Cairo - An Oasis in the Desert [Location]

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Re: Cairo - An Oasis in the Desert [Location]

Post by Deus Mortis » Sat Aug 25, 2018 2:55 pm

One shot to the head.

Two more to the neck and head.

Two bodyguards down. One remaining.

As Greene swung down, he felt his body slightly jerked back twice in a row, twice in the legs and once more in the shoulder. He had little time to think about it as his swinging was about to come to an end, the hard surface of glass stout and ready to meet Greene’s collision. Instinctively, he’d raise his gun at the glass and fire three shots, three rounds piercing right through it in a tight grouping. By the time he made contact with the glass, it was weakened, sending him tumbling right through.

Glass shards imbedded themselves within Greene’s clothing, thankfully none being too large or strong to have punctured skin. As he got off of the ground, he’d look up to see a terrified family of five looking up at him, two men, a woman, and two children. They looked at him with bewildered expressions which he couldn’t fault them for. A man firing into their home and bursting through their window must have been a once in a lifetime thing for them.

”إلى الوراء بعيداً. لا أحد سوف تضار.” Greene stated simply, holding the gun up at the family and pointing to a room.
يحصل هناك وقفل الباب.”
The front-most male would nod after processing what Greene had said. Without another word he’d lead the family into the room before a click was heard from the door’s knob.

As quickly as he could, he’d scavenge the family home for any rags or medical supplies they had in order to wrap up his wounds. A trip into the bathroom revealed a cupboard with some basic first aid essentials like scooby-doo bandaids, bandages, and alcohol. While it wasn’t the most advanced of supplies, it’d have to do.

Lifting up his shirt and pants, Greene would see lacerated skin on the side of his arm and two fresh wounds in his leg. While neither seemed to have hit an artery, one of the two leg wounds was steadily flowing in contrast to the slowier oozing that his arm and other leg wound were having. Knowing full well how big of a lead the VIP and his surviving bodyguard had on him, he’d go over to the tub and rinse his wounds with alcohol before bandaging them heavily with an experienced speed. A douse of bleach into the tub ensured that his DNA wouldn’t be found and without wasting another moment, Ray would be off, taking the alcohol bottle and bandages with him.

Taking into account how many people fled the scene at the sounds of gunshots, a ground approach could likely be viable. After all, if the VIP was trying to escape, he'd have to go through empty marketplaces and streets. However, Greene's time in the Mid-East had burned into his mind how dangerous stepping into an empty street could be. Judging by how experienced the bodyguard was, the situation could have easily been that he was waiting for Greene to show himself to get an easy shot off on him. With that in mind, Greene would try to gain the high-ground advantage by reverting back to his first tactic, the rooftop.

Going back over to the window, he’d give the rope he used to swing a tug, ensuring it was sturdy enough to climb on, before making his way up onto the roof. Once ontop, Ray would notice the various objects that partially hid him from view, such as the doorway that led down into the building and some waist-high vents. Several rooftops devoid of life led him to the conclusion that Django and the VIP were not here and so, he’d quickly switch the scope on his AK and load in a new mag in his handgun, ready for round two.

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Post by OniGirl » Mon Jun 01, 2020 1:19 pm

To others perhaps this was a curious choice to pick. However if working alongside Kore the natural weapon to make for the towering demon was a kanabo. A large metal club or stick, way Carmen saw it if she wanted to be good with the long blunt instrument a good starting point was with a stick, something more comparable and perhaps multipurpose then staff or spear related arts. It wasn't the hands on martial arts the demon wanted but she also thought it might come in handy given how many loose pipes, poles or signs she could use instead. Carmen chose that she would go to Cairo to try and learn some about tahtib! It wasn't what someone expected out of a Oni but the unexpected was kind of her thing.

So it was in a large courtyard a black egg materialized amongst the trees. A hovering sphere that's obsidian shell threatened to be lost to the night. Only the lights of the bustling city that bathed the grass in tangerine light helped for the sight to be perhaps more clear to the eyes that saw it. Way orange light rolled off the smooth surface it almost looked as if flames danced along the midnight orb. The shape grows to the size of a person but seems to expand grossly beyond proportion as it comes undone. The monolith of muscle dropping from the dissipating shell.

Standing in the park a woman taller than almost anyone at seven feet tall, horns adorn her head the crown of a demon! Her eyes in her excitement are a glowing red the haunting hue of blood! Sure her clothes look civilian but it's normalcy is washed aside by a build that seems to have every muscle defined!

Some maybe could look past the pointed ears, slightly long almost claw nails and pointed toothy smile. Glowing eyes and devilish horns might not disturb everyone but it certainly did to a small gathering of masked men getting out of a van. <"You three get the money we'll hold it off!"> The friend shook his head in protest to the other thug, they were speaking Arabic. The Oni didn't speak that though, she knew what masked figures with duffle bags meant however. They ran to a building that was obviously a bank. The two thugs who stayed outside drew their sidearms and began to aim at her.

"YES!" Her smile was wide at the thought of such a sight. She doubted it would be a challenge,was confident that she would have time to see the sights and get to study. Carmen lived for a fight though and seeing her be so fortunate as to stumble across a robbery was exciting! So it was that the streets open with the sounds of gunfire!

Twenty four shots in a brief passing of time. They were sober and ready for vigilantes the thugs aim was not bad by any means, a total of eighteen holes were put into the sweatshirt the devil wore. The flattened slugs simply fell to the grass however as the demon got closer. A open palm briefly shoots out to impact the chest of the first thug. He's thrown back and through the side of the van! A rather broken and unconscious figure left in the back as his friend begins to make a break for it, to try and run off.

Inside the van though is a crowbar, a quick snag and throw made as the radiant eyes saw it. Bones crack with a sound that echoes in the streets as the metal object hits the leg! Two thugs down and with that the towering terror enters the bank the three men turning in shock. <"This place is supposed to be quiet!"> The closest man goes for a shotgun he had on him but a hand comes over the barrel.

Pellets fall from her hand as the weapon becomes a broken mess having its round go off half internally. Crushing the barrel the demon whips her hand to the side. The third thug hits a wall with crack left traversing up to the roof, doubting their odds the fourth goes for his pistol one can see it in his eyes. He's going to try and use his pistol to aim at a employee, a hostage. Less reason to hold back the demon figures.

She controls herself not looking to destroy the man, that said she crosses the gap with horrific speeds. She was a wall of muscle not a speed demon. All that muscle though helped be fast at times however, and before the gun was aimed or discharged the thug was shoulder checked! His body rag dolling through the plexiglas over the counter, the material breaking and ripped from its position. He struggles to get up but then decides it better to just not leaving only one thug left. His eyes going from bag of money to employee, to demon, then back to money in a brief cycle. <"Take it! All yours boss!">

Of course they had never met, he just liked calling people boss. Perhaps though with that and a usually thought as villainous look and the badly beaten thugs things would be read wrong. "Sorry not one for greed, more WRATH!" She thought it just a clever line to play on image and the trend to quip and joke who was to say it wouldn't make her seem the villain though? Especially when punctuated by the broken shotgun being thrown at the man's face. A few lost teeth and broken nose leading to a spirt of blood along the plexiglas.

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