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Name: Teja Docesznic.
Species: Human [Metavariant].
Age: 29.
Hair: Blonde.
Eyes: Green.
Sex: F.
Abilities: Electromagnetic Manipulation.
Threat Class: A.

Teja Docesznic, AKA Capacitor. Former leader of the Society of Superheroes, and unambiguously its most dangerous member. Whether or not she's the most powerful would be difficult to quantify, but her raw power is less important than her versatility, creativity, and ruthlessness. A former soldier and product of the United States military's 'Meta-Inception Project,' Capacitor has also operated under the name Recurrent. She operated as leader of the SOS after the death of Michael Carter (alias Invictus) and subsequent retirement of Hope Sterlyn (alias Gyras), both a direct result of attacks by the Eldest known as Volksgeist.

Following the Society's conflict with Volksgeist, Capacitor is believed to have come under the psychic influence of the War God, negatively influencing her decisions and accentuating preexisting behavior patterns. In short, she became more impulsive, violent, and withdrawn from humanity. As a former soldier, she always led the SOS like a military unit rather than a hero team, but the influence of the Eldest saw a significant increase in this behavior, culminating in an attempt to fulfill a 'suicide pact' with her subordinate, Hector Williams (alias Akhilleus).

After helping lead a strike on a Divergent Earth space station to rescue two students abducted from Millennium Academy, a mission which went wrong, resulting in the near-fatal injury of both children, Capacitor stepped down from her leadership role within the Society. However, she remains an influential figure within the team, as well as perhaps one of the most infamous metahumans in the world.

Capacitor's psychological decline was facilitated by prolonged contact with the Eldest sword Stalzahn, formerly wielded by Volksgeist. Following an altercation in a Meta-Inception Project lab, the sword is now in the custody of the Front Line, kept in secure off-world storage by Nicolas Pendragon. Docesznic is to be prevented from reestablishing contact with the sword at any cost, as it does not only strengthen the Eldest influence on her mind, but also augment her metahuman abilities, making her extremely dangerous.
The Society of Superheroes.

Leadership: Quiver, Maximum Man, Ryoko.
Membership: Capacitor, Noctua, Mango, Singularity, Tremor.
Strongholds: The Empyrean (Earth's orbit), BEACON (Nevada).
Threat Class: A++

Formerly Earth's premier 'hero team,' the so-called 'Great Society' was founded by Michael Carter (alias Invictus) in response to aggression against the 'hero community' by the private military corporation Deterrence. For a time they operated extralegally, before being granted legitimacy following their part in defeating the Titan of Progress, Surgath, and his armada.

Carter secured the team a United Nations charter, allowing them to operate in all member states, as well as license to carry out arrests under the banner of Interpol. However, the team has remained politically neutral, refraining interference in wars or state violence. Their primary function is that of a rapid-response unit, arriving after a threat has already begun its attack, in order to stop it.

Invictus, alongside Recurrent (now Capacitor) and Gyras, led the team as a trio for several months, before his death in a confrontation with the Eldest known as Volksgeist. Shortly after, Gyras was incapacitated, and chose to retire, leaving Capacitor in charge. Under her leadership, the team dealt with various minor threats, as well as spearheading the response to the Ruination event and the Incursion strikes.

Recently, the team came under the leadership of longtime member Quiver, as well as two new recruits, Maximum Man and Ryoko. Multiple high-profile incidents, such as the Los Angeles Tragedy, and various revelations of similar cases the team hid from the public, have led to dwindling faith in the team. However, in many parts of the world, they remain as popular as ever.

The Society is one of the most powerful collections of metahumans in history. Individually, some members are stronger than others, but as a unit, they are incomparably dangerous. Capacitor alone is strong enough to warrant her own individual threat assessment, but the others are not to be underestimated.

Elektra Pygmalion (alias Quiver)'s strength and durability is impressive, as is her precision. Though the weapon she wields is anachronistic, it's also high-powered, and could easily kill even a Brick-class metahuman with a single well-placed shot.

Ryoko's 'soulfire' ignores conventional defenses, making her incredibly dangerous to several members of the Front Line in particular. Flight makes her more maneuverable than some of her land-locked allies as well.

Bradley Zolomon (alias Maximum Man)'s speed and strength make for a devastating combination, capable of engaging even the most powerful of foes in melee. However, he relies on a finite supply of energy, and can be baited into expending that energy, thus significantly weakening his abilities.

Garrick Valeria (alias Noctua), while lacking any high-level abilities, uses his enhanced senses to complement his combat training, which was recieved by the War God, Volksgeist. Armed with advanced weaponry, he is not to be underestimated.

Boasting both telepathy and technopathy, Manaria Goleme (alias Mango) counters multiple members of the Front Line, capable of both hijacking technological devices within an unknown range, and reaching behind defenses to assault enemies on the psychic plane. Team members are encouraged to emply psychic blockers if engaging Mango in combat.

Currently comatose, Francine Southam (alias Tremor) was one of the Society's most powerful members. With the versatile ability of soundwave manipulation, she can project piercing high-volume noises, or generate physically damaging shockwaves.

