't afford to divert the rest of the team from that task. All four of them would have to be enough to keep her busy, wear down her shields, and eventually take her out. But that left a rather lot to one man. Nicolas was okay with that.

With a wordless command, transmitted directly from his mind to the Ajax armor via neural implant, he activated autopilot mode. Going limp, he allowed the suit to maintain evasive maneuvers, and begin to engage the UGVs on its own. Noting the superior defensive capabilities of these units, it switched to more powerful weapons, including the ionized particle cannon that had seen some success against the Predator's shields earlier.

Controlled completely by hyperefficient AI, the Ajax was like a hummingbird. It moved with speed and grace, avoiding autocannon fire by mere inches, before pausing a moment. Hanging in the air, it unleashed a volley of attacks- more powerful explosive ordinance, and potent energy weapons. Cutting lasers would slice drones in half, and armor-penetrating HEAT rounds would puncture their outer shields, before detonating violently inside.

Pendragon didn't see or hear any of it. The armor dampened all noise, and shut off the HUD, as he focused inward. While the autopilot program kept X's drones off of him, he was working on the more important task- dealing with the weapon. Whether the Predator was trying to force them to surrender, or simply wanted to glass another city, he didn't know- or care. One way or another, the weapon had to be disabled. Permanently.

Fortunately, in activating the weapon, she had revealed how it worked. The Dimension Tide was practically broadcasting its location to the entire world, with an energy surge that powerful. It was opening a portal, through which the weapon would fire. Not unlike a smaller, less powerful version of Sol's Hammer, the Machinist's planet-killer array. All he had to do was isolate the signal that X was using to direct the Tide, and manipulate the frequency slightly.

That was easier said than done, of course. It was heavily encrypted, as one might expect something that important to be. But this dimension's technology was- in a word -inferior. Predator X might have been smarter than most humans, but she wasn't the equal of Nicolas Pendragon. And her tools were outdated, compared to his. With the aid of his decryption software, Terminus set to cracking the code, watching the timer to rift activation tick down.
Time to portal activation: 0:29.
It was going to be close, that much was clear. The Ajax was climate-controlled on the inside, so the oppressive heat of Solar City didn't reach Nicolas. But he was sweating bullets anyway. He'd been in stressful situations before, facing down Titans and Binaries, but this was a special kind of pressure. If you'd given any other person thirty seconds to defuse a bomb that was about to level an entire city, they would have been hopeless. It was an impossible task.
Time to portal activation: 0:22.
Impossible is my specialty.
Time to portal activation: 0:19.
Outside of the armor, the assault continued. Terminus could feel his suit twisting and turning, as it narrowly avoided a direct impact from an autocannon round. Firing back, it delivered a salvo of supercharged ion beams, before resuming flight. Nicolas forced himself to relax, ignoring everything but his task. He'd spent days in the suit, and in his flight simulator, acclimating himself to the sensation of vertigo that it induced.
Time to portal activation: 0:14.
The architecture of the Predator's encryption was inhuman. Alien. She'd called the children hatchlings, hadn't she? According to Revolt, she was a government project, but Pendragon was beginning to suspect that wasn't the whole story. Still, he was probably the best person on both planets to be cracking an alien code. He'd lived on Terminal for over a year, and familiarized himself with every kind of xenotechnology possible. What might be incomprehensible to a normal person was merely unfamiliar to him.
Time to portal activation: 0:10.
Terminus wasn't even typing. That would have taken far too long. His interface was direct, through his own brain. He could decode at the speed of thought. And it was working. But not fast enough. When the Dimension Tide activated, the Solar City weapon would fire, and whatever city X had chosen as a target would be dead. That wasn't an acceptable outcome. So Nicolas started thinking faster.
Time to portal activation: 0:05.
Once you got past the alien encryption structure, the Dimension Tide's mechanisms weren't entirely unlike Pendragon's own Dimension Door. They worked off of entirely different power sources, but they could be tuned to targets in a similar way. All that Terminus had to do was broadcast a different signal. Change the target of the weapon.
Time to portal activation: 0:01.
There was less than a second to spare, when he finished breaking the encryption. No time to carefully consider what target he wanted to hit. Just to think two words. Dimension Tide.

If the Solar City cannon fired, and Nicolas had successfully managed to change the output location of the portal it was firing through, it wouldn't hit anything on his Earth at all. Instead, it would be aimed directly at the Dimension Tide itself. And, assuming the weapon was powerful enough to break the Tide's shields, it would destroy the station outright- preventing further attacks from this world to any other.

Anyone on-board would be killed instantly. And Magnusson- who was floating outside the station, and had destroyed any method of communication between himself and the rest of the Society -would be caught in the blast as well. It likely wouldn't kill him, but it was certain to hurt. Pendragon didn't know that, and he wouldn't have cared much if he did.

Most importantly, though, destroying the Dimension Tide would mean that the Solar City weapon was functionally useless. Without the portal system, it was only capable of firing straight into the air. They would have to deactivate the entire thing anyway, just to be sure. But if Terminus succeeded, he would have killed two birds with one stone.

That just leaves X.

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Re: Incursion: Solar Flare [Closed]

Post by James Novak » Mon May 25, 2020 3:20 am

One minute ago.

James Novak was lying on top of a rooftop.

