Incursion: Final Examination [Closed]

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Re: Incursion: Final Examination [Closed]

Post by Azra » Thu May 28, 2020 2:24 am

"Push it down, channel it, that fear and rage that's flowing. Be a shield first but when it comes time to fight hold nothing back." She had done everything with her mental abilities to lend an aid to the students, now it was out of her hands. She had to trust Teja would see it through, short of family though there probably wasn't anyone she trusted more though. There wasn't anyone she put more faith in. In he current fight Mana was being supported by Ryoko and the teen wasn't sure there was anyone more perfect to call on in such a way. They could do this, there was probably a evil monologue lambasting their efforts of course. He wasn't able to see everything going on underneath though, so instead Mana simply let her furry come out of her with a laser like focus.

Legs came clean off the opposition the metal radiating heat as the blade separated them. Mana herself could remember the feeling off losing the legs herself, she doubted there was feeling there for Jake but Mana wanted to remember it. To know what she was committing to. Her foot comes down on the head as the rocketeer channeled her latest invention into a devastating kick. She lands having gone from behind her foe to back in front, lashing out with a dizzying velocity.

Her sword slashes into an armored torso threatening to split the opposition in twain as it hung in the air legless. The tail was countered though, Jake choosing to not be just the victim of the onslaught thrown his way. She hadn't been focused on defending her systems when it came to technopathy wanting to instead be ready to trail after a target, thus meant her tail was redirected. But, she turned it off before the laser would fire. There was a lesson there, further hammering home not to let her defenses slide both in the physical and mental. She was not about to be the detriment of the mission, to be a hinderance.nshe had felt like she'd failed to much to accept such an outcome.

A fist comes through the machine, armor parts as a searing hand lances through. The man bleeds oil and the heat ignites it. The suroundings of the trio slightly decorated with flames. More like a sphere though in nature than the flames one was used to. They didn't expand as much either at least not yet, sort of a gyrating spark it struggled to expand. Mana wished she could of marveled at it more but she was dumping everything she had into making consequence a reality. Jake quips downplaying the severity done from the attacks and it sinks in for her finally just how much of a puppet they were dealing with. Likely not much beyond a brain in a jar, a sad thing to consider. The kind of loss Mana was most afraid of.

She was going to feel bad for what her next plan was, but first came defense.

It should t even be that much of a surprise to anyone who had come to know the young hero. Time after time after time the roots of this move was done. She could tell something was about to be done, an attack starting at the puppet and reaching outwards. Electricity being weaponized against them now that they're own source of lightning was away. So Mana moves for, perhaps strangely to an onlooker a hug. Taking efforts to make sure her sword flanked left and her tail coiled and covered the right. Her shield covering the back, making as much of a shell as she possibly could. She was a conductor, metal legs and arms, one complete arm. Metal spine, metal in her face, a torso that was mostly mechanized.

Her body would go limp, her arms and legs unmoving. Her back stiff as a board. The world went dark as her vision was gone, went silent as her ears burned out. Weightless and motionless as everything switched off but one thing. Her lung, the attack had focused on destroying devices over shocking the body. So she let every system go but one. That which would help her continue to breathe. Mana knew that because of her the team would be stable might lose a few devices, she wasn't exactly the biggest girl around to dwarf someone in a hug after all. They would be able to survive though and pull her out of this mess.

She wasn't alone.

However, that wasn't to say she didn't have an attack plan. That taking a hit was all she could do. No with almost no tech to focus on or ability to attack that gave more effort to pour into something else. Nothing seemed to indicate that there was any brain to target, rather that Jake or whatever was left seemed to reside just in the machines. Perhaps the base in truth was now him, who could really say. Mana would look to crash her way into Jake's mind or whatever the substitute was a bombardment to burst through as she then looked to take hold of a particular segment of the machine.

Mana would look to crush that which handled powers. To reach into the controls of that unique ability and shred them. To find the wires of that cerebral machine and rewire it into an unusable incompressible mess. How the powers worked as a component of machine was something she wished she had time to study. But there was no such time, "Said you wanted consequence right? So how about we take that which has made you so vital? The one thing you have had going for you this whole time." Mana wasn't quite done however, she knew for this to work she likely needed to make it two pronged, she had however an idea.

