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Just Passing

Posted: Sun Jul 26, 2020 4:33 am
by Annasiel
If someone'd asked Rachel Greene where she was going to end up this fine Tuesday afternoon, she wouldn't have expected the correct answer to be 'precariously perched on a second-story overhang, trying to jimmy open her bedroom window with a pocketknife.` Of course, the totally unreasonable predicament had a lot of very reasonable catalysts, like many unreasonable predicaments did.

Reason the First: She'd gotten out of school early for a headache - which she, believe it or not, did currently have, despite her record of truancy - and come home to find her house locked up. Nobody home, family out. Guess mom was feeling well enough to visit a friend, or had some kinda doctor's appointment Rachel didn't know about. Didn't matter.

Reason the Second: She'd left her house key in her bedroom. Or, at least, she thought it was in her bedroom. Somewhere. Possibly under a pile of clothes. The important fact was, it wasn't in her backpack, so she couldn't exactly use it.

Reason the Third: Her bedroom window was the least likely PoE that would leave her dad chastising her about scratching up the door or window frames. High up, limited accessibility, partially obscured by the patio roof, all good factors to keep her totally justifiable and legal 'trespassing' under wraps.

And for those reasons three, she was currently trying simultaneously to not to slip off of the roof and to put the full force of her body on the knife, currently wedged between the two slidey bits that made up the window. She'd - never actually done this before, but she'd seen it done in movies. All she needed to do was get it between the one slidey bit and the track, then use the magical power of physics to lever it out of the frame. Easy enough. Simple enough. Maybe easier if you had the right angle to use your full strength, and if you didn't have the body weight of a skinny teenage girl.

Then, as all useful tools do in their moment of need, the knife decided to really fuck her over. With a heave, the blade bent, then the handle snapped, leaving the sharp metal bit stuck in the frame.

"You bitch!" she shouted to no one in particular, punching the siding of the house and clinging her now-stinging other hand tight to her chest. "Mother of a fucking bitch cunt whore!"

Re: Just Passing

Posted: Sun Jul 26, 2020 4:47 am
by Deus Mortis
Ray Greene sat within his parked car, staring up at his daughter trying to break into their own house. There was a measure of sadness in his expression and after hearing her swear up a storm, he stepped out of the car.

"Rachel Greene, you fucking idiot." He walked over onto the sidewalk. "All of that practice for what?"

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Posted: Mon Jul 27, 2020 2:29 am
by Eidolon
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How to Disappear Completely

His dreams had been odd, lately.

Each night, he'd wake up in a cold sweat. Head pounding, heart thumping, one-two, one-two. His ears would be ringing, though that was largely from the tinnitus in his ears, and each time, he'd be thinking about the same person.

His father.

The dreams were about him. Drowning beneath a frozen lake, still clothed in the costume he wore. Other times, Eidolon would be on the rooftop, the one where he'd died. He'd see the bloodied white vigilante laying on the ground-- almost exactly like the photos he'd seen, though far more real. Far more real. The white cloth was stained crimson, and it almost glistened under the moonlight, like how the night reflected off of the waves of the ocean or how the day caught the edge of a gemstone and lustered in the human eye. If he took a step, he heard the crunch of dusted stone. If he tried to concentrate beyond the silence-- beyond the ringing, beyond the wind that blew across the rooftop-- he could make out the distant sound of wailing sirens.

Close, and yet so far, he'd think to himself. His eyes would remain rapt upon the body until it stood up and looked back at him. That was when Eidolon would wake up. It'd been like that for a few weeks, now, ever since he met Rachel and Kieran. Ever since he talked about his secret. His desires. His destiny.

Or-- something like that.

Most days had become a haze. He'd fallen into the summer routine of doing nothing, followed by doing something, which was almost always followed by doing nothing for an even greater length of time; all of his friends had moved away, and he barely kept in contact with them as time went on. Kieran was away at Millennium University for orientation-- that, or sacrificing a child to whatever god his Big Pharma Cult family worshipped-- which meant that the one person he had for peer-to-peer contact was Rachel Greene. That, or her brother, who seemed to be even more interested in superhero culture than Eidolon was.

But-- nah. He had things to do, today. He was finally going to track down the address his father gave him in the letter he'd found within the attic; the place was all the way out in Los Angeles, judging from the result he'd been given on Google Maps. Ultimately, the entire thing was something he was planning on doing alone. He'd nearly made it to the front stoop of his house when he'd heard the noise.