He opened up his eyes and wished he had kept them closed.

The ground was starting to hurt his back and everything was louder than a shitty new metal album. He seemed to have become aware of the Earth’s rotational speeds.

Novak cracked his knuckles again to see if there was any sound. A sigh escaped from his mouth once again, but he couldn’t see it because the helmet was off. He tried to remember his breathing exercises, but they weren’t doing much.

He turned on his stomach and started to crawl on his knees. His eyes and head felt like the aliens from Mars Attacks! looked. His stomach was like a whirlwind of protein shakes and whole grain bars.

Novak rolled up his mask over his nose and proceeded to vomit a brown sludge with little specks of something earthy. Out of all the things he was happy about, the fact that he had the spacesuit over his costume was at the top of the list right about now.

His legs were giving out and he managed enough energy to roll back, so he wouldn’t pass out on top of his lunch.

Sixteen Minutes Ago.

James Novak was in space.

The moment had not lasted.

He entered the Maximum Car. Half of the squad had deviated from the original plan, so the remaining Team #3 members would join Team #1. It wasn’t that he didn’t have anything clever to say about the whole situation, it’s just that his HUD picked up a Wi-Fi connection the moment he entered the car.

The first thing that anyone would do when entering an alternative universe is Google themselves.

Novak was no different.

The results left him a bit shocked though.

Three Minutes Ago.

James Novak was falling to his death.

The spacesuits weren’t made to fly with Earth’s gravity as Terminus had told them. Novak still tried to give himself a boost upwards and buy himself a few more seconds. His ears were slapping against the wind like when someone opens up a window in a moving car.

Even in the insanity of the moment, Novak knew that he was undergoing sensory overload. He had gone skydiving multiple times to practice gliding with his cape. The only issue is that he wasn’t wearing a cape because of the spacesuit.

Everything was going in slow motion and every moment that passed was forgotten. He knew not to trust the feeling, because he knew he was actually falling faster than what he was perceiving.

Maximum Man grabbed Novak from the back and hugged him. The future hero would try to tank the impact from the fall. Novak tried slapping his ankles together to activate his boots, but they weren’t clicking properly because of the spacesuit’s padding.

Novak hit his ankles together until they hurt.

He pulled out a small emergency blade from the spacesuit and made incisions on both sides. Then, he ripped those open with his hand and hit his ankles together again.

The destructo discs came out of his feet and Novak flipped mid-air so the protecting bear hug that Maximum Man was giving him would be a piggy back ride instead. The discs activated and he started decreasing the speed at which they fell.

The more the speed decreased, the more Novak realized how much Maximum Man actually weighed. Novak’s back was straining like never before as the behemoth of a man held on to him.

When they were over the roof, Novak collapsed before he could set foot on it.

Eight Minutes Ago.

James Novak was on the Maximum Car.

The cockpit was giving off multiple warnings. The room seemed to be turning red with pop ups telling them that they were about to die. Novak was trying his best to not be a bitch and trust that Maximum Man knew he was doing.

Warning! Warning! Projectiles incoming!

Maximum Man waited until the last possible moment to start up the engines again. He went upward and so did Novak who had forgotten to put on his seat belt. His head hit the car window and smashed the spacesuit’s HUD. Novak pushed himself back with his feet into the seat and buckled up. Then, he took off his helmet and placed it in between his feet.

They swerved through the different skyscrapers of Solar City at speeds that Novak was not particularly used to. The Maximum car was more of a spaceship than a car than turned into a jet. Tom Cruise would have shat his pants if he had been on the back of the car themed rocket with him.

Maximum Man screamed his name and launched both of them out like a madman. He couldn't really make out what he was saying before that. At that point, he realized that Maximum Man was a roided up version of Speed Racer.


James Novak woke up on the rooftop again.

Maximum Man must have moved him while he passed out. He was behind the entrance to the building, leaning against the wall. He caught an unfamiliar voice cutting through with playful banter. He looked behind the wall and saw both Predator X talking to Maximum Man, then quickly hid back again.

Novak detached his destructo discs from his feet and sliced through the spacesuit in a single motion. It was magnetically sealed, so it wasn’t like Novak could have been more gentle.

Besides, wearing all black wasn’t really his style. It was a little too urban vigilante for his taste.

She went on about the moral justifications of attacking a foreign body in retaliation as he cut off the remainder of the space suit.

Novak peeked behind the wall once again. Predator X had put her hands up to fight Maximum Man. He decided not to waste any more time, so he tossed one of his destructo discs before the first punch was even thrown. He made sure to toss it against the ledge so it would bounce back and directly lodge itself into her back like all the Aristoles before him used to do.

Dad called it one of the basic shield tosses when he showed off at cookouts.

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Re: Incursion: Solar Flare [Closed]

Post by Azra » Mon May 25, 2020 3:25 pm

Elektra didn't like it, but at the moment it seemed like one of the best plays in the book for her to do. Using a bow was not unlike being a sniper, every shot had to count. Two arrows had been put to use so far of sixty, the following moments would put a bit more of a dent in her munitions. She could fly though where as the others were a bit more stuck to being on the various roofs and walls growing incredibly hot. The whole space was blinding and difficult to look at but walls of skyscrapers kind of stood out. She did her best to limit property damage usually, if it was people melting though or some construction work needed in a world that wasn't hers she knew what she would pick.

