Necessary Evil [Fiona]

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Necessary Evil [Fiona]

Post by lowlaville » Fri Aug 07, 2020 2:16 pm

The smell of brimstone and cooked morsel came from the corners of the downtown alley of NYC. A young maiden clad in silver plated armor from her legs up all the way to her head walked the adjacent streets. She appeared like a medieval knight, heavy footsteps clanking against the concrete beneath those silver boots. She wore a thin white tank top over her armor, on the back of which painted the Inquisition’s symbol. At that moment, her sword rested in its sheath tied to the back of her armor around her hips. Tonight, she was better prepared than she’d been when she first met Kore. Tonight, she also had a hand carved long bow fastened to her back, over a quiver of silver tipped arrows. Both her sword and the arrow tips were already blessed with holy water. Tonight there would be no distraction.

It was past mid night and the cold streets filled with a light mist was both deserted and quiet. Even before the smell of Brimstone, she could hear the cinders of an active fire, as though someone had a camp fire lit in that alley way. Fiona’s gaze uplifted from her demon tracker. At this point she would have no need of it. Switching it off, she tucked the device into one of her waist belt’s pouches. She then cut into the alley, and was immediately swept over by some sort of hellish energy. Fortunately she wore blessed armor. Whatever it meant to do did not work, and Fiona’s eyes opened to a grim dark reality.

Scorched Earth and demons walked the Earth. Fire rained from the sky. Huge rocks slammed into buildings and destroyed them. She stood there for a moment, frozen by what she was seeing. A cry distracted her. It was not a cry, no, it was more like a weak moan, from someone who sounded like he had given up on life. As if a dizzy spell had passed over her, reality pinged at the back of her head and she was back in the alley way. A grotesque looking abomination stood over the caved in chest of a man. It’s burning hooves had torn a hole clean through.

Fiona could see the sorry state the man was in. He himself couldn’t probably feel it, the heat from the demon’s body had turned the asphalt hot as though it were mid day on a summer. It was cooking him alive. Saliva dripped from the demon’s dark lips. Everything happening, it was meant to be. A low guttural growl emanated from the demon’s throat. Red hot veins decorated its entire length, 5 massive horns sprouted from the sides of its face as well as its forehead.

“Lord help me to vanquish this evil infesting you’re creation…” Fiona unclipped her long bow. Good thing it hadn’t noticed her. Whatever that wave was, it wasn’t the work of this demon. Was it a vision of things to come? Whatever that was Fiona had no time to stop and think. She took out an arrow, nocked it against the string and pulled, taking only a split second to decide the required velocity and pull in order to hit the intended target. This was made infinitely easier thanks to hundreds of hours of training, muscle memory and experience. The only real effort between the 2 seconds she took to take out the arrow and fire it, was to take aim.

There was a few good spots that she could hit. The back of its leg to potentially cripple it before moving in for the kill with the sword. Or perhaps it’s eye for a one shot one kill. The throat maybe? The thing is, the prospect of mortal flesh had left the demon exposed and vulnerable. The arrow took off. Now Fiona didn’t wait to confirm whether or not she actually hit any of her intended spots. She only had enough time to switch weapons, arming herself with the sword next.

The sound of an arrow moving through the air might have been missed by a human being, the demon noticed, albeit too late. By the time it turned and looked the way, the arrow had found purchase in the demon’s throat. It’s agonizing screams could be heard across the neighborhood as the holy water scorched the demons flesh and bones. It tried pulling the arrow out but bad idea as the body of the arrow was also covered in holy water the same. So it’s massive clawed hands only burned.
Well, despite her bulky armor, by the time the demon’s hands burnt from touching the arrow, Fiona had arrived beneath the massive creature. She plunged it straight through the demon’s torso where its heart was to be. When it bled, it’s lava like blood spilt on the already dying man. Fiona could do nothing for him.

“Kill…Me…” His hand shockingly grasped Fiona’s right leg.

“May the lord have mercy on your soul. Amen..” Fiona prayed even as she twisted her sword inside the demon’s chest. What came next was probably very fast for a human to catch. Fiona moved the soles of her silver boots to crush the jugular vein of the dying man.. making it seem like an accident when she backed up to pulled the sword out, before leaning to push it through the demon’s chin. It’s fiery blood had no effects on her blessed armor. The third and final stroke was a horizontal slash to decapitate the demon whereupon it turned to dust and faded away.

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