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Cairo - An Oasis in the Desert [Location]

Posted: Wed Jul 18, 2018 6:16 pm
by Deus Mortis





Cairo can be described as a historic city, one that blends the vibrancy of the modern age with cultural design and aesthetics.

In a world where metahumans, corrupt government agencies, and aliens roam freely, Cairo can consider itself relatively safe statistically wise as it’s the megacity with the lowest number of non-regular, non-human beings. It’s because of this fact that it has thrived economically wise, with a large number of corporations favoring Cairo in terms of business in trade when compared to other megacities.

In terms of advancement to some countries or cities, Cairo has stayed relatively the same, with modern buildings mixing with designs and aesthetics of the older days. Attempts to progress the city have been meant with largely unsuccessful results, though persistence from stubborn corporations and charismatic businesses have caused a handful of areas to adopt slightly more futuristic technology. Key word on the slightly.




The High End District

An area of luscious greens and luxurious commodities. The wealthier citizens of Cairo can enjoy a peaceful time amongst those of the same economical standings as them with sights and views some would only less than a handful of times in their lives. Many of the citizens here own or are partners with businesses, though there’s the occasional outlier that got their means through a more lucrative method…



Cairo is a place that is no stranger to trade. There are markets of all kinds scattered across the city, many of which that see hundreds to thousands of people everyday. The traditional marketplaces with several stands in close vicinity are a prominent sight in Cairo though modern stores within buildings are not uncommon either. A perceptive mind would do well to note the difference in quality some markets have in comparison to other districts, specifically to districts that are wealthier.

In any case, do keep an eye out for swindlers and pickpockets.


Residential Areas

The residential areas of Cairo are where most people find themselves living. Made up of apartments and houses, these residential areas are just a general, catch-all term for areas where the middle class live (barring outliers). While not as extravagant as the High End District, it does have its share of satisfying views as well as a fair atmosphere.


The Slums

Yeah, Cairo’s got it. Just like any other city around. The Slums in Cairo harbor the poorest and unluckiest of the city’s population, with many of the population sharing their living space with garbage and in some cases, rubble. An area with an unkempt appearance and quality, the Slums are a depressing place to visit and in some cases, a dangerous one if you decide to take a stroll around it during the night. For some reason.


The City of the Dead

Yeah, when I said Cairo has a slum like any other city, disregard that. Cairo’s slums are unique in that they don’t harbor the worst living conditions in the city. That title belongs to another place.

The City of the Dead. A subsection within Cairo. The slums within the slums.

Inhabitants of this “city” live amongst graves and even more rubbish than those of the Slums. Although some areas are relatively “clear” of rubbish and garbage, most of the area is decrepit and incredibly makeshift in some regards.

This necropolis extends into the underground portions of the Earth as its inhabitants have made use of the large mausoleum and tomb system it has. Yes, that means some people in this subsection of the Slums live underground. Next to the dead in some cases.



Cairo is much more than just the districts and areas described above. The Pyramids, Museums, factories, and shipping container areas are just a few among the different thing Cairo has to offer.



-Ask me for permission before going ahead and causing major destruction to the city.

-Player interaction and exploration is encouraged. What good’s a place to play without people?

-Cairo’s was made for more low to mid tier kind of characters in mind but honestly, feel free to jump in with whoever. Make things interesting!


Re: Cairo - An Oasis in the Desert [Location]

Posted: Wed Jul 18, 2018 7:02 pm
by Terminus

Re: Cairo - An Oasis in the Desert [Location]

Posted: Thu Jul 19, 2018 3:19 am
by Deus Mortis

Greene avoided detection as he gained entry into Egypt.
Target: Ahab Safar
Hot-zone: Cairo
1400 hrs

Tan, khaki, and beige.

Ray Greene had done his homework before coming to Cairo. Just as he did whenever he traveled anywhere, really.

