Deicide-The Begining

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Deicide-The Begining

Post by Malefactor » Mon Jul 06, 2020 12:06 am


"qutil muhamad"
"Uhjumo al yesar!" "Estamero aramy!"
"Indenah wahed museeb! Wahed museeb!"
"Ihmeenee, baabee makhzan!"
POP POP POP....POPOPOPOP...POP Gunshots whizzed through the desert air kicking up clouds of dust as they struck the ground. A rogue group of Isis insurgents had taken over an outpost on the border of Iraq and Syria. This outpost happened to house a map that could lead the insurgents to an old Icarus uranium supply so...the cleanup crew was sent. Bodies covered the ground and blood painted the walls.

"Jundee sahafee maskoot!"
"Khaleekum aalay!"

They had heard stories of the monster who would end the lives of those who found things they weren't supposed to. When the insurgents had stumbled across the map it was already too late. They looked outside to find their companions killed. Making a break for their vehicles two others were gunned down from the west. The three that arrived at the trucks turned the ignitions only to setoff a series of explosives that filled the night sky with fire and ash.

The five that remained made a break for cover, watching as an armored shape emerged from within the flames. His silhouette seeming to be in constant shift, heralding one of the angel of deaths many scythes.
Bullets pinged harmlessly off of the tyrants armor as he returned his own spray of bullets. Broadhead like rounds sprayed from his assault rifle, gliding through flesh and bone. As he charged forward he kicked the side of a truck sending the vehicle forward, like a battering ram, into the concrete barricades they were using as cover. The armored figures gun returned to its resting place as he vaulted over the trucks hood into the crowd of enemies.

Two of the others charged him, his arms raised up blocking punches while plates deflected knife blows. He returned fire, a right hook left one guys jaw dangling from his face and a donkey kick sent newly shattered ribs into a no longer beating heart. His attention turned to the only one left whose skin started to glow bright red. Fire erupted from his palms and he hurled the flaming motes towards the assailant. For someone so armored he was quick, dodging the subsequent volleys of flame and drawing a knife from a compartment on his thigh. The knife danced across the insurgents skin spraying quick streaks of blood across the sand. The end of the blade found it's home in the mans collar bone. With the press of a button it began to beep and after 8 seconds of struggling to try and rip the knife out it detonated.

"It's done. Moving to extraction."

The conference room Galen Robinson was sitting in was stark white except for the jet black table and chairs set in the middle of it. It was in this room he had first been assigned the codename Malefactor and given his first assignment. Now, months and countless bodies later, he sat here as one of the best operatives within Shadow Arm. The organization was the successor to Icarus and was created as a contingency in the event Icarus was ever revealed to the public. They existed to take care of individuals who were deemed a threat of national security without having to attach the U.S. governments name to the killings.

The door behind him opened up and in walked an older man. The light reflected off of his balding head as he pulled and blew clouds of smoke from a thick cigar. "Good work out there Galen, I gotta say we've been very happy with your work lately."

"Cut to the chase Ceasar, who do you want dead."

The man placed a filed down infront of Galen and moved to the other end of the table.

"Since I'm sure your not aware allow me to fill you in on a bit of history. For a little while now we've been trying to get rid of the society. Some of my friends in DC aren't too happy with a group of gods that can go anywhere and seem to think they can do anything. We funded Orlando Kent's research but, he ended up being too much of a tool to sway public opinion. Then there was Sigil who we programmed to infiltrate and destroy the society from the inside. Instead he ended up a walking WMD that we had to lock up until we can get him under control again. Either way our attempts to weaken the SOS covertly have failed and their most recent outing has caused some very important people to get very worried."

"So what, you want me to kill the SOS?"Galen reached for the file on the table.

"Not exactly..."

Galen struggled not to laugh when he saw the picture in the file. "You can't be serious...this is the mess you want me to clean up."

Ceasar exhaled another cloud of smoke into the air. "Listen if I had it my way we wouldn't use you alright but, there are those who have wanted her dealt with for a good chunk of time. Once she's gone the government can slap some sanctions onto their little super friends group but, while she's alive and knows their secrets..."

"Ceasar I'm not gonna be some fucking weapon you can use to work off your debts alright. I kill monsters, this...this isn't what I do."

"She is a monster Galen. The woman is a walking WMD with a 5 year countdown clock...if we're lucky. She said so herself...couple that with the info from the Novak Press Release and you'll have more than enough reasons to take her out. Go ahead, look, it's all right there."

Galen flipped through the file, closed it, and exhaled.

"Fine...I'll kill Capacitor."

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