Incursion: Riptide [Closed]

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Re: Incursion: Riptide [Closed]

Post by LunaHawk » Mon Jun 01, 2020 7:33 pm

Alaecyn knew when his fight was over. He was far too injured now to carry on against even mid tier opponents, trying to fight any of the new arrivals would have been suicide. His mission was a success, though reports of considerable losses, namely the loss of Dimension Tide, were coming to him across a half broken communication link. His watch was next to useless now, but he had powers of his own to call upon.

Alaecyn pushed himself to his feet. The blood of Revolt stained the ground, it was tempting to take her powers for himself but again, such movement could risk the attention of those in far better shape than he. In all, it was a victory of a sort. Killing Source had always been his paramount driving goal, establishing order in the chaos to follow his secondary goal. He wanted the power and technology of Prime Earth and would need a legion to take it. There was no invading cross dimensions now. He would need to alter his plans.

Perhaps with time Predator X would build a new Dimension Tide but that could take years. Better to shelve the invasion plans for something smaller and focus instead on the more immediate secondary objectives. He had a world to secure. He'd deal with these interlopers in time. In time he would take everything from them, leave their world as his was, and claim their miracle technology and powers for his own. In time. Today was not that day, nor was tomorrow, they'd seen to that.

The kids had been taken as well, returned to their home dimension no doubt. That was much less of a setback, more important likely to those who'd rescued them than to him. He ha no information from Predator X at all and could only surmise they'd attacked her as well. He had confidence in her abilities, though no confidence she'd deign fit to contact him immediately for an update on the matter.

His hands tightened into fists and a wave of nausea hit him at the same moment, anger at his losses and the weakness of his body competing for control of his motivations. Weakness won out. At least--today. He had one response for Maximum Man's threat of arrest, but didn't deign to utter it, not while the man was distracted.

That'll be the day.

With great effort of will to push his mind past the pain and weakness in his body, pain given to him by Revolt ( a fact he'd not soon forget) he called on his powers and teleported away from the battle in a flare of white light.

Reaper stayed. Souls, or energy, depending upon your thought process, poured into her from across the world. Her powers grew, the black fog around her swirling and roiling like a storm. She drank deep of the power of the dead. The swirling energy pulling into her body from across the globe was visible to those present, like an army of ghosts marching to a single rally point. Counting such numbers would have been futile, there were beyond thousands and it was only the opening moments of the Illumination.

Her focus was not entirely upon the energy she consumed however, she was also reaching out, feeling the fabric of reality itself in the aftermath of the Tide's destruction. She licked dry lips and a smile formed slowly.

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Re: Incursion: Riptide [Closed]

Post by MAXIMUM MAN » Tue Jun 02, 2020 12:24 am

Golden boots clashed against pale weathered flesh. The vampires entire head recoiling from the impact as the cool breeze billowed around the future hero. His feet hit the ground and his entire body slid back into his battle stance. He watched the entire battlefield as Septimus spoke to him, hurling insults, questioning his ideals, and attempting to discredit the very concept of being a hero. Every detail of Septimus's words seeped into his mind, burrowing into his thoughts only to be trapped and imprisoned with the rest of the doubts countless villains before had tried to impart onto him. It was a tactic of the weak to attempt to gain the upperhand. By making their opposition doubt themselves they could take the upper hand.

Septimus employed yet another tactic of the average villain, the choice between saving ones own life or that of the innocent. He knew what MAXIMUM MAN would do because he had forced that scenario into existence. As his blade sliced through the air the MAXIMUM MAN was faced with the same choice he had to make in the past and it was a choice he would make time and time again. He lurched forwards with his eyes focusing on the sword, Revolt, and Septimus. Feet tore through abandoned farm land as the hero moved to intercept the blade. His right hand shot out towards its singing edge only for the unlikely ally to step into the fray. Magnusson, a man MAXIMUM MAN couldn't wrap his head around trusting after today, deflected the blow. The move caught him off guard for he felt he would've been completely alone in this conflict. This moment would cost him as Septimus's own counter attack struck true.

