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Re: Afterfall (Closed RP)

Post by illirica » Mon Jul 30, 2018 9:45 pm

"So, don't," Kelly said. She smiled. "It's okay. You can still be a superhero without hurting anyone."

She let him go and moved, kneeling in front of him. Am I sure?


He's my friend. I care about him. He's important.
She raised her hands up towards her face, hesitating. I... shouldn't. I can't. I need...


Arin needs. Arin needs much more than I do right now.

He's my friend.
She took a trembling breath, and let it go.

I trust him.

Her hands moved again, covering her face for a moment, and leaving in their wake a mask of rainbow sparkles. Prism reached out, and put a hand on the boy's shoulder. "Only you can decide how you use your abilities, or whether you want to use them at all." She thought back to Sylvania, where she'd chosen to turn her more damaging abilities only on the environment. Where she had decided what she believed in, and why it was important. To just outside Solar City itself, where she had destroyed a gun but not a man, where she had stood up for what she knew to be right.

"Arin. You can decide who you want to be. And whoever that person is, you will be a good person. You will be a good person because you care. And that is, at its core... what makes a good superhero." She smiled again, the rainbow lights sparkling obscurity around her features - obscurity that masked her identity, when she was being a hero - but it couldn't mask her identity from him. Not any more. Not when he'd seen her transform. "I trust you."

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Re: Afterfall (Closed RP)

Post by LunaHawk » Wed Aug 01, 2018 1:31 am

"Trust is key." Felix agreed. He stood up and turned to face Arin. "Claws in." He said. The cat suit vanished in a flash of light and left in its place the boy who wore it...all the charisma seemed suddenly contained in a bottle, the confidence and swagger seemed to vanish with the light, replaced by uncertainty and shyness.

"We both..." He glanced at Kelly a moment. "We both trust you." He managed. He swallowed, as if talking was hard now. "I think that you...I think that you will make the right decisions. I know you will. There are a lot of...a lot of super heroes that don't kill, even some that are very powerful. It's about application of force."

He knelt down again and took Arin's hand in both of his, covering it with one gently. "The fact this is happening at all, that you are so worried and upset...means you are a good person...and that is...that is all that matters." He said. "You did not...did not celebrate. Others did." He said in a tone Kelly would have never heard before, it was...disparaging...if one was being kind about it. He did nothing to hide how felt about those who celebrated Ashfall, that included the media.

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Re: Afterfall (Closed RP)

Post by WILDE JAGD » Thu Aug 02, 2018 9:34 am

Arin was still couldn't help but feel unsure that he could, however, he was starting to think that maybe he didn't need to be sure about this. Maybe he never would be. Still, that didn't mean he couldn't try. If both of them could trust him not only with doing whats right, but enough to share things most took several measures to hide. Then at the very least, he could try.

He didn't ever want to go through what had happened at Ashfall ever again, and perhaps it would be better to simply never step foot in the ARMADA again. However, if someone had to, if it had to be used, at least with him behind it Arin could do the best he could to cause as little harm as possible.

He looked up a both Kelly and Felix. Two people who had dropped everything to come when he asked. Two people that helped show him a path through the confusion. Two people that trusted him. Two... friends. He felt what he could only describe as glad, unbelievably glad that he had them with him.


He stopped, almost apologizing once more for causing them to worry. However instead she shook his head, that wasn't right. They hadn't worried because he'd forced them too, but because they truly cared about him. Apologizing wasn't the right response, it was...

"thank you."
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Re: Afterfall (Closed RP)

Post by LunaHawk » Mon Aug 13, 2018 1:11 pm

"Any time." Felix promised. "That's what... that's what we're here for, for each other. Heroes can't operate alone or they become... something darker.". He said, thinking of Xae and stories of when she'd been active. She had always operated alone and though he felt she was a hero that fit her darker time, he also felt she blurred the line between hero and villain too often. It was probably why there were fewer comics about her not aimed at adults.

He looked forward to being old enough to buy older comics, the darker ones, it would be good insight into people like that.

"Out of my suit you can call me Tom." He told them both. "I'll be Felix more." He liked Felix more.

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