Apart from being forgettable, his clothing matched the colors of the natural surroundings and the majority of the buildings in Cairo, allowing him to seamlessly transition from disappearing into crowds of people to camouflaging with the environment around. The only things that would make would make him stand out were limited to a couple of items: his crimson red glasses and the guitar case he had strapped to his back. Both of which were details that most could easily dismiss without realizing as they went about their usual routines.

However, unlike most people, Greene wasn’t here for some monotonous daily routine. No. He was here on a mission. One that spawned from his discovery of some illegal matters MAVU has set up in Egypt. Matters that could cause some civil unrest in the U.S if Greene didn’t do something.

It wasn’t like this was Greene’s first action against MAVU however. His movements in Cairo are ones that are happening a few weeks after he had performed a hit on a supply convoy of MAVU’s. While convoy hits were better (in Greene’s opinion) better in the forest, he readily undertook the hit, making the crew disappear and delivering a few crates full of weaponry and some explosives to a private military company that had supportive ties with the U.S.

Although he had caused some paranoia within the Mid-Eastern branch MAVU had, the action itself was small in the grand scope of things. Which was exactly what Greene sought to do something about. He had already been in Cairo for about a week and in that week, had gotten very valuable information, some from the guards driving the aforementioned convoy and some from surveying some facilities and exchanges MAVU had in Egypt’s megacity.

Knowing that security might have been amped up due to his actions earlier in the month, Greene had come extra prepared. Contrary to what an observer would likely believe upon seeing his guitar case, it did not contain a guitar. Instead, it hid an AK-47 inside with several magazines, a bayonet, and two scopes, one a red dot sight while the other had a 3-9x magnification range.


A final tug at his case’s strap let Greene know his equipment was secured. With a clear sense of mind, he would turn the corner to the marketplace up ahead and duck into the back of a building. He took care to do it when he believed no one, or at the least, a low amount of people were looking at him, and even then he did it with the confidence of a person who lived there to not arouse suspicion.

Greene had studied the patterns of his target, a Mr. Safar. An executive of MAVU who oversaw most of the dealings going on in the Mid-East. If Greene toppled a corrupt man like him then a message could perhaps be sent to MAVU: Cairo doesn’t take kindly to the deceitful. Especially not Corporate deceit.

With a silent climb, Greene would make his way to the building’s rooftop, stopping only when he was all the way on top, four stories up. His tan clothing made it all the more easier to camouflage with the roof of the building which he took full advantage of as he unzipped his case and attached his longer ranged scope onto his rifle. An efficient and experienced manner took over Greene was he got his weapon ready and got into position, feeling relieved when his eyes locked onto his target.

Ahab Safar sat in the back of his vehicle. No doubt bought using some sort of ill gotten gains if his supply convoy is anything to go off of.

As the vehicle slowly drove through the traffic of both people and other cars on that marketplace street, Greene lined his scope on Safar’s car, its pitch black windows making it nearly impossible for Greene to get a reliable shot on anything…

Nearly impossible…

Greene moved his crosshairs onto the front of the vehicle, his sights lining right on top of the driver’s head. As the car moved for a moment and stopped Greene would squeeze his rifle’s trigger, keeping his sights on the driver unt-


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Posted: Mon Jul 23, 2018 1:23 am
by Django

”So I was telling this whore, I say— ‘come here. You haven’t learned respect, bitch.’ And she tells me to go fuck myself— I’m telling you, I slap the shit out of her. Stupid harem-worm doesn’t understand the meaning of obedience.”

SJD-2714 gave an unending stare out of the limousine. To his right, an Egyptian warlord jeered and told stories of his abuse towards women— distasteful, the mercenary presumed, though he knew little and cared little. Inaction was a part of the job; the man 2714 guarded was a terrible human being, and MAVU was the only reason that his influence in Cairo was maintained. SJD was made not to ask questions, and he’d keep to his designed nature unless ordered to deviate from it.

”Hey, you, you want alcohol? Any of these... hot, sensual bitches over you? Come on. You haven’t said a word.” The Egyptian said lewdly, fake-dancing in his seat against the stripper beside him. If 2714 had any gag reflex, he supposed it would have activated.