The kick sent pain shooting through his nervous system that even his THIRD CYLINDER couldn't suppress fast enough. His body was flung through the air, the entire world spinning around him as his vision started to dip. The blackness of this worlds despair was closing in on him and if not for the power of the MAXIMUM ENGINE he would've fallen into its clutches. The combined strain of pushing himself against Solar Cities barrier mixing with the new stress of using his power ups in combat only served to make the impact that much worse. That was when his fourth cylinder kicked into overdrive. His brain began pumping massive amounts of endorphins through his body. They mixed with his adrenaline reinvigorating the hero.

His eyes slew open, his body shifted mid air, and he dug his feet into the ground stopping his momentum. He could feel the pain starting to die down while his Fifth Cylinder started attempting to heal some of the damage. In the time since the blow landed and he regained full focus The Green Knight had vanished and Magnusson was trying to bring Revolt home. He could also feel his heart beat starting to strain, he didn't have much time left at this level of power. That just meant he needed to make it count.

"You're right in calling me just another hero!" His voice boomed across the battlefield for all to hear. His words serving as a direct challenge to what Septimus had muttered earlier. "You're right in saying that I'm trapped in an eternal struggle." His words came not from a need to defend his ideals but, because he knew the world was watching and he had a role.

"That struggle is brought about by beings like YOU!" his hand shot forwards, extending into a point, "Beings like you who spend their lives drowining out the hope of the innocent. Who smother the dreams of the people with the black clouds of despair!" He lowered his hand and took a deep breath, he only had one shot at this.

"What do I know of true justice? Let me demonstrate."

MAXIMUM MAN charged forwards much like he had before except he was ready for a counter attack. "TRUE JUSTICE-

He unleashed a burst of MAXIMUM SPEED quintupling his already doubled speed. He broke right.


He did it again, this time applying two boosts of MAXIMUM SPEED, and dectupling his speed even further beyond what he had before. His legs breaking left at speeds so fast that he himself broke the sound barrier countless times over.

Speed that mixed with the deadly trickery of a masterful hand to hand combatant. He shot in planting his foot in the same way he had before. It was obvious this being saw himself as more powerful than the justice driven driver and that complex would be his downfall as MAXIMUM MAN used his left hand to scoop dirt and hurl it upwards into the vampire's face while his heart began racing in the way it had only done once before. Every drop of MAXIMUM ENERGY in his body was engaged.

Every. Last. Drop.


His right hand pulled back, the fist glowing blindingly.


The hand rocketed forwards carrying hypersonic momentum with an impact that would rival the destructive force of the governments strongest weapons. The air screeched like the cry of a falcon from the sheer amount of pressure the movement of the fist caused.


He brought the fist flying towards Septimus. The release of the destructive power appearing in the shape of a blazing Falcon for a brief moment before the shockwave would explode outwards.



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Re: Incursion: Riptide [Closed]

Post by Lord of Nothing » Wed Jun 03, 2020 10:28 pm

With each and every word -- Septimus could feel what felt like ire underneath his words. Each and every thing being something he needed to say. Or at least, what in many situations what was needed to say. If not for the age of savage diplomacy encroaching onto them not unlike the Dark Ages. Now the same thing occurred.

The slamming of his chin into the man, sending him careening across the battlefield to stop some distance away. And even from here, Septimus could hear the flowing of fluids. Like rapids. The increasing of strength as his words became more powerful.

All the while, Magnusson moved to recover Revolt. Ears twitching and eyes in his back swiveling as they stared at Magnusson recovering his fallen ally who he said he was not affiliated with and acted like he cared nothing for.

"Your things? Right. I see there is much value in your words." He spoke with a venom. Yet he did nothing to stop him. There were more pressing things. A tendril from his cloak reaches out like a whip, snapping towards the hilt of his sword. Then tendril becomes taught, yanking the blade into his own waiting hand.

The hero spoke, his words all eschewing Septimus as all but yet another villain. Crushing the entirety of people beneath his heel. Words that struck flat. For all the lives he saved. For the truth he had revealed. Casualties were incurred. Many a man who did not deserve it fell before his sword and their their end in his maws.

But such was the way of war. Good men and women with the blood of good men and women on their hands. His hands were impure. They had to be. There was little room for inaction. Little room for waiting for something clearly evil to fall into place.

Very well. Keep your hands unsullied.

