Landfall (Open RP)

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Re: Landfall (Open RP)

Post by Azra » Thu Jul 19, 2018 11:54 pm

Truth be told it was positively moronic for Azra to come to DC she had been told and she knew that claim was the right one. Held within an institution of metahumans was the story many were told though it was in truth a prison sentence. Having fled from it made her basically an escaped convict who most authorities would see no issue in locking up or worse. A notion made more dangerous for a girl like her who could pass through any wall. Alezra didn't have much of a power she had yet though to through tests and experience find anything she couldn't pass through. "What's to stop her from walking right into the White House" and other such security breaches were a serious concern whenever the ghost was brought up. So why did she chance coming here?

Because it was a hot spot as well for other heroes and vigilantes, she figured if anyone could help her contribute to helping more people it was them. The idea of having a team or whatever seemed rather fictional to her and unlikely. Having contacts was important though and not that out there of a concept. Maybe she could meet someone with super speed or teleportation for example, what the ghost wouldn't do for an opportunity to get places faster. She arived in DC with a hood over head and was on her way to visiting landmarks when the news had caught up with her, a situation that wasn't to far along in activity but in the classic fashion of super powers and the nations capital escalating rapidly.

Local radios and tv broadcasts were an echo chamber in the streets. News of faces new and old on thee scene and bodies piling up. Eventually leading Alezra to discard the hoodie she'd had and pick up her speed, it was a terrible idea to be sure but evacuation was in order and certain people had a higher priority. She didn't doubt security would be formed up soon, or that evacuation would be under way. The question was if it would be far enough along to avoid collateral, even if the fight wasn't aimed at a destruction of landmarks and politics the nature of the fight could lead to it. That thought in her mind made all the more real as a hole was punched through the Washington Monument.

Officers and military were coming into view, yells to stop that she wouldn't answer to. They said they would fire, and it she knew was wrong to challenge that claim. There wasn't much she could do about that if she wanted to help however so she continued to run and someone shot. A bullet passing right through her head and into a car behind her. Though besides a slight trail of what looked like a silver mist briefly no harm was done to the ashen haired figure. Security remained alert in case it were an attack. Trained enough to know with such an opposition a more counter strike approach was necessary. Rather though she passed through an officer and a humvee and kept running. In the distance further fighting could be heard but she felt like she couldn't focus on that now, someone was bound to get hurt by crossfire and the ghost wanted to help. The sounds of helicopters could be heard and soon felt strong winds tossed leaves and grass about the sound of rotating blades muffling much else. Light as a feather as Alezra passed through the gates she used those winds to help speed herself up. A hazy figure had just trespassed on probably the worst lawn to try such an act but she couldn't shake the feeling it had to be done.

Dashing into the East Wing cat like eyes looked for anyone who might be left, it was entirely first come first serve doing nothing was inexcusable however Azra felt. Then it came the feeling of fire and heat the shaking in the floors. It was something Azra felt first, three people were ahead of her and that would be all she could assist she knew. Nearing them she became real if only for an instant. Her arms brushing into them and then there was nothing, a feeling of touch seemed there and then gone before the world changed around the four.

Fire danced past them debris moved with enough force to have ripped through their bodies. While so much of the building and office was thrown upward or outward they found themselves drifting down. And while for the rest of the world the explosion had probably been a noise that shook bodies and inflicted agony on many an ear, the moment for the four was soundless. And then it was gone. They stood atop debris and within rising smoke amongst scattered flames without so much as a scratch upon them. "See the security over there go on and get." The ghost remarked with a forced smile, giving them something to do so they might be safe before it sunk in that some of their coworkers and friends might be gone. "Is it still breaking in if the buildings blown up?" It was a question directed at no one really, she'd already begun to drift through the ruble again. If anyone was trapped or to injured to move she figured she could assist.

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Re: Landfall (Open RP)

Post by Drake » Fri Jul 20, 2018 7:01 am

A top-notch entrance, the beauteous inferno risen around his skeletal frame, the torment risen as temperature broke record levels, his shriveling snickers puncturing the ears of those encompassing him. An excellent presentation, dignifying his position as one of Hell's mischievous devils, he would have accepted snarky comments and applauses, yet humans were such simpletons... It wasn't surprising at all that their first reaction was an all-out assault. Such a shame, he had planned the entirety of a villainous discourse previously, all for naught. Hasty and monotonous, Qaleroth regretted even putting so much thought into how to spice up the situation. He hadn't murdered a single soul and still, they all gazed at him as if he had been the perpetrator of such horrendous massacre.

