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The video began. Novak and Pendragon stood facing the camera, expressions serious. Neither man wore the sort of formal attire one might expect of individuals in their positions. They didn't need to. Nicolas stepped forward first, and began to speak.

"My name is Nicolas Pendragon. You might know me better as Terminus."

Novak then stepped forward.

"And I'm James Novak. You might know me better as Baron Proton."

"Several weeks ago, I accompanied the Society of Superheroes on a mission to an alternate universe. This came following the attacks in St. Louis and Millennium City, which were perpetrated by individuals hailing from this other world. The purpose of our incursion was to rescue two kidnapped students from Millennium Academy, and prevent the forces of this other world from attacking us again."

This would be news to much of the world. The Society had remained tight-lipped so far, regarding the origins of the St. Louis massacre. Even the existence of other worlds would be newsworthy, made much more so by the fact that the first one they had discovered was hostile. But keeping this information a secret would have been even more dangerous. The public deserved to know.

"On both counts, our mission was successful. However, during our time on this other world, we discovered some key information. Like our world, this planet had been menaced by Surgath, the Titan of Progress. Unlike our world, the defenders of this alternate Earth were unsuccessful in driving him off. As such, he initiated his 'Decimation,' slaughtering half of this world's population in an instant."

The world had come under threat from dozens of monsters like Surgath, but the Titan's attack was doubtlessly the one that stuck in the minds of most individuals. After all, he had directly addressed the entire planet, threatening them all with a massacre of billions. While many had put it out of their minds, hearing of a world in which the killing had taken place would serve as a grim reminder.

"Afterwards, the planet was put under the psychic control of an entity called Source, which used its abilities to make every person on the planet believe that the Decimation had not occurred. Certain forces on the other world, the same forces who attacked us previously, were working to locate and destroy Source, returning their world to a state of chaos. In this, they succeeded."

Terminus was silent for a moment, letting that statement sink in. It wouldn't take long for the people watching to understand the gravity of what he had said. Billions of people suddenly realizing that they had been living in mass graves, that their family had all died, or even never existed to begin with.

"The Society chose to return to our world, in order to treat the Millennium Academy students who'd been wounded. However, though this other world is not our own, and we were the victim of aggression by their world's villains, we believe that we have an obligation to provide aid during an unimaginably large humanitarian crisis."

“This is why we are teaming up to assist with the humanitarian efforts. We are proud to announce the Atlas Initiative.” The logo of a man holding the world on his back appeared on screen.

“Starting today. We will be making regular food drops to help the people from this Earth. We will be helping with reconstruction in any way that we can .” This would all be possible through the Dyson Sphere and the Dimension Slide, of course.

“I know what you’re thinking. There are enough issues in our world for us to go out of our way to help another. This universe is not a different one. It’s our own. The people are the same. Your families are the same families. You are the same person here that you are there.”

“But I do sympathize with the sentiment. We should be doing more for the people here. This is why, for every Abbey M1 unit bought from this point on. Half of its profits will go to helping those affected by metahuman incidents.”

They would be assisting with the reconstruction and relief of cities affected by metahuman related events. This included cities like Detroit, Rome, Los Angeles, Ashfall, etc. They would hire small contractors to help out, which would ultimately ensure that profits from all the reconstruction contracts would not go to a larger than life corporation.

“That’s not all. We will also be individually donating fifty million dollars to assist those affected by the St. Louis Massacre and to help with the reconstruction of the Academy. Making it a sum of 100 million dollars between the two of us.”

“Part of that money will also go to different charities.” Not limited to wildlife conservation organizations, environmental conservation and protection groups, human rights, and international development NGOs, and metahuman relief funds.

“We’re doing this because we want people to know that anyone can make a difference. You don’t need to have superpowers to help. If you can’t donate with your money. You can always donate with your time and volunteer.”

“Nick and I believe in change. We don’t believe that we can solve all the world’s problems, but we think we can help. Not just by stopping whatever threat comes our way, but by helping people and society.”

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