Back in Solar City back on her own home world, X had taken an effort to help Mana grasp what Gale Xanders had set up. Everything about that city was using a entirely different coding, a language incomprehensible to most who looked at it. A dialect of an anchient race changed into coding, and Mana would use this as her instrument for attack. Without herself to worry about she would aim to change the very electronic signatures and programming to the language of Xanders. Even if the opposition was a technopath on her level in addition to a master of manipulating electronics she figured it would be difficult when the A.I or whatever it may be was changed fundamentally in how it worked. She had no idea if it would be successful, but until she knew Alfonse and Jordan were safe there wasn't an amount of effort she wasn't willing to go to.

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Re: Incursion: Final Examination [Closed]

Post by Orange » Thu May 28, 2020 6:34 pm

I had told them to stop fighting... They didn't listen they were trapped in their fight with their villain. A man who had merely taunted them and now like heroes their ego had ensnared them. It demanded that they fight and that's what they did. They were just as trapped in this fight as Jake the battle between good and evil was never what it seemed.

I only kept getting surprised by how much worse it would get. I didn't truly understand what was happening I was preparing to yell at my teammates again that it was time for us to leave. I saw Jake's arm shift as he laid there his body destroyed. That didn't mean that I was fast enough to react to it maybe if I had a little bit more time in the desert I could have prepared more thoroughly. That time was long past as I was barely able to perceive the flash of light. But I knew what had happened, "oh god," as the vacuum tried to pull me out into the void.

I was lucky... The tentacle that I had summoned kept me from hurling through the void but as I looked down at the circle entire sections were missing. This was Jake's first attack if it could be considered as such but if he had truly wanted to I would likely have been injured no he had a different objective again. Exploiting the distracted heroes to get what he truly wanted. What if the consequence he had spoken of was never his but our own? Unfortunately, that was a question better left unanswered as my leg started to hurt after almost being pulled into the void I had to get to work now.

At the rate that I was going, I knew I would lose the leg if I didn't act but that didn't mean that I couldn't do anything either. My leg that was still free was, unfortunately, pointing the wrong way. If I activated the thruster now then I'd only be helping the vacuum remove me from my leg. Or I could dispel the tentacle and hope for the best with the thrusters. While I kept thinking about how I would get out of this alive it escaped my notice that I was no longer being sucked out of the station but floating in the vacuum. When I finally did notice, "Oh..." My foot touched the ground, and once again I got to work on the circle.

I pulled out another piece of chalk and got to work I was lucky while a portion of it had been burned or sucked out some of it withstood the forces arrayed against it. I didn't need to start from the beginning but I did rush it this time there would be no seal in place any mage worth their salt would know but it didn't matter. We needed to leave this had gone on long enough. We could not stay on this station any longer and whether they liked it or not.

"THE FIGHT IS OVER," I would yell into the comms as I slammed the staff onto the ground and activated the circle. Through it, the desert landscape we had left minutes ago was waiting for us. I knew they wouldn't listen as I threw my staff through the portal and I would cast tentacle grab twice I raised both of my hands as suddenly two tentacles were summoned out of the station that would wrap themselves around Ryoko's and Mana's waist. Ryoko who had moments earlier melted her way through Jake's armor had impaled him on her hand was thrown towards the portal but as she was moved her hand might end up slicing through Jake like butter. Mana though was a different story she had taken the full brunt of some kind of attack and now floating through the air she was easy to grab and throw through the portal. I would be the last as always dispelling the tentacles and I looked around one last time wondering how this could have gone better. Before walking back out into the desert once again.

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Re: Incursion: Final Examination [Closed]

Post by Ryoko » Thu May 28, 2020 8:10 pm

This was just going to be one of those days.

It felt like every step forward came with three steps back. For what it was worth, Ryoko and Mana did what they could to prevent Jake from taking action to hinder Teja from moving the kids off the station. But, his last move proved that all of it was for naught. Neither space nor a vacuum could prove a hindrance to Ryoko, but she was the one carrying the rescue equipment.

The brawn who could haul the weight without even noticing.

As an electric current flowed from the devastated metallic chassis and wrapped around Ryoko, painlessly, diving into the various devices that she'd been tasked with carrying. Horror washed over her face as the sounds of wires short-circuiting and steel overheating vibrated through her body and into the ossicles in her ears with a dampened hum.

She glanced down at the DAD on her wrist and the PRODIGY just a bit further up her arm. The glass screens on both had been shattered. Wires, molten and flaring, jutted out from their frames and bled like freshly gutted livestock. And all she could do was watch as the precious machines died, one by one, like lambs to the slaughter.

A tentacle pulled her away from the broken android and away from the looping thoughts before they had a chance to plague her mind.

