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Nightly Stream

Post by Aqua » Sun Jul 16, 2017 9:21 am


[Webcam flips on, Eighth_Entity is LIVE]

[There's a young man talking to somebody on his IPhone, as the stream kicks off.]
Streamer: Is it on? I don't know if its on, it looks like there's a delay. Oh wait, hold on, yeah. Yeah, I see myself. Alright thanks for helping me setup Roger. See you at work tomorrow.
[He hangs up the phone and sets it facing up on his desk. The room behind him is a mess, a bed on its frame is set on the floor and is covered with food and drinks and clothing. The floor is covered with various books and newspapers, one of them called the Sonoma County Gazette. The man takes a deep breath and begins.]
Streamer: Ok. Hey Tom, Allie. I see you guys in the little chatbox thing. I guess its just the two of you tonight, I'm not really sure how to get any more viewers. Not sure for how long i'm gonna be able to do this. Roger and I have a big job in the morning for some rich prick who lives in the mountains. Wants us to chop down a couple of redwood trees that are soaking up his sun. I'd rather not chop down trees, but I need the cash. Otherwise my fuckwad of a landlord is gonna kick me out on my ass next month. that dude is seriously not fucking around anymore. maybe he let me skip paying a few months rent when I first got her, but now? That asshole practically told me that if I miss a dollar on my next payment he'll kick me out and ship me my shit.
[He takes another deep breath and puts his palms flat together, resting his lips against his index fingers.]
Streamer: Yeah, moving to the golden state sure has been a shitshow so far, but you guys know how I felt about New Jersey. If I had to spend one more year in that bumfuck state I seriously would've went on a rampage. Bad enough having to live there for 20 years. 21 years? Uh uh, fuck that.

[TommieBoy7631 types in chat...]
Tom: Dude, why is your name Eighth_Entity? You couldn't have been something less lame?
[The Streamer reads TommieBoy7631's message and gets a look of confusion on his face.]
Streamer: You drunk tonight or something Tom? I made probably the most California name I could, JustAHippieDude70. Eighth Entity is so not a me thing, that sounds like some kind of emo tumblr fanboy's name.
[Allienattor76 types in chat...]
Allie: No...Tom's right, it says above your name that Eighth_Entity is LIVE playing [untitled]
[The Streamer reads Allienattor76's message and makes a psh sound with his mouth.]
Streamer: You guys really need something better to do than fuck with me. I'm staring right at it on my monitor and it says JustAHippieDude70 is LIVE playing Talk Show. I'll take a shot of it on my phone if I have to. So just stop fucking around-

[There's a huge bang and the stream cuts to black.]
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