It could very well have been, even though some kills lacked tact or a funny twist to it. The demonic presence wouldn't have spared them either.

A crimson tin-man set his sight on him, those humungous technological weapons always appealed to his curiosity. So much potential in mankind's brightest minds, merging it with his very special abilities would definitely produce some intriguing results. However, having it aimed at himself was rather troublesome. He could well-nigh feel the whirring mechanisms gathering all the energy necessary to turn a whole city block to smithereens... Or, in this particular case, dust. The azure beam promptly left the weapon, protruding viciously against the single arsonist amid all that hellfire. He extended both his arms forth, as if to cover the head. At first Qaleroth would appear to be a dark figure amid a ray of pure blue, gradually turning into a mere dot of obsidian until his frame completely vanished.

Were it his human counterpart, he would have been pulverized in mere seconds.

Unfortunately for the brave and bold heroes, though, this was no mere flaming skull. A path had been cleared through the fire, significant feet of distance from where Qaleroth's primary apparition happened. A veil of dust covered the view, but the ceaseless shrieking laughter pretty much indicated all they needed. A couple steps forth and a ridiculously vigorous shockwave echoes throughout the place, disrupting even his devilish laughter, as well as swimmingly clearing anything impeding their sight.

They would see a soaring skull deattached from the body, flipped midair by the surprisingly novel technique displayed by who could, arguably, be the most inexperienced fighter here. It would fall with a dry thud inches away from a collapsing torso.

Only so the body could immediately regrow underneath it, flames macrabely twirling as the pale rider stood tall once again, blowing the imaginary dust out of his charcoal jacket. They took no chances, yet another man would come forth, clad in a body-sized dark condom, he seized the momentum for himself, hands stretched towards the floating cranium. A bright idea, simultaneously absorbing the heat which would leisurely, but surely, diminish over time. Qaleroth struggled, arms flapping around as he reached for the man's throat. Grunting desperately, he would attempt to put all his demonic strength into choking the life of his foe.

To no avail, of course.

Indeed, it was no average skull, the amount of strength put into smashing it into bits was much greater than what was required for a human's bones, yet those flames composing his body clearly started to vanish, glowing, bizarre eyes losing their quaint light, it was a breaking point, his strength was, somehow, being sapped as heat all around him turned into a gelid breeze. The hero's grasp wouldn't let go, the hellfire wouldn't burn him... It was a daring tactic, fighting straightforward against something unbeknownst. The demonic presence begun to vanish, flames around them instantaneously decreasing... Just a couple more seconds...

He had him exactly where he desired, after all.

In mere seconds, the vanishing presence of Qaleroth would be renewed, rekindled as a few cracks started to be done around the eye cavities. His hands mightily reaching for his adversary's arms, seeking to distract him and sustain his position as flames rose once more, even worse than before. In what would seem to be mere seconds, his motorcycle would suddenly roar from beneath the flames, rapidly charging against the man at the very same speed the demon immediately got to the memorial from wherever the hell Meliodas' imbecilic investigation had been, aiming not only to ensure a hit but also distance the X-mask from himself. Was it succesful to, at the very least, scathe the hero, it would imbue his body with the brando of sloth. The more in contact with the vehicle, the worse its effects would be.

And once he bore the mark of sin, he would do as all sinners do.

Qaleroth's demeanor was composed, his wrath qualmed as he gazed at the man, uttering a single command as his cast his unholy fire at the heat-sucker.

He couldn't focus much on one enemy, however, as pellets rained from above, puncturing his formless body, merely wheezing through the flames, carving holes at his leathery wear. The few rounds lucky enough to hit an adamant target simply pinged off of his face, course rewritten to somewhere else. A mere flick of his wrist and the chains wrapped on his body leisurely descended towards his arm, coiling onhis limb as if a snake preying on a lesser animal. "Ah, they brought new toys. HeheheHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, great! This was starting to bore me anyways." In a swift motion his chain climbed all the way towards one of the many soaring choppers deliberately bombarding the clash with little concern as to who could be present.

