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Re: Solar Power (Closed, Samson v Dawn Machine)

Posted: Tue Jul 24, 2018 2:15 pm
by Orph
The impact of the unexpected machine threw Sol off-balance. Not that it hurt him, but it did disorient him long enough for Samson's next attacks to strike true. Much like before, the beams of energy began to hear his skin, but instead of shrieks of pain, only elicited laughter. That was, until the Dawn Machine realized what else it was doing. His very being was being slowly torn apart by the attack- something even a star couldn't heal easily. When he dodged out of the way, there was a gaping hole in his chest- exposing not organs, but pure light, radiating outward.

This energy would have been enough to kill a normal person, but for a solar-powered being like Samson, it would likely be akin to chugging a barrel of Monster Energy.

Oblivious to this, the Dawn Machine launched a brutish counter-attack, swinging his fists wildly, blows aimed at the head, chest, and gut.

Re: Solar Power (Closed, Samson v Dawn Machine)

Posted: Tue Jul 24, 2018 4:14 pm
by Great Sampson

Samson suddenly felt himself gasp horribly. His attack successful, but leaving himself unexpectedly open to a sudden surge of energy unlike any he had felt before. The common misconception was that he metabolized energy, but Big Blue actually trapped it inside his field. At this time, Matt was directly exposed to the output of a small star and it agitated every atom of his being. It left him overcome and open.

First came a wallop over the head, then an incredibly quick one-two into his abdominal area.

The only thing that saved Samson from going unconscious was the biology of his species who, much like Earth's woodpeckers, had a thin and wide film of tongue-like tissue wrapping vertically along their skulls that absorbed impacts. That was the worst part. He would remain fully aware no matter the damage Sol dished out.

Crimson beads began growing in the corners of his eyes and lip, lack of gravity keeping them in place.

This was a tug of war against a locomotive powered by suns. He would lose this in time, hard. Sol just kept regenerating, even if slower. Samson didn't have that privilegium.

As a hail mary, Samson sought to atleast prolong the inevitable. Battling this -- entity -- this unbridled chaos needed time which wasn't on his side and strength he didn't possess. So he came up with a short-term solution to a long-term issue. He had to remove Sol. S

Samson's eyes flared up again into red-white coals and fired past the Solar Tyrant. Not to catch him off-guard, but to target the satellite debris. It's component micro-processor arrays were glistening all around them and Samson's volley of short laser bursts? It sought to power them up while his Electroweak Effect would quickly reach out and form a containment field of sorts around the scene before altering the spatial pocket's energy system into negative mass values.

Sol's eyes would then open to the sight of twin hyper-luminiscent objects - Eta Carinae, a stellar system distant 7,500 light years away. With a combined luminosity greater than five million times that of Earth's own Sun. Samson would attempt to postpone Sol's threat by forming a warp hole via the same method he uses for flight: The Alcubierre Drive that bent space itself.

The Man Who Spun The World has never done this before, but it was either this or death. This would exhaust his reserves to the highest degree yet preferable. Samson, weak and limp, surrendered to the the tides of cosm. Sol a threat somewhere else, somewhere so alien it was so unlikely he'd return soon.

He needed time. So he had to make some.

Re: Solar Power (Closed, Samson v Dawn Machine)

Posted: Tue Jul 24, 2018 5:35 pm
by Orph
The Dawn Machine grinned, his strength returning, the hole in his chest already closing, as his blows struck home. He prepared himself for a finishing blow, and then, a moment later, he was gone.

Samson's ingenious solution had stranded him a long, long way from 'home.' Even with his telescopic vision, Earth was but a tiny speck. It would take him some time, at top speed, to get there, and he might well be so drained that re-entry would leave him powerless. Rather than waste time on bemoaning the setback, Sol simply laughed.

A worthy opponent, indeed. I'll be back for you later. For now... The Solar Tyrant turned his vision towards the surrounding stars. After a moment, he located an inhabited planet, and headed off towards it. I'm sure there'll be plenty to occupy myself with here.