Five arrows would be fired in a swift succession. One for each building adjacent to the one the team was fighting on, and one for that roof. The first arrow would seek to impact the roof the others were on, beneath them the floor would likely rumble. Cracks would likely race throughout the paneling. More importantly however the arrow would look to cover the floor with a glacier like sheet of ice. Between the thick coating and cracks hopefully some sense of vision would be restored as well as make sure her companions weren't going to melt.

She didn't hold back as much on the arrows shot at other buildings though. They wouldn't be toppled over but there was a solid chance that the cracks and ice would span multiple floors. While El may not have had a treasure trove of arrow options, she liked to think herself resourceful. This was quick, easy and likely meant nothing to those in close combat. For the next part however Elektra hoped the fighting would distract X for some time. Seemed safe to say Terminus was quiet because he was working to handle the Solar canon, he wasn't alone though not if the officer had anything to say.

She likely couldn't stop the weapon from going off, she might hit it just a fraction of a second before firing. There mission was to try and ensure it didn't try and glass more cities however. So it was that El reached for three of her heaviest arrows made just for this by Terminus. She ran her hands along the runes of her quiver provided by Drake to make the next shot more potent. Her arrows heavier than they ought to be, and her bow treating them lighter than they should be. Paradoxical in design but when mixing magic and science with a archer who could lift a buss practicality was kind of shot.

Well into hypersonic speeds, meant to match some of the fastest jets the bow was let go of with acrack like thunder. The arrows were like saying she had fired a car more then a metal rod. The arrowheads blunt, so as to go off with all the large radial destructive force the archer could muster. She would aim for the top of the cannon, hoping to damage the barrel but not needlessly slaughter those inside.

While she attempted to show restraint however, these arrows were by design meant to decimate fortified bunkers. To turn reinforced buildings into ruins. To be effective against some of the monstrous super humans well above El's own abilities. She didn't want to be a genuine instrument of war, but with arrows like that she arguably could be. "Let me guess Ms Airstrikes and scorched earth policy is talking shit for us wanting to break a WMD?" Quiver commented over the comms, noting she was down now a sixth of her ammo.
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Re: Incursion: Solar Flare [Closed]

Post by MAXIMUM MAN » Mon May 25, 2020 11:23 pm

As MAXIMUM MAN drifted down, arms wrapped around Novak's body, he felt the rush of adrenaline that came with being in a warzone. Explosions ripped through drones, courtesy of Pendragons's arsenal of armaments. The two heroes touched down onto the closest rooftop and Baron Proton was down for the count, the G forces must've been too much for him. MAXIMUM MAN was genetically altered to handle travel at those speeds but, Baron Proton was clearly not. He took the hero and ran him over to a cover position, gently resting him down, and then running back out into the battlefield. There was no doubt X would attempt to come for him given he'd just brought hundreds of explosives raining down onto her head and if she got to Novak before he got back up then it would've been a death sentence.

Her voice began coming from everywhere in the city, echoing through the empty streets. It rang out over the sounds of fires raging and drones crashing into the pavement below. She mocked them, spoke as if she held the competitive advantage in this fight. His head darted from left to right, surveying the landscape for the villain. Footsteps clacked against the rooftop behind him forcing a swift pivot. He was expecting an all out attack, instead he got a very strange monologue. The way she moved made it seem as if she was attempting to use her femininity as a weapon, something that may have worked if she wasn't a murderous lunatic who had kidnapped a child. He simply smirked as she challenged him back, his entire position shifting.

While she was talking he was using what he'd experienced in their version of Solar City to understand exactly how this one would restrict his powers. What he concluded was that, while he couldn't apply concentrate bursts of MAXIMUM ENERGY within Solar City he could make use of his MAXIMUM ENGINE to some extent given the increased effort it required. He could push himself to engage his Fourth Cylinder however, he couldn't push any further than that.

"MAXIMUM ENGINE Fourth Cylinder!"

A high concentration of MAXIMUM ENERGY was injected into his bloodstream by the third and fourth chambers of his heart opening up. The blood and energy mixed within his body to create a potent fuel for his body. His muscles began to almost grow in size ever so slightly, his lungs taking in more air, and his aura beginning to become slightly visible in the form of little wisps of smoke radiating off of him.

"If you just surrendered than none of this would've happened. Instead you designed this weapon and if we were to standby while a madwoman sat with her finger on the firing switch than we couldn't call ourselves heroes."

He charged forward, strength doubled by the MAXIMUM ENERGY filling his muscles, as he went for the same tactic he had used against her in their previous fight. A series of quick jabs aimed at the torso and head, however, instead of using it to distract her he threw the full might of his blazing heart into each punch. Each blow would carry 100% of his MAXIMUM ENERGY enhanced power. The type of power that would put holes in blast doors was launched against her with the speed of a light weight boxer.

Despite this she still talked, he lept back the moment she let out her threat. The rift forming in the sky now threatening to take his full attention. If they were to let that blast go off countless lives would be lost but, if they all focused on that than X would be able to pick them off one by one. Couple that with the rising temperature of X's very own personal playground and this was shaping up to be a nasty fight. The hotter it got the harder it would be to breathe. Each movement would cost more energy as their bodies fought to cool down amidst the heat.

