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Re: Heart Breaker (Open Event)

Post by illirica » Wed Aug 08, 2018 2:55 pm

The man was back, and Myne had no idea why. The gun was pointed at her again, and she tried to make sense of it. His anger, his rage, she sought a context for them, a reason why he'd stand there and threaten her life. Only one thing came to mind, though. One thing, and one thing alone. "Oh," she said, softly, "...Diara."

That was right.

No, it wasn't. It was wrong, all wrong. Everything was wrong. Diara needed her.

"Myne, I need help!"
Myne closed her eyes, counted to five, and glanced back at her diagrams. "What do you need help with?"
The voice from the other room was small and plaintive. "I don't know how to tie my shoes!"
Myne sighed, looking back at the sketch she'd been hoping to complete. She was so close. "...Just a minute, Diara. I'll be right there."


But Diara wasn't here. She wasn't anywhere near here, she was at Ashfall, blood in the dust. So much blood, and yet so little, for what she had been. Myne was somewhere else, another spot of dust on the prairie, and the blood that soaked the soil was her own. So much blood. Not enough to help Diara.

"Myne! Help!"
Genuine worry in the voice from the doorway. Myne looked up from a rare moment of concentration. She'd had the spell-circle working, the binding chains set. It was all working for once, and she'd been so close...
"I fell off my bike..."
Myne lay the chalk across the circle. Four seconds to dismiss a line. She didn't know why that was, but it was the way it was. It always seemed so wasteful, only four seconds to completely ruin something that had taken hours to set up. She didn't know when she'd have another chance to try again, but she set the chalk across the line anyway. "I'll be right there, Diara."


He could have shot her. Myne had a very brief moment in which to be disappointed that he chose not to. Then the handle of the gun connected with her skull. There was a bright flash of sudden pain, and then the darkness started to close in as she collapsed back into the dust. Blood pooled around her, a blanket of warmth between her and the dust. Breath stirred, but slow, and slowing.

It's okay.

I'll be right there, Diara.

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Re: Heart Breaker (Open Event)

Post by Aeros » Wed Aug 08, 2018 4:30 pm

It was over.

Steel the hand from shaking. Calm the breathing. Close the eyes. Breathe.

A voice sounded to his right. LaVerne’s eyes snapped open to an odd-looking man, speaking to them all about the carnage caused. Looking around the faded bubble, the aviator could see bodies littered on the road and plains around the crash, the extent of the damage caused revealing itself to him. Bent telephone poles, blood smeared across the asphalt and grass— and at the center of it all was her, the woman who’d caused him so much torture in such a short time. She was bleeding, now; dying, and Brock couldn’t stop himself from feeling some sort of closure in her impending death.

Breathing out, Contrail shut his eyes tight for a second time.

”If pain was ever truly gone, I wouldn’t have experienced the sadism I went through tonight.”

The truth of the matter was that the age of morality had long since ended. This evil, vile woman had been so kind to present that to him with her horrific projections of suffering.

A fresh stream of tears began to glide down his face. Leveling the barrel with Myne’s irreperably damaged visage, the anguished aviator reneged upon his statement to the dying woman and pulled the trigger once. He looked away as he did so.

Steel the hand from shaking. Calm the breathing. Close the eyes. Breathe.

The world wasn’t a propaganda poster with his face on it. If Contrail— if Brock LaVerne was going to survive in the present, he needed to accept that.

Approaching the flank of Abaddon, Brock cleared his throat to get a semblance of attention from either him or his men.

”Driver of that armored van’s north up the road. That woman... she’s dead. Hope she stays that way.”

With his job done, LaVerne hastily walked to the divot of dirt he’d once been laying in and picked up the mud-covered golden helmet he donned, wiping the dirt from the eyeports and staring into the black lenses with a furrowed brow.

After a moment of conflicted thought passed, Brock tucked the helmet under his arm with finality and took off into the dark night, the red glare of his thrusters disappearing into the void of black as the quiet roar of his engines faded into silence.

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Re: Heart Breaker (Open Event)

Post by Hilo Takenaka » Thu Aug 09, 2018 12:09 pm

Looking at the HeartBreaker collapse from being hit in the head with the gun, Paschalis violently threw up. It wasn’t the first time someone had died in his presence, but the awful and sad, pitiful sight of her was too much to bare. He then looked at Abaddon and sighed, before turning to look him dead in the eye. “When I mean ‘innocent’, buster, I was talking about the horrors committed here. And although I was unaware of her actions prior to now, I wanted to save her more now than ever so she could have suffered in prison. Such quick death was just...”
he paused and thought to himself, before turning to look at Saya. He then looked at Contingency. “Tell you what; I have two choices. One is that I can either pay bail for the girl’s freedom, or I can help with the questioning and capture of Saya...” he looked up and stared directly into the air, smiling lightly. “What did you see when her powers affected you? I saw fire, but then I remembered.”

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