”No.” He stated plainly and inoffensively, maintaining his stare out the tinted windows. The warlord grunted.

”You fucking mercs are all the same. Business, business, never any time to lighten up a little. I bet—“

A shot rang out through the air and the shattering of glass followed, the limousine veering to the right and slamming into a food cart. Yelling inside the cabin began as 2714 calmly pulled upon the small cabinet beside his seat, revealing two Glock-17 pistols, an AR-15 modified to suit long-range engagements, and an FMG-9, folded into its briefcase form. The mercenary quickly worked to check his gear as the Egyptian across from him panicked, shoving the woman from his lap onto the floor of the cabin and ducking from the windows himself.

”GET THE FUCKING CAR WORKING!” He yelled to the passenger seat lookout, who’d since opened the door of the driver’s side and shoved the body out. He shifted himself over, ducking to avoid future gunfire and shifting into reverse before backing up, the bumper hitting off of multiple civilians as he gained room to turn back onto the road. Once he had the limousine aligned correctly, he floored the vehicle.

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Posted: Fri Jul 27, 2018 6:55 pm
by Deus Mortis

The veering of the limousine and an abrupt, loud crash following it was good news in Greene’s eyes. His shot had connected with the driver just as he had hoped, sending the car and its occupants careening into a poor street vendor’s cart. Although an unintended consequence, it was one Greene cared little for. If he had to sacrifice a man’s mobile market in order to sever MAVU’s ties in the area, then so be it.

Upon seeing the limousine start to reverse in order to drive forward again, Greene raised his gun, a momentary debate going through his head. He could spray at the car in hopes of clearing it of any living passengers but that would leave him with one less magazine to spare and from Greene’s experience with firefights, one magazine could mean the difference between life and death. Especially when he could be dealing with a number of MAVU security forces that would likely get deployed to help deal with the attempt on the executive’s life.

Greene opted for something else instead. With great speed and an experienced hand, he would switch the scopes on his rifle and close up his case before slinging it over his shoulder and starting his sprint over the various rooftops this marketplace had. Although he could never hope to match a car’s speed on a straight road, he surely could catch up to one that would undoubtedly get delayed by the now crazed traffic.

The rooftops of the marketplace had some variancy between them, though, fortunately, they were able to be passed through without too much problem. One of the rooftops appeared to be higher than most others to which Greene reacted to by using the momentum he had from sprinting to race up the wall a few steps. His free hand would grip onto the ledge of the rooftop before his other hand swung his rifle over on top, giving him an easier time of scaling the small wall.

If all went to plan, Greene would not be too far away from the limousine, though he would still need to pick up the pace if he wanted to see his assassination through.

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Posted: Sat Jul 28, 2018 8:25 pm
by Django

The guise of the NE-2 sheltered 2714’s wandering eyes, screams from the terrified strippers upon the floor of the limousine mingling among the staccato gunshots ringing out from further up in the vehicle. The android took a silent tally of the unshot heads within the car; counting himself, there were a total of seven people within the stretched out vehicle. Three armed guards, which included the man now driving the car, were each positioned at a window on the left side of the limousine for the purpose of firing out blindly and hoping to pin down the unseen assassin with gunfire. 2714, conversely, sat with an air of calm in the plush leather seat as Tom Petty blared at a rather high volume through the limo’s speakers.

A magazine was loaded into 2714’s AR-15 with a hastened efficiency. Another bout of gunfire rang out from within the limousine’s cabin as SJD quickly made his way up the center aisle of the car and stopped once he’d reached the small window that barred him from the driver’s nook.

”Please roll down the sunroof.”

Opting not to waste time waiting for a response, 2714 pushed himself down the aisle and watched as the small panel of glass atop the limousine’s roof was, slowly but surely, rolled backwards with a soft hum.