Qaleroth leapt skywards, hands inhumanly quick climbing through the twirling chain in mere moments, his trademark strident laughter reverberating through each pilot's ears. "NOW, NOW, WHAT A FINE GIFT YOU HAVE BROUGHT ME. LET ME RETRIBUTE THE FAVOR." His hand reached towards the one operating the gun, a searing touch lifting the man as the entirety of the helicopter's inside begun to melt, skin turning into mush as those empty eyes pierced through the souls, feeding on their desperation. Nurturing the most amusing ideas to equal the odds, so unfavorable to his moustached friend. A snap of his fingers and the vehicle was set ablaze, engulfed in a sea of unholiness and mystery. Now what could he syphon? What could he gather that would be useful from their surroundings?

Normal soldiers were such bland additions to stain his creations with.

So many ideas clashing within his malevolent mind, so many excruciatingly entertaining outcomes for one simple metamorphosis, not enough time to run through all of them. Another snap of his fingers, those four would have to do. The first to fall, now given a chance to rejoin the battle once again. Almost poetic. Sometimes Qaleroth amused himself with how merciful he could be.

The flames encompassing the helicopter would fade instantly, yet instead of a machine ultimately destroyed, what they would gaze at was a terrifying abomination. Four gigantic faces all contained within what would have been the front glass, null cavities portraying mouths and eyes in an unhappy, almost miserable expression. The earth manipulator's ability now but a mere coating of dark, charred stone covering the macabre vehicle, the fire manipulator's abilities now but an additional explosiveness added to the chopper's ammunition, the water manipulator's skills merely despair-inducing drops of smudged water occasionally falling from the hellish sight, as for the psychic's powers? Poor soul, it would try to reach out to every living being around, sending an indescribable message. Just the wails of suffering of four damned, fallen heroes.

As for the laughter? It only grew louder and louder.
Drake was feeling just fine again today.

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Re: Landfall (Open RP)

Post by illirica » Fri Jul 20, 2018 2:17 pm

Mourning Glory
Image Death, death, and more death.

In a place like Washington, death was pervasive. They built monuments to it. To Presidents that had died. To wars that had taken too many lives. To all the deaths that had forged the country in to what it was. And yet, amidst all these testaments to the sadness of these deaths, still more were dying among them.

They fell unannounced, no more than a side note in someone else's story. Something to show how powerful someone else had been, that he could cause so much destruction. Was there really power in this? Was there really power in cutting down those who could not stand against the storm?

What was power? What was strength? What was... inspiration?

The Washington Monument stretched toward the sun, and yet it cast its shadow on those below. In the heat of summer, people flocked to the shade, the strength, the protection. Yet without light...
Questions and more questions. There were always questions, and yet often there was no time to ask them, or no one to ask them of. The monument reached for the sun, and a shadow slipped down its side, a small thing amidst all the greatness. It pooled at the foot of the tower, unconcerned with the destruction surrounding it, angry men determined to bring each other to their knees.

The shadow knelt for them, in the shape of a young girl, watching silently, sidelong glances from a bowed head. At her grace, the tiny cracks in the pavement writhed with green and white, small flowers in testament to all those who had died without a thought. For all of those who weren't deemed important enough for their own stories. For all those whose stories had ended.

She gathered their deaths to her own, and brought flowers to those that had no graves, to those who fell to the whims of those too important to mourn them. In time, perhaps, some of those would regret what had passed here, and regret would strengthen resolve, resolve would strengthen determination, and determination would lead again into death. Perhaps next time it would be the death of the enemy and not of a bystander, but what was an enemy? A shadow of one's convictions, perhaps. Were they not all, in some way, innocent?

In time, the enemies would fall. And the small shadow would be there, and the flowers would bloom for them, too.

No one was undeserving of regret.

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Re: Landfall (Open RP)

Post by Concord » Fri Jul 20, 2018 6:58 pm

Try as he might the fire would never go completely out, and the infernal skull couldn't be crushed. His powers began to chill the air around him, causing ice to crystalize over his suit, yet the fire remained. As odd as it seemed, the fire wasn't hot. As the fires of the damned began to rage up around him, he realized his gambit was quickly going south. Concord attempted to disengage, and get away as the demon's grip tightened around his arm. Just like that, he heard the roar of an engine as the blazing cycle burst from the flames and sought to plow through him.