He could feel the pain but, his Third Cylinder was helping by releasing enough adrenaline to drown out the pain the moment he felt it. Terminus was slowly moving towards the device while Novak and Elektra were each launching their own strikes against the villain, he weighed his options and knew that he would be more useful here, holding off X while Terminus did his thing.

Using the attacks of Novak and Elektra as distractions he leapt through the air, flipping, and bringing down his foot for a powerful Axe Kick. As he did so, his other foot would look to press off of the womans chest, flipping him backwards with a second rising kick before he would stick the landing.



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Re: Incursion: Solar Flare [Closed]

Post by LunaHawk » Tue May 26, 2020 3:32 am

The Grand Experiment

X cocked her head even as she fought MAximum Man. She deflected each of his blows in beautiful synchronicity, where their fight looked like a dance or sparring event. She relied on deflections more than outright blocks, knocking aside punches and using their strength and speed to direct them away from their intended targets. He did a good job of keeping her on the defensive but as they fought she was recording and memorizing his movements. Eventually she'd be able to predict what he was going to do next. Data screed rolled through her peripheral vision.

Digital intruder detected. Activate failsafe?

What's it doing?

Target is adjusting the Solar Array's aim for Dimension Tide.

She smiled a little. Intriguing.

Hold fail safe.

A single, tremendous beam of energy raged out of Solar City. The beam didn't fire from the top, it fired along the entire course of the tower, using it as a gun barrel. It was a work of devastating art, a beam of coherent fusion discharge. There was enough radiation along the beam to wipe out a civilization, enough energy in it to mock a star. When she'd given temporary access to Alaecyn during their incursion she'd limited the power he had access to. She didn't want to wipe out a city, she wanted to test the gun.

In this instance she still knew what it was capable of within limits, but had chosen to use this firing to test its full capacity. She'd picked at target in the middle of the Sahara, an empty space. The weapon's deployment had been intended as a distraction, she'd doubted they would simply surrender to the threat. The radiation and raw heat of the beam was contained within a magnetic field generated by the tower itself and excess energy bleed was re-absorbed by Solar City's many many panels.

Now she would lose one experiment to conduct another. Dimension Tide was a beta test, useful because it would allow Alaecyn to deploy whole armies across dimensional barriers. If it was lost it would be a significant blow to Alaecyn's plans--but not to hers. He would pay for the construction of another, refined design and would lose months, maybe years off his eventual plans. She would make money and get to deploy new techniques.

She wanted to watch it fire, but she had a fight to conduct.

The beam burst forth from the tower like a beacon, years worth of stellar collection channeled through batteries deep underground into a single blast. It would drain Solar City of a significant portion of its power but the data the firing provided would be invaluable. Lights shut off across the city before flickering back on as the AI automatically re-routed other reserve batteries to critical systems. The whole sky lit up, as if another sun had been born and the beam punched skyward.

The titanic fusion blast tore through the atmosphere and blasted into space. It hit the Dimension Tides' shielding and overwhelmed it in an eye blink. The station disintegrated and X's impromptu new experiment began. The portal didn't slam shut--it grew. Without the minds powering it the portal could no longer be directed but the shard at the machine's heart remained, absorbing enormous amounts of energy like a sponge. The fragment, the piece of multi-colored glass- spun out of control and cracks materialized along its length and breadth.

The sky above Earth, not just Solar City, rippled like a disturbed pond and then--it cracked.

A visible crack raced across the sky in both directions from where Dimension Tide had once been as if someone had struck a mirror with a ball point pen. At the heart of the disturbance the fragment spun at hypersonic rates until at last the energy was too much for it and it shattered like the glass it resembled. The once whole piece was sundered into dozens of much smaller pieces, each of which shot out in random directions. Some fell through the crack. A moment later, the crack snapped shut and the sky returned to normal. The portal winked out with it.

Engage fail safe

The cannon began to power down, the beam narrowing. That's when the arrows struck.

A Glorious Battle

Today was like X's birthday, or at least like she imagined birthdays were. She'd never been allowed to celebrate one while part of the project and wouldn't know where to begin now. Fortunately Prime Earth sent people to start a war and they sent people to blast Dimension Tide and it was all absolutely fucking glorious. She'd not had a fight like this in her life, it was beautiful. The only way it could get better is if a whole army showed up at her doorstep. Maybe next year.

"Where's the fun in just rolling over and taking it though?" She asked when he suggested surrender. The temperature in Solar City continued to climb. X's body automatically switched from warm to cold blooded to adapt to the changes. While her opponents would begin dealing with heat fatigue and difficulty breathing, she was fine.

Though X wasn't challenging Novak, she could smell him and his shield. She lost track of the shield for a moment in all the fighting and registered it again when it came within uncomfortable close range at equally uncomfortably high speeds. At the same moment Maximum man launched his kicking attacks. She caught the first kick square in the chest, relying on her natural durability and her armor to tank the hit. His raising kick was the opportunity she needed.

The first kick's impact spread kinetic force across her armored weave but much of still got through, smashing into her body like a hammer. His chosen target though had the benefit of a ribcage that operated like a suit of breastplate inside her body. The impact crushed into solid, reinforced bone plating and hairline fractures spread across one of the plates. A burst of pain followed but she fought through it with a snarl.