She hit the sand on her knees and scrambled without a word. Molten steel sailed through the air, then hissed on the earth as she cleared her free arm of hazards that might make the situation even worse with one rapid swing. She whipped the backpack off of her shoulders and tore it open to find the same grim scene on her own arm. And Bran's. And Mana's.

Oh fuck...

The realizations just kept sweeping in. She moved over to Mana's body. Torn to shreds like every other piece of machinery out here. She pressed her ear to the girl's chest. She was breathing. Her heart was beating. But everything was slowing down, gradually. Ryoko didn't know how deep the wires ran, but she could see the results of having them cut.

"Hey, you okay, you alright? Say something! C'mon" her thoughts were bouncing around in her mind, finding a bunch of half-assed solutions that she just wasn't satisfied with, "No no no, shut up! Don't speak! Just save your energy. BRAN!"

Her eyes shot over to the mage. She had already identified one of his strengths since the meeting way back on the Empyrean before they had even come to this dimension. A way back that they could rely on in the event that the machines failed. Funny how often that prediction came to play, huh?

"Can you start making a way back? To our world!? How long would that take!?" Time was of the essence, and she couldn't predict how much they had to waste. In her heart, she knew that it probably wasn't enough for him to make a path to cross dimensions. But she still had to ask, "TEJA!"

Her eyes shot over the only one with tools that still functioned. The only one who understood the full limits of the tech and not just the brief run-overs provided to the rest in a boardroom.

"You're the only one here with a working DAD, now. Everything else is shot to shit. Can you move three people with the one you've got?" She didn't give a shit about rushing home herself, and Teja and Bran were perfectly healthy as well, "If not, we're going to have to pick who gets to go home."

Who gets a chance to live.
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Re: Incursion: Final Examination [Closed]

Post by LunaHawk » Fri May 29, 2020 2:40 pm

It happened all across the world at the same moment and even the people from Prime Earth would feel it. A pressure on the mind so feint no one had known was there fell away and carried the illusion of what was with it. It was impossible to comprehend what happened. Many people went insane and took their own lives, suddenly faced with the fact they'd been feeding non-existent ghosts of children or loved ones for years, walking over the dead bodies the whole time.

The survivors first felt overwhelming sorrow--and then--unbridled rage. Governments across the world had perpetuated the lie, even run the planet as if nothing had happened--with the one exception of Romania. People were already beginning to take to the streets in many cities, except for Solar City, except for places in Romania.

In the years to come this would be known as “The Broken Generation.” A whole world was granted PTSD at the same moment. There were no words for what people felt, in the future words would need to be invented. How do you describe someone losing everything in their life all at once, while also learning everything they’d lost was actually a lie? People had babies that didn’t exist with significant others that equally didn’t exist. They had jobs with bosses who were all but figments of a child’s imagination.

That’s what it had been, the great lie, the horrible curse that broke a generation, it had all been the sudden overwhelming naïve instinct of a small child trying to restore what they’d known. Without even the hint of understanding as to how his powers worked, the child that would become known as Source had created the greatest lie in history—and he’d not been able to turn it off. He just wanted friends, someone to play with, he wanted his daddy and his sister—he wanted his friends. He never meant to break the world.

The world economy collapsed not over night, but in an instant. Entire companies ceased to exist as if snapped out of reality by some uncaring power. Wall Street lost nearly everything in a single day, before the government could shut it down—because the government was extremely busy.
The population of the world rose up as one, without guidance, and screamed their rage at the men and women who had taken the great lie and used it to manipulate everything. That people knew and used it to their advantage somehow became evident within minutes, though no could say who told them.

Wholesale political collapse swept across the world in the greatest riot in human history, it was like hundreds of French Revolutions all at once.

World leaders were dragged from their palaces and homes kicking and screaming, beaten to death, tortured, torn apart, it didn’t matter how, but many of them died. As the riots spread certain people with abilities appeared to guide them, gently nudging riots in the right direction, people calling themselves members of The Society.

Some of the strongest governments held on. Even though the President of the United States was executed by Eclipse on the White House Lawn before a cheering crowd, and most of his staff with him, the government had prepared for apocalypse for decades. Protocols kicked in, people were ushered to secret bunkers and took command of any military infrastructure they could. Units were sent to recover Revolt. Hopefully they would arrive in time.

Solar City was abandoned, it was one of the few bastions where people didn’t riot, in part because of the battle, and in part because X had already prepared a broadcast and it played automatically in the bunkers, informing her people that she had only been informed of this very recently and had done what she could to prepare the city. Other cities remained calm as well, seemingly at random. All of Romania was calm. They were islands in a sea of instant chaos.