Finally, the Custodian (alias Singularity), the strongest member of the SOS. A Binary, the Custodian originally had broad-spectrum gravity manipulation, capable of everything from functional telekinesis to the creation of miniature black holes. However, she voluntarily underwent a procedure to limit her abilities, but it is unknown whether this 'limiter' can or cannot be removed.

If possible, it is recommended to avoid engaging the entire team, or even more than two members at once. Dividing the Society, and targeting each member individually, will yield the best results. For the moment, the SOS are our nominal allies, but their leadership matrix remains unstable, and the influence of Capacitor upon the team means that they cannot be fully trusted.
The Binaries.

Leadership: The Binary Council.
Membership: The Pardoner, The Executioner, The Custodian, unknown others.
Strongholds: Cotellia.
Threat Class: S.

Functioning as a self-appointed 'intergalactic police force' the Binaries are an artificial species, created by the Cotellian race, inhabitants of the planet Cotellia. They claim to enforce 'intergalactic law,' though in reality this means a code of law that many planets, including Earth, do not fall under. However, this does not prevent them from acting as if they are somehow deputized to enforce their laws on those independent planets.

While the Binaries now claim to respect Earth's independence, they nevertheless cannot be fully trusted, as they are artificial creations of a race that does not believe other species have the right to true self-determination. They are also extremely dangerous, and supposedly cannot be truly killed unless they have fallen in love. Obviously, this is an absurd and most likely false weakness, presumably sent out by the Cotellian intelligence services in order to obscure the true weaknesses of their creations, but it is as yet unknown what those real vulnerabilities might be.

All Binaries supposedly act as 'pairs' (hence the name), such as the Pardoner and Executioner. These pairs tend to have complementary abilities and temperaments. For instance, the Executioner is an extremely brutish, violent, and impulsive Binary, with the ability to imprecisely project large amounts of energy, in theory enough to destroy entire planets. Her 'sibling,' the Pardoner, has a more precise power, that of transmutation. While not as destructive, the ability to turn substances into other substances is nonetheless extremely dangerous, as it allows him to negate many forms of heightened durability, or even 'invulnerability.'

The Custodian, with no known 'partner,' is the only Binary currently on Earth. Her abilities range from broad-scale gravity manipulation, to the creation of black holes. Obviously, the dangerousness of this ability cannot be overstated. However, she supposedly underwent a voluntary procedure on her homeworld, to limit her powers in scope and scale. Nevertheless, she remains extremely dangerous, and poses an immense threat to Earth simply by existing on it.
The Eldest.

Membership: Weltgeist, Volksgeist [presumed deceased], William Magnusson, Future-Forge [deceased].
Strongholds: None.
Threat Class: S.

A race of godlike beings that claim to have existed before humanity, the Eldest are perhaps the most powerful entities ever encountered by humankind. While 'mortal,' they possess an incredibly high level of natural strength and durability, as well as the ability to transcend death in various forms, both through seeming reincarnation, and the preservation of consciousness through the possession of others.

Perhaps most notable is the existence of 'Eldest magic,' a kind of highly advanced arcane technology that allows for the creation of consecrated 'divine weapons.' These include the axe Erujaorn, the sword Stalzahn, and others. These weapons possess a number of anomalous qualities, including incredible durability, preternatural sharpness, and impermanence of form. Depending on the wielder, these weapons may take on different forms, though their intrinsic properties remain the same.

The Eldest also seem to possess elemental affinities, which allow them to manipulate various forces. The observed instances of this phenomenon are the fire-manipulation powers of Volksgeist, and the electricity-manipulation powers of Magnetar/Weltgeist. It is unknown whether other Eldest possess these powers.

The two known 'true' Eldest are Weltgeist, an entity that made a handful of public appearances roughly two years ago before appearing to 'die,' and Volksgeist, a warlike entity that battled the SOS and caused great destruction in Rome before its apparant death. Weltgeist was cursed by some sort of affliction, possibly relating to his artificial arm, that rendered him mortal. However, he was able to survive past his death through the transfer of his consciousness into a ring, which came into the hands of Rust Clarke, who used the Eldest's abilities to become the hero Magnetar.

Volksgeist, by contrast, participated in the Rome attack, which caused untold death and destruction, for unknown reasons. Later, he seems to have fixated on the idea of resurrecting his Eldest wife, which caused him to come into conflict with the Society of Superheroes. They were eventually able to defeat him, though he seems to have passed some portion of his consciousness into the mind of the Society's leader, Capacitor.

There have also been multiple instances of the so-called 'Neo-Eldest,' half-human hybrids that possess less than the full power of an Eldest, but retain great strength. These include William Magnusson, the child of Weltgeist, and the Future-Forge, an entity transformed by possession of an Eldest weapon.
The Titans.

Membership: Surgath, Myrmidon, Zephiel [deceased], Scythia.
Strongholds: None.
Threat Class: S.