X began her own back flip, grabbing his rising foot with both hands and using the power of his secondary kick and the raw strength of her own body to launch herself with additional power. The shield thus missed her back and instead struck her in the legs, turning a controlled back flip into something that smashed her into the ground. If she were human, she would have been dead or unconscious and without legs.

She was none of the three.

Predator X was designed not to fight wars, but to win them. Lessons from both World Wars, the Korean War, and Vietnam were all included in her design. Even without her armor she could tank machine gun rounds to many areas of the body, her legs were no different. Reinforced musculature and extremely durable bone served as well as any armor, aided by the weave pants she wore. Intense pain ripped into her legs from the impact, and then her face and arms as she was slammed into the floor.

X laughed, pushing herself off the floor. She bled severely from where the shield struck her legs but impossibly, she stood. "I really must visit your world more often."

The arrow struck the tower.

If you build a castle, give it walls

The arrows struck the tower at hypervelocity. By all rights they should have obliterated several floors. Instead they discovered the tower was a prototype for more than one of X's technologies. Technology got smaller with time and design improvement, this was a universal truth. X's shield generator was the size of a Prime Earth Smart Phone, but their origins were far larger. The arrows disintegrated inches from the outer walls of the tower. A shield of the same azure hue as X's kinetic shields flashed into view for a half second and vanished again with the same crackling cascade that signified the collapse of X's personal shields.

The beam thinned, dimmed, and went out. Steam and smoke rose from the exterior of the tower and it was surrounded by a visible heat shimmer. Elektra's attack wasn't for naught, the extreme intensity of the arrows was enough to knock out the kinetic shields but leave them wondering what else the tower might defend itself with.

In truth the working functions of the cannon weren't in the tower, those delicate machines were buried beneath the ground. The tower operated as a gun barrel and focal point for the energy beam. If they took it out, it wouldn't destroy the cannon, though it would certainly prevent it from firing for however long it took to rebuild.

X sent a command to the AI to shut the tower down completely, disconnecting it from the network so hacking the tower itself would be physically impossible, there was simply no access, nor was the cannon itself active to manipulate. Regardless, she took note of the attack on the tower with a visible frown. Dimension Tide had little value to her, the tower on the other hand was both extremely expensive and difficult to build. Replacing it would be a gigantic pain in the ass. Hell, replacing the focusing crystals would be problematic enough.

Defense is fun, killing is better.

X had yet to display much of her raw speed or physical power. She chose now to do so. The drones in the streets back offed, registering more than thirty percent loss. It was time to leave the defenses, and the focus of the invading team, to her. The drones were designed to fight armies and criminals, the meta humans would be left to her.

X went from a stand still to full speed in an unbelievably short span. Extremely powerful muscles combined with the rest of her biology to accelerate her from zero to sixty in a record time. She launched herself into a furious assault on MAximum Man, lashing out with claws and fists. She sought to rake her lethal claws across his chest where diamond hard claws coated in a proprietary blend of meta materials would threaten to slice through to the bone, potentially collecting blood samples along the way.

She followed the double slash up with a balled fist, driving it with every ounce of her bone shattering strength for his gut in a brutal upward motion meant to bury her fist into his soft organs where the kinetic damage would hopefully prove swiftly debilitating. If she'd strike a normal human, the impact would literally pulp whatever organ was unfortunate enough to reside below the area of impact. If he were hit, it would be like taking the impact of a hydraulic hammer.

Despite appearances, she wasn't throwing herself into it with reckless abandon. She hoped to mitigate Novak's shield throwing by being too close to his ally to risk a missed shot. The impact against her legs, though not half as fatal as it would have been against a softer target, was still both extremely painful and had cracked both leg bones, to say nothing of the deep cut on the back of both legs. She could tank severe hits, but not forever. If she wanted to avoid having to duck out of the fight in the next few rounds, she needed to limit her exposure.

MAximum Man's typical closed range aggression and physical size would limit the options of his allies. By burying herself into the physical combat she gave her shields time to re-energize and limited the scope of weapons his allies would consider bringing to bare. At least, that was the idea.

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Re: Incursion: Solar Flare [Closed]

Post by Deus Mortis » Tue May 26, 2020 3:46 pm

To give MAXIMUM MAN a chance, Garrick would walk through fire and back, just as he did now.

He latched his device onto X just as he hoped, but it was not without sacrifice. His arm felt like it was caught in an incinerator, the small gaps of air around that limb heated to levels that rivaled fire. Environmental coating on the infiltration suit turned his third degree into a second, his natural durability reducing it just a few hairs down further. To say it did not pain him was untrue, for his entire limb cried out from the sudden flare of heat that had threatened to melt his arm clean off. But being set on fire was not a new pain to him by any means. He's been set alight too many times, having already been incinerated once by a divine flame. With gritted teeth and an indomitable resolve, he pushed on.

Just as the heat did.

Solar City unveiled another one of its defense mechanisms as every building surface radiated a blinding light. Garrick himself was almost blinded by the display, shutting his eyes as quickly as he could and turning away. Even from a split second exposure, his vision was blackened, only able to use his four remaining senses to navigate. All across the city, concentrated air waves slowly began to bake the very area around them. The heat was uncomfortable initially, though its rise was becoming more and more gradual with every passing second. At this rate, the city was going to become an oven in less than a few minutes.

