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Update: Chiton Armor [Capacitor]

Post by illirica » Fri Aug 07, 2020 6:06 pm



Valence Shell, Teja’s first endeavor at power armor, was designed partially with the ideal of concealing her identity, as she was still working for the government at the time and using the powersuit to moonlight in some extracurricular activities. At this time, though, she has no need to hide who she is, and so the armor is designed with that in mind. The Chiton Armor picks up a distinctive black and gold coloration, reminiscent of the power armor worn by Akhilleus after the first Surgath event. The outer shell is designed to be form-fitting, semi-glossy black armor inlaid with a gold-and-copper shokudo alloy in the recognizable lightning-fractal patterning of Lichtenberg scarring, another quiet callback to Akhilleus, though one that few will understand. The underlayer is black as well, with a more cloth-like appearance at first glance.

As with her earlier efforts towards power armor, Teja tends to think in terms of layers of effects. The innermost layer of the armor is composed of miniature hexagonal cells, each about three millimeters across, each electromagnetically bonded to both the cells around it as well as to Teja beneath it. Through her contact studies of electrical charge-storing weaponry like Myrmidon’s axe and the Eldest Erujaorn, Teja has managed to develop a material that functions as an electrical storage system on the cellular-atomic level. Each individual hexagon is capable of storing electrical charge or discharging it at will - and while Valence Shell was capable of holding enough charge that Teja could discharge safely within it, the Chiton Armor is capable of storing nearly as much charge as her AMPERE facility. As the circuit-cell material requires intense, minute ionic manipulation for its creation, it isn’t something that is or will ever be widely available. Even Teja is only capable of synthesizing it under certain conditions, using AMPERE’s POWER:CELL system in order to link herself in deeply enough to perform the creation.

The second layer of the armor is, simply put, an energy matrix. It is not so much a physical thing at all. Manifesting as something that looks more like lightning than anything else, this layer is visible beneath various plates of the outer hard armor, mostly at the joints where there are standard spaces to allow for flexibility. This layer serves two functions - the first, like the electromagnetic cushioning effect in Valence Shell, is to provide an opposing force to the outer plates of the armor, pushing back against any strikes. This protects against a majority of impact damage, negating the bruising effect seen with standard bulletproof vests. Kinetic force is redirected back outward into the outermost layer rather than compressing against the body beneath. The second function is a simple counter-attack mechanism - attacking this layer is quite literally striking the lightning. Teja has been working with the chained lightning englovement trick she picked up from Myrmidon, and perfected it into a full-body system that serves as both defense and offense.

The outermost layer serves as a hardshell armor, obdurate and capable of deflecting basic projectile weaponry and standard bullet fire. It is not quite so impenetrable as other armors in existence, but Teja in general has preferred to sacrifice defense in favor of other factors, often relying on her speed and abilities to keep her from getting hit at all. More than being armoring, the main importance of this outer level is that it functions all over in the same way that her earlier conversion cannons worked - each piece of the armor is capable of changing one type of energy to another - and releasing stored energy as any type of energy blast: kinetic, thermal, electrical, gravitic, et cetera. While she’s still learning various ways to manipulate these energy types, she’s already learned that releasing kinetic energy to accompany a strike can add a lot more power to a punch or kick, and a gravitic burst can be convenient for altering the course of non-metallic objects that she can’t redirect with her electromagnetic fields - though this sort of redirection takes more time than electromagnetic force, so it’s generally still her preference to use a B-field to move herself in the presence of a non-metallic object rather than try to do something about the object itself.

Six nodules at the back of the armor - three on each side of the spine, arranged in a hexagonal pattern - each contain the functionality of her earlier Energy Shield system. Unlike the earlier shield, these nodules function on negative activation - in other words, they will automatically activate in sequence unless Teja is actively suppressing them. Each provides about 1.7 minutes of shielding - both to keep outside factors out and inside factors in. If Teja loses consciousness and isn’t able to keep the shield nodules turned off, their automatic activation will shield and catch her loss-of-consciousness electrical discharge, preventing it from harming those around her and redirecting the energy into the Chiton Armor’s storage system, where it can leech back into her system as needed to help her recover more quickly. Simultaneously, the energy shields act as a defensive system while she’s down, until she’s able to recover.

