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New Horizons (Letter to SOS Leaders)

Posted: Thu Jul 09, 2020 5:11 pm
by Ryth
Doom Corp, 653th T.S,
North Siberia, Russia. 89921
July 10, 2020
Maximum Man
SOS, Earth’s Orbit

To the Leaders of SOS:

I am writing this letter to express our interest having Doom Corp become SOS’s affiliates. SOS is the world’s first superhero venture of its kind and it is our belief that, more or less, we believe in the same thing. I do believe that we can, through corporation achieve a goal of helping others.

Doom Corp is entirely self-funded, and this corporation will not include an exchange of wealth, instead we would like to offer our assets, mainly expertise in the area of paranormal studies which will no doubt benefit SOS in dealing with threats of magical and demonic nature.

Doom Corp, established in late 1800 is an organisation well known and reputed throughout Europe and Asia, mostly the South Asian region. Our agents mostly concern themselves with dealing with demonic possessions and the rising of hellish creatures that disrupt human lives. 200 Years of recorded knowledge is readily available in our database, of cases handled by our field agents and information gathered by our operators.

Doom Corp has decided to invest in America and move west across the Atlantic. It is our hope that we can set up operation centers across America’s 50 states in order to better serve and help the people of the continent.

This letter serves to cover the full interest of what we hope to give SOS, and hopefully establish a memorandum of understanding that would lead to the establishment and strengthening of our newfound relationship.

One of our directors will be arriving at an agreed location to meet with the leaders of SOS to discuss further.
Myers, David
C.E.O. Doom Corp