Titan Rain: Tales from the campfire

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Titan Rain: Tales from the campfire

Post by Archer_Algren » Sun Sep 10, 2017 5:56 am

Galm Lance were busy setting up Camp in the woods of Yukon Alaska, accompanying them were the members of the UN based Argos Flight, and other international teams all present to take part in the Blue Flag exercises, Kat Augus was busy cooking a pot full of Suam, a Filipino dish and a personal favorite of his.
"Dinner will be ready soon, while that cooks, who'd like to hear some stories?"
Said Kat,
"It better not be one of your mercenary adventures again, they get pretty boring since you guys always win."
Said Tarisa Manandal, a Nepalese Pilot for Argos flight and team pet, she may look like a 13 year old but she's nearing 20.
"Alright then short-stuff, how about a ghost story? Unless you're chicken..."
"Bring it on!"
To the rest of Argos Flight, they knew the Galm Lance as coming from the stars, and thought that they were more scientific, but the idea of ghosts still persist in their world.
Kat went to the campfire and sat down.
"This story takes place in a lone listening post I was manning during our conflict with the Innovades...."

Inside the listening post, Kat sat there with his music player listening without headphones to the music while still manning the communications equipment.
"🎶We gotta wham, bam, shang-alang🎶"
Nothing has happened for the past few days while he was all alone, he was just slouching and listening to music until he heard static coming from the radio, he turned off his music player and scrambled to the console, it was mostly static but he could hear some words....
"... Vexation ...Internal void ...My dreams are getting darker and darker ...and darker ...This life before me ...Its blood runs so still..."
He couldn't comprehend what it was saying so he checked who's sending it and only saw the initials DEK.
Stumped, he decided to send the recording of it back to headquarters.
"Better get some sleep."
A week went by and he still had no word from HQ, so he decided to get some sleep until he heard a banging from the door.
"That's not right...."
A banging on one's door shouldn't be suspicious, but since the door is underground across an elevator that needed an access card raises some suspicion,
"Who'se there? Identify yourself?"
Kat demanded, there was no response, only more banging.
The banging and identification continued and Kat grew tired of asking who was it, he still wasn't gonna open the door though.
"If thats how you want to play it, fine."
He muttered as he turned on the defenses outside.
The banging went on for hours and the defenses did nothing, Kat was getting worried but decided to ignore it and sleep despite the banging.
He was then awoken by the radio, and realized the banging had stopped,
"This is listening post bravo, identify, over."
"Listening post bravo, this is HQ, about that tape you sent us, yeah, there's nothing on it, over."
Kat couldn't believe what he's hearing.
"That's impossible HQ, I recorded some weird crap on it before I sent it to you, over."
"Could check again to be sure? Over."
Kat checked the recordings and to his surprise, there was nothing in them.
"HQ, can confirm, there is nothing on the records, over."
"You feeling alright Galm 1? We could come pick you up if something's up."
"Thanks HQ, but I'll be fine, over."
With that, he signed off.
Kat then looked at the door, he grabbed his weapon and decided to open the open it just to be sure....

"Then what happened?! What did you see?!"
Asked Tarisa on the edge of suspense.
"I'll keep that my little secret Short-Round."
"Ugh! That's no fair! It was really getting good!"
"Hey, little girls need their sleep and I don't want to scare you awake all night."
"You bastard! I'm 19 years old!"
The two then went arguing while the rest of the ones listening in watched amused.

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