Double or Quits

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Double or Quits

Post by Evolve » Wed Jul 15, 2020 1:04 am

Millennium City
"You know what Millennium has too many of?"


"Superheroes," Gray emphasized, as if they hadn't been talking about it the whole time they'd been there.

His twin sister, the top of her head a foot away from top his on the musty carpet of the floor, knew what came next. "You know what Millennium City doesn't have enough of?"


"Supervillains with good plans." She heaved herself off the floor and paced back to the table, where a pile of papers, both clean and crumpled, had accumulated. Her brother sat up, too, but he didn't move to stand or join her.

"What about a robbery? It's kind of our thing."

"No, too much of a risk of getting attention outside of our target group." The sound of a pencil on paper filled the little motel room. "Kidnapping and ransom?"

"Too cliche." The dull thump of crumpled paper bouncing off the wall. "Arson?"

That one just got a deliberate glare, and a harsh, "No," followed by another dull thump of paper.

"Ow, sheesh, it was worth a shot." Gray rubbed his arm and paced to the room's ratty couch to sit somewhere marginally more comfortable. He put his elbow on his knee, and rested his chin on his palm. "We've gotta decide on something if we're going to do this."

"We could just advertise," Ash offered, erasing vigorously. "'Two teenage supervillains, slightly used, looking for college-age superheroes to fight.'"

Gray stared at her, hard. "You say no to arson and then come up with that?"

"Hey, like you said, worth a shot." She lowered the pencil again, and then paused, staring at the blank page. "Oh. Aha."

"Aha?" Gray answered, shifting his position slightly. "C'mon, I'm not the telepathic one. Aha what?"

"It's clairvoyance," Ash corrected while she crumpled up her current piece of paper and started a new one. "And 'aha,' we might be able to advertise after all. Just to a different alignment group."

Gray stared at her, blankly. "You're suggesting hired help?"

"Got any better ideas, genius?"

He huffed, folded his arms, and sat back, which was all the answer she needed.

"I'm just saying, maybe we don't have to do it all ourselves. It's not like the two of us alone could take on the entire college, even if we wanted to, and that's the point of this, right? Show that alongside up-and-coming heroes there's some smart up-and-coming villains. And I'm sure there's got to be some of those in the University just itching to show off the way we are. And if they don't already exist, we can convince them..."

"...crime pays better. We'd still be running it, but we'd have any help we need right where we need it, assuming we don't go full on supervillain-team backstab fest."

"Bingo." She was already scratching out words with far more vigor than before. "I'll make posters or notes or something if you're willing to scout out."

He was already on his feet, stretching out his back. "It'll be my absolute pleasure. Soon as you get those written up give me a call and I'll be back..."

There was a short crackle of electricity. In that instant, brown hair turned blond, and brown eyes flashed blue, as his entire genetic code rewrote itself at will. He shot his sister a finger gun, and his words lingered as he disappeared out the door, his backpack disappearing with him.

" a flash."

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