The visor and helm of the armor is essentially a redesigned IONMASK system, and contains digital informational links providing communications data, relevant area data, and any additional information Teja can request or access. Links through satellite systems such as the Empyrean give her access to streaming real-time information during combat if desired, filtered directly into her spinal uplink with a modified CONNECT port. Visual overlays allow for various sight modes such as night vision and infrared, as well as a mode specifically designed to analyze various energy signatures and filter data directly into the rest of the Chiton Armor, allowing the armor’s conversion systems the potential to “learn” different types of energies and allow for future conversions to or from those types.

Focusing on motive ability, Teja has refitted her JUMP system into a backpiece on the armor. When powered, the new system forms a fourfold system of translucent “wings” which spawn a portal between them and pull the armor back through it to a new location. Like the JUMP system before it, this is a short range portal hop, not designed for long-range translocation but rather for battlefield mobility and specifically getting Teja into range quickly, or out of it once more. The wing gate system does take a little while to power again after use, meaning it is not available for constant movement, but it can be a good way to close from mid-range to close-range in an instant, or retreat back if needed.

As with Valence Shell, the Chiton Armor is fully sealable, allowing for engagements in toxic environments or protection from gaseous elements. Unlike Valence Shell before it, the Chiton Armor doesn’t rely on filtered air for breathing. Though it maintains the capability to filter ambient air into something breathable if need be, the Chiton Armor’s oxygen delivery system is fluid-based. It utilizes the same haptically induced stasis fluid present in AMPERE’s POWER:CELL core to deliver oxygen. As the oxygen density in a liquid state is far greater than that in a gaseous state, only a small amount of the fluid can provide enough breathable substance for days - though actually breathing it takes some getting used to. The fluid matrix provides enough thermal cushioning so that the oxygen doesn’t damage the lungs within, but it still feels cold when breathing, and the liquid nature of it makes it somewhat like drowning in the icy abyss with every breath. Consequently, Teja prefers not to engage this system if the environment is at all hospitable to regular breathing.

Coiled within various plates of the outer layer of the armor are a series of fine wire chains of various ultra-durable materials. Some are standard titanium links, but others are made of esoterium, and two of them are made of an alternating series of esoterium and empyrite links. Each chain is about three meters in length when uncoiled, and about 5mm in diameter, and they can be launched individually up to a distance of about 20m by the suit’s power alone, or aided with electromagnetic current for greater range. Slightly larger weighted anchors at the end - or expediently induced electromagnetic current - cause each chain to wrap around the target object, binding it with significant inherent strength, a strength that can be further increased by the induction of electromagnetic attraction between each segment if necessary. While Teja fully intends to experiment with additional construction designs and techniques in the future, the empyrite-laced system in particular is an acknowledgement of both the more magically-inclined abilities and a defense against them. The chain-system is also representative of a step towards more nonlethal offensive designs, made to incapacitate rather than kill.

An offloadable relay cloud system launches multiple spherical “points” about 8mm in diameter, a scaled down version of her earlier FRAG grenade system. The points form a three-dimensional polygon somewhere between 2 and 3 meters in diameter, and can be used to release an electric shock field within them. How much charge Teja puts into the field is dependent on the target - she can vary it anywhere from a few hundred volts to multiple hundred thousand volts. While this could easily become lethal in a hurry, her intent is to rely on her ability to keep it below lethal levels dependent on the target, as an attempt at a knockout or a stun. Each “point” could also theoretically be launched with railgun-style speed and accuracy as a high caliber bullet, possibly imbued with an electrical charge. While the system is designed for nonlethal use, Teja also believes strongly in the benefit of flexible systems, and some situations require a more targeted response.

Using a careful analysis of her subconscious synaptic functions while in contact with the Eldest blade Stahlzahn and an awareness of the weapons and armor of the Eldest and how they worked, Teja has managed to link the Chiton Armor into the same esoteric mental state as her linkage with the blade - both in the sense that it is hers and hers alone, intrinsically connected to her, and in the sense that it comes to her when it is summoned. While Volksgeist’s translocative harbinger was a divine flame, the link between Teja and the Chiton Armor displays as a golden lightning, wreathing her body and resolving into the form of the armor.
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