Tearing away from the man's grapple Concord attempted to get away from the vehicle's trajectory. Yet he'd noticed it too late, he attempted to leap to the side as the bike slammed into the left leg. He felt it twist unnaturally below the knee before he struck the ground with an attempt at a roll. The bike continued to drive off as Concord attempted to pick himself up. His teeth gnashed together as pain shot up his leg, sprained at best, likely more. Putting his weight on the right leg instead he tried to ignore the pain for the moment and deal with the problem at hand. He found himself unconsciously suppressing a yawn as he did so, the matter of getting tired in the middle of a fight not striking him as anything particularly odd at the moment. For the sound of gunfire around him was taking up most of his attention.

He looked up thinking it a new threat but found, funnily enough, the source of the chaotic gunfire was from the government itself. His mind immediately thought to the girl with the shockwaves. He whipped around to find that Weltgiest had the same thought that he had, while he hadn't seen him break away from his fight with the mini powerhouse he was glad for the titan's intervention. Still, this was getting to be unacceptable. So many casual already, and they just wanted to cause more. His vision began to glow, his gaze looked upon the trigger-happy helicopter. The heat began the build momentary before it faded as he took a deep breath. Not here.

Instead, he reached for the communicator built into the ear of his suit in an effort to figure out who the hell had ordered this. Sending out a broadcast to whoever he could manage he spoke in a manner clearly indicated his restrained rage. "There are kids and civilians here. Stand down." Not able to risk what he might say if he went on any longer, he watched as one of the helicopters was consumed by the flaming demon, it was twisted and malformed, rising up as a tormented being suiting the burning hellscape.

What a mess this all was, from the very beginning this had been a disaster. From the man who'd sought nothing but bloodshed as he tore down people, Concord might have called friends. A creature of pure destruction the man had held nothing back as he'd brought now buildings and fractured the land. Then came the demon, plunging the world into an inferno as he pulled up the dregs of hell to attack them, corrupting those who'd fallen to make his own patchwork monster. Now even his own government seemed keen on bringing down his city and he'd had enough.

He'd kept his beams focused in an effort to spare those who he sought to protect, but it seemed he was the only one. Too many lives had already been lost, too much destruction had already befallen Washington, no matter what, he had to stop it.

"Geist, please shield the girl." He spoke before drawing in a deep breath and staring down the abyssal creature. With no more reservations, he put out a silent prayer to anyone who'd survived long enough only be to ended now. However, this could not go on. He ripped off his hood as his eyes erupted with light and raging untamed beams of heat burst free to cut through the air. Dozens of beams crossing and slashing at everything in sight, a chaotic mess of destruction seeking to obliterate everything around the horrific construct. The asphalt began to boil and evaporate as stray beams got too close to the ground as the already burning plains where engulfing in pure heat. A sweltering all-consuming heat that turned everything in front of Concord into an uninhabitable wasteland.

As the infernal laughter and screams rung loudly through the air, The Scarlet Firebrand merely whispered, "Shut up."

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Re: Landfall (Open RP)

Post by Magnusson » Fri Jul 20, 2018 7:50 pm

Chaos was inevitable. The corpses so recently fresh had been drawn up into the air, merging together into some hellish abomination that reminded him of the olden days, where abstractions made of nightmare were the most common foe. A powerful advantage, his experience; it led him to show no fear at the thing, Standing against the terror were the titans of order, the only lights against the all-consuming dark. As it was then, it was now; the Forge's heart stirred, briefly, as he stood along with Concord and the unknown girl.

"Aye!" he responded, energies rippling from Noel Cross' face as he fearlessly engaged the Horror that had conjured itself before them. He had no need to ask questions, to consider the implications of such a thing's sickening presence; he needed only to fight, to win. To a hero, like he once thought himself? That meant protecting the girl, as Concord ordered.

He planted himself firmly between the young one and the battle, wave after wave of searing ribbons of red heat lashing against his hide. Even his own Eldest-woven clothes, more durable then most, could not resist, burning away at the edges until everything above his torso was in black tatters. The Oaken Forge grit his teeth, pain searing into his metallic cursed arm; it was part of his punishment that every wound inflicted upon it would hurt far more than otherwise. A fitting flaw, for one as strong as he.

But he bore the pain, for her sake. For all of theirs.