The man rushed -- thinking Septimus an arrogant brute. Never counting the fact of how he sent ghouls to test the likes of Revolt. Nor of how he spoke to Magnusson. Always had Septimus been a Hunter. One who exploited the weaknesses of whatever his quarry were. Be they inferior prey or a superior apex predator. He had not forgotten the days in which he was weak. Where he was irrelevant. When he was but one man lashing out against covens of cockroaches while waiting for the next big threat to appear. Never making life any better. Never making people feel safe.

Never again.

Be it the moniker of hero and villain, all who aligned with him were allies. And all those in the way were enemies. It all became easier that way.

Talons which clutched into the ground loosened held his sword at the ready. The mass of multiple jet-black tentacles on his back embedding in the ground. And Septimus stood low to the ground. His blade held in once against in a fool's guard. Something great was coming. And he could hear it. Had he the time to confront Magnusson he would have. But now something more pressing called to his attention.

Eyes followed the man's own movements. All of his senses following him as he zigzags across the battlefield.. And then soon his opponent entered a new realm of speed. Now surpassing what speeds of what the insatiable himself himself could move at. And yet he did not falter. Even as he soon gazed upon a hand which theoretically contained his own annihilation.

A fiery clash of steel and fist. Ending in an instant.

Dirt was lobbed at an undead who was accustomed to sleeping in graves. A worthwhile tactic for many situation but woefully insufficient for impeding the now alert and prepared Insatiable. When the Maximum Man's fist came -- The Banebreaker's blade rose to meet it. His own eyes wide in both fear and fury. An instinctive and primal fear inherit to all Nosferatu of the flame. His eyes flashing a blood red.

Despite all the rumors -- the myth of Septimus' invulnerability unraveled before the man's very eyes. But Septimus had always been a hunter. An asymmetrical fighter. Some opponents still yet required skill to face. Against this one? He could have countered. And then simply struck his fist with the edge of his blade to bisect his fist and lop off the entire arm. However, the fist moved in such a way as to ignite the air and summon a falcon-shaped flame sheath. One that already began to burn despite it's lack of contact. It struck against the blade and the power of a bomb failed to crack it.

Instead, he blocked it with the flat of the blade at an awkward angle. The fist sliding along the blade as a fraction of the force transferred to the being. His body burned from being near such a thing -- skin bubbling and flesh melting before blackening like volcanic ash. His arms however, remained unyielding and stiff. One on the hilt and the other holding the blade. The Boddel had accumulated so much power as to not crack before the impact at all. However it did not prevent the heat from flowing through the metal and promptly incinerating the hand.

Septimus flew. The concept of whiplash, and dizziness a foreign concept. Trees toppled as his body slammed through them and into the sky. And he stared at his hand which failed to heal with a grimace, still holding the sword in one hand.

And yet how is this justice? You ignorant fool.

And yet underneath the beast rest his icy fury. A man who opposes and interferes and points fingers. Who lashes out at whoever he sees in front of him like a child. He was the slayer of the source. An exposer of lies. An unraveler of this conspiracy. And yet this man would call him of all people a tyrant?

A flip and he altered his trajectory -- sending his trajectory downward. One last tree brought tumbling down as he smashed it in half. Rolling along the ground and tearing the dirt for a moment before nimbly landing on his feet. Talon tipped toes tore through the ground. And with his one remaining hand -- he plunged his sword into the soil. Before finally finally coming to an gradual halt. Pulling his sword from the ground.

He stood there, with nothing but the night air.

"Your words fall flat before my actions." Even from this distance, it was as thought Septimus was still there. A growl overlapping with his words. Everything shuddering from his voice.

"Is that it? A closed fist? Perhaps that is enough for your world. To simply maintain the status quo. But that is not enough for mine."

Slowly he begins to march. He looked upon his other arm. Burned to a crisp. Limp. Along with the rest of his body. From his back, a single tendril -- clad with teeth coils around his arm. With a squeeze, the weakened flesh is easily ripped away and tossed aside. It quickly becomes but a pile of ash and gore, melting into the soil. His arm an empty space. Other tendrils run along along his body, teeth embing into blackened flesh and tossing it aside to make room for grow anew. Although at a greatly delayed rate. Damage done to his scarred body would take days to heal.