In less than a second, it became the birth site of a new star.

The city cannon fired with as much, if not more, power than Garrick expected. There was a terrifying moment where he thought they failed, only to see its beam fire off into space. He didn't know what to think of it, only glad that wherever that went, it wasn't going back to hit some random city in his dimension. The why of it eluded him, but there wasn't much time to dwell on that.

The superheated sword found its way into a sheath before Garrick jumped off the side of his building once more. From his raised position, he managed to see how the fight had progressed. His attempt to stall X long enough to give his ally a chance to land a decisive blow was for naught. The predator preserved and continued the attack on his team.

His grappling hook stuck into and onto the side of the building MAXIMUM MAN and X were standing on. He landed with another roll, one hand unhooking the baton on his right side. By the time he was on his feet, it was in his hands. In the time it took him to see X begin her fight and for him to get there, a number of things caught his attention.

One engaging hand-to-hand, the rest are ranged.

He held two small buttons on different sides of the baton, twisting it.

Accuracy reduction to account for potential friendly fire.

The baton surface shined dimly with blue-greenish lines.

I won’t provide any better support if I’m ranged.

He pulled both sides of the baton and the weapon extended into a full-sized quarterstaff, both tips sharpened as if it were a dual-sided spear.

I’ll use the reach advantage to keep a shot open on her.

With his weapon now ready, he rushed into the fray. From the eyes of an experienced combatant, it was clear to him that X was not only a gifted fighter but a highly adaptable one. Whatever tempo MAXIMUM MAN was in, X was following it. The initial shock of the time-displaced hero’s destructive barrage was gone now as the two were locked in hand-to-hand combat, agility vs overwhelming strength. Garrick sought to tip that balance.

With his own enhanced agility and precision, he went to attack X’s side, doing little to hide his approach seeing as she’d likely detect him anyways. He thrust the weapon twice, once at her neck to sever her throat and another quicker strike at her leg injury, seeking to worsen her wound and lower her mobility.

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Re: Incursion: Solar Flare [Closed]

Post by Azra » Tue May 26, 2020 8:47 pm

Her arrows had not been contested and so it was that Elektra would hopefully help manage the incredible glare and heat bout the combat zone. A vast spiderweb of cracks and fractures spanned along the sides of the four buildings closest to the ones the fight was on, and a bit less of such damage on the roof the fighting was at. Along the area of effect that was caused by her glaciers formed, thick walls of ice. With the incredible heat of the solar cannon they might not last long this she knew.

It did help though to hopefully make the setting functional to be in for the others and help be able to see. Their suits protection likely only aiding so much. Meanwhile the arrows of hers aimed at the building itself a towering radiant spire they seemed to make no work. The weapon fired into the air as the arrows faded into molten slag, they had struck a shield. The barrier seemed to vanish her bombardment enough to break it at the least. So the beam with a roar reaches into the heavens. The saving grace being that El's assumption was correct in that Terminus had been up to something.

It glimmered in the sky a momentary second sun as something exploded in the void of space. "Did the dysfunctional team just finish first because of you Pendragon?" The archer inquired hoping to get confirmation on things over the comms system now that he likely wasn't needing to hyper focus on a task. Quiver wasn't going to halt though, crazy spacial anomalies in the sky and brief star of base destruction or not their was a mission to be done. She prided herself on being steadfast, a rock that didn't waver in the field.

Two more arrows, just like the first weight like a car, lighter for her to draw though. A cracking sound echoes through the air the sound heard long after the arrows were sent flying. Outpacing a military jet the arrows looked to strike the peak and middle of the solar cannon. The kind of force behind them to topple most buildings and structures known to man. She had wanted initially to aim for the barrel, more just halting it from firing. Could dismantle it more thuroughly later when they knew it to be safe. Elektra felt she had to be quick here though so she fired at the building more completely and simply left confirming how bad it was for later. She'd rather be a wrecking ball than a mass murderer but she couldn't let that beam enter another city.

She had seen it in action and if that lance through the sky was anything to go by, St Louis had been a test run.

The team needed her to though which was why the archer quickly flew her way down and off to the side of the fighting. An arrow being notched as she took aim for the open wound on the leg left from Novak's attack. The kinetic absorbtion of the shield seemed down, and her arrows weren't going to melt from a shield alone having more to them than just a bullet. Confirm the suroundings, El making sure in the rare case of a miss there'd be no friendly fire and minimal collateral. With that an arrow was loosed snapping through the air and looking to spear through X's calf. The speed dwarfing most munitions and the destructive capacity centered all on one piercing arrowhead.

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Re: Incursion: Solar Flare [Closed]

Post by Terminus » Tue May 26, 2020 9:47 pm

TerminOS v3.3.0
Now Playing: Sabaton- To Hell and Back.

Armor Model: Ajax.
Active Module: None.

Pilot: Pendragon, Nicolas.
System Status: Nominal.

It worked.

Up until the very last second before the Solar Array had fired, Terminus hadn't been completely sure his hastily-made plan would be enough. But he'd done it. Saved whichever city, or other target Predator X had in mind, from destruction. And, in the process, managed to accomplish one of the overall mission's three main objectives. A few seconds later, as the Machinist began to reassert manual control over his armor, the audio and video feeds returning to life, he heard Elektra acknowledging just that.