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Re: Landfall (Open RP)

Post by Atom » Fri Jul 20, 2018 9:30 pm

The multiple impacts with the rubble of the Capitol building, the effects of the Atlas Particle upon his mind-- the entire concerted effort to delay Cyrolus was horribly taxing, and it showed in Mitchell's sloppy movements. He predictably circled the alien being, firing off his energy beams as long as he could before the suit's movements were noticed, predicted, and interrupted.

The ultra-dense hands slammed through the mechanical arms of the ASAPS, tearing the two extremities in half near their tapered tips, sending the bladed edge and AP Disks flying into the air, probably never to be seen again. Stervos cursed out his slip-up but remained calm, desperately holding onto his sangfroid demeanor as best as he could in the situation presented to him. The singular word uttered by Cyrolus would be repaid by a half-finished "FUCK Y--"

A headbutt connected in full force, slamming into the face of the Quantum Suit and cracking the visor of its helmet. The HUD visor's soft beep was almost ignored as Mitchell's ears whined, a high frequency overtaking his hearing as a screaming pain settled over the front of his head. With little time to react, the alien's grapple was successful and Stervos felt the dull sensation of a grip around his neck, the nearly-impenetrable armor of the ASAPS preventing the warlord's hand from crushing his windpipe with a gentle squeeze. Mitchell futilely and weakly attempted to grab at the hand around his throat, clawing at the fingers for a release but finding no purchase in the merciless grasp. Instead, the two fell earthbound as a wave of heat emanating from the direction of the Washington Monument washed over them both.

Mitchell's vision, whether it be by the near-death situation or by the size change, seemed to run in a pseudo-slow motion as Cyrolus led them both towards the ground. Beams of red light flashed like spotlights, grazing the Quantum Suit and leaving a scorch mark that ran long across the back armor paneling. The fiery temperature only grew with intensity as they neared the earth, the ASAPS absorbing most of the heat but still leaving Stervos to feel as if he was being baked alive. The rise in temperature only served to make his breathing more difficult-- and the final impact with the earth below, spraying singed dirt and flaming grass into the air as if another explosion had gone off on the Capitol's lawn, had jostled the last of Mitchell's air from his lungs.

Stervos was no stranger to trauma. His unforeseen trip to the Atomic Domain had left him without air, trapped within the shell of the ASAPS and floating through the vacuum of space-- the sensation of being denied air was no different here than it was during his time at the subatomic level. As his vision blurred and Cyrolus' static-filled, muted words reached his ears, Mitchell shifted his body in the dirt to allow his remaining two arms a degree of movement-- and with whatever air he had left within him, Stervos gave a chuckle.

"Forgot-- t'say the magic word." He choked out in a joking defiance, arching his back to free the last set of mechanical arms from underneath his pinned body and directing them towards Cyrolus' eyes, stabbing at his face with rapid movements to distract or stun him enough for the alien to release his grip. Not that it mattered-- the HUD's notification upon his visor, almost ignored by Stervos from the concussive headbutt, had alerted him to a rapid destabilization of the Atlas Field near his own location. Within moments, the alien would feel his perspective shift as he grew exponentially in size-- leaving his grip far too oversized to hold Mitchell's throat, and allowing the miniaturized Quantum Suit to slip from his grasp within a fraction of a second and, secondly, allowing him to breathe. The Atlas Field's destabilization around the alien's person affected the CEO's own, causing him to resize back to a normal shape as he skidded across the scorched ground.

With his senses nearly regained, the ASAPS' wings extended from the back of the suit as the remaining two mechanical arms fired off a volley of lasers to delay Cyrolus' expected advance.

"THIS WHAT YOU WANTED? COME ON!" Atom taunted, microfibers of glass falling from his visor and burning up from the hellish temperatures mid-descent.

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Landfall (Open RP)

Post by Mach2 » Fri Jul 20, 2018 11:34 pm

"Kid, how many more of those do you think you've got in you?"

"A few more like that, for sure. Or one Big One," Tremor called back. The way she spoke made her intent clear clear. If she did a 'big one', it was only happening once. Strategically timed, she could possibly take out an opponent. But she would also be taking herself out of the fight. "Tell me what you need!"

But there wasn't time for a reply. Tremor heard the helicopter's approach a second before she heard the spray of machinegun fire. Bullets tore into the ground mere feet from where she stood. She gave a short shriek and cowered, raising her hands as though they would offer her any protection from the bullets that were about to tear into her body. Only, none did. Looking up, Tremor saw that the Forge had returned, placing himself squarely between her and the helicopters just in time to act as a shield.