Last time he'd been to the Greene residence, it'd ended with him pulling some Invictus-type acrobat shit up the property's back fence. Eidolon wasn't entirely confident in returning any time soon, but the sound of Rachel's very loud and very angered voice was enough to pique his curiosity. If something was wrong, he had a bit of an obligation to help, seeing as he was-- you know-- on the team. Or... something like that. It'd been a while since the dinner they'd all shared, and he didn't know the etiquette on bringing up hero shit-- like, would he contact them? Would they contact him? Would they have him kill somebody like a gang, and then he was in? God fuckin' knew.

Just like how only God knew why Rachel was perched up on the patio overhang around the backside of her house, clutching her hand and swearing obscenities to herself. Eidolon still had his backpack slung over his shoulders as he stood a few feet away from the gate he'd just hopped to access the backyard of the property, his left eyebrow raised in a sense of awed suspicion.

"Uh. Hey. Rachel." He finally piped up, waving a hand for emphasis to get her attention. "If you're gonna have a psychotic episode, you might want to go inside for that, unless you want the cops called on you." He shrugged. "That, or-- somebody's going to film you and put it on the internet. Most likely me."

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Posted: Mon Jul 27, 2020 9:44 pm
by Annasiel

Rachel peered down at Eidolon, then chanced a glance at her still-stinging hand, hoping to god she hadn't sliced it open. Thankfully, it was only bruised. Sighing, she crawled to the edge of the roof, swinging her legs over and dangling them against the siding.

"If you even think about pointing a camera at me, I'm gonna punch you," she affirmed, tone serious - but a moment later, she broke into a smile. She swung her legs once, twice, then hopped off the roof, and immediately began scouring the grass for the lost handle of her pocketknife. Not that it really mattered - the thing was cheap, and she could easily just get another - but she didn't want her dad hitting it when he mowed the lawn. "Got locked outta my house. Was trying to get back in, but... it was harder than I thought."

Her foot brushed something hard, and she bent down, pulling the cracked handle triumphantly out of the grass.

"What about you, huh? You up to no good? Skulking around other people's houses? I bet you're looking for more poor, innocent fences to jump." She leveled the handle at him, prodding it forward, as if threatening to stab him. "I'm afraid you're under arrest. Can't have dweebs trespassing and undermining the suburban value of 'good fences make good neighbors,' can we?"

The handle wavered a bit, and Rachel laughed, flipping it between her fingers to shove in her back pocket.

"But seriously - what's up? Wanna hang out or something?"

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Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2020 7:05 pm
by Eidolon
"If you can't break in through a window, I doubt you have the guts to punch me." Eidolon replied, shrugging as a shit-eating grin crossed his face. At the mention of why she was fucking around on her second-story overhang, his grin morphed into a mixture of bemused confusion. What-- they didn't have a key beneath the mat, or a hollow rock, or something? He didn't have much time to ponder the specifics, unfortunately, because a knife was pointed at him before he could fully deliberate upon the security measures of the Greene household.

Granted, it was just the handle, but-- still. Eidolon raised his hands defensively, eyebrow cocking.

"Hey-- I came here because you were screaming like some crackhead, okay? And I'm not a dweeb. I have a Twitch stream. It's popular." Of course, he'd kind of... retired from that line of business, but part of him was hoping to get back into it under a different persona-- namely, the Petrifying Wraith. Working title. Once he got everything up and running on that end, it was only a matter of time before he'd be able to get out into the world proper and finally make a difference.

In fact, the last thing he really needed to do was get the cache his father left him, wherever it may currently be.

"Actually-- yeah. I might, uh-- need you for something. I need us to do something together." What? What the fuck? Why did he just say that? "I mean-- not like that. More-- I need your help. Fuck."


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Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2020 8:27 pm
by Annasiel
She could've gotten into how being a Twitch streamer wasn't mutually exclusive from being a dweeb, and that, in fact, there was probably a strong bit of correlation between the two, but she decided it wasn't worth the effort to poke fun at Eidolon any more than she already had. Maybe she was a little too hard on him.


At his stuttering comment, Rachel paused in picking up her backpack, raising an eyebrow.

"You - er - you okay? You seem a bit nervous." She shouldered the strap of her pack. "You're not in trouble, are you? Not in - any danger, or something like that?"