With a chuckle, Pendragon's voice came back over the closed communications channel. His armor had patched Novak and Maximum Man in automatically, when their objective changed to assisting his team. That was one advantage he had over both Revolt and Capacitor- much of his tech could operate itself. Not completely autonomously, but as he'd demonstrated just moments ago, the pilot could disengage for protracted periods if necessary.

"I may have had something to do with that, yeah."

With that giant problem taken care of, Nicolas could return to the battle. He shot upwards, towards the rooftops where his team was engaging X. His armor hadn't wiped out the drones on the ground entirely, but it'd been successful in thinning out their ranks significantly. Dealing with the Predator was the main objective, and it was about time Terminus took a proper shot at her.

As he ascended, the Armorsmith took notice of an alert on his HUD readout. The temperature sensor was picking up extreme heat levels in the surrounding environs, and even with the weapon having fired, they only seemed to be rising. While the climate-controlled interior of the Ajax protected Pendragon from boiling alive inside his own armor, the sleek black surface was surely scalding to the touch.

Once, when a major city had been under threat, Hector Williams- a man who Nicolas called friend -had taken drastic measures to halt the growth of the attacking force. Using his ability to absorb and manipulate energy in all forms, he'd created a cold snap, essentially plunging Los Angeles into a miniature ice age. That maneuver had not been without cost- it'd befallen a city unprepared for a sudden, massive snowstorm. But in a situation like this, it would have been quite useful.

Akhilleus hadn't accompanied the Society on the Counter-Earth Offensive. Mostly because he was in a coma. But Terminus wasn't just good at making armor. One of his specialties was analyzing and replicating the unique abilities of powerful metahumans. His energy beams and heat shields were derived from Concord. His Tesla module was built off of scans from both Capacitor and Magnetar. And, built into the Ajax suit, was a bit of technology that'd been modeled off of Hector himself.

"Engage Patroclus Protocol, stat."

The rest of the team wouldn't hear him say it. The verbal command was for his armor alone. Instead of flying for Predator X, Terminus continued straight upwards, until he was higher than even the tallest skyscraper in all of Solar City. There, he hung for a moment, still. If one's eyesight was keen, they would be able to see dozens of vents on his suit opening up. However, they weren't releasing anything. They were absorbing heat from the air all around, much like Akhilleus did naturally.

Nicolas couldn't have absorbed all the excess heat. It would have overloaded his armor's systems, and probably melted his skin off. But he didn't need to. As the inside of the suit got progressively hotter, he watched the charge meter slowly inch upwards. His breathing became heavy and labored, as yet more sweat rolled down his face and chest.

Then, the minute enough heat had been absorbed, it was redirected. In this case, redirected into a wave of cold, blasting outwards. Even with Terminus as high up as he was, it would be felt by everyone outside. Ice would coat every sufficiently large surface, frosting over the solar panels that adorned all of Solar City, granting it the name. And in doing so, it would deny Predator X both the advantage that her immunity to extreme temperatures provided, and the use of the weapon itself. With the charging array coated in ice and snow, it wouldn't be able to power up for a second shot.

Naturally, Hector wasn't the only person Pendragon had to thank for the idea. He'd taken note of Quiver using her own ice arrows to do something similar. His armor's advanced technology simply allowed him to replicate it across the entire city. And, if Nicolas was right, it would have second-order effects as well. The power-dampening field in Solar City operated via nano-fog in the air. It was optimized for use in the extreme heat. The temperature's sudden and precipitous drop could cause them to fail outright, or at least lose some functionality. For most of the team, it didn't matter- either they were wearing protective equipment, or they had no powers to speak of. But there was one exception.

"Hey, Maximum. Lemme know if your powers start to feel any stronger. I think I may have disabled or damaged the dampening field with that little trick."

Physically speaking, Maximum Man was doubtlessly the strongest of the Society members that had assembled here. If his abilities had been restored to their full strength, he would likely be capable of turning the battle's tide in their favor. Alongside Elektra's pinpoint accuracy, Novak's versatile bag of technological tricks, Garrick's impeccable combat credentials, and Pendragon's own firepower... she didn't stand a chance.

That reminds me.

Turning towards the scene of the battle again, Terminus accelerated, intent on leaping back into the fray. But as he did so, he opened up the communications channel once more.

"Hey, Proton. You were right about Revolt. That one's on me. After all this is done, we should discuss what to do about it. Cool?"

Apologies were far from Pendragon's forte. But if his misplaced trust in Revolt was a problem, the solution was obvious. Not apologizing to Novak- that didn't actually solve anything. Working with the Society's other tech whiz, to invent a countermeasure for the Alternating Current, would. Besides, that was a good way to get to know someone.

Putting his mea culpa aside for the moment, Terminus focused in on his attack run. Target lock on Predator X had been acquired while was talking. Every second he now spent not shooting was wasted. So, he opened fire. Not with ballistics, or even energy weapons. The others had that covered, wearing down the Predator's shields and defenses with a coordinated assault. So he used a less conventional weapon.

