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Mystical Government Watch List

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Vagner Apartments, Montana. 3 Months Prior
"I plan on filling out the loan paperwork tomorrow. If you could be there it would be perfect."

Vilde's appartment key slipped into the final lock on her door. With a twist it swung open and allowed her to carry the 10 or so bags of groceries she was holding into the kitchenette.

"The place has been pretty nice, alot nicer than Georgia was. The air just seems a bit cleaner and there's plenty of places to get really nice chalks."

She dropped the bags onto the laminate floor of the building, poured herself a glass of wine, and made her way over to the black Ikea couch.

"No papa I know, I already setup the runes around the...papa...papa...PAPA! I took care of it. I know you and mom are worried but, its been fine....Aunt Helga was never careful and I'm like 90% sure they lost my sent back in Missouri."

She swirled the red wine in her glass and tilted her head to look out of the glass sliding door. There was a small pigeon perched on the railing. Thoughtlessly, she softly tapped the glass to scare the bird away.

"Not yet, I plan on starting small. I'll drop a few runes on the paths I'll have to take to get to-" she tapped the door with a bit more force, "-the local stores and stuff. Did the doctors say anything about mom?"

Her face twisted into one of mild frustration as the pigeon refused to move. She slid the door open and slipped outside. The Pigeon still refused to move, her eyes drifted upwards to a chalk marking she had placed onto the deck above her. The symbol was glowing with a faint purple light. Her expression turned fearful as she jumped back into her apartment, slammed the sliding door, and ripped the curtains closed.

"Papa they found me... I don't know how but they did. A pigeon tripped my paralysis rune...of course I set them up for fey specifically! Hold on...I'll check"

Her iris turned a milky white for a few seconds. Her eyes flittered about as she checked the various divination runes around the apartment complex.

"FUCK! there moving into the building. There's...four in the staircase...and another four outside...and...two at my car-" she blinked and her eyes returned to normal, "Papa this is worse than before I don't know what to do. Alright I'm...I'm gonna grab the box and make a break for it. The runes should slow them down enough."

She darted to her bedroom and pulled a long wooden box out from beneath it. The top of the box was engraved with hundreds of small runes. She began dragging the box into the hallway when she heard the sound of heavy footsteps outside her door. She quickly dragged the box back into the room she was in and hid inside her closer.

"Papa, they're right outside...listen...I need to hang up okay. I'll call you as soon as I'm clear"

Despite audible protesting from the other end of the line she pressed the end call button. Her door burst open, a flash of red light came from the living room, and she heard the screams of a Fey.

"[CAREFUL FOOL, She's armed the place. Let Ilthnar go first.]"

The creatures moved about her apartment, vandalizing the countless chalk markings that lined the walls. One of them made it into her room and began searching the space. He checked below the bed, inside the master bathroom, and was getting closer to the closet. Vilde held her breath, eyes locked on the shadow that was moving just beyond the door. She could hear it's claws scraping against the wood. Sweat dripped down her face, mind racing with fear, as she raised a single shaky palm towards the door.

CRASH The door flung open.

"Wᚨᛚᛚ ᛟᚠ fᛟᚱᚲᛖ"

A series of markings along her arm lit up as a blast of magic energy exploded outwards. The fey creatures body and everything else int he room was sent flying against the far wall.

[SHES IN THE BACK ROOM] A series of magical blasts flew down the hallway and tore through her wall. She made a break for the window, box in tow, when another four shots shattered the glass. She was trapped, her eyes looked at the box, she wasn't supposed to use what was inside it but, what choice did she have. She scrambled over to it and flipped it open. She took a moment, eyes locked onto the weapon within, should she do it. A fey burst into the room with claws at the ready. Instinctively her hand grasped the hilt of the weapon.

Outside the apartment two police cars tore into the parking lot. Four officers jumped out with their weapons at the ready. Just as they were about to enter the building a fiery explosion tore through one side of the building. One officer called the fire department while the other 3 charged into the building.

The smoky remains of an apartment with strange markings along the remaining walls was all they found.

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