He wasn't a meta like her or Kieran. Just him being associated with heroes could paint a target on his back, let alone the stuff he talked about in his vlogs. He wasn't exactly the most neutral person. Still, he didn't seem - scared, scared exactly. More just nervous. She wondered if that was just his thing. He seemed easily startled, a lot, so maybe he was just a socially awkward idiot.

Like me.

"I'm free today, so I can help with anything you need, I guess."

Re: Just Passing

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2020 5:39 pm
by Eidolon
"No-- no, not in trouble." Eidolon blurted, shaking his head. Thank Christ she was even more oblivious than him-- or maybe she made an effort to ignore him, which he would have been equally thankful for. He looked around, taking a glance over the shoulder-- not really helping his case in the process-- before his attention fell back to Rachel, his face turning into a bit of a frown for a moment.

"It's just-- this is personal. To me. The... thing we're doing. It's important-- kind of-- I don't know. A big deal, I guess? For me, I mean. If you don't want to help, I get it, it's just-- it, uh... fuck." He muttered, stumbling over his words like a schizophrenic attempting to navigate through a hall of mirrors. He didn't-- well, he didn't actually know if that comparison made sense, but the point still stood. Eidolon caught his breath for a moment before focusing on what he wanted to say.

"It's about my dad." He stated, plainly. "He, uh-- left me a cache. Under a tree, somewhere in Los Angeles. It's a bit of a drive, so I get not wanting to come. Just... this is important to me, and I don't know what it'll be like when I get there. Somebody having my back would be nice. Again-- it's no trouble if you don't wanna go, really."

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Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2020 8:20 pm
by Annasiel
"So, wait, lemme get this straight. Your dad left you some kinda secret, under a random ass tree, all the way in the city, and you're just now learning about it?" Rachel frowned, feigning concern. "Uh, Eid, I hate to break it to you, but I think you might be part communist."

She grabbed him by the shoulders, wheeling to face him.

"Look me in the eyes. Look me in the eyes and tell me you haven't been activated. What's in the box, Eid? Microfilm? Government secrets? Anthrax?"

She shook him gently with every word, voice raising in pitch, eyes wide and wild. After the silence hung a moment after, her frown cracked, a grin taking its place.

"Fuck it. I got nothing better to do," she admitted, letting go of Eidolon and taking a step back. "Er - sorry about that. Was that weird? That felt weird."

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Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2020 5:03 pm
by Eidolon
"That's the long and short of it," Eid spoke initially, shrugging. As she continued, though, his eyebrow raised in skepticism of Rachel's comment. Hardy har, yes, his father was actually a KGB sleeper agent laying dormant for over 20 years. Hilarious. It kind of stung a bit that her first response to the entire thing was to make a joke-- he'd said how important it'd been to him, and it was, because he had a vague idea of what the chest was for-- but he couldn't help but crack a stupid smile at her shaking the shit out of him.

"Let's hope my trigger isn't getting shaken by a dweeb," Eidolon retorted, crossing his arms as she withdrew. "And-- it's only weird when you make it weird. Which you just did. Moron." He added, shaking his head in mock disgust. After a moment, he found he had nothing else to add to the bit, and began walking off the Greene residence's lawn to move across the street. He gave a look over his shoulder as he did so. "C'mon."

The walk to the car would be short-- it was a 2016 Honda Civic, white. With the income from his streaming career, he'd managed to purchase himself something nice for a change. The keys were already in his pocket, thankfully, and a simple click of a button unlocked the doors with a dim flash of the lights.

"So-- you're sure your dad is gonna be alright with this? Like-- I'm not going to be die when we pull back into the driveway?"

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Posted: Wed Aug 05, 2020 7:12 pm
by Annasiel
"Oh, fuck off, I didn't make it weird," Rachel protested, fully, uncomfortably aware of how weird she'd just made it. Trying to brush off the awkwardness with a laugh, she followed Eid over to his car. She raised her eyebrows when it came into view.

"Nice hot-rod, speed racer."

Why was she being an asshole? It was a nice looking car, and it was better than, y'know, her bike. She'd kill to have a car. Having to cycle everywhere was a pain in the ass, especially when it got hot out. As she climbed into the car, Eid asked about her dad, and Rachel paused for a moment.

Would he be alright with this?

"Yeah, he'd be fine," she lied, settling into the seat and clicking her seat-belt. "And even if he wasn't, he's not home, and he doesn't know I'm home. Worse comes to worst, I can just tell him I got help up by one of my teachers after school or something."

An extremely believable lie, considering the amount of times it'd happened already.