Source had fallen and it was going to take weeks, months, perhaps years, to sort out the mess. Economies built on lies would collapse over night, global turmoil was assured, wars would follow, a mass uprising of an enraged global populace. Power vacuums would yawn wide and everything would change. There was nothing to hold the world back now and plenty of room for new Tyrants to step forward.

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Re: Incursion: Final Examination [Closed]

Post by illirica » Fri May 29, 2020 3:27 pm

The worst part was leaving.

It always had been. Her people were still back there, still fighting, still in danger. Leaving them was a particular kind of agony that the merely physical could never hope to match. None of them would have thanked her, though, for staying behind and letting the students suffer more just so that she could help them win a fight. They weren't here to win fights - their mission was retrieval, not retaliation.

She'd been worried that the station might interrupt her signal somehow, but either because he wasn't familiar with her technology or because she had it well enough secured - or just because the stream of attacks had him well enough distracted - the command went through, and she was back in the desert once more. Instinct caused her to twist, looking up and over her shoulder, as if what was going on up there would be something that she could even see from this distance, much less do anything about.

Teja offered up a silent prayer for their protection, heartfelt. She didn't pray often - but she couldn't watch over her people right now, and she needed to believe that someone would. She knelt instead, beside the unconscious kids, checking them for vital signs and injuries.

They were alive, but weak - and it was too early to tell what sorts of reaction they'd have to the trauma they'd suffered. They needed to get back home, with people who could care for them. She'd done what she could for them with what limited options were available, now it was just a matter of getting them back home.

She fidgeted, impatiently, waiting for the portal to reopen, debating how long she was willing to wait before she went back up there to retrieve her teammates. It seemed like it was taking an eternity - the reality of it was mere seconds, though, it was only her own worries that were making it seem so much longer. The winds twisted, though, incomprehensibly, and the portal appeared, Sunderson coming through it quickly, pulling the other two behind him.

There was a moment of relief, but it was only a moment. Mana was crumbling, and Ryoko's shout was enough to cause concern all on its own - Ryoko was not one who struck her as someone who panicked, so if she was shouting, there was something to shout about. One look at Manaria was all that it took to understand.


Teja moved, not towards them, no matter how much she wanted to, no matter how much it hurt her to move away. Distance, always. Always. "Don't touch me!" An order, issued as quickly as she could make it, snapped out the moment before the lightning. She directed it, control even when control slipped, downward and into the desert sands. Not towards the others where it could hurt them.

They were hurt enough already. Mana...

Her control threatened again, and she made herself reign it in, deep breaths one after another. She'd mentioned to Ryoko not that long ago why she didn't get close to people - why she couldn't - why physical contact was always a risk. She knew people sometimes interpreted her calm demeanor as emotionless, but she had no other choice - to allow those emotions to take her by storm was to end up like this - to become a threat to all around her. She made herself breathe, and master herself once more, and stand up from the pool of cooling glass beneath her. Just one more scar, on a desert that wasn't her own.


Mana was still breathing, or the artificial lung that she'd built was breathing for her. Teja stepped back in, a quiet, comforting sort of static in the air now, touching burned pathways, molten devices. It wasn't as bad as it could have been. Manaria's technology was mostly a wreck, but the lung was still working, and her human parts were still more or less intact. Some of the cybernetics were damaged or destroyed, others merely depowered.

Not as bad as it could have been. She did not know if that phrasing made her feel better about it or worse, but Mana would survive, and that would have to be enough - and she would survive. Teja was not going to let anything else be an option where that was concerned. "Okay." To herself, not to the others. A breath, alone. "I'm sorry. I'm fine now. That was just..."

Unexpected? Undesirable? Terrifying? Maybe a little of all of those. She shook her head, omitting a word as there was none quite fitting, and extended a hand towards Manaria, a spark at her fingertips. "Here. Take what you need."

She had been designed to power technology, after all - and there was no better use of it than this, to help a girl she cared for. Ryoko's news was not good, but nothing she couldn't handle. A setback, not a crisis. Teja let the ions around her sift through information, finding what signals she could.

"Sunderson's unit is damaged, but not destroyed. I can fix it with a couple minutes work. That gives us two functional units to-" She paused, in memory of Sunderson's outburst against her back on the station. While it hadn't been the time to engage on that subject right then and she'd been focused on other things, she understood that he wasn't likely to be feeling magnanimous, and it would be better to make requests than orders.