His grip tightened upon his sword in his one remaining hand. And his march turned into a run. And it would not even be a minute from when he began running before The insatiable would return to the battlefield.
His approach had little to announce it. But he did nothing to hide it.

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Re: Incursion: Riptide [Closed]

Post by Magnusson » Mon Jun 08, 2020 8:28 pm

Alright, don't spill.

Getting a little blood on his hands was unavoidable, but William was in a bit of a pinch trying to simultaneously prevent Revolt from losing what life she had left and dirtying his fingers. The best he could do was use telekinesis to stabilize her somewhat in the air. He couldn't keep her suspended that way, though, without a hand on her shoulder. His lip curled in disgust. Her wounds were more severe than he'd thought at first glance, and in his weakened state, he could not heal them.

Down below, Maximum Man and Septimus Nier met in battle. He turned away from them, reaching for the Task Orb.

It unfolded like a flower, and in it sat the pieces to the D.A.D. Focusing his attention on the parts, he combined them in the same configuration it'd been in before. It hummed for a second as he mentally twisted the final screws into place. They weren't normal screws, of course, but miniaturized ones, too small to see. He could only feel them. The machine was as sleek as it was advanced.


Light washed over him and Lesser Teja, folding space-time to return them to the Empyrean on the Earth Above.

And with them, naturally, came the Orb.

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Re: Incursion: Riptide [Closed]

Post by Revolt » Mon Jun 08, 2020 8:49 pm

Not for him.

Never, ever, for him. Scion of the Eldest, acknowledged son of their house, Revolt had hated him from the moment they had met - for all he was, for all he stood for. He had done nothing to change that. Nothing but prove to her that she’d been right all along. When she told her to let her alone, he’d lasted only seconds before he’d returned, to grab her and take her away.

If she’d still had her armor, she’d have killed him. She tried to shape what little was left into a blade, but without the core the response was sluggish, molding dead stone instead of living clay. He stood over her, avoiding her blood like she would have avoided him, if he’d given her the choice.

If he’d respected her, when she made that choice.

He looked at her with unfeigned disgust, because apparently this Eldest liked his playthings to be pretty and not bloodied and half-dismembered. Good - she’d have to remember that. It might buy her some time before-


Not him.

His gaze was torn away now, fiddling with something inside the sphere he’d brought - his device, that should have been destroyed. Her mind felt slow - too slow to stop him, certainly, but still fast enough to understand. She couldn’t stand against him, but she didn’t have to stand at all. Her devices were still functional, to some degree. Terminus had given her the leadership position over her group - and while he’d condemned her, he hadn’t revoked her access to issuing the commands that would disable the devices if there was a problem.

She used that access now - not on his device, but on her own - Terminus’ well-designed failsafe splintering it immediately into unusable fragments. ”Eldest... bastard. I’m not... your whore.”

She’d die first. She may well have just consigned herself to do exactly that.

He was gone. Finally, she could let herself lapse into darkness. Electricity discharged as she slipped below the threshold of consciousness, one single sigil of revolt, a blazing star against the insurgent darkness.

Not for him.

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Re: Incursion: Riptide [Closed]

Post by MAXIMUM MAN » Tue Jun 09, 2020 2:51 pm

The rush of it all blinded the MAXIMUM MAN to the true effects of his destructive blow. The dust drifting through the wind in rythm with MAXIMUM MANS heavy breaths. His body ached, the effects of prolonged use of his MAXIMUM ENGINE now being felt fully. The pain of every wound he had incurred at the hands of X in Solar rushed through his nervous system all at once.

Septimus kept coming, the vampire hadn't been incapacitated by the impact, merely wounded. MAXIMUM MAN could hear the heavy foot falls approaching the crater where he stood.

I'm his greener days of heroics he would've stayed and fought. He would've held his ground till he couldn't stand anymore. However with experience came the knowledge of when it was time to retreat. The knowledge that all it took was a single lingering ember to ignite the fire. Septimus would remember his name and the wounds on his body would remind anyone who saw him of the MAXIMUM MAN.

He radioed the entire team. "This is MAXIMUM MAN. Mission complete, moving to extract. Over and out."

His car would come and go in the blink of an eye. The installed DAD device getting him back to his own dimension.



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