Rivaled in power by the Eldest alone, the Titans are a race of ancient beings that have come the closest of all to truly destroying the world. There are four known members of the Titan species, all but one of whom were united under the banner of the Titan of Progress when they first came to Earth. Surgath, the strongest of the Titans, believed that he was saving the universe by traveling from planet to planet, executing exactly half of the population, in order to allow the remaining fifty percent to flourish with an abundance of resources.

The other two, Zephiel and Myrmidon, functioned as Surgath's lieutenants in this campaign. Zephiel, who perished in the Decimation event, was possessed of incredible durability and strength, but ultimately fell in battle. While it is not known for certain whether Zephiel was a Titan, or merely an alien with similar levels of durability to his master, it seems safe to speculate, especially considering his death.

Myrmidon, by contrast, remains an active threat. While he assisted Surgath in his initial attack on Earth, he later turned on his master to assist in Earth's defense during the Ruination event. After this, his whereabouts remain unknown, but it remains imperative that he be brought to justice, considering his role in the deaths of trillions.

Scythia, the daughter of Surgath, also assisted in combating her father, during the Ruination. Similarly, her whereabouts are unknown, but she is not believed to pose a significant threat to Earth at this time.

Surgath's main weapon were the 'Ynerax Stones,' six immensely powerful artifacts that each afforded different abilities, and supposedly granted virtual omnipotence when used in concert. Surgath was only ever able to acquire four of the six stones, as one was safeguarded by Scythia, and the other by Michael Carter. After his second defeat in Alaska, the stones scattered, and their locations are also unknown.

While the Titans are extremely dangerous, their threat has been mostly neutralized, with Surgath deprived of his power source and exiled to an unknown world that he is unable to escape. However, we will still remain watchful for their return.

Leadership: The Green Knight.
Membership: Predator X, the Reaper, Chargeman, unknown others.
Strongholds: Solar City [D-Earth].
Threat Class: B.

The 'Divergent Earth' was first encountered when the individual known as Revolt crossed over to our world. She operated as an agent of this world's United States military for a time, taking the place of Teja Docesznic, whose alternate-universe doppelganger she was. However, this fact about Revolt's nature is not public knowledge.

For the public at large, the first introduction to the Divergent Earth was in St. Louis, where the leader of D-Earth's metahuman forces, Alaecyn (alias Green Knight) led a strike that resulted in the deaths of over a thousand people, using the Solar City Weapon. At the same time, an attack was led on Millennium Academy, with the aid of a mercenary from this world, that resulted in the kidnapping of two children.

Working in conjunction with Revolt and various allies, the Society was able to stage a series of Incursions into the Divergent Earth, with the intent of disabling the Solar City Weapon, as well as the device that allowed Alaecyn's forces to travel between dimensions, and rescuing the two children. All three missions were ultimately successful, to varying degrees.

D-Earth is much like the one we inhabit, with a few minor historical differences. The primary point of change, however, comes with the Decimation event. Unlike our world, D-Earth was unable to drive off Surgath, which resulted in their planet being massacred by fifty percent. However, rather than the ensuing societal collapse that one might expect, this resulted in the creation of something known as Source.

Source is believed to be an unknown metahuman with psychic powers strong enough to implant a massive illusion in the minds of every living human. This illusion, specifically, was one of a world where the Decimation had never happened. Through unknown means, individuals including the Green Knight became aware of this fabrication, and sought to find and destroy Source, to 'free' their world.

For unknown reasons, the Knight launched two attacks on our world, but ultimately returned to his own, and during the Incursion missions, successfully accomplished his goal of killing Source. This resulted in a massive societal collapse, plunging D-Earth into anarchy. Supply drops to the Divergent Earth are ongoing as a part of the Atlas Initiative, but further contact is currently prohibited.
The ACF.

Leadership: 'Leviathan.'
Membership: Pollux, unknown others.
Strongholds: Unknown.
Threat Class: A [provisional].

The 'Anomaly Containment Foundation' is an organization dedicated to the acquisition, study, and containment of 'anomalous' entities and items. Their agents, many of whom are themselves 'anomalies,' have come into contact with the superhuman sphere on multiple occasions, often appearing in the midst of crises. However, most details about this organization are currently unknown.

During the Decimation event, the ACF was targeted by Surgath, who believed them to possess an artifact of importance to him. This incident was when the Society first became aware of their existence. Afterwards, the Society and Foundation met at the BEACON facility to negotiate, which resulted in most of the limited knowledge we have about the ACF at the moment.

ACF agents were present during the Invocation Event, the Krakatoa Incident, and other disasters. Generally speaking they help combat threats to humanity, but have their own goals, which sometimes come into conflict with those of the heroes they fight alongside. In one instance, a major ACF facility was breached, and they were forced to call the SOS for assistance. Investigation has revealed that this facility is now abandoned.

With such little information on the ACF available, it would be inadvisable to make enemies of them. However, any opportunities to expand our knowledge of the Foundation are encouraged, though their agents should be considered extremely dangerous.

Ever onward, against the dark.

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