She reworded: "I'd like to use our two units to send the students back. They're stable for now but they're going to need medical attention sooner rather than later. Mr. Sunderson said back in the meeting earlier that if he was going to take people back by an alternate route, it'd be through... other places." He'd said something about feywild, but like most of what he did, that didn't mean anything comprehensible to her. Whatever it was he did, she couldn't wrap her head around - and that frustrated her, but right now the important part was that the route he'd have to take was likely to be lengthy, possibly dangerous, and not a good way to transport two injured teens.

Three. But that would come later. "I think Terminus and I could synthesize additional units given time and resources. He doesn't have access to his lab, but I can do detailed minute work by 'hand' if he's there to guide me through it. I'm going to contact him and update him on the situation. We'll take volunteers to remain behind while we send them through, as well as any injured parties." That was directed at Manaria, who would no doubt protest that she was fine and didn't need help, but Teja wasn't going to let her win that argument. If they did end up taking Sunderson's route back, she'd be equally a liability given her injuries. She needed to be back home, fixing herself up.

Somewhere safe.

Capacitor opened her com line again, doubting anyone else's was functional. She'd restricted it while they were on the station so that their opponent couldn't get into the relays and start causing complications to other parties - giving his own ultimatums to the other teams would have been all too easy, and seemed like something he might try to do. It had meant they were a bit out of the loop, but she had figured it was better that than the alternative.

Maximum Man and Baron Proton had swapped over to assist at Solar, Magnusson had... she wasn't sure, but he'd gone to do something else. Revolt was apparently down.

She didn't know how she felt about that.

> Capacitor checking in. Everyone's alive but we have technical difficulties. Most of our devices were destroyed, including two of our personal recall units and the transfer units for the students. Sunderson can find an alternate route but Miss Goleme's injured and I'm not comfortable sending her the long way around. I want to send the two students and her back with the group. We'll sort out the other priorities once things settle down.

She looked over her people - yes, even Sunderson, the man had more than pulled his weight on this one, and even if she didn't understand him, she was willing to consider him one of her own. Good people, all of them. It hadn't all gone according to plan, but they'd adapted, and they'd worked together, and they'd succeeded.

> Mission successful.

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Re: Incursion: Final Examination [Closed]

Post by Kilroy » Mon Jun 01, 2020 6:53 pm

He was sorry for them, truly, he was. The emptiness of space did wonders to toss a new variable into the game, and while the suction could have simply meant nothing to him, his gravity systems had already been disabled on what he considered a tiny victory for his opposition, a triumph he should allow them for their efforts even when confronted by such tremendous adversity. There was this tingling desire in their minds, he believed, which desired this had been a problem they could have merely punched away, and in indulging those fantasies, Chargeman believed their meaningless personal win would eventually leave a bad taste in their mouth.

Their embrace was cold, no sensations from either side other than the probable sentiment of absolute death coming from having her systems disabled one by one, which he understood, even if only a little, but never sympathized. His little technopath was still so keen on blaming him, on transforming all those emotions into a vicious onslaught she believed her righteous justice. Who could've guessed? It was no small assault either, clawing her way into his skeleton, digging deeply into his 'mind', witnessing his 'programs'. An unstoppable force met a not so unmovable object, and she quickly invaded the vastness of Abaddon's files, archived in orderly fashion, containing information about multiple worlds decimated by Surgath, multiple people who would perhaps not even be alive anymore.

In the midst of such information, she could see him: human to his fullest, sarcastic grin plastered on his visage, simply staring proudly at the grandiosity of it all.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" He extended a single hand, and almost consequentially, thousands of memories played. Not his, but those assimilated by the machine. The different worlds, the different cultures, the different information. "I can stay inside for months and still I don't know even half of what it knew. So many different places, so many different people. I wish I could have seen it all, felt it all, but I can't." His eyes turn to her, devoid of meaning, and what looks like minutes, maybe hours of memories are still passing as these simple seconds flash by in her reality. "It's so boring, when you hold so much of the universe in your bare hands. I've tried everything, I've tried being the greatest and the most despicable. But all the fun I have is when I play games, because even when your brain runs numbers in the background that you can't ignore, even when they make thousands of possible outcomes, I can still be surprised. And, at this point, that's really all that matters." A pause, Jake's right fist reaches out to nowhere and ever so gently drags a memory of his own, his burnt and bruised body during Decimation, certainly dead even though the odd energetic glimmers show otherwise.

