The Daly Show (ft. James Novak)

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The Daly Show (ft. James Novak)

Post by James Novak » Tue Jul 07, 2020 1:05 am

James Novak enters from the right and does a little back and forth dancing as the band plays. The crowd cheers and claps loudly. He can’t even hear out of his earpiece. To think that he was a B-lister just a few weeks ago. Just another side-member of the Society of Superheroes. Just another rich boy playing pretend with the world. He would have never gotten a spot on the Daly Show then, but now? They begged Novak to make an appearance in the show. His leg movements are smoother than the perfectly polished floor underneath him.

Nathan Daly dabbed James Novak up and they hugged briefly like they were old friends. Novak went to shake a fan’s hand at the front row after that and she looked like she was about to faint. He then went back on the couch and waved one last time at the nosebleeds before sitting down.

“Look at them. They love you. This is nuts”

“I’m just so fortunate. I have such great fans. They’re all great.”
The crowd cheers at themselves.

“Now before we start the interview, I want to…uhm congratulate on your...what was it...Twenty-seventh birthday?”

“Yeah. Twenty-Seven.”
He took a sip of his authentic Nathan Daly mug.

“I guess my invitation got lost in the mail.”
“Hahaha. No. I didn’t invite many people. It was just some longtime friends and family. It was like twenty people.”

“Well, what’s twenty-one?”

“I’ll invite you to the big three-oh, Nathan.”
They both laughed politely and the audience followed.

“So how does it feel?”

“For one, I obviously haven’t looked better.”
They laughed again.

"Don't laugh at that!" But they laughed anyways, himself included.

“Now can we talk about your absolute love for superheroes. You’re a fan of what you do. It’s very strange in your profession.”

“Yeah. I grew up in Millennium City, you know. If you don’t love superheroes, then what the &@#9 are you doing there?”
The audience cheered. They would censor his cursing in post.

“But seriously. I just grew up watching superheroes saving people. I grew up with the Justice Boys around and I was a big fan. I don't go to work. The day I go to work I retire.”

“Who was your favorite?”

“Chargeman actually.”

“Oh wow. So American Supervillain must be a very personal story for you.”

“Yeah. Yeah. American Supervillain is very personal. I liked Chargeman even when he turned to Kilroy. I was always jealous that my brother had blond hair like Chargeman did and I didn’t. Like many, I was very affected when the Chargeman verdict happened. I was like six or seven back then, so I didn’t think that he actually did it.”
Sparse "awws" echo.

“I thought he was going to break out and prove his innocence, but….he never did. Because he wasn’t innocent.”

“ I saw the first episode and I loved it. I thought it was very honest. Very terrifying too.”

“Thank you. Thank you.”

“Now. I wanna ask you about the Frontline.”
Cheers almost as loud as when he came on stage.

“Nathan. You know I can’t talk too much about that. You’re going to get me fired here.”

“It’s your baby. How are you going to get fired? Can you give us a little something? Tell us the whole line up and we’ll leave you alone.”
Everyone laughed.

“Well…. Alright. I can’t do that. But how about this? I’ll give you a bit of an exclusive. You know how Facebook used to be called THE Facebook?”


“I think I’m going to drop a part of my name too. I want to be called “Proton” instead of “Baron Proton.”

“Woah. That’s pretty big? Why the sudden change in title?”

“I’ve been thinking about it and it’s a bit too much. Lord Farquad. Lord Bolton. Lord Vader.” Brief laughter “It’s not very me. I also like the emphasis on the word ‘proton’ you know? ”

“Yes. I have always known the significance of protons.”

“Hahah. Well protons are stable molecules. They have a positive electric charge. They also mean ‘first’ in Greek. I want to be a positive, stable force in the world and I want to be the first of many to do it under the Front Line banner. Does that sound good everyone?”
They cheered again and again, leaving Novak wondering if they would cheer him on when things started getting difficult.

“There you have it, folks. Proton everybody. We’ll be back after the commercial break.”

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