Safely hidden behind the titan, Tremor took the briefest of moments to collect herself. She was out of the path of gunfire. She had seen Concord moving in to deal with the demonic skeleton, and it had looked as though he was getting the upper hand. The initial threat - the man who was fond of ripping people in half - was nowhere to be seen. With the exception of the helicopters and their undesired attempt at dealing with the situation, it seemed as though the fight was turning in their favour. For a moment, she was hopeful.

That hope began to fade the moment the wailing reached her ears.

She peeked out from behind Weltgeist to see what was going on. Any remaining hopefulness vanished when she laid eyes on the helicopter. "Oh my god," Tremor whispered, her voice saturated with horror.

It was an abomination, pulled straight from the mind of the devil himself. She could see the anguished faces of the pilots pressing against cockpit's windows, distorted almost beyond recognition. She could hear them screaming. The sound filled her mind, and she zeroed in on it, trying to will it away. That was supposed to be one of Tremor's abilities. She could get rid of sounds. She could stop them from reaching her. But the screaming of the damned was not a natural noise, and she was powerless against it. If anything, it seemed to grow louder even as she tried to silence it.

All she had wanted was a photo of the heroes at Washington Monument. And now, she was trapped in the largest fight she'd ever seen, with literal hell flying through the sky above her. Tremor was so enraptured by the damned helicopter that she didn't even process Concord's next words. "Geist, please shield the girl." His voice reached her ears, but her mind couldn't translate the sounds into words.

Weltgeist, thankfully, was paying attention. Once more, he stepped in front of Tremor, shielding her from the impending blast, and obstructing her view of the helicopter. With her vision blocked, Tremor seemed to be shaken out of her horrified daze. Just in time to weather Concord's attack. Even shielded behind the titan, the heat and light from the stray energy beams was overwhelming. Tremor braced herself, eyes shut tightly, and pressed her body against Weltgeist's back in an attempt to stay as sheltered from the blast as she possibly could.

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Re: Landfall (Open RP)

Post by Cyrolus » Sun Jul 22, 2018 3:37 am

The lasers peppered the body of a completely still Cyrolus like small insects slamming into a zapper in that they simply left small trails of smoke rising off his body. His traditional Vaxian garb was now covered in small smoking holes however, he did not move. Instead he took a moment to take in his surroundings and prepare accordingly. The majority of the battle was happening back at the monument and if Chevron were to show up than it would most likely be there. Standing between him and that fight was a single man who had proven naught more than a talkative nuisance. So if he were to get where he wanted to go he would have to oblige the machines request.

He let the full force of his speed carry him forwards while the back of his density shifted right hand would look to move through the air like a hammer colliding with the already damaged machine's head. From there he would keep moving towards the heat, towards the monsters, and towards his innevitable goal of finally meeting the other of his kind.

Rays of red light tore across the ground and moved across his flesh leaving blackened streaks of charred cells yet he never winced. Not once did his expression change as he sought to take advantage of this moment to take out one of the major threats of this fight. As the Inquisitor burst into the inferno his nostrils filled with the scent of blackened flesh and boiled blood. Scents of something beyond death rampaging into his brain and still he did not waver. For this was nothing compared to the conflicts he had seen or the wars he had wages. He had tore through entire burning cities slaughtering any survivors that dared crawl from the flames and this very moment reminded him of those times because once more he would slaughter those who sought to drag themselves by tooth and nail from the flames of conquest.
While Concord was firing off his beams Cyrolus would attack from behind with a blow unlike any other, a single movement that carried with it all of his momentum. His left foot found purchase on the stone below him and his right foot pivoted to transfer the momentum of his hypersonic travel into the rocketing forward of his open palmed right hand. It's density shifted to near indestructible levels as he sought to glide the hand like a blade through the middle of, the currently distracted, Concord's spine and out the area between his chest and abdomen.