"This is what happened when I tried to chew more than I could swallow. You've been doing the same, I can tell. You're inside too, after all, and that means you've been barking up the wrong tree." The images play out in sequence, the experiment to remove the living brain out of Jake Johns, the ungodly amounts of energy this almost battery-like organ could generate, how it could communicate through machinery, control the computers and systems all around him, how it could even control one of the all-powerful Surgath drones captured. "There is no control here. Rewiring this puppet means nothing, sweetheart. It's only a delay. I thought I told you, I've been dead for a very long time, and if you're not careful, so will you." The images flashed out of existence, followed by some unorthodox ancient coding, and almost immediately after, Jake extended his hand forward and his puppet's "mind" was gone again, untraceable.

The kid could barely see it, the fading lights on the robotic body. But one thing was for sure, that smiling visage didn't spell out defeat, not in the slightest. As for even when their presences reappeared in the desert, the body surrounded itself with broken debris, almost like a cocoon of metal, healing the main body, slowly but surely. How long had they bought this world? Jake Johns really didn't think there was anyone that could tell.


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Re: Incursion: Final Examination [Closed]

Post by Azra » Mon Jun 01, 2020 8:35 pm

The mind falls into a space of coding lose track of the body to know marvelous machines, wires, and power grids. It wasn't for everyone but Mana had come to love it, the similarities to people, power sources like a heart, cables like veins, memory units an obvious similarity in name alone. As the world falls away for her to go into this other place the teen could take it in more thuroughly. Wasn't long during her dive that it became clear for her that she was essentially merging, being inside technology that was alien.

There wasn't any gift quite like it, no experience to match what she was seeing. Maybe there could be eventually, there was more than one advanced race out there. Surgath had traveled far the depths of its technology had as such also reached for. She was a ship amongst an endless sea of data, she was able to understand how deep the ocean was how many kinds of things swam inside it. There was a overload to much, the perfect amount, and not enough somehow all at once. She felt lost yet at peace as an inquisitive mind was bathed in knowledge. Her abilities let her hold onto the info, scope of her technopathy meant it took time while her will made her ready to study it all.

She had no way of knowing if anyone be it in a digital realm or physical saw it but she was warm and smiling.

They saved the students, Jordan and Alfonse that was reward enough. This though felt like the boss in a game was dropping a treasure trove of legendaries. It hadn't ended there however either, it also came with another layer of understanding. All the worlds and cultures the alien threat had come to know. It was horrifying everything done, all the damage brought about. There was also beauty though, so many people who managed to rise and fall who lived and experienced. There was an abundance of races, colors, discoveries, and culture limitless amounts of people to meet to try and aid. This universe was an infinity and it was stacked on top of her own's infinity, which carried on to other dimensions.

Daunting and sad to know that she could never ever do enough, exhilarating and enchanting to know an end wasn't in sight ever. Helping others, building and discovery was forever to much. She could make all the difference in the world and it would only be a dent of microscopic proportions to the whole. That didn't make her work less, only told of how much more she could do.

She could feel it as well her efforts making waves on keeping the current puppet from further use. Maybe not permanently but at least for a time. The dive unseen to all but two also helping her also understand what they had been up against. How he wasn't here, this wasn't a failure for her. She could take this as a win. Limited by her reach, there was something pretty though in that she'd learned. People grew, technology advanced she tried hard as her tiny clever little mind got and it paid off. It wasn't all memories of others though and foreign data there was also Jake's own story briefly shared.