With his rifle in one hand, 2714 grabbed onto the edge of the ceiling’s cavity and pulled himself upwards, the air-conditioned atmosphere of the limousine turning to a harsh billow of sand as particles of dust pelted off of the visor of his NE-2. Information flooded the Socrates helmet as his advanced processing took in the surrounding area. Shot came high, hit at an angle from the left of the limousine. Singular bullet. Target appears to be accurate with small arms.

A figure blurred on the passing rooftops. A reluctancy on the driver’s part to run over civilians resulted in a very slow transport speed, which in part made them a very easy target. 2714 aimed down the lens of his scope, watching with a keen eye as the body of a man with a guitar case on his back sprinted along the dusted buildings. Suspicious; too suspicious to be dismissed, SJD concluded, and shortly thereafter he feathered the trigger to fire off three shots in rapid succession.

Re: Cairo - An Oasis in the Desert [Location]

Posted: Wed Aug 01, 2018 6:26 pm
by Deus Mortis

Small chunks of stone and a line of dust were the result of Django’s shots, all three of which had missed. Although Greene was preoccupied with his run on the rooftops, he was of course keeping his eye on the limousine in case it changed streets or caught a lucky break and sped up. His attentiveness was rewarded by his spotting of Django and his rifle, to which Greene reacted to by moving away from the edge and allowing the burst of shots to impact against the side of the building he was on.

For a moment, Greene thought about poking out with his rifle and firing at the man but common sense and self-preservation stopped him. The shooter had only fired off three rounds from a rifle and would likely be waiting for him to pop back up again to get another shot. Unfortunately for Greene, he had skimped out on buying a ballistic vest in favor for the maneuverability and additional camouflage and even so, a shot from that angle had a good chance of striking Greene in the side of his body, where his vest would be least protected.

Instead of going for the shooter, Greene would momentarily stop and raise his rifle from out of sight, waiting until the car passed by. Once the car’s front end had appeared, he’d fire ten rounds into the front end of the engine block to the dashboard, hoping to hit either a critical operating piece to the vehicle or the driver, preferably. Either way, once those shots were done, Greene would quickly go back to running away from the edge of the buildings, attempting to remain unseen.

He could only hope that his aim was with him today or else those ten rounds of him would have been a waste.

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Posted: Wed Aug 01, 2018 9:09 pm
by Django
"GO! GO! G-- HRRK--"

Atop a perch that 2714 couldn't find an angle on, gunfire rained down and peppered the front of the limousine with bullets. The engine block began to smoke as SJD heard the smashing of glass. The driver was most definitely dead, with a disabled car to boot.

I suppose I have to do everything myself.

2714 littered the edge of the rooftop with bullets, partly to suppress the shooter while relying on chance to have a random bullet strike. After doing so, the android quickly ducked back into the limousine, switching on the AR-15's safety and swinging it over his shoulder. A metal hand grabbed the collar of the warlord and brought him close to the visor of the NE-2, the red triangle sufficiently intimidating even without the multitude of weapons upon his person. He handed a Glock to the Egyptian without a word, pulling him forward up the vehicle and motioning for the remaining two convoy guards to follow him.

"Stay close to me unless you wish to die."

The warlord nodded in silence as SJD unlatched another seat covering and revealed a hollow cabinet in which a sawed-off Mossberg lay, relatively cramped in the small space of the seat. He had many guns, but not much ammo. He'd have to make every shot count.

"Sprint to the eastern alleyway and find cover under the rooftops. We're getting him to an airport as soon as possible."

Truthfully, he could care less if the warlord died. If the VIP were to be assassinated under his watch, however, it would not end well for 2714. As such, the android kicked open the passenger door and quickly exited, laying suppressive fire on the rooftops the man had been sitting on and firing at overlooks further up the street in case the assassin had moved up in his positioning. The two guards grabbed the Egyptian VIP and acted as a lackluster human shield, taking the Egyptian and escorting him into the covered alleyway. SJD-2714 soon followed behind, keeping a watchful eye out for any movement on the edges that lined the small passageway.