Deploying his forearm-mounted sonic cannon, Nicolas strafed X, maintaining fire with the focused beam of pure sound. Supposedly, her senses were sharper than humans. If that extended to sound, this would be excruciatingly painful. But even if her ears were just those of a normal human, it would hurt quite a lot. Burst eardrums within seconds, bleeding from the eyes not long after. Just thinking would be a challenge, much less reacting to the multitude of attacks coming her way.

It was remarkably similar to what the Source had done to them, in a way. An assault on the senses, if not a psychic one. The Society had been able to fight through it collectively, each using their own unique methods. The Predator would doubtlessly find a way to manage as well. But the point wasn't to take her out permanently with this one weapon. It was to distract and disable her for a moment, so the team could strike as one, and finish her together.

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Re: Incursion: Solar Flare [Closed]

Post by MAXIMUM MAN » Thu May 28, 2020 3:08 am

Blow for blow, she was a perfect match. Body shot-parry. Head shot-parry. Body shot-parry. No matter how he mixed up his offense she seemed to be one step ahead. Deep inside his mind he cursed the power dampening fields the woman had installed within her city. Had they not existed it would've been exponentially easier for him to end this battle and get to Revolt who was currently fighting alone. Even if she had broken ranks it was in the heroes creed to never leave an ally behind.

As the crackling beam of radiation ripped through the portal he observed what seemed to be a star detonating in the sky. It could only mean one thing, they had done it. The Dimension Tide was offline, gone from their world. The sky split open next but, he didn't let that bother him, he kept his focus on X. This time he fought with the full might of his allies at his back. Each of their maneuvers serving to aid the fists of justice in their quest to defeat the evil that was X. He didn't have time for this battle to continue, he needed to get to Revolt, which meant he needed to find a way to end this.

His axe kick struck an impenetrable defense, the force being spread out across the whole of her body suit as well as armor like endoskeleton. His foot planted itself against her chest, pushing off into a graceful backflip. His opponent used his own mobility and power against him; taking hold of his foot and using his momentum to propel herself through the air. Luckily his allies were there to provide support.

Baron Proton's shield struck her foot and turned a graceful flip into an embarrassing face plant. Blood poured from her wound yet, she stood. While he wouldn't express it vocally he commended her fighting spirit. It helped to cement in his own mind that she was a true warrior not to be underestimated or lumped in with the average villain. The only way someone could fight through wounds like hers was if they too felt a sense of righteousness in what they were doing. In this context MAXIMUM MAN and X were evenly matched as equals, his overwhelming power and speed meeting her speed and defense in a duel that would become so much more than just another brawl.

From the moment he'd entered this dimension he'd felt the overwhelming sense of despair that seemed to suffocate everything. Even the raging heat of Solar Cities defenses were nothing compared to that feeling. A world that had lost so much and couldn't seem to pull itself out, it hurt him. Like a true hero he wished he could've been there to do something about Surgath's plans. However, he was here now, and the heroes of this world had a chance to pierce the darkness. They didn't but, that didn't mean that hope was lost.

X charged forwards to launch her own flurry of blows and send him on the defensive. Noctua kept his distance with a spear to keep her on her feet and would no doubt slow down her offense to some extent. MAXIMUM MAN kept his guard up, she was fast but, she wasn't hypersonic racing fast. He could see and react to each blow however, his own physical limitations kicked in. Normally he would've called upon a boost of MAXIMUM SPEED or MAXIMUM WILL to pick up the slack; those were options he didn't have at this moment. He managed to deflect most of each blow, still having his flesh scraped by her unbelievably sharp claws. He kept his footwork clean, stepping, ducking, dodging, and parrying as best he could even as each mostly stopped hit sent pain shooting through his body. Behind that pain though, he could feel something else. Every punch had the intent of justice, each blow carried with it a twisted sense of the ideal he fought for and that gave him an idea.

"I can feel a sick and twisted sense of justice behind each one of your blows, it's keeping us evenly matched." An arrow flew through the air behind her looking to take purchase in her open wound.

""Hey, Maximum. Lemme know if your powers start to feel any stronger. I think I may have disabled or damaged the dampening field with that little trick.""

The world around them turned from overwhelmingly hot into incredibly cold thanks to Terminus's technology. As the ice took hold he could feel the MAXIMUM ENERGY in his body getting fired up, his MAXIMUM ENGINE was firing at MAXIMUM efficiency. Unfortunately that spelled trouble for his enemy.

Her two fists sought to impact his chest and in that moment he cemented his stance. Air rushed into his lungs and his heart injected two bursts of MAXIMUM WILL into his body. His durability increasing tenfold for the brief instant the attack struck, X would expect to strike vulnerable skin but would instead strike a surface that left the wielder unphased.


As she hit he would wrap his arms around hers, locking the two of them together just close enough for her to see the smile that covered his face. He could feel the power dampeners effects starting to return and knew he only had this one chance. While he was at full power he wouldn't let her escape. His head pulled back, air rushed into his lungs, his heart to sent only a single burst of MAXIMUM IMPACT into his head, and he brought the headbutt down against her own cranium. It was a blow that carried with it an overwhelming 5X multiplayer to MAXIMUM MAN's already doubled strength. It was a blow that threatened to blow his allies off the rooftop and send X hurtling through the roof of the building.




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