"Way I see it man you saw infinity and tired of it, got bored. And you know maybe that's okay. I see a means though to never be bored, it's almost to pretty. To quote a song "I don't know how to move slow. Dont wake me up I'm in love now." Why would I stop when there's so much here to try and get a hold of? It's so out of my control, I'm in way over my head. And I wouldn't want it any other way. Sorry for what happened and thanks, odds are you'll see me around dude."
There was parallels to them that was concerning maybe but what she held onto was the divide. In the sea of information he was seeming to look for a port while she was happy to ride the waves.

~~~Be Free~~~

With that, well and a tentacle around the leg pulling her through a portal Mana found herself in a desert again. She could feel it a bit. Then there was a sense of heat and static, hair likely standing on in from the discharge. The teen couldn't hear anything but she could feel the outburst. Tangible confirmation that Teja made it, meaning the classmates made it and if a tentacle pulled her it meant the magician and dragon had made it. She didn't need any mental powers or tech for it either, could just tell. She didn't have to feel like she'd failed anymore.

The electricity sent Mana's way she tried to use to direct first to ears and her left hand. Make sure she could hear and still had one good swinging arm. She still couldn't see and her right hand was just a fist wasn't going to move. Most her gadgets were down but with the charge from Teja, Mana thought she could eventually get her legs back up and running. Her black and orange hair swayed though as she shook her head grey powered down autonomous eyes looking to the team.

"Ryoko can give me a piggyback ride or something. I'm fine be uh back to walking in no time."
It would probably be lopsided or weird until she got the tail and spine back to full but that info wasn't going to help her case.
"There's still stuff to do so we should. Theres infinite work load and only so much time. I can nap later...Plus maybe we can get a magic man to see why heroics is worth it. Did kinda save my butt sure wasn't worst feeling."
Her fight to get up and keep going involved using Yawarakai as a crutch. A soft amused
escaping her. Her backs limited in power status and functionality not particularly feeling the best. That pain though was small to the feeling of what washed over the world. This planet needed help and Mana didn't feel tapped out just yet. If anything what she had gotten to see inside the Surgath machine just gave her that last jumpstart to make sure she would keep going.

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Re: Incursion: Final Examination [Closed]

Post by illirica » Fri Jun 05, 2020 3:14 am

To the surprise of no one, Manaria’s reaction to the situation was to insist that she was fine. For some reason, despite the obvious pain and weakness in her voice, the statement made Capacitor feel better. Even if Manaria obviously wasn’t well, she was at least well enough to protest, and that spoke for a lot. The girl was stronger than she thought she was.

Just not as strong as she wished she was. That would be something to work on... later. There would be a later, and that was of great importance. Sunderson handed his device to her without a moment’s hesitation, for which she gave him a grateful nod. It was good to know that she hadn’t misjudged him - that his priorities were still focused on getting the injured children back home.

He seemed disinclined to discuss things at the moment, beginning the process of working out additional circles and lines in the dry desert sands that might provide another exodus point.

She started scanning through channels with her AEGIS link, catching digital updates on the world’s current situation - in a word, disastrous. Riots, executions, cities in turmoil.

Did we cause this?

They’d come to put a stop to the invasions of their own world, but the world they had come to was crumbling before their eyes, and she wondered if it had been them. Were they about to become this world’s Surgath, this world’s Cyrolus, this world’s Executioner? Some terror from beyond the skies, from some incomprehensible inaccessible place, that brought down fire from the heavens and destroyed a world in the name of self-righteous justice.


No. It wasn’t like that.

Additional scans provided additional information, and it was not their strike team’s doing that had led to all of this, but rather the destruction of Source. Whether or not it had been the right thing to do, the illusion had been the lynchpin holding the world together, and now it had crumbled. There was relief in that, in the idea that they had not been the cause of all this.

Some day, Teja knew, that might not be true. Her hand closed at her side, her thumb caressing the hilt of-


It wasn’t like that, either.

She breathed, carefully. One thing at a time. She had not yet razed the world. Forcibly, her hand released the idea of the absent blade before it could be more than an idle thought, and focused on the situation at hand. It sounded like their own missions were wrapping up.

Terminus’ message came through, reporting his own successes and intentions. He offered a solution to the problem of the devices destroyed, one that was all too simple. Something that should have been completely obvious from the start. Capacitor shook her head a little bit, as if that would clear it. She should have seen that answer - she’d been too busy worrying about the students, about Manaria. Too busy thinking about whether she could save her people that she didn’t skip past the insecurities and move directly to how to save them.

Michael wouldn’t have made that mistake... but then again, he had always been an optimist. “Copy that. And thank you.”

“Terminus has a different solution - everything is wrapping up decently. We’re just going to send part of our forces through the portal and then have someone open it from the other side. It’s probably easier than going through Sunderson’s route.” She relayed the quick synopsis for those whose communications devices had gotten fried, “At the same time... thank you, Bran. For being willing to help, whatever it took. It’s good to know I can rely on you. That said - we’re sending the students back in the first wave. Manaria, you’re going with them. I expect you to get what treatment you need, but you’re also the best candidate for helping Jordan and Alfonse. They need someone familiar with them to help notify their families and people at the Academy. Alert who you need to, and then take care of yourself. No arguments.”