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Re: Landfall (Open RP)

Post by Terminus » Sun Jul 22, 2018 4:35 am

As the seemingly-demonic entity took control of one of the newly-arrived helicopters, Pendragon looked on- but not in horror. The Hieronymus Bosch-esque creation didn't faze the main inside the Terminus, despite whatever had been done to the poor souls inside of it. The bullets of the military's machines shattered against his armor, the impacts dulled so much he barely even noticed. Unbeknownst to Pendragon himself, the armor had also quietly manifested a device that muted the psychic attack that the demon was assaulting them with.
In any other situation, Nicolas would have focused all his attention on the helicopter-monstrosity. Right now, though, Cyrolus was the more dangerous enemy. Conveniently, he had returned to their location, to attack Concord. Speaking of which, Cross had been kind enough to essentially announce his attack, so the Terminus had time to manifest a shield, protecting him from the wash of heat.

Pendragon's mind raced, contemplating strategies for how to deal with the seemingly-invulnerable tyrant. I could manifest bigger guns all day, but if Mitchell's weapons had no effect, more lasers won't do much better.

Hovering above the battlefield, seemingly unconcerned, Nicolas observed Cyrolus. There. Is he... He didn't finish the thought, simply taking the moment to strike.

From the right arm of the Terminus, Pendragon fired a miniature projectile, aimed directly at the Vaxian's open mouth. If it made its way into his throat, it would expand to fill his lungs, ideally preventing him from breathing. Easiest way to deal with an invulnerable man- drown him. If water isn't available, nanomachines will do.

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Re: Landfall (Open RP)

Post by illirica » Sun Jul 22, 2018 5:18 pm

As fights went, this one was going badly. Capacitor had seen enough of them to know. She'd figured that the men would have their little sausage party and take a few shots at each other, and then someone would bow out with a lengthy speech and everyone would go home. That was how it usually went, though. She'd stayed out, helping to establish a perimeter and worked with what troops were there to get area evacuation started and progressing, but most of that sort of thing the non-enhanced troops were perfectly capable of handling, and in fact it was easier for them to direct traffic, because the civilians didn't try to stop for photo opportunities.

They didn't need her to tell them to pull back the perimeter, either, when the area of operations widened. Dammit. Teja watched as best she could, listening to the reports coming in through the earpiece in her helmet. The reports were many, and none of them were particularly good. She glanced back to the perimeter, the cautious herding of civilians. It was worse than herding cats. At least cats didn't stop for selfies. Still, going over there and telling them to get their idiot arses out of the city wasn't going to help, and it didn't fit her Capacitor-persona. No. That wasn't how she was going to be able to help.

She muted most of the channels, opening the one to her chain of command and murmuring, quietly, into the line. "Sir. Permission to engage?"

There was a pause, during which the words I told you so echoed through the channel, without being said. Teja appreciated that they weren't being said, anyway, even if they were apparent. "...Permission granted. Do you need to re-spec?"

"No, sir. I'll stay with the defense gear. There's enough offense on the field already, I'll see if I can take over protective assists and let the others handle the situation resolution." Let the gloryhounds go for the kills. Capacitor was getting too old for that sort of thing. Thrill seeking was the purview of people in their late teens and early twenties. And immortals. No one went after glory like someone who knew he couldn't die. Teja smirked, then changed her locale, moving quickly back onto the field.

It was a disaster zone, as she'd expected, but the reports didn't quite cover it properly. The ground was scorched in places, and still afire on others. Much of it was rubble. Nothing like a national monument to attract an incursion. Sometimes she wondered if monuments were just the villainous equivalent of "Attack here for maximum effect" signs. This guy... seemed to be attacking all over the place. Doing an excellent job of it, too, if wide-scale destruction was the goal.

Unfortunately, Capacitor was on the other side. She'd filtered through the reports, and walked over to the person who seemed to be the most sensible, in that he was actually capable of following directions.

And protecting kids. That counted for a lot, in Teja's book. The 'kid' in question was a girl, probably a teenager, and she really shouldn't have been here. Part of Teja wanted to tell her to evacuate, but she knew that wasn't likely. She'd been that kid once. Teens and immortals. She nodded to the man defending her. "Go. I'll keep her safe. You've got a better shot at taking him down. Keeping you down here on bodyguard duty weakens the defense force's abilities." Her speech was relatively short, her actions quicker - already dismissing the armor plating from her powersuit and linking it together into a shield in front of the three of them, chain-lightning crackling in the gaps.

"Let me know when you're spent," she added, to the girl, while keeping her eyes on the enemy. "I'll see if I can pull you back to the evac zone."

Capacitor wasn't all that interested in getting involved in the attacks these days... but she was very good at defense.

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