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Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2018 3:19 pm
by Deus Mortis

Rifle rounds struck the edge of the rooftop, sending small, familiar groups of dust and rock up into the air. Greene’s decision to wait for a shot on the driver instead of revealing himself paid off as he was shielded from the barrage of bullets that had come his way. He’d keep his gun gripped as he simply waited for the shooting to end, taking the time to think about his next action and of what’s gone down so far.

The nature of the shots was not lost on Greene as an overwhelming volley of fire kept him from firing his own weapon. He had taken notice of the time it took for the shooter was up against to spring into action, obviously being someone who didn’t flinch from gunfire. It reminded him of the insurgent veterans he had dealt with in the past, ones hardened and calloused from constant streams of battles. Although an insurgent in the Mid-East wouldn’t be a surprising enemy to deal with in any other situation, Greene doubted it in this specific circumstance. He had already dealt with some of MAVU’s guards in the past. He didn’t put it past them to have some mercenaries guarding this particular VIP.

The sound of a car door slamming once the gunfire had died down had caught Greene’s attention. Before he could poke his head out, another wave of suppressive fire would line the edge of the rooftop he was on. He was pinned down and the target was getting away. He’d have to act fast without losing his head…

Looking across the top of the street, Greene’s eyes would hover past several windows with curious onlookers before settling on a rope that spanned from the rooftop next to him to the next. Various clothes would be hung on it and a focused inspection let Greene see that the ends of them were fairly secured in place by some durable looking rods.

An idea sprung into his head along with a feeling of self-deprecation.

If I die doin’ this, the Devil’s going to have a good laugh.

With no spare time to waste Greene sprung into action. He’d lay his AK across the edge of the rooftop before spraying at where he believed the limousine to be. If he had any luck, it’d be enough to keep the shooter’s head down for just a few seconds. If not well, he really hoped he wouldn’t regret foregoing a ballistic vest.

Slinging his rifle over his shoulder and sprinting towards the rope, Greene would slip his knife out of his boot and grab the rope. Not a second was wasted as he slashed the rope with his blade until it was completely cut. He’d slip the knife back into his boot before gripping the rope with all his strength and jumping off from the roof’s ledge, sending him swinging across the street. His free hand would unholster his sidearm right as he had begun swinging, raising it to the MAVU group upon spotting them.

He couldn’t afford losing any time on letting them process what was going on any quicker so, with various rounds let loose from his sidearm, he’d fire.

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Posted: Fri Aug 24, 2018 10:13 pm
by Django
Three handgun shots entered into the mercenaries shielding the VIP, each bullet being a killshot in its own right. 2714 responded to the aggression by leveling his Mossberg with the rappelling shooter, pumping out multiple shots as he backpedaled towards the VIP. The fat Egyptian had since tripped over the bodies of his fellow soldiers and was screaming in his native language, a majority of words having been deciphered by Two-Seven as being expletives; it was at this point that the mercenary truly began to question why he was protecting this man, simultaneously doubting his own squadmates' abilities to protect a target without his assistance.

Handgun rounds were easily deflected off the advanced body plating of the LSOCS, though two stray bullets found their way into the small gaps lining the armor of 2714's combat suit. A notifaction, bathed in red, flashed across the screen of his NE-2 for a microsecond. It was all he needed to register the information presented to him.

Two impact sites. Manageable internal damage. He was still operational, and would not decline in efficiency over time. He could still salvage this, though his conviction for actually doing so was dwindling by the second.

"If you deviate from my side, you will die." 2714 stated in an enforced, clarion tone, yanking the warlord from his place upon the dirt and ducking into a nearby building with the VIP in hand. The two trudged up a dusted stairwell, SJD having discarded his Mossberg into a dark corner of the landing before unholstering both Glock-17 pistols. Kicking open a wooden door onto the roof of the small building they'd entered, 2714 exited first before motioning for the VIP to follow, scanning the adjacent rooftops for any sign of the shooter they'd faced thus far.

"Head down. Keep your kevlar vest secure. Stay close to me."