Manaria would, no doubt, see through this thinly veiled excuse for sending her home - but the mission was complete, and it was time to go home anyway, and the wounded went first. Capacitor would have made the same call for anyone. One of Terminus’ portals appeared not too far away, discharging Elektra and Garrick, reinforcements from the Solar team to make sure everything went smoothly with the transition. Capacitor took a moment to look them both over - fortunately, neither seemed to be in the sort of critical condition that would require her to send them home with the wounded.

“I’m glad you both made it. Manaria is going to take the students back, along with anyone else who needs to go or wants to go. Garrick... if you’re able, I’d like you to stick around here. I want to step in with Maximum Man and Magnusson and lend our support there if need be to assist them in disengaging. I think our presence could help with that. After that situation is resolved, we’ll meet back at Solar City with Terminus. Ryoko, Sunderson - I leave your decisions to you. If you want to head back, Manaria could certainly use your support back home. If you want to help us out with whatever that is that Maximum Man is fighting, that could be advantageous, or if you want to step over to Solar and help Terminus establish a perimiter - every option is a good one. I have faith in your decisions to make the most of your abilities right now.”

That solved the situation with almost everyone. There was one more person left. "Elektra.” Was this the time for this? Was there any better time for this? Teja had been thinking quite a bit since the discussion she and Garrick had had with Maximum Man at his garage before leaving. Elektra had come up then as a topic, and Teja had spent a lot of time going over the woman’s activities while Teja herself had been... unavailable.

She was there when people needed her. She was cautious and didn’t accidentally destroy cities, but she wasn’t afraid to step up when needed. She was there - not always at the forefront, but in a quiet unassuming way, a presence in the distance, watching over people. A protector. A guardian. Someone Capacitor got along with, but didn’t always agree with. Someone who challenged her ideals, but supported her goals.

Yes. It was the right time.

“Invictus never meant for one person to be in control of the Society. After Gyras stepped down and Invictus passed on, it’s been mostly me calling the shots. Despite my being absent for months, the Society held together - and I think we know that during that time, most of the Society’s representation was you. I know that you still hold your ties to the IRPD, but I believe that we can make that a strength. The Society has come a long way, and... in no small part, you’ve helped us get there.”

She nodded, more to herself, confident.

“Will you help me lead them?”

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Re: Incursion: Final Examination [Closed]

Post by Azra » Fri Jun 05, 2020 5:00 am

Elektra moved to the portal brought up in Solar City. Her attacks had landed but the durability of X kept the predator going. Before more fighting could continue though an exit was made, Terminus having plans to continue. El wasn't who was being invited though surprised her some given they might be looking at a war and she was tank she rather favored the outcome though. "Fine have a boys night out, you two just remember how to make it home." It was looking like the missions were over planning for what was next she thought crucial but also making sure everyone got back home.

"I just want it on record it's cause it's mostly done then. That I didn't back out early or give up." The young cyborg remarked with reluctant compliance. Made sense she was good for helping with the machines, knew the students and was busted up enough she wasn't going to fight to much. One could see it though dim unlit mechanical eyes not masking the will. She'd go along with extracting though, the statue shaking her head at the sight some.

A few directions were given and then Teja came the archer's way. Was saved for last but the marksman really didn't think much of it. "Come a bit behind us so that you can amongst the cover go airborn to provide more cover." Was about all the officer expected. Or that there was someone running off to go after, just something simple and mission focused, that was not what she got however...

Elektra had never gotten to meet Invictus, other members as well had come and gone before she entered. During one of the biggest fights the team had she was on the sidelines, aiding with the rest. She tried to be as active as she could and there for them but she didn't think herself a major cog in the machine. Sure El had a history of nose to the grindstone but she hadn't really expected anything from it. Then came that bombshell of a promotion though, somewhere amongst her willingness to be a rock to lean on or throw against the wall something was scene to merit those words. And her first thought was to say no.

She was a cop not a hero. She wasn't the fastest or strongest superhuman, she could work a crime scene but she was no inventor or genius. She had no intentions of saving the world it seemed well beyond her. Maybe that was something needed though a grounded perspective not yet filled with a history of superhuman drama. A pillar to hold it up, this was quickly met with thoughts of doubting shed any idea what a team needed. She was supposed to be sturdy though not bogged down with questioning however so she gave a nod. "I'm a bit at a loss for words, yes though,. But lets go get our people home first. Garrick mind handing over your D.A.D or shall I?"

Elektra did her best to push back the tide of thoughts she had going on. Odds were whoever held onto the device they'd have to keep it safe. Which had her think maybe the ninja should as he was more of a close range fighter. Confident as she was either of them could keep the device in tact the flying sniper seemed less likely to see the device break. El didn't want to pack up just yet however. Now it was her team and if she could help it she'd have their back any moment she could manage. They didn't necessarily need it but the new title felt like it called for such a perspective to her.

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